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Chapter 6: The Little Things

Since her arrival in the future a week ago, Lily Evans hadn’t been able to get a full night’s sleep. One could hardly blame her – being shot twenty years from your present time and learning at seventeen that you were going to marry and have a child with the one person who drove you insane wasn’t really the recipe for a peaceful sleep.

Lying awake on her bed in the room she shared with Hermione, the one that should be her own if only she was still in her own time, and thought about all she’d learnt since she’d arrived here.

First there was Potter (wasn’t there always Potter involved when things weren’t going right for Lily?). The thought that kept her awake most often, and indeed gave her nightmares if she managed to drift off, was marrying James Potter. What had happened to her in her seventh year? What could possibly posses her to ever want to go near him, let alone date and eventually marry him? From where she sat he was still the arrogant immature prat he’d always been around her, and it didn’t look like he was going to go through a personality change any time soon. Stupid Potter, she thought, he always ruins everything. Even marriage and having kids! Couldn’t he ever just leave her alone?!

Then of course there was Harry - the mysterious young man who was supposedly her son…and Potter’s. Pushing away that last nauseating thought, she considered Harry; so secretive, so serious, so…sad. She knew that Dumbledore had died a few months ago and he had been very close to him, she knew he had to go fight Voldemort and kill him, and she knew very well he was having a rough time with Ginny. But there was something else, something more that he wasn’t telling any of them. Something that obviously involved her and the others, something about the way he looked at them. But what the hell was it?!

Harry Potter…son of James and Lily Potter.

The idea made Lily feel like screaming…or throwing up. Either would have been quite satisfying in Lily’s opinion, or both if necessary. But, since Hermione was fast asleep across from her and she didn’t think the brown haired girl would like such a rude awakening, she refrained from those actions. Instead, she put on her nightgown (part of the clothing packages Professor McGonagall had given her) and moved quietly to the common room where she spotted a messy haired boy sitting in front of the fire.

For a second she thought it was James, and she was ready to turn right back around and wait out the morning in her bed instead of suffering his company, but it was the other Potter lost in thought at the fireplace. (James couldn’t ever be lost in thought, Lily told herself, he didn’t have the brain power to stay focused that long). She didn’t really have any reason to hide from Harry, he hadn’t destroyed her fantasies about her future husband after all, so she walked silently over the where he sat on the sofa.

“Can I sit down?” she asked, causing him to jump up and turn around quickly at the unexpected request.

“Oh,” he said after catching sight of her, sitting himself back down at one end of the sofa. “Yeah, sure.”

Taking a seat beside him at the opposite end of the couch, she looked up at his face. He looked torn between something, probably whether to stay with her or run somewhere, but he was pointedly avoiding her gaze. Silence stretched on and Lily realized he wasn’t going to break it first. It must be pretty bizarre for him as well, to find his seventeen year old parents intruding on his life so, not wanting to pass up this rare opportunity to talk to him, Lily spoke first.

“Are you ok?” she asked him.

“Yeah,” Harry answered, looking over at her, “You just startled me a little.”

Lily smiled. “Sorry about that. I couldn’t sleep so I got up - maybe finish a bit of homework or something. I didn’t think anyone would be up.” Harry smiled to himself as she spoke, saying something that sounded like ”Hermione”. “What were you doing up anyway?”

Harry, turning to look at the fire once more, stalled a moment before saying; “Couldn’t sleep either.”

Taking in the fact he was still in his uniform and the purple circles under his eyes Lily gathered Harry hadn’t even made the trip to his bed. Lily knew she wasn’t going to get a more detailed reason than that and so she let it drop. Instead she thought it better to steer the conversation a lighter direction or she feared Harry would close off again.

“So…do you have any plans for today? At a more reasonable hour that is?” Today was Saturday.

Harry’s lips spread into a smile…it was odd seeing a smile on a face so like that of James Potter and not wanting to slap it. “I think we’re going to play Quidditch after breakfast. Da-…James and Sirius were pretty excited about my broom; they want to try it out.”

Lily made a face. Quidditch; great. Even twenty years out of her own time and that bloody sport was still haunting her! Then Harry mentioned James, very nearly calling him Dad, and she made an even bigger face. Harry laughed softly.

“You still can’t stand him.” The way Harry said it it wasn’t a question, but more an amused statement.

“No! Come on he’s just so…he…he’s Potter! Nothing else to be said for it,” Lily grumbled. “You have to know how he is…so arrogant…so full of himself…so reckless…so…just Potter!”

Harry was still grinning. “You won’t always find him that way.”

