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Life Collides Chapter Two:


One Week Later

The early morning sun poured into Harry’s flat by the large window as he slowly put what little he owned into boxes. There wasn’t much. He would be leaving behind his kitchen table and old television set, while bringing his bed, dresser, desk, and sofa. He only had another half hour before Teddy would be showing with his van to help move his things to the house. Emily had just phoned to tell him that she had cleaned and painted his room bright white.

“You’ll be able to do what ever you want with it after, of course. Josh doesn’t really have many rules against that. I mean, what are you going to do with a single room?” She had said on the phone.

Taping the last box of dishes shut, Harry put the tape into his back pocket as he walked from his living room down the hall and into his bedroom. His bed was bare, and dissembled on the ground. Next to it was his old writer’s desk, boxes full of clothing and the few other possessions he owned piled on top of it. Scratching his hand he walked over to his closest, and pulled it open. It was empty, it’s contents now packed away in boxes, except for his trunk wagged into the corner, dusty from the months it had sat there untouched.

Inside it carried all of Harry’s old Wizarding things. His wand, his favourite spell books, his old robes, and other magical objects he had deemed important to keep. But that wasn’t all. In the small flap on the trunk lid were his old photos. They were all of the people from his past; the people he had not seen or heard of in a year. They were of the people he would never see again, and he hoped, ever think of again.

There was a loud knock at his door, and Harry jolted alive. Looking at his watch he saw that it was eight thirty, just the time Teddy had said he would come by to pick up his things. Hurrying from his room and into the living room he unlocked the door and opened it to allow Teddy to enter.

“Hey Harry,” he said entering Harry’s flat, a huge grin on his face. “Everything packed?” he asked.

“I hope so,” Harry told him and turned around to show him what were ready to bring to the van. “I suppose we should start with the sofa.” Harry said moving the boxes off the sofa. Teddy agreed, and together they carried the sofa out of the flat and into the hall.

“Thank God this is small,” Teddy said, as he started down the first flight of stairs, walking backwards. Harry gripped the top of the sofa as they slowly made their way down to the ground floor.

“Hell, this thing is heavier then I remember.” Harry grumbled when they finally came to the bottom of the steps and set it down for a moments break.

“We should call Adam to come help,” Teddy heaved with a smile. Adam was the long-term boyfriend of Georgia’s. According to Teddy he was quite strong from carrying stage equipment around for years when he was young, and went on tour with his musician parents.

“Yeah him and Alan,” Harry sighed referring to a co-worker of theirs, reaching down to get ready to pick up the sofa again.

Teddy offered a short laugh before counting to three and up again they were. When they made it outside, the van doors were already open, and they managed to get the sofa into the back with ease. Leaning against the wall of Harry’s building, Harry took in the sight of the old van. Its burgundy paint was chipping all over where rust had started to grow. The driver side window was broken and was covered with plastic.

“It isn’t much to look at, but I’ve been touring in the thing since before I could buy beer.” Teddy laughed, patting Harry on the shoulder before turning to head back into the building to get the other pieces of furniture and boxes.

It took them an hour to move everything else into the back of the van, and it was a tight squeeze when Harry and Teddy got into the car. Taking out the key and putting it into the ignition and turning it the car gave a low grown before coming to life. Harry didn’t know much about cars, or how to drive in fact, but he had an idea that Teddy really needed a new car.

“How far is the house from here?” Harry asked, as they turned on to the road.

“Fifteen minutes max. It’s only a street away from the café.” Teddy explained.

They turned down a few streets, passing the café as they did so and other small stores Harry often visited over the year before slowing down and turning on to a quiet residential street. Large homes occupied it, though many looked to have been converted into apartments.

“Those two houses there are owned by Toronto University for residence.” Teddy told Harry, pointing to two Victorian homes at the end of the street. “Lot’s of parties,” Teddy added with a wiry grin.

“And which one is my new home?” Harry asked, looking around at the houses in hopes of some kind of sign that would tell him.

“Right here,” Teddy said pulling into the drive of one of the larger homes. Like the others, it was an old Victoria home, with a great veranda that went around the entire home. The drive was long, and Teddy’s van was the fourth car to park.

Harry got out of the car, hanging off the door as he tried to take in his new home. He could hear the low humming of a guitar from inside the house, and people shouting. Glancing around him, he saw that Teddy had started to unload the van. Rushing to help him, Harry ignored his curiousness, and helped pull out some of the boxes, while Teddy grabbed one as well. Leading the way, Teddy ran up the front steps and opened the door for he and Harry.

