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Disclaimer: I own Harry Potter!! So suck it!, fine have it your way. I dont >:(...But I do own Kerris Potter, Natalie Coleman, April Stone, Elis Wilson, Rochelle Diarra, Tiffany Walker, Charlotte Miller and oh so many more of my little characters :D

Authors Note: Right, well, not really sure what to put here....most people don't read these things anyway, but anywho i'm bored so i'll ramble for a bit. Well last night I was asleep and suddenly I heard something like screaming come from my window (No joke!!) and it was sooo frightening, but when i looked out, I found out it was a fox, so i was like phew! aannnnddd I found out that I can fake cry!! I am so proud of myself! YAY ME! I had a burger tonight, and its like what.....11:56pm and it's easter today as well :) I got a quality street one, a flake one, a cream egg one and a mini eggs one :) yummy :D I'm hungry now so i'll be back once you've read this...see ya my lovely readers x x x

Once they had reached the grand castle, they dragged their suitcases into the main hallway by the Great Hall, before heading into the feast. They found Elis sitting at the Gryffindor table next to the fifth year prefects, called Anthony Calais and Jade Mindor the other sixth year prefect called Robert Fox, the head girl, Lilly Evans who looked rather outraged and irritated and the head boy, whom just happened to be my brother, James Potter, who was grinning his head off like a stupid prat. Elis noticed her three best friends and scooted down the table to sit with them.

“Hello, miss perfect prefect.” said Kerris smirking 

Ooh! She thought I like it! She grinned. Note to self: Make up nicknames more often. 

“Oh shut up Kezza” said Elis amused.

Students started to pour into the Great hall, taking their seats by their house table, the Slytherins sneered at the Gryffindors as they sat down on the table on the opposite side of the hall, as did the Gryffindors vice versa. The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs sat down on their tables with no sneers being sent or received. Kerris noticed Lilly, irately move away from James and sat next to a group of girls which Kerris had previously seen her with. Kerris shook her head and laughed lightly to herself. Poor Lilly. She thought. Kerris spotted Sirius, Remus and Peter enter the hall, laughing and joking as usual, they then went and sat next to her brother. hmmm… Pondered Kerris. Maybe it’s time people saw how the Potters got on together. She then grinned mischievously at the four marauders. Kerris turned to Natalie, about to enlighten her on her little scheme, when Professor McGonagall swung the two wooden doors open, followed by tiny first years.

“That woman likes an entrance.” stated Natalie, making Kerris giggle.

The hat suddenly burst into song, surprising a few of the first years, whilst the others listened to the words intently. Once the hat had finished, Professor McGonagall stood in front of the first years and unravelled a long piece of parchment. 

“Amanda Ales” McGonagall barked.

The nervous first year stepped forward and sat on the three-legged stool, McGonagall placed the sorting hat firmly on the tiny girls head. The hat was silent for a few seconds before bellowing


Kerris and Natalie stood up, cheering and whooping as the tiniest member of Gryffindor joined their table, whilst Elis and April stayed sitting, but continued to clap and cheer. Kerris lent over to Natalie, so she could be herd over the cheers.

“She’s so adorable!” she said, looking at the tiny girl grinning from ear to ear “I swear they’re getting smaller each year!” Natalie smiled at Kerris before turning her attention back to the sorting.

“Samuel Bends” called Professor McGonagall, as a rather timid boy approached the stool. The hat barely touched his head before booming

“HUFFLEPUFF!” Kerris clapped, politely as the little boy ran over to the students in yellow.

Kerris soon found herself looking over to the marauders. They were whispering about something, definitely something that they wanted to keep from everyone. Kerris was surprisingly talented at lip reading, she had been able to do it since she was little, so she used her skills to find out what these four trouble makers were whispering about.

“Did you see her earlier?” James was asking “She looked all evil and like she was planning something.”

“No she didn’t.” said Remus, rolling his eyes.

“Did you even see her wicked grin? Err-hem, no” James said to Remus, rather spitefully. “She’s going to do something, mark my words.”

“Well, if she does there’s always operation P to go by.” Sirius said nonchalantly “Honestly, what’s the worst she can do?” Kerris suddenly snapped her eyes back to the sorting. Oh you’ll see Sirius, you’ll see.

Once sorting finished, Dumbledore stood.

“Before we indulge in this wonderful feast, I have but four mere words to say. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!” and with a clap of the old man’s hands, food began to grow suddenly on the plates before them.

