Raine was actually the first one to wake up this morning. Since hearing of Nieva's mother's death, she couldn't sleep very well. Raine had gotten into the shower first and she actually had hot water. When she stepped out of the bathroom completely dressed she saw that everyone was still sleeping. She shook her head and then yelled, "FIRE!" as loud as she could.

Lily shot straight up out of bed while Emmeline threw a pillow at Raine. "Shut up de Luca!" Dorcas yelled her head still huddled into her pillows. Marlene just turned over.

            Raine laughed, "Come on you guys. Get up. It's really boring being the first one up."

"Go to hell." Emmeline stated before putting her other pillow over her head. Lily walked to the bathroom her uniform in hand while Dorcas sat up.

Raine laughed, "Fine, I'll just go wake up the infamous Marauders." she said as she walked out of their dorm room and down the stairs. She walked up the boy's staircase and knocked softly on the Marauder's door.

"What?" A sleepy voice called to the closed door.

Raine slowly opened the door and looked around the room and saw that no one was up. She shook her head again and walked over to James' bed. She lay down next to him and gave him a soft peck on the lips.

James grinned and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to him. Remus sighed and got up and walked into the bathroom.

"Good morning James." she whispered before she kissed him again.

James kissed her back, "Good morning to you too. Can I go back to sleep now?"

"Nope, it's time to wake up." she stated.

"No it's not Moony is in the shower. We don't get up until after he's dressed." James mumbled.

"Well, I guess I'll go then." Raine said as she slowly started to get out of James' grasp.

"Come back here." James said.

"I'm not so sure,” she giggled as she lay back down. "Why should I?" she asked him.

"Because you're warm and comfortable... and I'm tired." James mumbled.

"What time did you go to bed last night?" she asked softly while pushing the hair away from his eyes.

"I don't remember it was late."

"Will two keep it down, I'm trying to sleep." Sirius called out.

"What's that smell?" Raine asked.

"What smell?" James asked.

"I smell bacon. They're cooking it this morning apparently." Raine said as she threw a small pillow at Sirius.

"You're insane." Sirius stated before putting the pillow over his head.

"Why do you say that?" Raine asked sweetly.

“Go away.”

"Oh, I have a question for you boys when you wake up."

"What?" James asked sitting up.

"Nope, you have to be awake." she smiled. "All of you have to be awake."

"Sirius get up." James said.





"Fine!" Sirius yelled sitting up.

"Crap. I forgot what I was going to ask." Raine smiled.

Both boys glared at her before lying back down and burying their heads in their pillows.

"No, I remember now. Why did you guys ask if I ever thought about being an animagus?"

"We wanted to watch you think." Sirius said.

"No, seriously. Why?"

"We told you."

Raine rolled her eyes and sat up from James' bed. "Fine, well, I have thought about it and I'd love to be one."

"Okay, your point?" Sirius asked. James had turned over and was sleeping lightly.

"You know what? Never mind. You stupid gits never have a point to any of your questions." she said as she stood up from James' bed and walked over to the door.

"Nope, bye." Sirius said.

Raine huffed and opened the door. She turned around and saw that Remus was out of the shower. "Don't even bother waking those two up," she said while pointing to James and Sirius. "They deserve detention,” she stated. "Stupid bloody gits. Can't even answer a simple question. Why do I even bother," she mumbled under her breath.

Remus chuckled buttoning up his white shirt. "Alright then Raine. "

Raine then said, "I'll see you guys when you finally wake up." she smiled and turned around and slammed the door as hard as she could.

"She gone Moony?" Sirius asked sitting up.

"For the most part. Why?" Remus asked.

"Good, she was asking to many questions things about Animagi. You wouldn't know anything about that would you Moony? Or a furry little problem. James! Get up."

"What do you mean Padfoot?" Remus asked.

 "Bloody hell. You're worse then that de Luca!" he yelled sleepily.

"What don't you get?" Sirius asked, "James get in the shower."

"I took one yesterday." James stated as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.

 "Why was she asking questions about Animagi?" Remus' eyes went wide, "You told her didn't you?"

"Not exactly." Sirius said, "Now James, I can smell you from here."

James walked to the bathroom with a towel in his hand and mumbling curse words.

 "Padfoot. What do you mean by 'Not Exactly'?" Remus asked.

"Well we wanted to give her a nickname..."

"Why? You guys only call her Raine or de Luca. I've never heard either of you two call her anything different. Well, James calls her those little pet names, but that's it." Remus said calmly.

"Well yeah but she hangs out with us so much I thought she should have one, and I'm going to throw up listening to James call her pet names."

Remus laughed, "Okay, but what happens if her and James break up again and we have to go through that period of not talking to her, again?"

"It'll happen sooner or later." Sirius said standing up and pulling on his school pants.

"Why don't you get in the shower?" James asked when he came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. "I could smell you from in the bathroom."

"To lazy." Sirius said before pulling his white shirt on.

James rolled his eyes and got changed into his clothes. "Why hasn't anyone woken Wormtail up yet?" he asked.

"Forgot." Sirius said his tie around his shoulders.

"Oh well," James said while putting on his socks and shoes. "So, when did Raine leave?"

Remus sighed walked over and woke up Peter while Sirius said, "When Remus got out of the shower."

"Oh." James said as he picked up his school bag and walked over to the door. "Is anyone else coming? I heard they're serving bacon at breakfast today." James said excitedly.

"They serve bacon every day." Sirius said grabbing his bag completely forgetting about the untied tie around his neck. 

"I'll be down in little bit. I’m going to wait on Peter." Remus said as Peter hurried around the room getting dressed.

James nodded and opened the door and began to walk downstairs to the common room with Sirius, "Mate, your ties not tied." he pointed out.

"Erg, I'll have Emmeline do it." Sirius replied walking down the stairs and into the common room.

"Okay." James said while looking around the room. "I see everyone in here except Raine. Lily, where's Raine?" he asked.

"She already went down to the great hall." Lily said watching Emmeline sigh and walk towards Sirius. "Can't you do this yourself?" Emmeline asked fixing Sirius' tie.

James nodded and walked towards the portrait hole.

 "I can do it myself. I just like to look down your shirt when you do it." Sirius replied cheekily.

Emmeline glared at him before walking over to Lily linking arms with her. The two girls then sauntered off to the great hall. The group of friends made it to the Great Hall and sat down around Raine. "Hey guys." Raine said quietly.

"What's up?" James asked wrapping an arm around her and grabbing some bacon with the other.

"Nothing." she replied. "How are you guys today?"

"I'm good." James replied, "Are you?" 

"Oh look! James it's your owl." Sirius replied as the owl swooped down and landed softly on James' shoulder.

Raine just shook her head and looked down at her food and then up to James' owl. "Well, aren't you going to give Sirius his Care package?" she asked.

“It’s a letter from my parents.” James replied removing the letter and reading it.


