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Authors Note: I do not own Harry Potter and co; I just borrowed them for fun. This story is a mixture of the 3rd book, the 3rd movie and my own Imagination so I hope you enjoy.

A man was sitting, waiting for them things to come and give him what they called dinner. He was rather eager for these things they called Dementors  to come and give him his meal, although it was not the meal that was making him eager, no quite the opposite, he was eager because this was the night of his great escape.

The said man was none other than the mass murderer Sirius Black. He was a scarily thin man, with long matted hair that fell down to his shoulders and dull grey eyes, that where once full of life; now lay sunken in his eye sockets. He was sitting on an extremely uncomfortable slab of steel with a thin, old, mouldy mattress placed on top inside a dark, damp, dingy cell of Azkaban.

The reason that he was put in this hole, was because he supposedly killed his two best friends, Lily & James Potter, another friend Peter Pettigrew and blown up no less than twelve muggles. This however was not the case no, it was Peter Pettigrew who killed Lily & James Potter, Peter Pettigrew who blew up twelve muggles and faked his own death.

For Twelve years Sirius sat in Azkaban, taking the blame for something he didn't do, he had no choice he didn't know where Peter was, until now. Yes Sirius had no idea where Peter  was hiding until a few days ago, he was given a copy of the Daily Prophet with Pettigrew on the front of it in his animagus form perched on the shoulder of a boy called Ron Weasley, as Sirius scanned the article he found out that the said boy was at Hogwarts heading into his third year, which judging by the date on the paper and his memory was the same year as his godson, son of Lily and James, saviour of the wizarding world Harry Potter was in.

This made Sirius panic, his godson was in danger from the person who murdered his parents and he didn't even know about it. So Sirius being a marauder came up with a plan, a plan to escape. It had never been done before and he wasn't sure he would manage it, but he had to try for Harry. His plan was to turn into his illegal animagus form, which he done whenever the Dementors got near, which saved him from going insane and slip past the scabby skeletons which sucked life from everywhere.  He was then going to swim across the sea, and then travel to Hogwarts in his animal form.

As he nervously waited for the Dementors to come he went over the plan in his head, just as he was going over the finer details he felt the cold, dread and despair that usually came with the Dementors presence wash over him. Nervously he stood up and waited for that scabby skeleton like hand to appear at the bars of his door. When they did, he turned into his animagus form and crept past it, when it opened the door.

With baited breath Sirius, or Padfoot as he was known in his dog form, crept past the other Dementors and security guards making sure he stayed in the shadows. Soon enough he was at the front doors which were conveniently open, once out side he bolted towards the sea and dived in, breathing in the fresh air that he missed, as he swam to the shore.

He felt like he swam for hours before he finally arrived at the shore, he slowly crawled up the land and collapsed in amongst some trees hidden from anyone who might be looking for him. After an while using his sense of direction  that he had whenever he transformed into a dog, he headed north for the long journey to Hogwarts, but before he headed there he promised himself to go and visit his godson first.

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