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A:N: it's great to have the site open again! so here's the long awaited new chapter!

hope you enjoy, remember to keep the reviews coming
Take care my dear xx

I had ruined everything. Auria didn't want to even look at me. Draco kept his distance from me. His reason being that he had no choice but to marry Auria and he would do anything to make this whole thing as easy as possible which meant cancelling me out. I understood where he was coming from but I couldn't help but feel hurt every time he would pass me in the corridor with Auria, neither one of them would even glance my way. I had driven myself into complete isolation.

I found myself avoiding the common room only walking through it when I had to get out into the castle. I sat alone during meals and spoke to none of my fellow Slytherins. Not so long ago I wished for people to leave me alone and now that it was actually happening I didn't want to be left alone.

I spent a lot of time just walking, mainly near the lake as the sunset across it's dark marble water. I never grew tired of this sight and through all the pain and upset that I was going through this one place left me content.

Walking along the deep rich green grass I found myself deep in thought. Closing my eyes I felt the cool breeze sweep across my skin sending a cool tingling sensation upon my once numb face. I wanted to feel like this all the time, every minute of the day.

'Hello again'

My eyes snapped open as I turned to find Neville Longbottom standing before me. A sense of relief fell over me as it just felt good to have someone talk to.

'Hi' I replied giving him a small smile.

'Still having a bit of an identity crisis?' he asked leaning against a huge rock.

'Not necessarily, I'm starting to get my head round it all, I'm just having problems trying to not mess things up and I'm losing everything' I said kicking a small pebble that lay beside my foot. I watched it skip across the grassy blanket that lay underneath me wishing that I hadn't taken my frustration out on it, suddenly I realised that I sympathising with a pebble. What was wrong with me?

'Yeah I heard about Caleb O'Neil, I knew you were all pretty close I'm sorry for your lose'

I smiled at Neville as he sat watching me pace back and forth.

'Thanks' I replied.

'So do you want to do something that might possibly change things for good?' he asked staring over the huge lake which had turned a wonderful orange colour as it reflected the everlasting sky.

'What are you proposing here?' I asked curious at this challenge Neville had set before me.

'Join Dumbledore's Army' he replied.

I came to a halt when his words hit my ears, I had never heard of such a thing before but it seemed to spark something inside. For a moment what was once dead inside of my heart came kicking into life making my stomach flip, but soon enough that gut wrenching guilt came crashing down bringing back that miserable cloud that hung over my head.

'Neville I don't know whether I could go against my friends' I said looking down at my feet.
I felt so defeated, I really did want to fight. But would I be able to physically hold a wand up at Auria or Draco with the intentions of combat?

'All I'm going to say is think about it, this could be our chance to restore peace and bring justice those that have been so cruelly harmed at the hands of you-know-who, come to me when you have an answer' and with those final words he walked away.

I had missed dinner but I wasn't really hungry anyway. Walking slowly towards the common room I felt the pit of my stomach squirm. Every night it was the same, I felt nervous every time I even thought about heading any where near the common room. I didn't know why, maybe it was because I didn't want to face Auria or Draco or even worse both of them together. They had now started acting like a couple and it made me feel nauseous. Little moment Auria stole in front of me, sweeping touches, butterfly kisses, silly little smiles, it was all an elborate act and it seemed to worsen when ever I was in her presences.

Tonight the common room was heaving with every single Slytherin student occupying it, this I hoped would give me an advantage, maybe if everyone was so consumed in what they were doing they wouldn't even notice me enter. Oh how wrong I was. Stepping lightly inside The creak of the portrait hole caused every heard to turn and acknowledge me. If only  I was to disappear at that very moment.

'I saw you talking to Longbottom today' Auria announced over everyone.

I just kept walking, as far as I was concerned I heard nothing.

'Scooping the bottom of the barrel really when it comes to looking for friends' she sniggered.
'Maybe you should join that pathetic lot, you can all swap sob stories and cry over your silly brother.'

My blood started to pump faster through my veins as hot anger flushed through me. I tried to ignore it as I kept silently walking away.

'What's wrong Marianna? Does your daddy not want you any more? Has he by any chance thrown a couple of punches your way of recent?'