Dear James,

            We would be glad to adopt her. I suppose you’ve talked to Professor Dumbledore. Well why don’t you have her come home with you for Easter Break. Bring Sirius; we missed him over Christmas Break. Raine and Nate are both welcome to come as well. We would like for you to tell her soon. We would like to be able to write to her and get to know her before Easter Break.

Mum and Dad.


"No care package this week Siri-poo." Raine said sarcastically.

Sirius grabbed the letter from James and quickly read it, "This is way better then a care package."

Raine glared at Sirius, "Whatever." she said before eating a piece of toast.

"I'll be right back okay?" James asked Raine kissing her cheek he had already grabbed the letter back from Sirius.

Raine nodded her head and watched James sit down next to Nieva.

"Hey Nieva." James said.

"Hey James." Nieva replied.

"Umm I was wondering whether or not you had found a place to go for the summer."

"Nope. I have no where to go."

"Well I was wonder if you wouldn't want to come and stay with me?"

"Sure, I suppose that would be great." she replied.

"Alright well my parents said they would like to adopt you if that's alright."

"What?" Nieva said shocked.

"Yes, I'm an only child and my parents have always wanted more but they couldn't. So I wrote them last night and they said they would glad to adopt you. They would like to get to know you as well. They want you to come home with me for Easter Break."

"Well, I- err- I don't know what to say. But, I'd love to meet your parents. So, I suppose, I'll meet them on Easter break then."

James grinned, "They want to write with until then as well."

"Um, okay. I will. Thank you James." Nieva said before giving James a hug.

James hugged her back, "Do you have an owl of your own?"

"Yes. I sure do." she replied. "She just flew off."

"Alright just making sure. So I'm going to go I have to talk to Dumbledore, but you can come to me when you ever you want." James replied standing up.

"Okay. Thanks James."

"You're welcome Nieva." James said before walking up to the front of the great hall where Professor Dumbledore sat in the middle of the table having a conversation with Professor McGonagall.

"Good Morning Mister Potter. I trust you slept well." Dumbledore said.

James grinned, "Yes I did. My parents sent me a letter today."

"Really? What did this letter say? Is it pertaining to Miss Vanburen?"

"Yes it is. They said they would be glad to adopt her. I've already told her." James said handing him the letter.

Dumbledore read the letter and then said, "Well, that's fantastic. But, it's still her choice. If she wants to stay she can. But, if she doesn't want to she doesn't have to."

"Of course, but she seemed very excited I hope it all works out." James replied.

"As do I mister Potter. Now, I suggest you eat your breakfast before it gets cold." Dumbledore said while pointing to his table.

"Yes, thank you Professor." James replied before turning around and walking back to his table. Sitting down next to Raine.

"Hello again James." Raine said.

James grinned, "Hey Raine."

"Why are you so happy?" she asked.

James grinned even broader, "I might be getting a sister."

"Aw! Your parents are having a baby?" Raine asked excitedly.

"No. They can't." James said, "Sorry to disappoint you."

"Oh." Raine said, "That's right. They're a tad to old. So, they're adopting?"

"Yep, you even know her." Sirius said.

"I do?" Raine asked puzzled. Then she looked down the table and saw Nieva smiling. "Nieva?"

"Yep. If she wants." James replied wrapping his arm around Raine while eating some more bacon.

"That's terrific!" Raine said while clapping her hands together. "Now, she can't sleep in my room. I love that room. I have secret compartments for fire whiskey and everything," she stated.

"Not sleeping there then. I can't have my younger sister drinking." James said.

Raine smiled. "I know it. I'm not actually sure if the fire whiskey is still there. Sirius and I had a little 'party' last summer and I can't remember if we drank it all or not..." Raine trailed off.

James glared at them, "No. She's going to have her own room far away from you and your bad influences."

Raine's face dropped, "Me? A bad influence? What have I done?"

Sirius and James both snorted trying to hide their laughter, "We better get to class Raine."

"Not until you tell me what I've done." Raine stated.

"But Raine we're going to be late. We can't have that. It's a bad influence." James said standing up.

Raine rolled her eyes and stood up from the table. "You want to see a bad influence? I can show you a bad influence." she replied.

"No I don't, now come on." James replied pulling on her hand.

Raine followed James until they passed Nieva and her friends. Raine stopped in front of them, "Hey, I'm sorry we can't hang out anymore. I'm a bad influence." she said and then skipped off to the Great Hall entrance

James sighed, "I told her she was a bad influence and I take it she's mad at me" James said to Nieva.

Nieva nodded her head and said, "Then I suggest you go after her."

"I'm going, I'm going, I'll see you later." James said before he hurried off after Raine Sirius trailing behind.

Raine stopped in the middle of the hallway when she spotted the dark haired and mysterious Rabastan Lestrange. She looked behind her and saw James coming for her. "Hey Rabastan." she called out.

"De Luca?" Rabastan said from his spot leaning against the wall.

"I haven't talked to you in a while, how've you been?"

"We've never talked."

"Exactly. How've you been?"

"I've been alright, yourself?"

"Eh, I could be better. What's your first class?" she asked walking up to him.

"I don't have a class at the moment." Rabastan replied as James stood there watching them.

"Why not?" she asked.

"I don't need a first class, 7th year and all."

"That's right. I forgot. So, what do you do during your free time?" she asked.

"Hang out with my girlfriend when she's not off giving detentions." Rabastan replied as James stormed off to class.

"Oh, okay. Orenda, right?"

"Of course." Rabastan replied as Orenda walked up, "You're late for class Raine." Orenda stated.

"It's okay, I already have detention for the rest of the week." Raine stated. "But, I should get to class. Catch you two later," she said as she started walking to Professor Flitwick's class.

"Hold up." Orenda replied dragging Rabastan with her, "I'll walk you. I kind of owe you for yesterday. You understand I only did for Narcissa."

"Yeah, it's fine. I'm sorry for that though. I was put up to it."

"Just don't do it anymore. Narcissa would really murder you. Although I think she would take Azkaban over Lucius any day. You also only have detention today and tomorrow." Orenda replied Rabastan following behind them.

"Nope. Thursday too."

"Nope, it was never put down. So for now you don't."

"Yes!" Raine said loudly. "That's awesome. Even though I have nothing to do on that day now. I had to cancel all my plans. Stupid Raffentery."

Orenda laughed, "Well be good or you'll end up with another detention." Orenda stated knocking on the door to the classroom.

Raine nodded.

 "Yes?" the little Professor asked.

"I'm sorry I kept Ms. de Luca a little to long. So don't punish her for my own mistakes." Orenda said smiling sweetly at him.

"Oh, yes. Okay. Raine just have a seat next to Nathaniel." Flitwick said.

 "Yes Professor. Thank you Orenda." Raine said.