Lily made another face. “Is there any chance we got divorced or something? After I realize he’s been force feeding me a love potion?” she asked hopefully.

Harry shook his head. “No, from what I know you’re both extremely happy together. And I don’t think Dad would feed you a love potion…not for that long anyway.”

Dad – there was that word again. It wasn’t so bad on its own…But when put in the same sentence as James Potter it should carry a warning sign. No wonder Harry seemed to be such a troubled child – how could he not be with a father like Potter?

“And…And I’m definitely your mother? It wasn’t…it wasn’t a different Evans?” she asked as a last resort.

Harry smile held something of a sad note in it this time Lily saw. “The only other Evans is Aunt Petunia and she definitely isn’t my mother.”

“You know my sister?” Lily asked curiously. Her sister had made it quite clear the summer after her wedding that she never wanted to see Lily again. So what had changed to make her take an interest in her sister’s son? “How?”

Harry nodded, his answer coming just a moment too late. “You had to leave me with her for a while. She…She didn’t like me very much,” he explained. Lily knew exactly why her sister didn’t like Harry…it was because he was a wizard. Petunia Evans, now Dursley, hated anything unnatural and magic definitely fell into that category.

“We must have been pretty desperate,” Lily observed while Harry nodded again. “How did she treat you?”

“I’m alive, that’s about much as I can say,” he said with a wry smile. “They were a little busy with Dudley to put much pass on me. I was too much hassle.”

“Dudley? She has a son?” Lily asked, more bewildered than shocked. Why? Where was the point? Her sister hardly showed compassion for anything, how could she raise a human being? “You mean to tell me there’s a little version of my sister and that giant walrus of a husband running around somewhere? That had to be the weirdest image ever.”

Harry let out a full on laugh. “Well…Dudley is far from little! But definitely a sight you wouldn’t usually see.”

“Bet Petunia acts like he’s Merlin gift to earth,” Lily laughed along. “I do pity the poor kid though, with parents like that he’ll never have a life.”

“I wouldn’t pity Dudley too much. He’s a gift from hell more than anything,” Harry admitted. Lily didn’t like the way Harry regarded his cousin, which must mean her nephew mustn’t have been a friend of his. Indignation swelled inside her immediately at the thought of someone mistreating her son, especially a relation.

Silence fell between them again, neither one speaking for a few minutes. It was an odd silence, Lily thought, like they were much more comfortable with one another than people usually would be who had only known each other a week. Well, she supposed that did make a little bit of sense…what with him living inside a form of herself for nine months and all.

“Does it bother you?” she asked eventually. “All that stuff about The-Boy-Who-Lived and the Chosen One?”

Harry gave her another odd look before staring into the depths of the fire again. “Yes.”

“Is there anything I can do?” Lily asked after a pause.

Harry looked up at her, holding eye contact with her properly for the first time, and she was surprised to see a look of such deep sadness in his eyes, far more than anything she’d seen before. She wanted to reach over and hug him, ask him what was wrong, but they were interrupted by a loud noise coming from the portrait hole.

“Watch it, Padfoot! Me first!” Lily groaned loudly; she knew that voice, it constantly haunted her. What were the odds she could disappear back into her room before they made it into the common room?

“Good morning, my dear family!”

Zilch by the looks of things. James Potter, quickly followed through the entrance hole by his two famous comrades Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, had appeared in the Head common room. It took all Lily’s self control not to groan aloud, but she did sink back in her chair in a defeated sort of fashion.

“Don’t start, Potter,” she growled.

“A little touchy in the mornings,” Sirius observed. “You’ll have to remember to stay out of her way before lunch when you live together, Prongs.”

Lily actually did let out a growl like groan this time. “Don’t start that nonsense now! It’s far too early!” She could stay up to all hours and talk the night away…but James Potter and his friends could drain her energy faster than running a continuous marathon…and she was already weary from her lack of sleep.

“Somebody has issues with mornings,” James said knowingly to Harry who gave a small chuckle.

“Why don’t you go back to beddy-byes, Evans. I think you need some more sleep,” Sirius said, his innocent suggestion suddenly taking his usual mischievous lilt. “That is if you think you’ll be able to sleep without James there, we kind of need him. You understand, right?”

“We can always play later!” James quipped, winking at Lily who drew him the dirtiest look she could muster.

“The only way I’d be asleep with Potter was if I was dead.” Sirius snorted and muttered something that sounded like “Harry” but Lily chose to ignore him. Easier said than done at times though with Sirius.

“So…Quidditch anyone?” Remus asked. Like two puppies who had been called with bones, James and Sirius immediately lit up with excitement. Even Harry seemed to brighten at the prospect.