At the exact same time Natalie and Kerris went for the exact same piece of chicken. Kerris narrowed her eyes at Natalie jokingly, as did Natalie at Kerris. Natalie slyly slid her wand out of her back pocket.

“Are you sure you want that?” she asked, Kerris narrowed her eyes even more at Natalie, suddenly Kerris whipped the piece of chicken up to her lips, licked it heavily and placed it in front of Natalie.

“There you go.” she said innocently adding a cheeky smile. Natalie looked at her half horrified and half revolted.

“That was disgusting!” she exclaimed.

“So I guess you wont be wanting it then?” asked Kerris as she picked up the piece of chicken and took a massive bite. Natalie, being the greatest friend alive, actually laughed, making Kerris smile in return.

Kerris was stuffed, she had eaten so much she felt like she would surely vomit. Meanwhile, Elis, April and Natalie were staring at her absolutely gob smacked as to where she could possible put it all. Kerris sighed rather loudly, drawing a lot of attention to herself, at least people within six meters of her turned to face her. Natalie snorted, making April and Elis giggle. Kerris then grinned as remembered her little plan. She turned to Natalie and said,

“Be right back.” with a mischievous smile. Natalie smiled back.

“Play nice.” she said, winking, knowing what she was up to.

Kerris stood up and began to walk down to the four marauders and their other guy mates down the other end of the table. Kerris walked right up behind James and slammed her elbows down onto the table with a massive THUMP, making every person within earshot jump. She rested her chin on her hands and grinned at her brother, whilst a few of James‘ non-marauder friends smirked and checked her out.

“What?” he asked frowning. Kerris pouted.

“No ‘hello Kerris, how are you today?’” she asked. He shook his head.

“No” he said flatly “What do you want?” Kerris scoffed.

“I’ll get straight to the point then.” she said narrowing her eyes. She then put on her most innocent voice. “Mummy said that she’ll send you your security blanket as soon as possible,” James’ jaw dropped as his sisters humiliating lie. “She’s washing it because it was just a bit dirty from when you had a bit of an accident the other night.” Kerris added an childlike smile and was about to leave James to die of humiliation “Okay poppet?” she then herd Sirius laugh rather loudly. Perfect. She thought grinning once again. 

“Oh and Sirius, darling,” She said turning to the boy who had now sobered up. “My mummy also said that she spoke to Doctor,” Sirius’ face flooded with dread “She said that she would send some ointment and it should clear up the rash on your…” Kerris smirked, before looking down at him then looking back at his humiliated face “You know.” Kerris then spun on her heel and walked away before hearing what definitely sounded like her brother burst into laughter.

Proud of her accomplishment Kerris sat back down by Natalie, who seemed to have noticed James and Sirius looking rather angrily at not only Kerris, but at each other.

“I’m guessing your responsible for that?” she questioned, nodding towards the two grumpy marauders whilst taking a sip of her pumpkin juice. Kerris looked over at her brother and the famous heart-throb and allowed a broad grin to spread across her face.

“Your prediction would be correct.” she said, grabbing a spoonful of profiteroles. Natalie slid her bowl just above Kerris’, where was about to dump her pudding. She slid back her bowel and smirked at the narrow eyed Kerris.

“Now Kerris, darling,” Natalie said in a mock motherly tone. “You know I more than approve of your imaginative play when it comes to them.” Kerris crossed her legs and acted in the manner of a three year old. “But just remember that your playing with the big boys.” Kerris smirked.

“I always do, mummy” she replied.

Sirius felt his face grow immensely hot as Kerris Potter walked away from them. James, who was opposite him, burst into laughter, as did a few of their other friends including Tom Whethersby, Steven Ray and Michael Thompson.

“What are you laughing at ‘Blankie boy'?” Sirius snapped. James immediately sobered up. He shot a glare at Sirius, who retaliated. James then diverted his glare to Kerris, as did Sirius.

Remus was busy trying so hard not to laugh, but somehow, laughter was choking him, he had to let it out. James at Sirius shot a look at Remus as he whacked his fist on the table in laughter. Kerris, the youngest Potter, the angelic, innocent one, had just told two humiliating lies, loud enough for the whole hall to hear, in order to mortify the two most popular boys in school with ease.

“Oh shut it Moony!” said James irately.

“I’m--I’m sorry.” said Remus, now trying to keep a straight face, causing two of the marauders friends, Tom and Steven to also burst into laughter.

“Oh well done!” Sirius shot at Remus, who shrugged at him.