"You're welcome Raine." Orenda replied nodding to Professor Flitwick before leaving the room closing the door behind her.

Raine took her seat next to Nate and said, "Hey, how've you been?"

"I've been alright. Making friends with evil Slytherins again?" Nate replied.

"What?" Raine asked and she looked around the room and looked at James who was glaring at her.

"Orenda is a Slytherin and she's evil." Nate stated before working on the charm the Professor had set for them to do today.

Raine rolled her eyes, "I'm sure," she said sarcastically before working on the charm also.

Nate sighed and worked on the charm until he got it.

Raine finally got her charm a couple minutes after Nate. After she finished she asked Nate, "Why is she evil? Because she's in Slytherin?"

"You really don't know Slytherins do you?" Nate said leaning back in his seat smiling at Lily.

Raine rolled her eyes. "Apparently not. You really don't know the bad thing about leaning back in your chair do you?" she said as she tipped Nate's chair all the way back so he fell on his back. "Didn't Uncle Marius ever tell you to keep four on the floor?" she laughed.

Nate groaned and kept lying on the floor, "Nope he does it to, but Orenda has to be the worse Slytherin since Bellatrix."

"Again, I'm sure." Raine said.

"Fine don't believe me. You'll see." Nate said sitting up and putting his chair back to a seated position but he was too lazy to stand up and sit in it.

Raine sighed. "You really should go see Lily. At least you two will be happy together."

"What do you mean?" Nate demanded.

"Go be happy with Lily." she commanded.

Nate glared at his cousin before standing up from the floor grabbing his stuff and walking over to Lily; since there was nowhere to sit he sat on the floor next to her.

Raine raised her hand to get the Professor's attention. "Yes Ms. de Luca?"

"What are we supposed to do when we're done?"

"You can start on your homework or go to the library." Professor Flitwick squeaked.

"What's tonight's homework?"

"Write a short essay on the charm you just learned today and study the last three chapter of the book. Owls are coming up."

"Okay, can I go to the library?"

"Yes Ms. de Luca. I'll see you next class."

Raine smiled. "Yes Professor. Thank you!" she said as she gathered up her supplies and walked out of the class.

Once out of the classroom Raine looked around and just a little ways down the corridor Rabastan had Orenda pinned against the wall her skirt pushed extremely far up her legs and they were snogging.

"Hey." Raine said to them as she walked past.

Rabastan pulled away, "Hey de Luca." Orenda replied pushing Rabastan away.

"You guys don't have to stop. I was just going back to my dorm room."

Orenda laughed, "We should be heading to the common room anyways." Rabastan replied.

"That's great." Raine stated.

Rabastan rolled his eyes placing his arm around Orenda's waist, "Well I suppose we'll see you later de Luca." Rabastan replied as they started to walk in the direction of the Slytherin common room.

"Have fun." Raine said loudly as she started walking in the direction of the Gryffindor Common Room.

"Will do." Rabastan called after her before kissing Orenda's neck.

Raine rolled her eyes and walked up the stairs to her Common Room. When she got into the Common Room she saw Wood sitting down on the couch. "Why aren't you in class?" she asked him.

“Don’t have one at the moment, what about you?”

"Shh. I'm in the library." She said quietly while sitting down next to him.

Caine chuckled, "I've said that one before too."

Raine laughed, "So, what've you been doing?"

"Working on some new plays and writing to my sister."

"That's cool. Did you hear the James' parents are adopting Nieva?"

"No I didn't, but that's good."

"Yes, it is. Do you think I'm a bad influence?" she asked.

Caine chuckled, "At times but it's not like James and Sirius aren't a million times worse."

"Exactly! I'm apparently not aloud to hang out with Nieva anymore. And, James is now mad at me for some reason I don't really get." Raine shrugged.

"Hmm, well I don't know what to tell you." Caine said as an owl flew into the window and settled on his shoulder.

"How's your sister?"

Caine pulled the letter off the owl’s leg and read the letter, "Mad at me."

"Why is that?"

"Because I'm graduating this year and she doesn't start until next year."

"Oh, sorry." Raine said.

"It's alright, I've gotten use to it." Caine said as he wrote a reply to the letter.

"That's good." Raine said while yawning.

"Tired?" Caine asked as he put a charm on his owl before tossing it out the window.

"Just a tad bit. I couldn't get any sleep last night. And, I was the first one up. It was a new world record."

Caine chuckled, "Well there's no practice so you can go up stairs and sleep to lunch I won't make you do extra laps."

"Are you sure? What am I supposed to tell McGonagall?" Raine asked while stretching out her legs.

"Well from what I've gathered from yesterday, you can always just say girl problems or something." Caine said sitting back down.

"Ha ha ha. Aren't you a comedian?" Raine asked sarcastically. "But, it might work."

"Figured it would. I am sorry about yesterday I didn't realize what you were doing and you know I can be soft in front of the team."

Raine smiled, "And why not? Oh yes. The testosterone, estrogen thing."

"No because then everyone be complain that they failed a test or something so they don't think they can run their laps or something."

"Right. Well, have you decided when the next practice is?"

"Not yet. Some time next week probably maybe Saturday though. Go take your nap."

"Thanks Wood." Raine said as she stood up from the couch and walked over to the boy's staircase.

Caine chuckled, "Sleeping in the Marauders' dorm then?"

"Yep. They have more comfortable beds." Raine smiled.

"And you've got less of a chance at Evans yelling at you up there."

"Yeah, that too." she replied while starting to walk up the stairs.

"Have a good nap then." Caine called out as his owl flew back through the window and onto his shoulder.

"Buenos Noches, Caine." Raine shouted when she got to the Marauder's dorm. She opened the door and ran to the first bed she saw, which was Remus', and fell right asleep on his soft pillow. A couple hours later she felt someone poke her stomach. So she turned around and slept on her stomach. "Go away prat." she mumbled.

"Get up. James and Sirius are worried about you and I want my bed back." Remus said sitting down next to her.

"They aren't worried about me. And I'm comfy." she replied sleepily.

Remus chuckled, "They are too but I suppose you can keep my bed for now. I brought your homework."

"Throw it away," she stated.

"I can't. It's not that much." Remus replied setting the small pile of paper on his nightstand.

"And why not. You threw it away earlier."

"I did not, do you want me to leave you to go back to sleep?" Remus asked.

Raine sighed. "No, I'm hungry. I was so proud of you Remus. You threw away my home work for me." she replied while sitting up and rubbing her eyes to rid them of sleep.

Remus chuckled leaned forward grabbed the papers and dropped them into her lap. "Have fun." He then stood up and dropped his bag on the floor near the desk.

Raine put the papers beside her on his bed. "What time is it Remy?" she asked.

“It’s five thirty.” Remus replied sitting down at the neat desk and pulling out his homework.

"What? It is not." Raine said worriedly.

"Yes it is why?"

