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Disclaimer: I own nothing!!! *weeps* NOTHING!!!!! I'm broke. lol. I don't own the Harry Potter World, I swear!

Ayra mentally ran her ever increasing list through her mind as Sirius tugged her behind him, running like he had just seen the dead. 

Not punctual, too domineering, runs way to damn fast (mental note, need to work out more--) she thought, panting as her legs began to burn. “Where are we going?” she rasped. 

He turned around, his smirk plastered on his face. “What, getting tired Woods?” he said, quickening his pace.

What a Sadist. Ayra tried to roll her eyes, but figured it was too much energy, so decided not too.  She concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other…conveniently ignoring his hand that held onto hers. She glimpsed up at the castle, her eyes registering a pale face in one of its many windows. 

Her feet tripped over the other, and she looked down for a fraction of a second, then she looked back up, and saw nothing. She shook her head. Great. I’ve exhausted myself to the point that I’m hallucinating. Brilliant.

She was so mused in her thoughts that she hadn’t noticed that Sirius had stopped running. She promptly collided into his back, and their hands disconnected.

“Oi! Watch where you’re going Woods!”

Ayra ignored him, putting her hands on her knees, mouth gaping for air. He looked at her oddly. “You look like a goldfish with down-syndrome.” he stated plainly, not showing any sign that he had just sprinted at all.

 I don’t care! she thought exasperated and kept on sucking air into her lungs.         “NEEED….MOOOORE”  she took a huge breath “….OOOXXXYYGGGENNNNN…” she gasped, trying to inhale.

He grinned at her, her mouth open as wide as it would go. She looked ridiculous, he decided, grabbing her hand again. She glared at him, still breathing as if she were air deprived. “Time to go Goldy!” he laughed at her dying expression. She sucked in a crisp breath, beginning to savor it and started to feel normal again when---

Her body was jerked into the air and They were off again. Ayra whimpered, but kept on running. Once her body grew accustomed (and by accustomed, she means not on the verge of dying from oxygen deprivation, but getting there) to the running, she asked, “Where the heck are we going?” 

He didn’t look over his shoulder this time. “To the other side of the school.” he said, a hint of panic in his voice. “And we need to get there NOW.” he added.

Ayra bit her lip and kept running, when she noticed what had been tugging her the whole way. She looked down, her eyes widening when she saw his hand grasping hers firmly. Her focus came to an X shaped scar on the front of his hand. She tried to look at it closer, as it was very faint, she tried to ignore his hand rubbing against hers, the calluses introducing themselves to her. Her browed furrowed as she leaned in---”

“Alright, we’re almost here!” he called over his shoulder. 

Her focus was broken “ Praise Merlin!” she exclaimed.

He stopped abruptly, and let go of Ayra’s hand. She looked up and began to ask a question when someone interrupted her. 

“What’s Woods doing here?” Remus asked from the steps of Hogwarts. He stood up rigidly, looking paler than ever, all color gone from his face as dusk began to fall. “Where’s Prongs and Wormtail?”

Ayra grinned. “Why, don’t I feel wanted today.” she said sarcastically, trying to not so conspicuously open her mouth to gasp air into her oxygen deprived lungs.

Sirius looked at his feet. “James got detention with Peter. And no one will let them skip. So I had to find a replacement.” he said, guilt lacing his words.

Remus shot his friend a look, then his ragged hazel eyes focused on Ayra. “Do you even know what’s going on? How can you help?” he asked tiredly, but as always, all business.

She looked him square in the eye. “I can change into any animal that I want to, and  I kind of know why I’m here.” she finished, uncertainty tainting her voice the slightest bit. 

Remus rolled his eyes. “He didn’t tell you, did he?” he asked, slightly irritated.

 Ah! Another thing to add to my list! Number 362: Non Informative.

 Sirius looked at his friend. “I’m sorry mate, but--”

 Remus shut him off with a glare. He looked back at Ayra. “You’re helping control me, for tonight. I’m turning into an werewolf, so you’re going to have to be in animal form at all times. We’re heading for the shrieking shack.. it was built--” 

Ayra’s lips turned into a hint of a smile. “I know what it was built for. I helped build it.” she said, then she covered her mouth, eyes going wide. She had just slipped. Shit.