“We’ll get her back for this.” said James darkly

“When did your sister have it in for us anyway?” asked Sirius glancing at Kerris, who now had her head thrown back in laughter at something her friend Natalie had just said.

“I dunno,” said James “Maybe when she began to play quidditch?” he guessed

“Or maybe, when you two began to test your dim-witted pranks on her.” Remus butted in.

Sirius clutched his heart “Remus, I am deeply hurt!” he wiped an invisible tear away from his eye “Dim-witted?” he asked in mock upset.

“Oh shut up, but you know it’s true.” Remus snapped.

“Yeah but they’re never that bad!” protested James.

Remus looked at him sceptically. “What about that time when she was in the common room at Christmas time and suddenly began sprouting antlers?” James and Sirius touched each others fists.

“Classic.” said Sirius, smiling at the memory.

Kerris and Natalie made it up to the common room once dinner had finished, and they both collapsed onto the sofa.

"I've eaten too much!" groaned Kerris

"I'm on my period!" added Natalie in a groan.

Kerris blinked at Natalie.

"Not something you wanna say that loud, Nat."

Natalie merely shrugged it off. Suddenly the portrait door swung open and in strut…Rochelle Diarra. It was supposed to be French or something. Kerris had always thought of French people as kind and caring, sweet, elegant people, not sluttish, rude, obnoxious, nasty bitches. Behind Rochelle came her little army of skanks, Charlotte Miller and Tiffany Walker. Natalie growled a low, fierce growl as she noticed Tiffany.

Last year Natalie was getting very…involved with a boy called Matt Jones, well that was until Tiffany got in the way and manipulated the cheating barstard. It ended with Kerris and Natalie spending an entire two weeks in their pyjamas eating what seemed to be strawberry ice cream brought up by April. And from then on Kerris confirmed that her friend had given her depression. Not that she blamed her or anything, but it just kind of…well…sucked. James had to finally come up drag them downstairs, however he was much nicer to Natalie than Kerris.

Rochelle sneered at Kerris and Natalie once she saw them. Rochelle had always had a problem with Kerris that was beyond her. It might have been because of her automatic popularity, or the fact that no one guy would give Rochelle a second look whilst Kerris was around, or it may have been because in first year, Kerris gave her the most embarrassing nickname that everyone tortured her with causing her utter humiliation. But other than that Kerris saw no reason for this girl to be so horrid towards little, angelic, innocent Kerris.

“Alright Diarrhoea?” Kerris asked, grinning.

Rochelle glared at Kerris and flounced towards her, with her little clique following suit, in such a cliché manner, it made Kerris want to throw up. Sure, Kerris flounced around herself and did a fair bit of strutting, the ‘Potter Strut’ as it was called seeing as her brother too did it, but at least she did it with her dignity still intact, and she most certainly didn’t give every good looking boy that talked to her a lap dance or she would have some reputation.

“It’s Diarra, Potter. Rochelle Diarra.” she spat.

“My, my, were rather malevolent today.” said Kerris coolly.

Rochelle soon had a rather smug smirk across her face. “I glad your in a good mood today, indulge in your stupid little perfection--” ahh…perfection, that’s her reason for hating me. Kerris thought, smirking “--Whilst you can, because it wont last long. I’m going to make sure your life is hell this year.”

Kerris turned to Natalie, a smile spreading across her face. “Say Natalie,” she addressed her friend “I’m having the strangest sensation of déjà vu,”

Natalie smirked “Really Kerris?” she asked in mock obviousness.

“Haven’t we had this conversation with dear ol’ Diarrhoea here before?” asked Kerris tormenting her rival.

“You know what Kerris?” said Natalie with a gasp “I think we have!”

Rochelle sneered at the two of them “You wont know what hit you two slags.”

Kerris snorted “Says the girl who refers to herself as sex on legs.”

Rochelle then stormed up to the girls’ dormitories, with Tiffany and Charlotte trotting along behind. Natalie and Kerris looked at each other then suddenly burst into laughter.

“I guess the year has officially begun.” said Natalie.

“Let the games begin!” said Kerris excitedly.

Remus once accidentally set a cactus plant on fire in Herbology class in second year. He didn’t want to get in trouble so he left it. A girl called Patricia Hansberry, a fifth year Ravenclaw, who had a lesson in the classroom afterwards, found the plant and put the fire out.

Peter was going to have a baby sister in his fifth year at Hogwarts, however his mother had a miscarriage.

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