"Detention." Raine said as she jolted out of Remus' bed. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" she asked as she ran out of the room and down the stairs and out of the common room towards Professor Raffentery's classroom. When she got there she was out of breath and she started leaning on the doorframe for support and to catch her breath. "Sorry, I'm late Pro- Professor." she said out of breath.

"It's alright Ms. de Luca. Ms. Fier I'll talk to you another time." Professor Raffentery said.

"Where's James? I thought he was supposed to serve detention too." Raine said as she waved to Orenda.

"Mr. Potter is late as well." Professor Raffentery replied as Orenda left the room. James quickly came sliding into the room.

Raine walked further into the room. "What are we doing today?" she asked.

"You can write lines I suppose." Professor Burbage said.

"Just lines? That's all? How many?" Raine questioned.

"Yes lines, and well how many I decided for you to write." Professor Raffentery replied she clearly had forgotten she had even assigned them detention.

"Okay!" Raine said as she sat down at a desk and took out a quill, ink, and a piece of parchment. Raine began to draw lines on her paper. After about one hundred lines she looked up from her paper and got up from her desk and gave Professor Raffentery her parchment. "There you are Professor." Raine said.

Professor Raffentery sighed, "Just go Ms. de Luca. Just go."

"Thank you Professor! I'll see you tomorrow!" Raine yelled merrily as she grabbed her things and walked out of the room.

James glanced up, "May I be excused as well Professor?" 

"Why not Mr. Potter. I'll see you in class." Professor Raffentery replied grading some papers.

"How'd you get out of detention? I had to write a hundred lines!" Raine exclaimed when she saw James walk out of the classroom.

"I asked her. I don't think she remembered she ever gave us detention in the first place." James said walking up to her.

Raine nodded her head. "Well, what did you write?" she asked.
            "I didn't. Why were you talking to Rabastan Lestrange?”

"Because he looked lonely just leaning against the wall." She replied.

"Why did you really talk to him?"

"That's why James. I swear."

James sighed, "Fine I'm going to dinner."

"Me too." Raine said as she started walking towards the Great Hall.

James walked into the great hall and dropped down next to Sirius.

Raine walked past Sirius, Remus, and Peter and she waved before sitting down across from Caine. "How are you guys today?" she asked Caine, Fabian, and Gideon.

Caine looked up, "Mad at Potter? I'm doing alright my sister is still mad." 

"Fine." both of the Prewetts said.

"Nope. I believe he's mad at me because I talked to Rabastan today."

"You what?" Gideon asked before looking back down at his plate.

Raine raised her eyebrow and then replied, "I talked to Rabastan."

"Why would you do that?" Caine asked grabbing some water and a bowl of vegetables.

"Is it a crime to talk to Slytherins or something? I talk to them and then it's like I've been put into exile or something." Raine stated.

"Just forget we said anything." Caine replied, "They need to serve fish more often."

Raine sighed. "I'll talk to you guys later," she said as she started to get up from her seat.

"Alright Raine." Caine said before grabbing some fruit as well. "We'll see you later then."

Raine stood up and looked down the table at James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, and the rest of her friends. She sighed and went to sit down next to Nate. "Hey." she said softly.

"Hey, what are you doing over here?" Nate asked, "Not that I don't like seeing you."

"Well, James is mad at me. And Caine, Fabian, and Gideon have to many questions." she said while grabbing a piece of chicken off of Nate's plate.

"Oy that's mine. Why is he mad at you? And what are those three asking?" Nate asked taking a drink from his goblet.

"He's mad at me because I talk to Slytherins and those three are asking why I talk to Slytherins." Raine replied before taking Nate's goblet from his hand and drinking some herself.

"Well it's a question we all want to know. Slytherins aren't trustworthy and most of them have proved that, but it's your choice. Just know I'll be there to save you if you need it." Nate said.

"Same here Nate. I'm talking to them because Ophelia told me too." she replied.

"Well I think you should stop listening to her. It's not safe and I think you would know it." Nate said, "But I can't make you do anything."

Raine sighed. "Bye Nate. I'm going to leave this table too," she said before she got up and walked over to the Slytherin table. Nate groaned but kept his eyes on her. Hoping she didn't get into any more trouble. "Hey Orenda, Narcissa. Do you guys mind if I sit here?" Raine asked.

"I suppose not." Orenda replied.

"Oh, okay, thanks." Raine said as she sat down next to the other two girls.

"What's going on?" Orenda asked before reaching across the table and smacking Rabastan in the head.

"Nothing. Why do you ask?"

"You seem melancholy. Rabastan!" Orenda said. Rabastan looked down but kept up his not so appropriate conversation.

"Oh, that. I am apparently not supposed to talk to you guys and it pisses me off. James, Caine, Fabian, Gideon, and Nate think I can't handle myself because they think you guys are untrustworthy."

Orenda smirked, "We're normally not. Rabastan if you don't stop sharing information that he doesn't need to know. You can take care of your own needs all by yourself."

“Oh come on Ore.” Rabastan whined.

Orenda just glared at him.

"Well, I don't care. So far you've been very trustworthy." Raine said.

"So far yes." Narcissa replied.

"Should there be a reason for me not to trust you guys?"

"It all depends on our moods and if you've done anything." Narcissa stated.

"Have I done anything?"

"Not recently." Orenda replied hitting Narcissa lightly out of Raine's sight.

"Oh, okay." Raine said quietly.

"Cissy, Ore, Rab, Sev." Regulus Black said as he gracefully sat in the seat on Narcissa's free side.

“Look Narcissa, I’m sorry.” Raine said.

"About?" Narcissa asked brushing Regulus hair out of his face.

"Cissa! Stop babying him." Orenda demanded.

"I am not..."

"Are too."

"For... hitting on Regulus." Raine replied.

"Alright." Narcissa said.

"And everything else I might have done to upset you."

"Yes. It's fine." Narcissa said, "Ore stop making faces at me."

Raine looked over at the Gryffindor table and saw just about everyone glaring ay her. She sighed and then said, "Well, I better go. It was nice talking to you guys."

"Bye Raine." Orenda said, "Come on Rabastan let's leave everyone to themselves." Rabastan got up from his side of the table and came over and gave her his arm.

"Let's keep the noise down this time, won't you?" Narcissa said.

"We can only try." Orenda said before walking out of the hall.

Raine smiled and walked over to the Gryffindor table, "Can I sit here?" she asked.

"Why not?"

"Thanks." Raine said as she sat down.

“Uh huh.”

"So, what's up?" Raine asked.

"Not to much."

"That's cool. I'm sorry."


"Everything." Raine replied.

“Care to be more subtle?”

"It depends..." Raine said.


"Our relationship with one another."

“What do you mean by that?”

"I'm not quite sure. I just felt like saying that." Raine smiled.

"Why would you do that?"

"I don't know. Why do we ever do anything? It's the circle of life."

