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Rose groggily awoke opening her eyes to foreign surroundings. There was a window next to her bed that the moon shone through, but besides that the room was filled with darkness. She went to sit up when she heard a voice.

"You know why she is here and you are being very reckless," a man said.

"Severus, I am doing my job, so why don’t you concentrate on yours. If you wish to pester me further go back to my office. Miss Deloncrè has woken up," Dumbledore did not sound happy, and surely did not have the same sympathetic tone he had while he was talking to Rose. She wondered if it could have been a dream. As he approached she sat up in her bed.

"Professor," she said weakly.

"Rose," he said kindly, and she realized a dream would be wishful thinking. Her eyes filled with tears once more. "Why am I here?"

"Well you remember what he talked about, right?" she nodded solemnly. "You passed out afterwards, but you are physically okay."

"What happens now?"

"I have arranged for you to go back to America for some time. Now that your parents are gone you are in charge of their estate and belongings."

"But there is a chance my mother is alive, isn’t there?" Rose’s eyes pleaded.

"There is a chance, but we must sadly assume the worst. You can stay in America as long as you would like and your studies will not be affected."

Rose couldn’t imagine going home without her family, but so desperately wanted to get away from Hogwarts and be alone. "Could I leave now, Professor?"

"Of course," he smiled. "Is there anyone you would like to see before leaving?"

Rose thought hard about who she would want to say goodbye to, but knew it would be too hard. She didn’t want to explain what happened just yet. "No, I’d rather not."

Dumbledore’s smile faltered. "I’ll have your things collected and waiting in my office. When you are ready have Madam Pomfrey escort you there." Rose sat, it could have been minutes or hours, she wasn’t really sure. She knew she should get dressed, but for some reason she couldn’t. She knew if she left this room she would be on her way back to America alone, and that would make everything all too real.



Harry was walking down the stairs from his dorm friday still wondering where Rose was the day before. He kept willing himself not to think about her, but it was very hard. Especially seeing Malfoy had mysteriously had a ‘prior engagement’ at the same time. Ron and Hermione were talking in whispers but abruptly stopped when they saw him.

"Was I that much of a git yesterday?" he tried to joke.

"It’s not that," Hermione said apprehensively. "I’m not sure if you want to hear this, but all of Rose’s stuff is gone. I don’t know who took it, or when, but she never came back last night and when I woke up everything was gone."

A knot suddenly formed in Harry’s stomach. "Oh, well maybe it has to do with that holiday she was talking about," he said walking for the portrait hole.

"Maybe," Hermione said meekly giving a hopeless look at Ron.

A week had passed and the first snow fall of the season was lining the ground. There was still no word from Rose, and many of the students had taken notice. No one knew what could have happened to her, and none of the teachers would tell.

Harry sat uneasily across from Ron and Hermione. They still hadn’t talked much since the day Harry had snapped at them, but not for a lack of trying. Harry seemed to be pushing himself away from everyone. Hermione was reading the daily prophet and, like every day at breakfast, he would sit across from her in case something about Rose came up.

"Nothing," Hermione sighed, "There was an odd article on a Death Eater attack, though."

"How so?" Harry questioned.

"Well, the Prophet usually puts the names of the deceased, but it was as if they were hiding it."

Harry slumped back in his chair, uninterested in the article. He still couldn’t get Rose out of his head. No matter how mad he was at her when she disappeared, he wanted to know she was alright. He looked up as the familiar eagle owl delivered a letter to Malfoy. His mind suddenly clicked, he could ask Draco if he knew anything. He wondered why he didn’t think of it earlier, but realized it was probably because it was the last thing he would ever want to do. As Malfoy stood to leave the Great Hall he figured now was a good of time as any.

Harry followed him down the halls for a while, unable to work up the nerve to say something. He followed him around a corner and was startled to see Draco had turned around and waited for him.

"Is there a reason you are following me, Potter?" Malfoy sneered.

Harry bit back a retort, knowing it wouldn’t get him anywhere. "Well, uh, I was just wondering if you heard from Rose?"

Draco looked him up and down, as if contemplating what to say. "Not like you deserve to know, after the way you treated her."

"You really shouldn’t comment on things you don’t know about."

"Oh, trust me, I know a lot more than you think," the glint in Draco’s eyes annoyed Harry to no end. "If she wanted you to know where she was she would have contacted you. I’m not your massager boy."

"She is my girlfriend and I think I have a right- "

Draco cut him off. "Girlfriend is a pretty strong word, don’t you think?" He paused for just a moment to let Harry take in his statement. "She didn’t tell you where she was going, it’s been a week and you still haven’t heard from her. And yet I have. This is a funny little situation isn’t it? I know where she is and why she left, and I don’t believe it concerns you. So run along."

Harry pulled out his wand and had it to Malfoy’s neck before he could even blink.

"Is there a reason you have a wand to one of my student’s, Potter?" Snape interrupted before Harry could fire a spell. He merely looked at his professor before turning and walking away without a word. There was an elapse of silence before he spoke to Draco, his voice scarcely above a whisper. "The Dark Lord will have your head if this does not resolve."

Author's Note: So I have returned from the desserted island I was stranded on :] I hope you can forgive me and enjoy this chapter!

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