Must be something great about that sport, Lily thought. “What? You’re going out to fly this early in the morning?”

“Nonsense, Evans,” Sirius scoffed, sounding like what she said was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard. (He obviously didn’t listen to some of the things he at times). “First we’re going to eat breakfast, then we’re going to fly. Can’t fly on an empty stomach, we wouldn’t want to fall off and get hurt.”

“Pity,” Lily mumbled and James shot her a tragic look. He wasn’t as offended as he made himself look…she’d said a lot worse to him.

“Are you coming to watch? Hermione will be there,” Harry asked.

“Don’t waste your breath, Harry. It’s a struggle to get Evans to go to a house match, let alone a non-official game,” James told Harry, shaking his head like he wondered why anyone would do such a mad thing to themselves.

Lily, purely to go against anything James Potter said, turned to Harry and shrugged. “Maybe I will come down for a while. Is Ginny going too? She told me she plays.”

“I…I don’t think-,” Harry said in a low voice, lowering his head in what looked like shame. Lily felt guilty; he’d been feeling alright until she’d mentioned Ginny. But she really wanted to get to the bottom of whatever was going on between them. Maybe she would get to see a bit more about them while they played? At the minute, it was grating on her nerves…almost as much as Potter and that’s saying something!

“Let her play!” Sirius interrupted Harry. “We need a sixth anyway, and this can just make it interesting!”

Harry looked like playing with Ginny would be anything but interesting, to Lily, but it seemed decided by the others she should be their sixth player. Only James looked a little doubtful…probably because he didn’t want to lose to a girl. Couldn’t have anything to do with Harry’s feelings, that was too heart-felt for James.

“Or you could ask Dean? He also told me he played for Gryffindor. He was pretty good too from what I was heard,” she said in a sweet conversational tone. She had wanted to punch Dean for yammering on about his Quidditch skills the last time he’d cornered her, but now it seemed the headache she had endured was paying off. The look on Potter’s face! Go Lily!

“We’ll go with Ginny. Thanks for the suggestion though, Evans,” James said tightly, scowling at her. Lily just kept on smiling sweetly – how she loved to get revenge on James.

In one fluid movement, Lily stood up and walked around the back of the sofa towards the Head Girl’s room. Stopping at the door she turned back to the four boys and said; “I should go get dressed then. See you at breakfast!”

Before closing the door she heard Sirius say; “What possessed you, Prongs? Just tell me what!”

“If you can’t see, I can’t help you, Padfoot.” Lily could hear the smug tone in his voice and felt her annoyance at him build again. She slammed the door.

Stupid Potter.


“So are you excited, Evans?” James questioned as Lily as she and Hermione took seats at the Gryffindor table for breakfast. He was grinning so widely Lily had to wonder whether he’d been hit with a Cheering Charm.

“No,” she answered as she buttered herself some toast. She was deeply regretting her decision to go to watch them play Quidditch. James seemed to be taking it as a sign she was warming up to him and was talking to her far more than she wanted.

“Why not? This was your idea after all,” James reminded her.

“Momentary lapse of good judgment, Potter.” This had not been a good idea. Forget proving Potter wrong, this was just going to be torture. She didn’t deserve that.

“On the contrary, Evans, I think it was your finest moment! And that’s saying since you are so fine all the time!” James said, winking with overflowing arrogance. On top of all his other faults, Lily thought, - and there were lots of them in her opinion – he was cheesy as well. Just great. What did she do to get saddled with him?!

“Can it, Potter. Can’ you act like you’re not an insufferable git for just one minute?”

“Why would I do that? Don’t forget; you fall for my wonderful charm and personality! I can’t risk that by acting different!” James said, grinning more widely than before that the smile spread all the way across his face.

Lily scoffed. How could she forget? She’d need an Obliviate Charm to get away from that fact…or she could just kill Potter. Hmm…the last one sounded quite good.

“Where are the others?” Hermione asked suddenly, probably trying to save James’ skin before he said much more. She’d always struck Lily as a smart girl – this proved it.

“Sirius and Remus are gone to get Ginny from Gryffindor Tower. Remus felt Sirius needed to be supervised in case he caused some sort of mayhem which was probably a good idea. And Ron and Harry are gone to get the Quidditch balls. They’re meeting us on the pitch,” James explained as he ate.

“Why didn’t you go with them?” Lily grumbled.

“I thought it would be nice to wait for you wonderful ladies! Couldn’t have you getting lost on your first trip to the Quidditch pitch, Evans. That would be a disaster. Plus, I didn’t want to leave poor Hermione in your sole company. The poor girl mightn’t be able to handle it.”

