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sooo i have the first few chapters of this story done so i'm posting them as much as possible. and people are reading but do they like it or not? no reviews :( .. check out my other story too, because i only have one chapter up since i didn't get any feedback. hope khol: professional nobody. ok well here's chapter three! thanks for reading and please review!!

When she saw him enter, she knew that she was in trouble. She had been drinking, and that was why. Usually Serena Kissel was the type of girl who would stick to her morals no matter what. But she had been drinking. When Serena Kissel drank, she kissed all common sense goodbye, bidding it goodnight, telling it she would see it tomorrow.

He walked in with his friends, that messy black hair falling into his grey eyes, which were twinkling at the discovery of the party that was occurring in the common room. She kicked herself, mentally. She should have known those boys would be coming, couldn’t she at least try and make herself look decent?

Her blonde hair was messy and wavy, pins pulled bangs up across her forehead causing a poof in the middle of her head. Her minidress, an old vintage gift from a crazy grandmother, was a turquoise beaded thing that just barely grazed past her butt cheeks. The black tights clung tightly to her legs and the brown boots were the same she wore everyday and old with wear. Her blue eyes twinkled, showing the purple sparks that made them so inviting.

“I need another please, Frank.” Serena ushered at the bottle of firewhiskey in Frank Longbottom’s hand. He looked at her curiously.

“You sure?” He asked, his girlfriend Alice clinging around his waist, looking annoyed at the presence of her gorgeous roommate.

“C’mon Frank.” She prodded again.

“Yeah, c’mon Fraaank.” Serena heard a voice draw out behind her. She swirled around. Her cheeks quickly turned scarlet. Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew were standing right behind her. Sirius had that smirk on his face as he mimicked Serena’s voice as best he could.

“Seriously Frank.” She looked his dead in the eye and luckily Alice got what her roommate was talking to. She poured her a shot and everyone watched in amazement as the blonde girl opened her throat and knocked it back. She shuddered and placed her glass down.

“Thanks Alice.” She said after a moment, not realizing that Alice and Frank had already wandered off.

“What’s up Kissel? Were you not going to wait for us to show up?” Sirius spoke up. Serena turned her head to look at him.

“I guess I’m just an impatient girl, Sirus.”

“Obviously.” He replied, smirking while looking her up and down. Serena groaned.

“Did you seriously just say that?” she asked, annoyed. James and Remus laughed. Peter just looked uncomfortable.

“What the matter, Peter? Worried what Mummy would think about all of this?” She snipped. She wasn’t a mean girl; it was just kind of impossible not to be with Peter. He was so… pathetic.

“Oh, snappy Kissel. We thought you might want to hang out with us seeing how much trouble you were having with Longbottom.” James spoke up.

“What do you mean, Potter?” Serena questioned. She suddenly felt very vulnerable, was he addressing the fight they had at the station? James smiled mischievously and tapped the shot glass in front of her with his wand. Firewhiskey poured out of the tip of his wand, filling her glass. Serena gaped, open mouth.

Goodbye common sense! See you in the morning!

She woke up next morning when the sunlight was crashing through the bedroom window. That was unusual since her bed was the farthest away from the windows; the natural light never bothered her.


Serena looked at the blankets and quickly realized they were not hers. She also realized that she was wearing someone’s tee shirt and she peered over the side of the bed to see that her minidress, tights and boots were strewn at the floor. Suddenly she heard a groan and a strong-arm wrap around her waist, pulling her in.


Serena quickly closed the curtains of the bed and turned over.


Sirius Black lay sleeping, gorgeous as ever. He had a smile on his face and his black hair fell effortlessly past his closed eyes, traipsing on the edges of his long eyelashes. Her mouth fell open, but she closed it quickly for her face was mere centimeters away from his. She thought that maybe he would feel her breath escape and wake up.

Serena poked her head out of the curtained bed and took in the sleeping lumps around her. She saw sandy blonde hair sticking out of one, obviously Remus. Glasses lay on the nightstand by one, James. And then there was Peter, a tiny wheezing lump in his bed. Oh, Jesus. It was like being in the lion’s den. The Marauders’ Dorm Room. It was worse then the lion’s den.

Serena brought herself back into the bed. She preformed a quick silencing charm on the bed (with Sirius’ wand, being that she had left hers in her room last night before going to the party) then repeatedly poked Sirius until he woke up.

He yawned then looked at her and smiled. Her stomach was flip-flopping and she could tell that her hair was a mess. Luckily she didn’t wear much makeup, so the chances it was smeared across her face were minimal. Serena prayed that she looked somewhat decent.

“Morning love.” He finally spoke. “So nice of you to spend the night.”

“What happened?” Serena asked. His face seemed to fall.

“You don’t remember?” He asked and she shook her head. “Figures.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Serena asked, fearing the worst. Sirius laughed.

“That’s what Remus said when everyone was leaving the common room and you were making us sit through your story about when you were six and you thought a goblin lived under your bed.” He stated and she blushed.

“Remus said,” He turned on his Remus impression. “’Well I say mates, I reckon she won’t remember any of this tomorrow.’ Then we all laughed and suggested that perhaps you take your leave. Lilly Evans, she’s your roommate right? Well she walked by and offered to take you up. But see, love, you flat out refused. You were sitting in between me and Peter and you said that you wanted to stay and you were fine. Lilly went to bed and we told you that we were going to bed. You told us you were scared of goblins, and Alice Franklin for some reason, and you couldn’t go back to your dorm room. That’s when you looked at me with, I’ll call them “pleading” eyes and asked me…” He paused and Serena felt her whole body fill with dread. “’Sirius can I stay with you tonight? Please? You make me feel safe.’ Remus then reminded me that you wouldn’t remember anything but you just looked so… well… cute that I couldn’t resist.”