Harry stepped into the large entrance room with wide eyes. The ceiling was tall, a hallway directly in front of him as well as a stair case. To his left and right were two door frames, both open and Harry saw that the one on his right was the main room and the one on the left was the kitchen.

“The kitchen’s there, and that’s the main room.” Teddy told Harry accordingly. “Down the hall is a washroom, storage room, and a dining room that connects to the kitchen, but mostly we just use it to keep all our unused stuff.” Teddy explained, taking a step toward the stairs. “Up here are all the rooms; two floors and an attic.”

Harry nodded, following Teddy as they climbed the steps, turning on a landing and came to the first floor. There were four doors on this floor, two on each side. They walked down this hall, the low humming sound much louder now, and Harry saw why when he passed the first door. It was open, and inside sat Alan, a bass guitar in his hands, his head and long shaggy hair covering his face.

“Hey Alan,” Teddy said, not stopping as Alan did not hear the greeting. “He’s going to go deaf by time he’s thirty,” Teddy joked to Harry.

“Whose rooms are these?” Harry asked.

“Well,” Teddy started, shifting the box in his hands. “That room is Georgia and Adam’s,” he said pointing to the one across from Alan’s. “That one is the washroom for this floor,” he pointed to the one next to Alan’s room, “And that is a band room.” He finished, pointing to the room next to Georgia and Adam’s.

Nodding, Harry followed teddy up a short flight of stairs that led to the second floor. This floor was shorter, and Harry saw that there were only three doors and another short staircase which led to the attic, Harry guessed.

“And here’s our floor.” Teddy grinned. “The first door on the left is the washroom, and the one after is your room. The one on the right is my humble abode.” Harry smiled, glad to be at his room at last. Teddy put the box on the ground, and dug around in his pocket for a key which he then handed to Harry who took it awkwardly. “This is the key to your room and the key to the front door.” He said indicating which one was which.

Harry nodded, understanding. “Can we go in now?” Harry asked, nodding to the heavy load in his hands.

“Fine, fine, be patient.” Teddy joked, opening the door, and picking up his box from the floor.

Harry entered the room first, and was surprised by how bright it was. The walls were white, and the same oak flooring that covered the entire house continued here. It was a fair sized room, good enough to fit all of his things and possibly some extra space left over. A large window showed Harry the small backyard that was behind the house, and the back neighbor’s home as well.

Turning to Teddy he smiled. “This is great,” he admitted.

“Well your in luck,” Teddy said, placing the box he was carrying on the ground inside. “The rooms up here are bigger, though Josh continues to charge the same as those below. I think it’s just because were on the top floor.” Teddy informed him.

“I thought there was an attic floor?” Harry asked, curious.

“Oh yeah, but that’s Emily’s apartment,” Teddy said expressively, “You can call it that just because it’s not a normal attic. It actually has a separate bedroom and a sitting room. Of course, she has to come down here to use the washroom, but she doesn’t care. She doesn’t even pay for board!” Teddy went on, heading back out the door.

“And you still talk to her?” Harry said sarcastically, laughing with Teddy as they raced back down to get his other things.

It took an entire two hours to move everything up to the top floor, and into Harry’s room. It took another hour to maneuver things around in the room and put his bed together. Thankfully Teddy stayed and helped Harry for all of it except unpacking the boxes, which Harry didn’t mind.

“I have to get going,” Teddy said, getting up from his spot on Harry’s couch. “I have to go to sound check – my band has a got a gig at Michael’s tonight.”

“Oh yeah,” Harry said, interested. “Where’s that?”

“Near the café,” Teddy explained. “If you want to come I can ask Georgia or Adam if you can hop a ride with them – their coming. And Emily might be making a surprise opener for us, so it should be a good show.” Teddy said, stopping in the door frame.

“Yeah,” Harry said quickly, standing up. “Yeah, I think I will come. It would be way better then hanging around here alone tonight.”

Teddy laughed. “Right on man, see you later then.”

“Bye,” Harry said and watched Teddy leave, closing the door behind him.

Turning to face his room, a group of boxes still lay piled on the floor full of things that were waiting to be moved and placed. Sighing to himself, Harry started forward and opened the first one which was full of clothing, and he put it into his dresser. When he finished he put his few Muggle books and documents in their spot in his desk. It didn’t take him long to put his few belonging’s away, and then all he had left was his trunk. Staring around his room he saw that he had no closest, and in decided that it would be best just to put it under his bed. Before he did so, he stopped and looked at his trunk.