“I’m sure.”

"What's wrong? You seem a tad angry." Raine stated.

"You think?"

Raine sighed, "I'm sorry."

“I’ve heard.”

"Do you accept my apology?"

"Not at the moment."

"Fine. I suppose I'll see you around then." Raine said.


Raine sighed and then stood up from her seat. "I love you James," she said before she walked out of the Great Hall and up to the Gryffindor Tower.

James groaned. "Did she eat anything?" Lily asked.  

"When she was over with Nate I think." James replied.

"Well, she only took a bite of my chicken and a sip of my pumpkin juice." Nate said as he came up behind Lily.

"We'll take care of it." Sirius said grabbing Emmeline's free hand.

"Where are you two off to?" Nate asked.

"After her. There is still food on the table." Emmeline said rolling her eyes holding up the food she had grabbed.

"Oh. Okay." Nate said as he sat down in the seat next to Lily.

“We'll see you guys later." Emmeline said. "I'll try to smooth things over for you Prongs." Sirius said.

"Alright." Lily said.

 "Fine, it's not like I did anything." James replied.

"Sure she sees it that way." Sirius said before he and Emmeline walked out of the great hall.

Raine had walked up to the Gryffindor Tower and up the boy's staircase. She skipped the Marauder's dorm and walked into a dorm room she hadn't been in for a while. She ran straight for Gideon's bed and curled up in a little ball. "Maybe they won't think to look for me in here." she whispered to herself.

"Nice to see you to." Gideon said from the chair in front of the desk he was sitting on.

"Oh, hello." Raine replied. "I'm sorry. I didn't think anyone was in here."

"It's alright. I don't mind." He said going back to his homework.

"Are you sure? I can just go somewhere else."

"It's fine Raine." Gideon said.

Raine sighed, "Okay. How have you been?"

"I've been alright, not my best. What about you?" Gideon asked scratching something out on his homework.

"Fine, I suppose." Raine replied.

"It's fine if you don't want to talk." Gideon stated.

"No, I do. I'm just thinking."


"Lots of stuff. Slytherins, Nate, Gryffindors, all the detentions I have this week, homework I have yet to do, food I have yet to eat." she replied. "Stuff like that."

"Well the Slytherins aren't all bad. Nate's your cousin so he can deal. Not sure what you mean by Gryffindors unless you mean your friends. They care about you so they'll get over whatever is going on, detentions with who? Homework I can help if you want, and you haven't eaten yet?"

"I have detentions with Raffentery. I have tons of homework with every class. And no, I haven't eaten in about two or three days. Everyone is telling me that Slytherins are untrustworthy and they aren't. Well, not all of them. And I don't mean just my friends. I mean like you, Caine, my friends, Nieva, and others." Raine said.

"Well Raffentery seems a little funny lately probably doesn't know you have detention, I can help with homework." Gideon said getting up and going over to his trunk and pulled out a box and tossed it at her, "Care package from Molly. What's going on with everyone?"

"No thank you. I'm not hungry." Raine said while putting the care package down beside her. "Well, with people. Where do you want to start?" Raine asked.

"Any where you want. I don't care eat something. Molly makes some really good fudge." Gideon said sitting down next to her.

"Gideon, I'm not very hungry. I had a bite of Nate's chicken at dinner." Raine replied. "Well, how about we start with Nathaniel?"

"Alright, eat something for me please?"

Raine sighed before she took a bite of the fudge. "There you happy?" she asked and then put the fudge down and started with, "Well, Nate is still treating me like a bloody five year old. I think that's all I'll ever be in his eyes. I can be the best behaving person in the school with the best grades and he'll tell me I need to improve and tell me that I have to do something else."

Gideon sighed, "Well maybe he tells you that because subconsciously he feels like he needs to do better. Eat more."

 "Whatever." Raine said as she took another small bite out of the fudge. "Now, who else. Oh yes! The flipping Marauders, the boys that think they are so much better than everyone else. They tell me I hang out with them the most and they tell me that I'm almost one of them. Yet, they keep secrets from me. I can never know anything. Or, maybe I'm to stupid to know anything."

“I know you might not be hungry but it makes me feel better. They’re jerks haven’t you noticed? They don’t tell anyone anything. They really don’t seem to realize people have feelings sometimes. I don’t know why they don’t tell you things but maybe it’s something bigger then what you think it is.”

"I don't even know Gideon." Raine said softly.

"Well I personally don't know but which of them is bugging you the most?"

"All of them. Except for Remus. All he has done is kick me out of his bed."

Gideon chuckled, "Well maybe whatever their keeping from you is a secret that involves one of them more then any others and he doesn't want you to know."

"Well Mister Prewett. Do you know?"

"I don't actually know but I think it's got to be something about Lupin."

"Why would you say that?"

"Haven't you ever wondered about why his mum is always sick? Or why he's always so pale? And where some of those scratches come from? I don't actually know what's going on."

"Well, maybe his mother has a weak immune system. Maybe he's pale because of his heritage or his hair color. And maybe his skin isn't as tough as a normal person's. Like, my gran, her skin is frail and will scratch even if she just barely scrapped it in the garden." Raine explained.

"Maybe." Gideon said.

"Me personally, I think there's something wrong with Petigrew."

"He's a little strange yes."

"Exactly. He also resembles a rat. And that's a little creepy." Raine said.

Gideon chuckled, "I've never noticed."

"Really? You've never noticed? Wow. Maybe there's something wrong with you." Raine said while feeling his forehead.

"Maybe or maybe I don't sit and stare at other guys."

"You don't have to stare at him! You take one look at his eyes and they look like a rat's eyes! Or his personality. He's super jumpy and is always hesitant and he's always looking over his shoulder."

"Maybe he has a bad home life." Gideon stated.

"No, I've been there, with James last summer. His home life is great. He has everything he could ever ask for."

"Hmm well I don't know."

Raine sighed. "Well, I don't know either. Who gets on your nerves?" she asked trying to change the subject.

"Fabian." Gideon replied.

Raine laughed, "Well, I know that. Does anyone else bug you?"

"A few Slytherins."

"They aren't all bad. I've been talking to a couple of them lately. They seem pretty nice."

"I know but I have reasons not to like the ones I don't like."

"Oh, okay."


"Well, I guess I'm going to leave so you can get your homework done." Raine said.

"You don't have to." Gideon said standing up.

"Well, I don't want to bother you anymore."

"You're not bothering me." Gideon replied sitting down at the desk.

Raine put the fudge and the rest of the care package on Gideon's night stand and lay down on his bed. "You sure?"

"Yep, I'm almost done with my homework anyways. What about yours?" Gideon said while writing.

Raine sighed, "I give up on school. I'll just marry some guy with a lot of money and be happy."

Gideon chuckled, "You do that."

