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Hi! I'm glad you are all still reading this story and thanks for all the reviews!!! This chapter should have gone up with the last one, but for some reason I didn't post it. After this chapter there is only 1 more, the epilogue and the story will then be finished. Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 27 It ends tonight

Most of the day had come and gone and still no sign of Anastacia. Everyone was at edge, jumpy. I hated seeing everyone like this.

The last period was just over. Draco was waiting for me outside the classroom, he tried to smile, but it never reached his eyes. “Tired?” I asked. He simply nodded and draped his arm over my shoulders. “Back to Gryffindor?” I asked. He was about to nod, but then slowly smiled and shook his head no. “How about a walk and then back to Gryffindor? We both could use the fresh air.” I nodded and let him lead me towards the rocks where we would usually sit.

“Bella!” I heard Ginny scream, but I was too tired to answer. Draco turned around and tolled her we would see her in Gryffindor shortly. And with that we left.

“How was your day?” He asked me, as we walked through the Courtyard and out towards the ruins.

I smiled faintly, “Tiring. Long. Can’t wait for this to be over.”

Draco then pulled on my arm, “Don’t worry it soon will be.” He hadn’t finished saying that when a light struck him sending him back towards the wall. I looked towards where Draco lay and started running towards him. I was getting close to him when I heard Ron scream, “Nooooo! Bella that’s not Draco!” I turned around and saw Ginny with her wand ready, it had been her bogey hex that had hit.

A cold hand grabbed me and pulled me close. I turned just in time to see it start to shift, I saw her turn into many faces, including Hannah’s and then she settled on the face I had seen in Narcissa’s picture. I felt her wand pinch my neck and she started threatening. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny stood there with their wands ready to strike. Hermione tried to reason, but Anastacia wouldn’t hear any of it.

In the mist of it all, I saw two shadows walk into the ruins from separate directions. One of them lifted its wand. Anastacia must have seen it too, because she expertly casted a blocking spell in its direction along with a stunning spell. And then the shadow from the other side casted its spell and hit her causing her to loose her balance and control over me.

I dove towards the ground and started scrambling my way towards the guys. As I was getting up I saw her raise her wand at me, and then I heard her scream “Crucio!” I cringed waiting for the pain to hit, but it never did. I turned to see what had happened and I know I will never forget what I saw. My father was standing there with his wand fixed on Anastacia, blocking her course and keeping me safe. “Run Bella!” he said as I stood. “Run!” I stood there motionless, I then felt someone take my hand and start pulling me. It was Draco. “Come on Bella, he can only fend her off for so long.”

I stood my ground, “Draco he’s my father, I can’t just leave him there.” I drew my wand out of my pocket and started walking back towards him. When we clearly heard someone from the woods scream, “Avada Kedavra”.

Anastacia was struck and instantly fell to the ground. When we looked towards the woods we saw someone dressed in black walking towards us. Slowly the dark figure started to become clearer. A black hood, covered a black robe, you could only see its hands. They were slim, womanly fingers meticulously groomed and adorned by a simple ring. An emerald surrounded by a snake. She then drew her hood back and through teary eyes said, “I am sorry I didn’t get to Denise on time. I am so sorry. I should have known.”

I saw my dad walk towards her, “Cissy, there is nothing you could have done.”


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