Chapter 3 The Lost Prophecy
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Harry heard a soft tapping on the window and hurried to open it. He had been praying for this to happen for the last two hours. Though he had received no letters from any of his friends so far this year, he was certain that tonight would be the end of his dreadful longing for any contact from his pals. It was the night of 31st July and the clock had just declared the time to be two in the morning. Harry opened the window and ushered the owls in. He could barely make out the outline of three owls in the weak moonlight. He strained his ears to make sure all the Durslyes were asleep before he switched on his bedside lamp. Grinning in delight, he offered the last pieces of left over bread to the owls and started going through the letters frantically. He untied all the letters and presents from the owls and started rummaging with the covering on Hermionee’s present. A letter fell into Harry’s hands as he unwrapped the present Dear Harry, Hope you are all right. We all are at the headquarters. You have hopefully continued with the subscription of the Prophet. If you have, you must have noticed that it has begun. The series of attacks might remind the ministry of their foolish mistake in not taking Dumbledore, and you of course, seriously enough. Anyway, I don’t think you need to be reminded of the dissapoiting situation on this day Happy Birthday !! Hermionee P.S.: The book might help you to stop your dreams a bit, especially now that you mightn’t have any lessons from Snape. Although I hope that they must have anyway subsided already. Harry looked closely at the slim book that Hermionee had gifted him. It read: A beginners guide to Occlumency : Protect your mind Harry suddenly felt downcast. The book reminded him of the dream he had had last night. He didn’t feel like going through other presents anymore. He pushed the gifts from Ron and other order members away and landed heavily on his bed. He tried to concentrate on anything but last night and let sleep overtake him. ********************************************************************************************* Harry was back at the graveyard. He knew this place all too well. He had seen Cedric drop dead in this place numerous times in his dreams. “Dream! Yes I am in a dream” Harry concluded. This had never happened before. He had never known that it was a dream whenever he had been here. He pinched himself in hope to wake up. He dreaded what he was about to witness. “It wont work Harry” Harry looked up to see the face he hated so much. Voldemort’s snake like features gleamed in the moonlight. He surveyed Harry with his slit like eyes menacingly. Harry closed his eyes tight to break eye contact with the Voldmort. “You are pathetic at it Potter. You can never secure your mind.” Voldemort snarled “Dumbledore is a fool to put his faith in a boy as powerless as you. He thinks you can defeat the greatest wizard of all times, ME! He is fighting a war he will lose. Look where you landed your godfather. WORSE THAN DEAD” Harry couldn’t speak. Voldemort was right. Sirius had died because of his foolish attempt to play the hero. Voldemort continued “Now I’m fearless because I know the part of the prophecy I once longed to hear. I know the exact wordings of the prophecy.” “No you don’t” Harry mumbled weakly unable to gather the energy to speak out aloud. The consequence of the last statement was too hard for him to take. The only thing that Dumbledore wanted to make sure Voldemort wouldn’t know was the Prophecy. And he already knew it! “I DO. It was foolish of Dumbledore to let the prophecy slip to your vulnerable mind. Did you really believe that you could prevent me from scraping the prophecy out of your worthless mind? It was child’s play for me Potter, Childs Play” “You’re lying” Harry cried finding his voice back although he knew he was out of hope. “You yourself don’t believe what you just said, do you Potter? Oh yes, I can sense it in your mind. Confusion! Helplessness!” Voldemort’s face twisted into a cruel smile as he continued in a somewhat dramatic voice “ ‘the dark lord will mark him his equal!’ You are in no way my equal Potter and though I don’t understand why I couldn’t possess you, You have no powers that I’m unaware of.” Harry flinched at his evil stare. He hissed in a threatening tone “But my favorite part of the prophecy is the one that ensures my victory. ‘Neither can live while the other survives’. I will live Potter because YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.” Everything around began to swivel. He felt the same feeling as that of traveling by floo before his surroundings became pitch black and he couldn’t see anything at all. Harry woke-up to a burning summer sun. But the burning seemed soothing before the pain in his scar. The memory of his near-real dream came rushing back to him. If anything could be called emergency, this was it. He hopped out of bed and frantically searched for a spare piece of parchment. He soon found one below the bed. He couldn’t write to Dumbledore it would probably be days before he got the letter. He wrote to Hermionee instead. She surely was at the headquarters. Dear Hermionee, It’s urgent. I need you to tell Dumbledore that Voldemort knows about the Prophecy. Tell anyone from the order that Dumbledore needs to know if he is not available. Harry Harry didn’t even bother to reread the letter before he rolled and sealed it. He used a hairpin to click open Hedwig’s cage “Be quite. I don’t want anybody to wake up.” He whispered to her. “Take this to Hermionee. Be quick” He insisted. Hedwig quietly flew away through the window Harry had left open last night. Harry removed her cage from its position and hid it in case any of the Durslys chanced a look in. He crawled to his bed and sat down slowly. It would be a long wait. Dumbledore seemed to have a habit of keeping Harry waiting when things got really serious.
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