"I will! Let's see... I'll just tell my mum that Sirius and James can't be on my list of people who I'm supposed to marry. That leaves... Regulus, MacNair, you and your brother, and some other people from France and Italy." Raine said to herself.

Gideon laughed, "Well I don't think Narcissa wants you to marry her cousin."

"I don't think I want to be in the same family as Narcissa and Sirius." she replied.

"What about Andromeda?"

"Well, she's great but she's no longer in that family. She got disowned remember?"

"Of course I remember. Ted's a nice guy I'm glad she went for it." Gideon said as he finished up his homework.

"Me too."

Gideon nodded while putting his homework back in his bag.  "Let's see, who are you arranged to marry Gid?" Raine asked.

"My mum doesn't believe in arranged marriages so I don't have one." Gideon replied.

"Man aren’t you lucky." Raine stated.

"You don't have one either from what I know." Gideon said.

"Oh boy do I. James Potter."

Gideon chuckled, "That what you've been telling him?"

"Nope. That's what my mum has told me. Mrs. Potter has told me that also."

Gideon crossed his arms and leaned against the desk, "Hmm have fun with that. I'm sure everything will work out."

"Nope. I refuse to marry someone so arrogant and retarded. I've decided I am going to marry this other guy, I haven't told my mum about him yet." Raine said.

"And who are you marrying then?" Gideon asked.

"Paul McCartney. You know, from the Beatles. Yeah, Mum and Father won't be too happy that he's a muggle. But, it'll all work out." Raine laughed.

Gideon laughed, "Does he know this yet?"

"I'm not sure. I'll let him know sooner or later." Raine smiled.

"You do that." Gideon said walking over.

"I will. I'll more than likely tell him later. Once the potion wears off. You know?"

"Potion hmm. Sounds intriguing." Gideon replied sitting down on the bed.

"Of course it is!" she laughed.

Gideon laughed, "You're insane you know."

"That's what I figured. But, it works." she smiled.

“Alright then.”

"Hey Gideon?"


"I'm sorry."


"The way we ended. I didn't like ending things like that." she replied.

"It's okay I deserved what happened for not handle things the way I should have." Gideon said.

"Well, no, not really. I should've listened to you more."

"Sounds like we both messed up." Gideon said as the door opened. Fabian walked in, "What's going on?" He asked.

"Well, we were just talking about having a piece of pie. Then you walked in and we decided on fudge instead." Raine replied.

"I'm sure. Your friends are looking for you." Fabian said before pulling off his shirt and going into the bathroom.

"I kind of figured. I really could care less though." Raine stated.

"Alright if you guys do anything lock the bathroom, please." Fabian replied before shutting the door to the bathroom.

Raine smiled, "Will do sugar."

Gideon chuckled, "So what are you going to do?"

"I don't know. At eleven I have Astronomy. So, I can't go to sleep. What are you going to do?"

"Don't know I'm not tired." Gideon said.

"That's good." Raine laughed. "I've go an idea," she said as she got up from Gideon's bed and walked over to the bathroom door.

"What are you going to do?" Gideon asked.

"Nothing too bad!" Raine whispered. Once she heard Fabian get into the shower she slowly opened the door and put her hand, which had her wand in it, through the little crack and whispered, "Avis." Soon the two heard Fabian start to scream. Raine shut the door and locked it before she started laughing. "See? Not too bad!" she continued to laugh.

Gideon cringed three seconds later Fabian opened the door a towel around his waist, "Was that funny?"

"Yep. Pretty much." Raine replied coolly.

“Out.” Fabian said.

"Toddles love!" Raine said as she exited the dorm.

Fabian glared at Gideon before going back into the bathroom to take his shower slamming the door behind him. Raine poked her head in the door, "Sorry. He'll get over it though."

            "Yeah after taking it out on me." Gideon replied.

"No, he won't take it out on you. Come with me." Raine demanded.


Raine headed down stairs to the common room and stopped at the bottom of the staircase to wait for Gideon. "Come on slow poke." Gideon sighed and walked into the common room. "What is wrong?" Raine asked.

"What are we going to do?" Gideon asked.

"I don't know. Want to go eat? That fudge made me a tad hungry.

Gideon smirked, "Alright."

Raine started walking towards the portrait hole and had to stop again because Gideon was slow. "Gideon Prewett! If you don't hurry your arse up!" Raine yelled.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Gideon said. 

"Raine?" Emmeline asked.

Raine stopped. "Yes Emmeline?"

"Have fun." Emmeline said.

"Thanks?" she said.

Emmeline laughed, "I can't tell you what to do, but go have fun. The boys' are in the dorm and I won't say I saw you."

"Thank you Em. I owe you one."

"It's fine you don't owe me anything what are friends for." Emmeline said.

"To do favors for and hold things over each other's heads. Duh!" Raine laughed.

Emmeline laughed, "Go before they hear you."

"Let them hear me!" Raine yelled. "They're probably looking on their little map thing for me anyways."

Emmeline sighed, "They care about you okay."

Raine rolled her eyes and shook her head, "I know. But, they get a little protective. Bye Emmeline!" Raine said before she grabbed Gideon's hand and ran out of the common room. Gideon followed, "That was kinda mean."

"What was?"

"Never mind." Gideon said, "Where are we going?"

"The kitchen." Raine said as she dragged Gideon through the different corridors until she found the portrait of all the fruit. She tickled the pear and went into the kitchen. "Hello! Will some one bring me a plate of macaroni and cheese with some chicken tenders on the side?" Raine asked.

"Yes Mistress, would you like anything?" the small house elf asked Gideon.

"I suppose I'll have the same thing." Gideon replied.

 "You're eating too? I didn't think you were hungry." Raine said after the house elves ran around to fix their meal.

"Never said I wasn't."

"True. I just assumed." Raine said.

Gideon chuckled, "Anything else you feel like talking about?"

"Not particularly." Gideon said as two house elves brought them their food, "Can I get some water too?"

"Yes what about you?" The house elves turned to Raine.

“The same.”

"Of course." The House elves replied before scurrying off.

"Are you sure Gideon? You look like you have a lot on your mind." Raine said.

 "I do have a lot on my mind." Gideon replied.

"Like what?"

"I'm graduating this year I have to get a job for one."

"You'll get one. I promise. If not, you can live with me."

"I'm not really worried about that Fab and I are going to be Aurors."

"I know that. I listened then!" Raine said while the house elf handed her a glass of water. "Thank you." she told the house elf.

"Thanks." Gideon said before taking a drink, "But after Hogwarts I'm out in the real world. With everything going on."

"Has Dumbledore told you about... Never mind." Raine said.

"The Order of the Phoenix?" Gideon asked.

"Yes." Raine replied.

"Yes he has. Fabian and are joining after we graduate."

Raine sighed, "Tell Walter to be careful. I want you two to be careful too."

"We'll all be as careful as we can be. It's hard out there." Gideon said.