 He cocked an eyebrow at her, his eyes brimming with curiosity. “What do you mean you--” 

“Hey Black! Isn’t that where we started  in the first place?” she said, changing the subject, eyes narrowing on her new one.”

“We don’t have time for this!” Sirius said forcefully, avoiding her eyes. 

 “Then why did we bloody run this whole way!” 

  Her question was not answered. Sirius’ eyes went open as he saw what he could see. He pointed to a direction. “Remus.”

Remus looked where his friend pointed, at the trees of the forbidden forest, a whiteness had started to taint the edges, painting the trees black. His eyes widened, and he began to run towards the shack, Sirius and Ayra in hot pursuit.

Ayra ran up next to Sirius, ignoring her legs’ fierce protests of pain. “Next time you want to take me on one of your little adventures, make sure we’re on time.” she said, running after Remus. 

He glared at her back, forcing himself not to retort. The girl was getting on his last nerve. If she could just be a little grateful that I’m letting her in on the biggest marauder secret of all time and get that stick out of her ass maybe she’d be ok. But since that stick obviously has some sort of permanency charm on it…Oh. I forget. Didn‘t I put it there?

Lost in his own wandering and pointless thoughts, his eyes opened wide when he saw what was going on before him. Remus had suddenly stopped running, his whole body had gone ridged. Ayra was standing right beside him.

“WOODS! CHANGE! NOW!” he bellowed, sprinting ever faster to the two figures ahead of him.

Ayra turned to Sirius, eyes wide with panic. “INTO WHAT?”

 Just before transforming himself into a dog he ran up to her, holding her by the shoulders, Remus forgotten for a moment. He looked her in the eyes, for a moment, noticing how beautifully the white of the moon lighted up the slivers of silver in her blue eyes. “Anything. Be careful.” he rasped, chiding himself for his thoughts. Just an observation. he thought, justifying himself and immediately feeling better.

And with that, he animagused, pouncing for Remus and goading him to the direction of the whomping willow. 

 Ayra watched the scene unfold. For once in her life, she was taken by the pressure, the fear, and the horrors of the night. She watched as werewolf and dog became a flurry of grey and black in the light of the full moon. She stood there, a lone bystander, and watched.

A yelp from Sirius finally brought her back to her senses. Her eyes opened a little wider as she saw Remus stalking towards her. And then she knew what she had to do. The mental process that went through her mind was rather astonishing really.

 Werewolves. Page 394. Can be Animaguses. Werewolves have no choice.

The only way to get them where you want to go is to have another one of their kind, but they will only follow the opposite sex….

 The only way to get Remus into the whomping willow easily and efficiently is if I turn myself into a werewolf, lead him towards the tree, quickly animagus back into myself, calm the tree, run through the root hole, animagus back into a werewolf run up to the shrieking shack, and then hit Remus with a sleeping spell as soon as he gallops into the room! she grinned. I‘m absolutely brilliant! 

And right in the face of Remus, she changed into a female werewolf. The sensation was incredible. She felt…larger somehow, and bit on the loony side. But other than that, she was in complete charge of her brain. She yowled at the moon, and without even pausing to look at the black dog that had frozen at her appearance, pranced off towards the whomping willow.

 Sirius's dog eyes went wide as he watched what she had done. It’s absolutely insane! I hope she knows what the hell she’s doing. he thought. Oh wait. Its WOODS we’re talking about here. Of course she doesn’t. He shook his shaggy head and padded off quickly after them.

Ayra kept a safe distance between her and Remus. She had to get to the tree in time to change back. So she made a run by the forbidden forest to play a little hide and seek. She a-oo-d in one direction and promptly changed back into herself when finding a nice spot to hide. Remus crept right by her hiding place. She watched as he walked off into the distance. 

 Her hiding place was rather wicked. There were three trees. Two of the trees had grown what looked like chairs out of their sides, and the chairs faced each other. The third one had grown a table in between them. Ayra sat under the table. Here, there was also room for two. Seemed the trees liked to grow couches as well. 