She felt her cheeks redden. There went that common sense, Serena thought she saw it on the floor next to the ridiculous turquoise dress.

“We didn’t…”

“Bloody no, love! I wouldn’t take advantage of you!” He smiled. “What do you think I’m some sort of monster?”

“Well I did used to see Regulus.” Serena murmured, softly. Sirius’ eyes grew wide.

“What?” He gasped and she nodded. “Seriously?”

“Seriously. For almost a year.”

“Why? What did you see in that idiot?” Sirius demanded an explanation.

“Well… he’s somewhat attractive.”

“He is not!”

“You could be twins, Sirius. In a way, I’m complimenting you.” Sirius paused to take this into consideration.

“Well are you still seeing him?” Sirius finally asked. Serena shook her head, wondering what she was still doing in her ex-boyfriend’s brother’s bed. “That’s good.”

“Not really, I feel like crap.”


“He broke up with me. Told me that nothing would ever come from it and I wasn’t worth it. He said all his mates made fun of him for dating a loony girl who wasn’t in Slytherin. Reckoned I was crazy, told his friends I was slutty. Now no one really wants to talk to me. You saw how Alice was guarding Frank with her life last night.”

Sirius’ eyes seemed to well with sympathy.

“This isn’t going to make it any better, really.”

“What?” He questioned.

“Me stumbling out of the Marauder’s dorm room early the morning after a big party.” Serena sighed. “I’m an idiot.”

“I don’t think you’re slutty. I don’t think James, Remus or Peter do either. That rumor hadn’t spread to us.”

“Really? Well it will once everyone in the common room sees me come out.” Her voice cracked and Serena lay back down. Next to Sirius Black. In bed.

He pulled her close to him and pushed her hair out of her face. He stroked his fingers through her blonde hair and looked deeply into her eyes. Serena stared back into the deep grey orbs that made up his eyes. His muscular stomach breathed in and out and his tender and slim face really was the most gorgeous thing she had ever seen. Serena began to realize why girls were constantly falling at his feet.

“Stay.” He murmured, searching her face for reaction.

”What?” Serena whispered back at him.

”Stay. Stay with me.”

“Why?” She felt her eyes tearing up.

“It just feels like. It feels like you should.” He wrapped his arms around her and the silencing charm was lifted as they closed their eyes and drifted back to sleep.

“Bloody hell, Padfoot what are you going to sleep all… Oh jeez, sorry mate.”

Serena blinked her eyes open as someone threw back the curtains of Sirius’ bed. James Potter stood over them, looking down at the two of them awkwardly.

“Christ Prongs, what the hell?” Sirius muttered, eyes still closed. Serena’s eyes shot open. She was spooning with Sirius, and facing the wall. When she heard James Potter’s voice she froze.

“You missed breakfast, Padfoot and lunch.” Serena heard Remus mutter then walk over to the bed. “Oh.”

“Ever think I wasn’t hungry, Mooney?” Sirius groaned, stretching, and Serena stirred awkwardly sitting up. Sirius’ attention quickly turned to her. “What’s wrong?”

“Uhh…” Was all she could manage.

"Afternoon Serena.” Remus said after a moment. James, as if reading her mind, handed her her tights and boots. Serena blushed brightly.

“Oh Jesus.” Serena thought she was going to hyperventilate.

“Well, I’m off to the library.” Remus spoke up. “I was doing a project for Charms and I wanted to double check some facts so, well, off I go!” He puttered out of the dorm room, while James didn’t seem to take the hint and sat down at the end of the bed.

“Good night last night, mate?” He asked Sirius. “Myself I was a little shocked that they were keen enough to organize something without us but…”

“Prongs…” Sirius grumbled. James cleared his throat.

“Oh! Right! I better go find Wormtail. He never made it back to the common room after lunch. Some Slytherins probably caught up to him or something.” He traipsed care freely out of the room.

“They’re going to tell!” Serena hissed. Sirius cooed at her.

“They’re not going to tell.” He smiled and rubbed the small of her back. “I have bigger secrets on them then they do on me, anyhow. They wouldn’t tell in the first place and in the second place it’s not in their best interest to tell. Who would they tell? James would tell Remus and me. Remus would tell James and me. I would tell James and Remus.” He laughed. “Trust me love, it’s not leaving the room.”

Suddenly Serena felt something nudge her from underneath the blankets. She blushed brilliantly when she realized what it was.

“Um… Sirius.” Serena bumped the nudge back and his eyes widened in shock.

“Jesus!” He exclaimed. “I’m sorry!” It was finally his turn to blush. Serena smirked, he was rather cute. He had kinder, sharper and more defined features then Reg. He was actually much more attractive then Reg. Every girl in school was in love with him.

And his morning boner was nudging HER. Serena Kissel, ME, She thought. The girl who had gotten wastedly drunk and still had the common sense not to hook up with him. Serena threw her tights and boots back on the floor, along with her common sense.

“Now, now baby, not a problem.” Serena smirked and quickly sealed the curtains. Sirius looked at her with a large smile on his face.

“Serena…” He moaned with closed eyes as her hands went to work.

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