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Sirius ran down the streets of Godric's Hollow as a dog. He transformed back once he saw a short, fat, bald man running down the street ahead of him. Suddenly the man ahead of Sirius stopped. He faced Sirius. "LILY AND JAMES, SIRIUS! HOW COULD YOU?" Oh, that is rich. He's trying to frame me, thought Sirius. "No, Peter. How could *you*..." Sirius hissed at him. "All these years we've been friends, worked in the Order, and *you*, you pathetic rat, betrayed them to their deaths." A few Muggles had heard Peter shout, and were walking out into the street. "YOU KILLED THEM! LILY AND JAMES!" Peter yelled again. Quickly he pulled out his wand from his back pocket, blasted the street apart with a Reductor Curse, and ran down the sewer line as a rat. Sirius couldn't believe it. Guess I finally made you proud, Mother, he thought bitterly. I'll land in Azkaban, like a Death Eater, and everyone knows how much you like the Death Eaters. Sirius Black laughed at the irony. He, James Potter's *best friend*, would be accused of betraying him. *Peter* had done it. And his mother would be *proud*. Sirius Orion Black was still laughing insanely when the Ministry came to get him...

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