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I was roaming the hogwarts halls one last time, taking everything in. Everwhere I looked was a memory. Not necessarily a good memory, but a memory. Over ther in the great hall was where I chased Madam Pomfrey on the slip and slide, and there's where Madam Pomfrey gave me a swirly. there's where I was snitch, and where I was egged in the portrait hole, and ther's where I was as a rug. Oh, and down ther is where I met Poppy for a duel between, her gang and I. Wow, what times I had. I went and put on my cap and gown. I made my way into the great hall. I sat down next to hermione, and Ginny. I waited for my name to be called, for my diploma. I was next alphabetically I knew it. Next, ---------- ---------, and they said, it. I tried to stand but i couldn't I couldn't get out of my seat, I was glued down. "Um, your diploma." They called. "I can't get up someone has put glue on my seat." I said loudly. Suddenly a high pitched cackle arose from the sky, where Madam Pomfrey was hovering. "Ha, I finally got you, and on you last night, and let me just say, it has been an honor tormenting you." she said. "I had feared something to this degree might happen so i had planned a surprise attack. Just then Peeves came in and coverd her in slugs, then he threw her off her broom, and She landed in Dumbledore's lap. "Eww, cootie's" He said throwing her off in discust. Just then some dementers came, and took her away, she was going to Azkaban. "Yes!!!" I yelled. Dumbledore freed me from the bench, and i got my diploma.
10 years later.....
I was living with my family in America, far far from Madam Pomfrey. Some say she got out a year ago and is looking for me, others just say she sits in Azkaban and cakles. Well, it really doesn't matter to me anyway, unless there is a sequal to this story.....
Well, this is the end of this fan fic. I have other stories, i will be starting a new fan fic soon. i'm currently working on a fic called Ron: Behind the scenes (Humor). I have finished a fan ficc called, odd hogwarts(Song fic). If you feel ther should be a sequal to this story, I will consider it leave me some reviews.
Thank you for the reviews, and the reads!

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