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Aftermath By DeeMarie Chapter 10. Epilogue “Let’s raise a glass to Harry and Ginny Potter. May they spend the next hundred years together, raising laughter and love along with Arthur James and Lily Molly.” Remus raised the toast, his hand shaking. Harry leaned into Ginny and whispered in her ear. “I think Remus has had quite enough, don’t you?” Ginny giggled. This was the third toast Remus had offered at the Potter’s anniversary party. He’d drained the glass of champagne each time. “Let him celebrate,” Ginny whispered back. “He’s just happy we named him an ‘official’ grandfather. Look at Dad,” she said as she pointed to Arthur. Arthur had drained his third glass and was sitting next to his wife with a bemused expression, slightly glassy-eyed. Harry kissed his wife gently on his cheek. “AJ’s grown so, Ginny,” Hermione said. She was holding her godson watching as he tried to catch the finger Ron was wiggling in front of him. Ron had a huge smile on his face as the black-haired, brown-eyed boy tried to grasp at the prize just out of reach. “He’ll be a seeker someday, Harry,” Ron said. “My godson will win the Quidditch Cup. I know it.” Harry and Ginny gave the couple a knowing smile. A soft gurgling sound came from the baby in Molly’s arms. Little Lily was tugging at the string that dangled from her grandmother’s collar. “She has your eyes, Harry dear,” Molly said as she tickled the little girl under the chin. “And her mother’s hair,” Harry added. “But her smile is all yours, Mum.” Molly blushed and patted her granddaughter. “Looks like Lily needs her nappy changed,” Molly said. Hermione handed AJ to Ron. “Let me take my goddaughter, Mrs. Weasley. I’ll need to learn to do this. Ron and I are going to be around here often taking care of our godchildren.” “You take care of the nappies, ‘Mione,” Ron said laughing as AJ finally caught his finger. Harry turned to Ginny. “The babies are well-in-hand, come with me?” He stood taking Ginny’s hand. He led her out the back door of their cottage into the garden. The sky was clear as glass. A quarter moon shown through the trees swaying in the late summer night sky. They stood just a few feet from the back door. Harry was behind Ginny, holding her against his chest. “Have you heard from the Ministry, yet?” Harry asked her. “I’ll be starting after Christmas.” “So soon?” “It’s just work here, Harry,” Ginny said leaning back in Harry’s embrace. “Percy won’t let me take any overseas assignments for awhile.” “Are you disappointed?” “No, not really,” she said. “Percy’s right. He is in charge of the trade department. Remember how we used to laugh at his attention to detail?” Harry smiled remembering how funny he thought it was when Percy was obsessing over cauldron thickness. “Turns out, he’s really good at what he does. He wants me to spend a couple of years in domestic trade before tackling the international stuff. He’s right, it turns out. “Besides, I want to be here to watch AJ and Lily grow. They were remarkable, aren’t they, Harry?” “How could they not be with a mother like you, love.” Ginny turned in Harry’s arms. She put one arm around his neck, she stroked his face with her free hand. “You always know the right thing to say.” They kissed tenderly. Their lips parted and Ginny leaned her head on Harry’s chest. “I love you, Harry,” she whispered. “I love you too, dear heart.” The sound of babies gurgling happily drifted out to them. “Let’s go see what those babies are up to.” A/N While I have enjoyed posting here, I find it is time to move on. I have enjoyed all of your reviews and encouragement. If you wish to read more of my works, please go to I will continue to come to this site to check out the works of some of my favorite authors. It has been a real pleasure writing for all of you. My thanks to all.

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