"I know." Raine looked down at her food that she had barely touched. "I just, don't want to lose anyone."

"We're all going to lose someone."

"I know Gideon. Nieva already lost her mother."

"Yeah, and I've lost my father, Caine lost his older brother."

"I know. I'm really sorry about that."

"It's okay, it's a war. We have to be ready for it."

"I don't know if I'll ever be ready for It." she said quietly.

"Well at least you know about it."

"Yeah." Raine replied quietly as she ate some of her chicken and drank some of her water. After a little while Raine spoke up, "You think Fabian is over it?"

"Nope, but you have Astronomy in a little while." Gideon said.

"Well, you can stay in my room if you want."

"Your friends wouldn't like that and I don't know how to get up the girls' stairs."

"Oh wow. You're going to be an Auror and you don't know a simple levitating spell?" Raine asked.

Gideon chuckled, "I know that. I was lying but your friends won't like it."

"You were not lying. You like, double lied to me Gideon Prewett!" Raine said over dramatically.


"You double lied to me! Stupid Auror." Raine replied.

Gideon laughed, "There are many easier spells to use to get up those stairs."

"So I've been told."


"Yep. Stupid bloody Marauders." Raine mumbled.

Gideon laughed, "You do realize if you go to class their going to be there."

"I sure do. But, that's okay. I'll just stand in the back of the class. Or! I can just skip that class. Caine said I could."

Gideon laughed again, "As long as there isn't practice and your grades aren't suffering that's Caine solution to everything."

"Nope. Caine said I could skip all day today. For no reason at all I didn't even ask him." she replied.

"He was in a good mood this morning."

"No he wasn't. He was upset this morning. His sister was mad at him or something." Raine said.

"Yes but whenever they talk he's a good mood. She's eleven. He adores her."

"Aw, isn't that sweet?" Raine cooed and stood up from her seat and held out her hands for Gideon.

Gideon stood up as well and called to the house elves, "Thanks!"

Raine ran out of the kitchen and then hid behind the corner. "Gideon?" she asked quietly.

"Yes?" Gideon said just as quietly.

"Where are you?"

"I'm behind you smartie."

"You're a triple liar. I can't see you."

Gideon chuckled, "I want to be an Auror I have to have skill."

Raine smiled and ran toward the staircase leading to the Gryffindor Tower. "Run run as fast as you can! You can't catch me! I'm the gingerbread man!" Raine yelled.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Gideon yelled, running after her. It took Gideon about ten seconds to catch up with her. He wrapped his long arms around her middle. “I think I won though.”

"You're a liar!" Raine giggled. "I'm still winning!"

"How is that?"

"I'm in front of you."

Gideon picked her up and spun her around.

"That's not fair Gideon!" Raine squeaked.

"I think it is."

"Not uh. You're a cheater." Raine said childishly.

"You are."

"How is that?"

"You called me a liar."


Gideon rolled his eyes. Raine elbowed Gideon in his stomach softly.


"Sorry. I had to get you to let me go!" Raine said as she ran up the stairs.

"Come back here!"

"Why should I?" Raine giggled, as she got further up the staircase.

"Fine go."

Raine stopped. "Aw come on Gideon! I was just playing. Why are you going to let me go that easily?"

"Nope." He said climbing the stairs, "You going to class?"

"I don't know yet. I'm not going until I talk to Fabian though. I don't want you to get hurt for something I did." Raine replied.

"Well come on then." Gideon said walking towards the Gryffindor common room.

Raine followed Gideon all the way up to his dorm. "Do you want me to go in first?" Raine asked Gideon.

"No I better." Gideon replied opening the door.

"Okay." Raine said standing on the wall beside the door so Fabian wouldn't see her.

Fabian looked up as his brother walked into the room and glared rubbing his bare chest. "What?" Gideon asked.

"You're the one who let her do that." Fabian snapped.

"He was not!" Raine shouted as she came into view, "I just want you to do what you would do to Gideon. I was the one who did it, not him." she replied.

Fabian raised an eye brow, "What?"

"Do what you were going to do to Gideon to me."


"Why not?" Raine asked.


"Because I'm a girl right?" Raine spat.

"No, that's not why."

"Then why? I was the one who did it, not Gideon."

"I wasn't going to do anything to him."

"You were to! Don't you dare lie to me."

"I am not!"

"You are to." Raine shrugged. "Well, if you lay a finger on him for something I did I'm quitting the Quidditch team and blaming it on you."

"I was not going to do anything! It's not the first time I've been attacked by a flock of birds!"

Raine shrugged again. "Okay. I'll see you gents later then. I'm late for a very important date." she said before giving Gideon a hug and walking out of the room.

"She's insane." Fabian said closing his book.

"I heard that Prewett!" Raine yelled from the hallway.


Raine walked back into the room. "I just thought I'd let you know, I'd rather be insane than be ridiculously dull like yourself." Raine stated.

“Yeah I’m dull.” Fabian said.

"Yep, I know. And the first step is to admit it Fabian. You're on the right path mate. Just twelve more steps and you'll be out of dull-aholics anonymous." Raine stated.

"Get out won't you. Before you make the rest of crazy."

Raine smiled. "I love you too Fabian. I'll come back up later to tell you good night!"

“I’m locking the door.”

"I've got a wand."

"I know spells that alohomora won't unlock."

"Oh yea? Well, I've got people that will tear down this door. And you have those windows next to your bed. Those are always not lockable."

Fabian groaned and threw Caine's shoe at her.

"Toddles Loves." Raine said as she exited the room and walked down stairs, out of the common room, and up to the astronomy tower.

"Hey Raine." Emmeline said.

"Hey Emmeline! Why so glum?"

“Sirius and I got into a fight.”

"Oh Merlin. What about this time?"


"Me? Why me?"

"It's not to hard to put together."

"They found out didn't they?"


Raine sighed, "How are they?"

“Well they’re over there glaring at us."

"Really where?" Raine asked while looking around.

“Straight ahead.”

"Oh! Hey boys!" Raine cooed and waved at them.

James turned back around, as did Sirius.

Raine rolled her eyes. "Emmeline, they'll get over it. They're mainly mad at me." Raine stated. Then Raine shouted, "I can live without talking to them!"

"Work on your stars charts." Professor Sinistra called out.

Raine got out all her supplies and started working on her chart. "Emmeline?" Raine asked after a little while.


"You didn't do anything to extreme did you?"


"Like break up with Sirius?"

"No, but he did."

"What? Sirius broke up with you?"

"Keep it down will you and yes."

Raine shook her head. "I can't believe this. Why did he break up with you?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Emmeline said blinking back-unseen tears.

"That's fine sweetie. You don't have to." Raine said while rubbing Emmeline's back softly and glaring at Sirius.

Emmeline sighed and raised her hand, "Professor?"

"Yes, Miss Vance?"