“How considerate of you,” Lily retorted, taking a sip of orange juice from her goblet.

“I mean it, Evans, I’m only looking out for her. You’re a little hard to handle when you don’t know you very well. You may not be aware of this, but you can come on a little strong tempered,” James said, his eyes dancing.

“No, Potter, that’s just with you.”

“Oh, so it’s a good thing then?”

“How do you figure that?” Lily asked in a restrained voice. He was frustratingly persistent.

“Well, I don’t see you marrying anyone else around here other than me, so that’s two things that are ’just me’. Therefore, there must be a connection!”

“That’s enough! Alright, now listen here, Potter!” Lily stormed, James smiling on sweetly, but Hermione interrupted here by pointing down to the door of the Great Hall were Sirius and Remus were entering, a confused looking Ginny between them.

“Look, they’re here! Poor Ginny, she doesn’t look too happy,” Hermione said as they came closer. Looking up at them Lily felt a little guilty for her involving Ginny in their game without consulting her. Now that she saw Ginny’s expression, and remembering Harry’s, she felt quite bad.

But someone has to involve her, Lily tried to convince herself. It’s for the best in the end.

“Good morning, everyone!” Sirius greeted happily as he reached the part of the table where they sat but he didn’t take a seat himself. Instead he asked; “Everyone ready to go? Come on! You eat so slowly!”

“Easy for you to say, Black,” Lily said. “You don’t eat food, you inhale it. Some of us have to do it the usual way.”

“You’ve had fifteen minutes!” Sirius complained.

“You can wait a little longer. Ginny still has to eat something,” Lily pointed out, offering some toast to Ginny who took it gratefully, still looking confused. What exactly had Black said to her when he’d dragged her from Gryffindor Tower?

“She can eat on the way. She can’t be too full anyway it’ll just make flying more difficult,” Sirius insisted, taking the toast from Ginny’s hand and eating it himself, grinning happily. He could never be too full it seemed.

Taking another slice of toast off Lily, careful to move away from Sirius as she ate it this time, Ginny asked; “Where are we going anyway? What’s the ’big surprise’?”

Lily rolled her eyes; the Marauders were always so dramatic.

“They want you to play Quidditch with them,” Lily told her. Sirius looked gob-smacked.

“You ruined it, Evans!” he complained, looking like a disappointed puppy. “I had a big build up all prepared! Now it’s wasted! How could you?” Hermione and Ginny laughed beside Lily.

“Only you could make Quidditch sound boring, Evans,” James sighed in mock exasperation. “So how about it, Ginny? Ready to play?”

Ginny glanced over at Hermione, who shrugged in reply, before looking at Lily. Lily tried to smile encouragingly at the girl, aware that Potter was watching her smugly.

”Do it for Harry and Ginny. Just ignore Potter,” she chanted to herself. She could make this sacrifice for the greater good. She knew James would take it into his head that she was doing this for him and nothing would convince him otherwise. Was this really worth her suffering seeing that smug arrogant smile every day from now on when it wasn’t even guaranteed to work?

“It sounds like fun,” Lily said, determinedly not looking at James but she could almost feel his satisfied smirk burning at whole in the back of her head. Stupid Potter, he knew nothing.

“Ok then,” Ginny said, smiling at everyone though she still looked a little doubtful to Lily. Obviously she had taken note of Harry’s absence at the breakfast table. “I’ll just go get my broom then.”

Once more, Sirius beamed happily. “No need! It’s right here!” Looking over at Remus he continued to grin as his friend produced a broom for them all to see.

“How did you get that without Ginny knowing? You can’t go into the girl’s dormitory,” Hermione questioned.

’Can’t’,” Sirius scoffed. “The Marauders can do anything!” Lily rolled her eyes again; that line got pretty old after listening to it for six years. Although she had to admit some of the things they managed to pull off were quite impressive, she never asked for the details. That would mean admitting that they were good, and she’d rather insult a Hippogriff than let them know that. They needed someone to bruise their enormous egos every now and then.

“Can we go then? Harry and Ron will start without us if we don’t get a move on,” James asked, standing up from his place and heading towards the door. Why did he bother asking when he never waited for an answer, Lily wondered as she followed with Hermione and Ginny.

This was going to be…fun? Somehow, Lily doubted it.


A/N: Not the world’s most remarkable chapter I know, but it’s more to open Lily’s side of the story as the whole thing was in her point of view. The story will get on soon all this is just really building it up and trying to form the story…sorry if it’s not too exciting to read right now.

Please review, and I’m really sorry for making everyone wait so long.

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