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Disclaimer: Everything you recogize belongs JK Rowling, the plot is mine.

Rose Weasley absently drummed her fingers on the mahogany table, staring intently at the door expectantly. Half of her was estatic to see him again, half of her wished he would never show up; that this was some kind of prank. She snuck at peek at the old grandfather clock in the corner of the Leaky Cauldron. Five minutes after twelve. Rose's hand migrated from the table to her hair. She twirled the strands of her light ginger hair wistfully, her gaze still fixed on the door. Finally, a stocky figure walked through the door. Rose's heart skipped a beat, her hands became clammy. Even after five years, he still made her feel the exact same way. He hadn't changed much appearance wise, Rose noticed. His fair blonde hair was slicked back, but his striking blue eyes held the same intensity as Rose remembered. He spotted her immediately and sat down at her table.

"Rose." when he said her name, her heart melted. She had almost forgot the feeling.

"Scorpius," she said, matching his serious tone.

"It's been too long," he said, cracking what looked like the beginning of a smile.

"Has it?" she said, pretending to be incredulous.

He laughed. It was the throaty laugh that occupied all of Rose's dreams about Scorpius. Rose loved the fact that Scorpius' eyes twinkled when he laughed, and she loved how his laughter was contagious. "It's only been five years," he informed her jokingly. As if she didn't know. Rose counted the days since she'd seen him. Since that fateful night when it all came crashing down.

"You look exactly the same as I remember you," Scorpius added.

"As do you," Rose flashed him a smile before turning serious again, "can I ask you something?"


"Why are you here?" Rose tried not to sound like she didn't want him there. That wasn't it at all. She had been dreaming, for five long years, for the day when he would step back into her life. She envisioned her back in his arms, feeling safe and sheltered, just as they were back when they were both students at Hogwarts.

Scorpius was silent. Rose suddenly realized that this trip had not been about reconnecting with her at all. It had not been about him apologizing, as she had hoped. There was something else. "This isn't easy for me," Scorpius finally spoke, then paused again. Rose feared the worse. There was someone. Rose knew there was. Was that the sole reason he came to see her? To be smug because he had someone while Rose was all alone?

"I'm getting married," Rose felt the tears well up in her eyes. She had not expected this. Sure, they had been broken up and out of contact for five years, but Scorpius had always been hers. She couldn't picture him with someone else. Scorpius cleared his throat, "to Lily."

"Oh." her response came as a mere squeak. She didn't want Scorpius to see her tears. She didn't want to remember a time when Scorpius used to hold her when she cried, used to tell her that everything would be okay. Liar, Rose thought, everything's not okay. I'm not okay. We're not okay. She didn't say any of this aloud, though she desperately wanted to, wanted to tell Scorpius how she felt.

"She's got this crazy idea that you'd be a bridesmaid," Scorpius says rambling on. If he sensed her discomfort, he didn't let on, "I wanted to get to you before she does. I wanted you to hear it from me." Rose would have prefered if Lily had told her. It wouldn't have been as hard, as heart breaking.

"Does she know..." Rose didn't have to finish the sentence. She looked at Scorpius, who shook his head. No, she didn't know about them. In some it that was better that Lily didn't know, Rose decided, in some ways it was worse. An awkward silence drifted between the two.

"It's a mistake," Scorpius said curtly, no emotions crossing his face.

"What?" Rose couldn't believe it.

"The whole thing. Lily and me. The wedding. It's just that..." Scorpius left the sentence hanging, staring intently into Rose's eyes, willing her to sympathize with him, to understand him as only she could, "it's just that she reminded me so much of you." The statement took Rose by surprise. They were cousins, Rose knew, and many people often thought they were sisters. They both had the trademark Weasley hair and freckles and both stood at the same height of five feet seven inches. Rose didn't say anything. She didn't have to, Scorpius continued.

"That's why I'm really here," then Scorpius did something that really took the breath out of Rose: he leaned over and kissed her tenderly on the lips, "I need you to give me a reason to leave. I need you to be the reason to leave." Rose wanted desperately to succumb to his power, to be back in his arms, but her mind told her she couldn't.

"No," she said, her voice was firm, "I'm not going to let you break Lily's heart the way you broke mine."

"You left me!" He half shouted, half pleaded with her, but she stood her ground.

"Under different circumstances..." she whispered, closing her eyes, "under different circumstances, I would have gladly taken you back. But I can't do that to Lily. I can't. I'm sorry." She gathered her purse, stood up and with the clacking of heels against the stone floor of the Leaky Cauldron, she left the bar, tears streaking down her face. She could hear Scorpius calling her, "Rose! Rose!" and that was the last thing she heard before she apparated into the safety of her home. It was there when she finally let herself go, collasping into her bed and letting her tears engulf her entirely as she reflected on the years she referred to as "the Golden Years", "the Scorpius Years".

A/N: Okay, I know that it's been a long time ago that I said that I would write a Rose/Scorpius and now I've finally got the inspiration/time to write it. Sorry for the wait! I'll try to update as much as possible (or as my inspiration permits). Reviews are mucho appreiciated!

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