This hit me hard, I felt her cold voice like poison that was seeping into my skin. Her venom drenched tones rang through my head stinging my eyes with hot tears.

'Maybe you should stop now Auria' Draco interrupted.

'No why should I? She brings it all on to herself!' protested Auria.

That was it, red flashed across my eyes as I grabbed my wand, a flash of white light went flying through the air, before it could hit Auria Draco had thrown himself in front of her, he was thrust across the room landing with a big thud upon the ground.

Instead of heading up to the dorms I ran out the other way, entering the corridor I didn't exactly know where I was going but I was heading somewhere. My feet just led me as I ran down dark tall corridors, passing stone cold walls and menacing portraits who taunted and sneered as I passed them by, my heart pounded hard making my chest seer with pain. Regardless of the suffering that had become so apparent in my chest I just had to keep moving. I soon found myself at the steps of the astronomy tower. Walking up slowly my frustration took over, I felt like I had been slapped in the face. How could she say such things to me?

Sinking to the floor I broke down. This place was once my refuge but now it was my own enemy. betrayal was all that ran through my mind as I felt the big rough arms of injustice take a hold of me, squeezing every little bit of life away from me.
A pair of hands rested upon my shoulders then a pair of lips gently brushed against my forehead. Tears continued to stream down my face as the pair of lips met mine. Shaking I felt strong arms wrap themselves around me. I let myself melt into the warm body which held itself so close to mine.

'I'm so sorry' he whispered into my ear brushing my hair away from my eyes.

'Draco you shouldn't be here' I cried as he held me close.

I didn't sleep at all that night as my mind ran wild with destructive thoughts. I could just see my father's face as disgrace washed over him. His unforgiving eyes peirced through my soul so forcefully that I could feel the pain rush through me hitting my chest hard, I sat up as I felt defeated by my lack of sleep. Heading down to the common room I was looking forward to spending some time on my own without everyone watching me. Yet again I was wrong.

My feet had only just touched the bottom step of the stair case  when I saw Auria sitting on the sofa. I was just about to turn around but I was to late.

'Marianna wait' she called after me.

Why did I have to stop?
Why couldn't my body do as it was told?

'What do you want?' I asked still feeling bitter.

'Please sit down, we need to talk' she replied softly.

'Haven't you had enough to say already?' I asked, I felt irritated by her very presence. I couldn't even muster up the strength to even look.

'Just sit down' she demanded as she patted the vacant place next to her.

Advancing towards the sofa slowly, I wondered whether this was a very good idea. But my body seemed to be reacting faster then my brain and before I knew it I was sat next to her. An awkward silence fell upon the both of us for a moment as we stared blankly into the fireplace.

'You know what I'm just going to say this now or else I never will' piped up Auria sitting a little straighter she turned to face me on the sofa meeting my frustrated gaze.
'I hate you' she blurted out.

'What?!' I replied shocked.

'No I don't mean, I mean I envy you and everything about you. You don't realise how hard it is trying to keep up with someone like you. You're more popular then I am, you're definitely a nicer person, you have the looks which always remain flawless. I thought that I would have one up from you if I had Draco, you don't realise how much I liked that guy from the very beginning and he never looked at me that way back, it was always about you.' she let herself vent as the words all came spilling out like word vomit.

'Wait one minute, Draco never liked me in that way only maybe until now, well as far as I'm aware' I replied trying to take it all in.

'That's not true he's liked you since our 1st year, I just felt so bitter about it. You're always the perfect one, getting whatever you want and I was always the one that followed you around, silly little Auria. I wanted to be with Draco, then I got my chance and well you took that away,' Auria turned a slight shade of red as she let the words flow out of her.

'This whole thing has nothing to do with Draco, I didn't plan this at all, I've been suffering with this identity crisis and it just happened, I never used to see him in that way but I really do care about him, I love him' I replied, I felt slightly taken a back, I had never admitted even to myself the full extent of my feelings for this boy but it just came out of no where.
Auria looked shocked as she heard this, frowning slightly she stood to her feet, her eyes went cold as she stared down upon me, a chill descended down my spine as her expression embedded itself into my mind.

'I'm going to marry him Marianna, this is one battle you won't win' she sneered before leaving the common room.

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