A twig cracked and the open air in front of Ayra had her full attention. a black dog started creeping by. She reached out and grabbed its muzzle, making sure it didn’t bark. Sirius instantly animagused into a person. 

 “What the hell are you up to? Turning into a werewolf, and back all the time?” he whispered reverently. “You’re insane Woods. Insane.” 

 She grinned. “It’s an absolutely brilliant plan. You have to get to the shrieking shack before me though. I’ll be the first werewolf to come through the door, Remus will be the second. You stun him and hit him with a sleeping spell. And I’ll animagus back. And we can all sleep in the shrieking shack and keep an eye on our lovely friend at the same time.”

He looked at her. “Only you would think of that.” he shook his head.

She smiled, a genuine smile that knocked him off his feet. “Page 394.” she said shrugging. “But alas, I must go. Good luck.” she twittled her fingers and she was gone.

Sirius sat in the hiding spot for sometime.  He was still blown by seeing his first sincere smile from Woods. The girl who rejected him. The girl who he hated. He hated the way the moon bounced in her eyes, the way her lips moved when she spoke, the way she walked with an air of dignity, but her face was all mischievousness. He hated that he noticed that. But her smile. That’s one thing I could get used too. he shook the thought away and  quickly animagused back into a dog.  I can finish thinking later. For now, The Plan. and padded off to the whomping willow. He quickly immobilized the tree and ran through the tunnel and awaited Ayra on the broken bed, wand at the ready.

Ayra bounded toward the whomping willow which was writhing in protest., aooing as she went. She quickly changed back into a human and ran up to the bark of the tree. It instantly calmed down. She whispered what needed to be done and the tree sent down a branch, letting her know that it understood. She was about to change back into an animagus when she felt a claw rake down her back. 

She screamed and turned around, feeling the blood dripping down her back, soaking her shirt. She looked at the Werewolf Remus and then in a horrifying moment, she remembered. A werewolf could even kill his best friend in this state. And not even know that he had done it until he had recovered from his transformation. She opened her mouth to scream, when her senses took over for her. She had changed back into a werewolf. Remus stood there, confused. She ahoood, ignoring the pain in her back, and bounded down the tunnel. Remus followed. 

She went as fast as she possibly could with the pain in her back. The tunnel seemed to go on forever. She finally bounded through the door, Remus hot on her heels. She whirled around from the door to see Sirius hit Remus with the stunning spell, and then the sleeping one. 

She animagused, slowly though, for she didn’t have much strength left. Once she completed her transformation, she fell to the boards of the floor of the Shrieking Shack. Sirius hurried over to her and looked at her back. 

 “What the hell did you do this time Woods?” he asked, inspecting the deep groves on her back that were pouring blood.

“Remus clawed me.”  she replied weakly, her voice laced with pain.

 He instantly levitated her.

“What are you doing?” she said indignantly. “Put me down at once!”

 “I’m putting you on the bed. It’s broken, but it’s serviceable for what I’m going to do.”
“And what is it that you’re going to do?” she asked, voice slightly muffled by the  odd-smelling pillow.

“I’m going to heal it.” he said after a moment. “But you’re going to have to take your shirt off. And your bra is most likely ripped…ok, it is ripped, but yeah- its gonna have to go.” he said, hesitantly. He knew how Woods felt about stuff like that, especially around him.

“I can’t move. You’re going to have to.” she said.

Sirius opened his eyes wide, “Surely, you can’t mean that you’d rather have me--”

 “Surely you have enough expertise in this area to take my shirt and bra off without a whim in 6 seconds flat?” she snapped.

“Not your shirt, no. Anyone else’s wouldn’t be a problem.” he grumbled.


“So You don’t care?” 

“My back is bloody well giving me the worst pain that I’ve ever had in my life! OF COURSE I DON’T BLOODY WELL CARE! Just do it already!” she yelled from the flood, her voice covered in pain. She whimpered. “Please. Just do it.” she was holding her tears back. She was not going to cry.

“You won’t kick me in the balls when all this is over?” he asked, hesitantly.


“You swear?”