"I'm done with my chart, may I go in?"

"Yes you may. Just turn your chart in. The basket is by the door." Professor Sinistra said.

"Thank you." Emmeline said grabbing her stuff. She turned in the chart and quickly fled the astronomy tower. She was halfway back to the common room when she leaned against a wall. Her chest tightened, she slipped down the wall, and started to cry.

"Are you okay?" a voice asked.

“Do I look okay?” She sobbed.

"Whoa. Sorry, what happened?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Fine. I'll just sit here with you then."


"Are you going to be okay?"

“I don’t know right now.”

After a couple minutes of silence the person said, "Well, why don't we get you back to your common room. The prefects and head girl and boy will start patrolling soon."

Emmeline shook her head, "I can't go back there.”

"Why not?"

"Because everyone's going to ask question and Sirius will be there."

"Okay, so, stay here. I have to get back to my common room. I'm already in enough trouble as it is."

Emmeline nodded.

"I hope you'll be okay." Nate said as he stood up. "I'll see you around Emmeline."

Emmeline just nodded again, hugging her knees harder.

The person left and for a couple minutes Emmeline was in the hall all by her self. It may have been quiet in the hallway but it was everything but quiet back in the common room.

"Why the bloody hell did you break up with her Black?" Raine yelled.

"I don't want to talk to you right now Raine!" Sirius yelled going up to his dorm.

Raine followed him, "You tell me right now Black." she said in a dead serious voice.

Sirius ignored her and Remus handed him the map, "She's near the Ravenclaw common room."

"Sirius Orion Black. You tell me why you broke up with my best friend right now or so help me Merlin." Raine threatened.

"I'm a little busy right now Raine Aida de Luca!" Sirius yelled before he turned around and ran back down the stairs to the common room and the door. He found Emmeline knees to her chest and her head resting on them, crying.  "Em?" He said quietly sitting down next to her.

"What do you want Sirius?" she asked in between sobs.

"Em, I'm sorry."

"Why Sirius? Why did you even break up with me in the first place?" she asked.

"I don't know. I was mad. It was stupid and idiotic and I didn't mean to." Sirius said pulling her face from her knees.

Emmeline looked Sirius in the eyes. "It was idiotic and retarded. Why would you do it?"

"Because I'm a prat and I must like to punish myself. I'm sorry Em."

Emmeline shook her head. "Sirius." she said.

"What?" Sirius asked quietly brushing her hair from her face.

"What are we supposed to do now?"

"I don't know but I don't want to lose you." Sirius said.

"So, is that an offer to get back together?"

"If you're going to yes it is." Sirius replied.

"Okay. I don't want to lose you either." Emmeline said before giving Sirius a hug.

Sirius grinned and kissed her passionately before pulling back. "We should get to the common room it's late." He said standing up pulling her with him.

"Alright." Emmeline replied while following him to the Gryffindor Common Room. When they got inside the common room they saw Raine sitting on the couch.

"Raine." Sirius said. Raine ignored him and instead gave him the one finger salute. Sirius sighed turned around and kissed Emmeline's forehead. "I'll see you in the morning okay. Go get some sleep."

Emmeline nodded and ran upstairs to her bed. Sirius sighed and dropped onto the couch next to Raine. Raine scooted away from Sirius.


"What Black." Raine spat.

"If you're not going to be nice I'm going to bed."

"Why should I be nice to you and the rest of the Marauders?" Raine questioned.

Sirius stood up, "I'm going to bed. We care about you and you're dating James."

Raine shrugged. "Well, why are you guys ignoring me then?"

"Does it look like I'm ignoring you?"

"Oh you were and everyone else still is."

"Stop acting like a baby. When you have a problem with us you need to tell us."

"I don't have a problem with you guys. You are all mad at me."

"Talk to us in the morning. I need some sleep." Sirius said turning around.

Raine shook her head and looked forward into the fire. Sirius sighed and started up the stairs to his dorm. "Have fun sleeping in your bed tonight Black." Raine shouted.

Sirius turned around, "What did you do to it?" he demanded.


"I don't believe you.”

"That's fine. I didn't do anything to it though. It's safe and sound."

"Doesn't sound like it is."

Raine shrugged. "It is. But, if you don't believe me, I can't blame you."

"You wouldn't have said anything if my bed was fine."

"You're right. You know, I should be in Slytherin if I'm so untrustworthy."

"You don't know the first thing about the Slytherins!" Sirius yelled coming back down the stairs.

"Really? And you do?"

“Yes I do.”

"Right, then you know that they have your box spring and mattress right?"

"Why is that?" Sirius demanded.

"Oh, I don't know."

"I'm so sure. You're just practically best friends with them!"

"Really? Is that why every single one of them call me a whore and a blood traitor?" Raine yelled.

"Get use to it they're Slytherins! Just be glad they haven't put you through what I've been through." Sirius shouted.

Raine nodded her head. "Alright Black. You want to know something?"


"They have my box spring and mattress. Not yours. I gave mine to them. They were going to throw yours into the Black Lake because I asked them to. Then I changed my mind a couple minutes later but they wouldn't take no for an answer since they were already up here, ready to take it. So, I gave them mine. So, go sleep in your comfortable bed Black."

"It's not like you couldn't share with James, and when the house elves come around in about two hours they will magically put your bed back."

"Nope. They don't. Because Lily told them not to; if you remember correctly James is mad at me so I can't sleep with him."

"He's not mad! He's upset that you would talk to the Slytherins. He's upset that you can't talk to him." Sirius yelled.

"He's upset, same difference. He's also already asleep." Raine said calmly.

"You don't think he would gladly move over for you?"

"He would. But, Sirius, I... Never mind." Raine said.

"What?" Sirius demanded.

"I can't just go in there and apologize. Not all of this is my fault."

"Just going up there is an apology to him."

Raine stood up from the couch, "Really? And why is that?"

"I don't know I just know that's the way James works."

Raine nodded her head. "I'll be up in a little while," she said before she ran up the girl's staircase and got changed into her pajamas. She ran back down and saw that Sirius hadn't gone to bed yet. "Why are you still up?" she asked him.

"Waiting for you." Sirius replied.

Raine smiled. "Shall we go then?"

"Come on." Sirius replied wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

"I'm sorry Sirius." Raine apologized while the two climbed the stairs.

"Don't." Sirius said as pushed the door to the dorm open.

"Why not?" she whispered.

"Apologies get old." He replied shutting the door behind them and pulling off his shirt.

Raine rolled her eyes and walked over to James' bed. She poked his shoulder softly.  "Hmm?" James mumbled sleepily.

Raine didn't say anything she just pushed him to the side so she had room to lie down. As soon as she was lying down he wrapped his arms around her. Raine smiled and ran her fingers across his fore arms. He grinned and kissed the top of her head before yawning.

"Good night James." she whispered.

"Night Raine."

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