His mind had caught on a distant memory; it was a short one, in it where he was holding a picture of him and his friends. It wasn’t a moving one, a plain Muggle one which had been taken by Hermione’s parents at the end of their sixth year. She had mailed him a copy two days later telling him that her parents wouldn’t allow he to put it into the magically solution that causes the images to move, but he couldn’t complain.

Opening his trunk, he ignored the moving and very un-Muggle objects, and grabbed the wad of pictures from inside of the pocket on the lid. Flipping through them quickly, he tried to pause to look at the moving ones until at last he stopped on the one he had been thinking of. He stared at it for a long time. He stood on the left, Hermione in the middle, and Ron on the right. They were all smiling, frozen in that second. It was in a sepia tone, and Ron’s hair seemed to be fierier then it was in real life. But it made Harry smile, and he quickly pushed everything back into the trunk and shut it tight with a snap. He lay the picture he had taken out next to his trunk, and he quickly put the trunk under his bed.

Coming up again he took the picture and went over to his desk. Opening the top drawer he found the unused picture frame he hadn’t used since he left England. Opening the back of it he slipped the picture inside, closed it, and propped it on his desk. He stared at his for another moment longer, glad he had remembered the little gift when a knock at the door came.

“Come in,” Harry called, turning to see who his first visitor was.

Georgia opened the door, and entered his room. “Hey, I just heard from Teddy you were here. Everything looks great in here.” She said, looking around. She was a pretty woman, a few years older then Harry, with long black hair, copper skin, and soft hazel eyes.

“Thanks,” Harry said walking over to his friend. “I was worried I wouldn’t have enough room to fit all my stuff in here.”

“No way,” Georgia went on chirpily, “This is one of the bigger rooms. Besides, I think what this room really needs if a fresh coat of paint.” Georgia said, and took a step further into the room, looking around.

“You think so?” Harry asked, trying to see what Georgia was seeing.

“Oh yeah! It will make this place your own – don’t you think?” She turned to look at him sharply and batted her eyes at him.

“I suppose,” Harry said to her, and looked around again. “I’ve never really had a choice in what colour my wall would be.”

“Really?” Georgia said, and plopped herself on to the couch.

Harry nodded, moving to sit on his bed and face Georgia. “Growing up I went to boarding school, and when I was home I lived with my Aunt and Uncle who thought I was the dirt they walked on.” Harry explained.

“Really?” her voice more exuberant then before. “Why didn’t you live with your parents?” She said, and quickly added, “If you don’t mind me asking.”

“No, it’s fine.” Harry said. “My parents died in a car crash when I was just a baby.” He told her the story he had practiced so many times in his mind.

“That’s horrible!” Georgia exclaimed, continuing with her usual dramatics. They were silent for a moment, and she continued to stare around his room. “You should paint the walls, though.”

Harry shrugged. “Maybe red,” he suggested thinking of the Gryffindor Common room.

“That would be cool, but red makes you hungry.” Georgia told him.

Harry wanted to laugh. In his head he thought about Ron, and it seemed she had just explained why he was always hungry. Grinning at Georgia he just nodded. “I’ll consider that when I go paint shopping.”

“I’ll go with you,” Georgia suggested and stood.

“Sounds like a date,” Harry agreed.

Georgia smiled, and then drifted over to the door. “Well, I just I came up here to say hello and tell you that Adam and I can drive you to the bar.” Georgia told him. “We’re going to see Emily play as she hasn’t done a show for five months.”

“Is that a long time?” Harry asked, bewildered by her statement.

“Oh yeah, she’s going to have a fun time tonight.” Georgia laughed at her own joke, and exited his room. “We’re leaving in an hour!” she called.

Harry shouted back his okay, and then stood up from his bed. Looking in his drawer he found some clean clothes, and hurried to use the washroom – something he could already tell would be an experience. When he was finished, he changed, tried to tame his hair, and then joined Georgia and Adam in the entrance.

“Hey Harry,” Adam said in his low voice. He brushed back his wavy blond hair from his eyes, and opened the door. “Ready for a good show?” he asked, as he stepped outside.

A/N: I spent the last half hour trying to decide if this was an alright place to pause, but I don’t have much of a choice. I can’t find an easier way to end it without going into the next chapter. So, here is the second re-written chapter to Life Collides. Hope you enjoyed!

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