“Yes Black. Now could you please do what I asked of you?” Ayra was getting impatient.

“Patience is a virtue.” he stated proudly as he cut the sleeves of her shirt, and then down the sides, so he could take just the back off- the back was the problem.

She had no reply.

Sirius resigned himself. He put his wand in his jeans and began to roll the back of the shirt up, lifting it over her cuts. She gasped in pain several times. The blood had already begun to dry. “I can do this slowly, or I can rip it off. Slow pain verses extreme pain but fast pain.” he stated simply, he had only gotten one quarter of shirt off her back.

She was silent for a moment. Then she spoke. “Rip it off.” she said.

His eyes went wide. “It’ll hurt, really, it wi---”

 “Just do it already Black!” she said quietly, yet forcefully.

 He grasped the edges of her shirt and lifted them up barely. “On the count of three.” he said, putting his fingers and close to her skin as possible. “One.” he felt her whole body relax, heard her deep breathing. “Two.” Then her body tensed up, knowing it was coming. He felt a slight pity for the girl.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!” Ayra screamed.-bloody murder. Then let out all sorts of noises. Once she was done with all things un-understandable, she let out all the swear words known to man. In Belgian. 

After about 5 minutes she had quieted down, breathing a tad bit easier. She began to take in the world around her, for it had not been there for the past 5 minutes. No, for 5 minutes, she had been in hell. 

 He was holding her hand. Actually. She was holding his. Not that stating it that way was making any difference.

“Um.. Woods. Do you think maybe you could let go of my wand hand? I need it to fix your back, and I’m not sure if I will be able too. I think you’ve broken my fingers…”

Ayra let go of his hand promptly. “Is my back fixable at all?”

 He shook his head. “You’ll have the scars. I can only make the cuts heal faster.” he said, regretting he couldn’t do more. 

She sighed. “Just do what you can.”

He nodded and got to work. 

About an hour and 47 spells later, Ayra tried to sit up, her back healed with 5 shining lines covering it’s once-flawless expanse, but found that she couldn’t. Her shirt fell into her hands. She quickly brought it back up to cover her body. Sirius turned away and took off his hoodie and threw it to her. She slipped on the black garment and sighed with exhaustion. “Thanks Black. I’d be dead if it weren’t for you.”

 He came and joined her on the bed. “You wouldn’t have almost been dead if it weren’t for me.”

“Wrong. If it weren’t for me, I wouldn’t be here.” she answered sleepily and repaired the bed with a Repairo.

“No. I asked you here. James and Peter usually help me, but they were in detention because-”

“I landed them there.” she said matter-of-factly. “Sorry.”

 “Oh.” was all he said.

 “Do we have to do this again tomorrow?” she asked, trying to find a comfortable position on the bed.

“Actually, tomorrow, we have to run around the shack screaming like banshees. It’s a whole load of fun really.” he said, a memory tugging his lips into a small smile.

“Like banshees?” she asked.  “Can’t I scream like anything else?”

 “Nope,” Sirius replied. “Just banshees. It’s a very specific sound. Why do you think we call this place the shrieking shack?” 

“So can I shriek?” Ayra asked, a tad bit of perk coming into her voice.

“No.” he said, amused by her questions.

 A quite silence passed and neither said a word. The moon moved from one window pane to another, and still, neither had said a word.

 Just as Sirius’ eyes began to close, she spoke.

“Thank you Sirius. I really do appreciate all of this.” she said, her voice warm and sincere.

 “I…” he was unsure of what to say. “You’re welcome,” and then for good measure, he hesitantly added. “Ayra.”

 She nodded lightly. “Goodnight.” and fell silent.

 “’Night.”  He processed all of this and felt sleep calling to him. He felt a warmness on his shoulder and found Ayra’s head leaning against his shoulder, her eyes closed and body breathing evenly. He shook his head slightly at the little power house and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, like a friend would, and rested his head against hers. Right before his eyes fell, they were already dropping with weariness, he thought: I could really get used to this.

 And sleep overtook him, and they both entered world of their very own- where neither was troubled by the world that they slept in. The world of their dreams.


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