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Disclaimer: JKR owns everything you recognize, the words are mine.

6 years earlier

"And remember," Ron Weasley cleared his throat, ready to deliver the yearly word-of-caution speech. Its contents included the typical "don't do drugs", "study hard" and was usually coupled with the "I love you so much." Rose looked at her father expectantly, already anticipating his next words, "no fraternizing with the spawn of the biggest git to ever walk the Earth. Got it?" Rose rolled her eyes while Ron eyed Draco Malfoy and his son, Scorpius, with disdain.

"Don't worry about it," she reassured her dad, who wrapped her into a big hug. Rose's cheeks flushed pink. Sometimes parents can be so embarrassing.

"Be good Rosie," Rose tried hard not to groan at the sound of her nickname, one that she thought was so...juvenile. Instead, she flashed her dad a quick, uncomfortable smile.

"Bye dad," Rose couldn't wait to get out of there. Her brother, Hugo was already aboard the Hogwarts Express, presumably with his less than talkative friends. Rose was surprised at how Hugo had isolated himself from the Weasley clan. While Rose was secretly embarrassed by her often over-eager parents, Hugo openly expressed his disapproval.

"I love you!" Ron called out as Rose climbed on the red steam engine. She climbed into the closest open compartment and stared out the foggy windows. Her dad stood on the Platform, smiling broadly and waving at her. Rose waved back and fixated her gaze on her dad until the Hogwarts Express pulled out of the station, until the figure of her dad gave in to lush green forests and the dripping of the rain that was typical of London weather.

"Rose!" she heard a familiar male voice call her name.

"Hey Albus," It was her cousin, Albus. Behind him stood three gangly boys, all with shining Slytherin badges pinned to their black school robes. Rose instantly recognized the blonde as Scorpius Malfoy, the boy who she had been warned against "fraternizing with". The other two's faces were familiar, but Rose couldn't put her finger on their names.

"You guys have met Rose, right?" Albus addressed the group. All three nodded in unison.

"This is Scorpius, Gregory Goyle the third and Pascal Zabini," the three boys nodded in turn as their names were mentioned. Rose couldn't help but snicker at the names.

"Something funny?" the tallest of the three asked her in annoyance. He must be Pascal Zabini, Rose decided. Pascal had fairly dark skin, something he obviously inherited from his father, Blaise. His hair was in what Rose considered to be a nasty crew cut and his face look like it was fixed in a permanent smirk. In her five previous years at Hogwarts, Rose had rarely encountered Pascal, though he hung out with Albus quite a bit.

"No?" Rose had a nasty habit of making her answers sound like questions.

"Anyways," Albus interrupted Blaise before he could say anything else (and Rose could tell he was probably about to insert a snide comment), "apparently there are no empty compartments. So we were wondering if you'd like to share."

"Uh..." Did Rose really want to share a compartment with four Slytherin goons (even if one was her relatively harmless cousin)? She looked into all four of their expectant faces. Did she have a choice? "sure..."

"Great," Albus plopped down next to Rose while she shifted uncomfortably closer to the window. She continued to stare out the window as the Slytherins chatted about everything from classes to who was dating who --who knew boys could be such gossips?

"So Rose," Rose looked up, surprised that it had been Scorpius who had spoken, "you still play Keeper?" Up close, Rose could tell that he truly was the spitting image of his father with the same facial features and fair blonde hair. Scorpius' hair was messy, a tousled mass of hair, which was a contrast to Draco's neatly done, slicked back hair.

"Yeah," Rose thought about sticking to her one word answers and hoping the boys would just leave her alone. Where was Fiona? Fiona was Rose's best friend and Rose often counted on her to do the talking to boys --Rose never knew what to say. But unlike the other Slytherins, Scorpius' expression seemed oddly friendly. It wasn't at all like Pascal's, which seemed to be looking for flaws to feed his mockery. Rose added, "and we're going to crush you. As always." She included a flirty smile of her own, completely unintentionally.

"Not this year," Scorpius grinned, flashing his pearly whites, "this year Gryffindor's going down."

"Oh really," Rose taunted, "when was the last time Slytherin won the Quiddich cup?"

"First year," Albus interrupted, his mouth stuffed with pumpkin tarts, "remember?"

"Well, that's because they didn't have me," Rose said proudly, "and don't chew with your mouth full. It's gross."

Albus made a big show of opening his mouth to reveal the chewed contents of his snacking, which garnered snickers from Pascal and Gregory. Rose rolled her eyes, "I can't believe you're sixteen, you act like you're nine. Honestly."

"Well, we have Albus here as our captain." Scorpius laughed. It was a nice laugh, Rose noticed, it was strong and deep. Rose couldn't help but smile. Scorpius continued, "regardless of his level of maturity, he's still killer on the Quiddich field." It was true --Albus was agile and had a talent for Quiddich that rivaled even that of his father and older brother James'.

"What about you?" Rose inquired, "still playing chaser?"

"Of course," Scorpius mock scoffed, feigning offense at the fact that she would ask a question that had such an obvious answer.

"You're still going to be crushed,"

"We'll see," Scorpius winked at Rose, which caused her heart to skip a beat. Rose wasn't expecting that from her heart, but then again, it wasn't like she could control it. A girlish giggle escaped her, which had Albus raising her eyebrows.

"We'll see indeed," a new voice entered the mix, this time it was a female voice. It was Fiona Wood, Rose's best friend, who was now standing in the doorway of her compartment, "oh my God Rose, I've been looking for you forever!" Fiona had popped in at the best and worst times possible, Rose mused. It was the best because she had saved Rose from doing anything embarassing, it was the worst because Rose had just started loosening up, just started talking to Scorpius.

"Sorry," Rose muttered, standing up to join her friend.

"I was going to introduce you to a group of cute Hufflepuffs, but it looks like you're doing fine on your own," Fiona grinned widely at Rose, who blushed then glared at Fiona.

"Puh-lease," Rose added an eye roll for good measure (she seemed to be doing a lot of that lately), "let me grab my coat and we can leave."

"Are you sure?" Fiona said teasingly, eying the four Slytherin boys.

"Yes!" Rose's voice was impatient and Fiona complied immediately, but not before playfully punching Rose in the arm.

"Four Slytherins, eh?" Fiona whispered in Rose's ear, "I guess you really like your bad boys."

"It's not like that at all Fiona," Rose said, setting her friend straight, "it's just my cousin and his friends --"

"See you later, Rose!" she heard Scorpius call after her, interrupting her defence (and also ruining it). Rose pretended not to notice him, but Fiona noticed the tinge of pink that had appeared on her cheeks.

"Does Rosie have a crush on Scorpius?" Fiona teased.

"He's not my type." Rose said grudgingly, wishing Fiona would drop it. She could feel the heat of her cheeks without touching them.

"Face it Rosie," Fiona stated, "you don't have a type. Don't go making excuses now, it's too late."

"Whatever," Rose tried to brush the comment off, "anyways, I don't like him. I don't."

"Whatever you say, Rosie."

A/N: So what do you guys think? I know the prologue is way into future, but I will get there, I promise.  Reviews are awesome :)

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