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A/N: Hey my dears thanks for all those that reviewed so far! I'm dedicating this chapter to Emily bless her cottons for being an awesome reader! Want the next chapter dedication? well leave me some reviews and maybe you might see your name on the next update! take care xx

Weeks past and conversations grew more serious. Rumours were being spread and lies being told. The news was the ministry was now under the control of Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter had not been captured yet. Rumours of a rally to recruit Slytherins into the death eater clan was being organised. This was all getting to intense for me as it became more apparent that I was slipping back slightly.

'Are you sure you're okay?' Auria asked for 50th time that morning as we ate breakfast.

'Bloody hell Auria, I'm fine just stop asking!' I snapped slamming my fork down onto the table.

I was just about to leave when the owls came swooping in with letters for students. No letters for me this morning which was slightly unusual.

Draco opened up a small package which had dropped into his lap. Picking up the note he removed a small silver neck chain with a tiny serpent pendent from the little box.

'That's Caleb's necklace' I whispered as my heart sunk.

Draco glanced over at me with pure horror as he held the chain in his hand. Grabbing the note I scanned it quickly.

I regret to inform you of the death of your dear friend Caleb O'Neil.
My condolences go out to you and your friends at this time.
Delilah O'Neil.

I dropped the piece of parchment as the news sank in fast. This was the reality for many of our lives. Nothing was certain any more.

Auria was in tears at this point and Draco had placed his head in his hands, but I just sat there staring into space not quite sure how to feel. This was a guy that we had all grown up with, we all went through adolescence together, in our earlier years at Hogwarts we didn't have things like this to worry about. Life was rather care free and detention was the only problems we would face. How things had changed drastically, we certainly weren't children any more.

'You're all setting yourself up for your own demise, sending yourselves into your own death sentence' I spoke bitterly now suddenly not caring about what anyone would think of me.
'I can't be part of this, this is sick, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET CAUGHT UP IN YOUR OWN DELUDED THOUGHTS UNDER A DICTATOR WHO COULDN'T GIVE A CRAP WHETHER YOU LIVE OR DIE!' I bellowed now with tears in my eyes. I felt anger surge up inside of me as I stood up from the table.

The whole of the great hall fell silent as every head was turned towards our table.
I felt Auria flinch next to me as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Draco stood to his feet as I did, just as I was about to run out of the hall he grabbed me roughly by the wrist.

'Be careful what you say, we have enough enemies as it is, you don't want to make it even worse for yourself' he spoke barely above as a whisper as his face inched closer to mine.

My hand met his face as I broke free from his grasp,

'How dare you tell me what to do, don't treat me like some child who doesn't know any better! Go get yourself killed, go on! I don't care any more' I cried leaving him standing in the hall.

A knock came on the door of my dorm, lying across my bed I seriously didn't want to see anyone.
'Anna Banana' came a little whisper as the door creaked open slightly.

My heart softened as I heard Auria's little voice call my name.

'Are you mad at me?' she asked quietly still standing by the door.

Turning over to face her I gave her a small smile.

'I can never be angry at you' I replied.

Auria's anxious expression disappeared in a second, she advanced forward towards my bed, her face was tear stained and pale. Sitting herself down on the end of the bed I could tell that she was having problems trying to hold back the tears. I completely forgot in my own selfish manner that I wasn't the only one who had been friends with Caleb, I wasn't the only one who grew up with him, Auria considered him almost like a brother. They had known each other from birth all the way through childhood into adolescence right up until the night he left.

'I know that we all at some point have to join a side,' Auria spoke her voice breaking slightly.
'but I know that somewhere in what you were saying that you were right, but what other choice do we have? We're born into the dark side, we can't allow ourselves the liberty of free choice. It's not up to us any more, why did he have to die?'

Sitting up instantly I wrapped my arms around Auria as she began to shake with sorrow. Sighing I knew that she made a relevant argument, it was true a lot of us didn't have the chance to choose. I felt for her as I held her close but I knew that if anything was going to change then I was going to have to be the first to stand up for myself and give myself that chance to choose what I felt was right.

Another knock on the door and Auria and I broke apart. Draco stuck his head round the door.

'Oh I didn't realise that you weren't alone, I'll come back later' he spoke.

'No it's okay I've got some stuff to do' replied Auria quickly before he could close the door.

She turned to me again quickly and gave me a final squeeze, standing to her feet she kissed Draco on the cheek before leaving the room. My heart gave a small pang of jealousy as I witnessed this but I shook it off quickly telling myself I was being stupid.

'Are you okay?' he asked taking Auria's place on the end of my bed.

'Not really no' I answered honestly staring up at him.

His grey eyes were inquisitive and curious, his face was tired but filled with concern. He dragged a hand through his hair as he let out a small sigh.

'I just want you to be careful Marianna' he spoke softly 'I don't want you in any danger.'

My heart flipped as his words played upon my mind.

'That's a bit difficult seeing as whatever I do I'll be in danger' I replied looking down at my hands.

Draco frowned inching slightly closer towards me.

'You can go into hiding, find a safe refuge or something' he advised

I shook my head knowing that this was not an option.

'No, I'm not doing that' I sighed my head pounding with pain.

'Anna please' he pleaded with me taking both of my hands.
'I don't want to be part of this as much as you do, you won't believe the type of things I've seen and have been forced to do, I'm living a lie, if anyone found out how I really felt I would be killed for sure.'

'You don't have to do this Draco, you can join the other side' I replied quickly squeezing his hands.

'I can't, I'm into deep now, there's no turning back but you have a chance to escape this' he said.

'Whatever side I join even if I do go into hiding I'm dead' I replied quietly,

'Just save yourself!' desperation filled Draco's voice as he pleaded for me to change my mind.

'This is not about me any more, my brother was killed at the hands of the man that you and the others so faithfully serve and Caleb shouldn't have died, not that way.'
tears were now in my eyes as the image of my brother face plagued my mind. I was only a new born when he was killed but I held close to the only picture that we had left. In the picture his eyes were happy and full of life. That was taken away and it killed me inside to think that he was not around any more.

'I'm sorry about your brother, I honestly didn't know' Draco said staring down upon his hands as his fingers entwined into mine so perfectly.

His hands were warm and soft, my heart was beating so fast as a silence fell upon us both. He continued to keep his gaze upon our hands. I watched his chest rise and fall as he sighed softly to himself.

'I just care about your safety, I care about you' he muttered still keeping his eyes away from my face.

Removing a hand away from his I lifted his chin up, gazing into his wonderful eyes I tried to find confirmation of his feelings. He kept my stare as I sank right into his soul. There was good in him, I could see it but he was a torn individual that needed to be set free. Before I could even mutter a word his lips met mine, soft and gentle his touch was electrifying as I lingered in this sweet kiss. He ran a hand across my face caressing my skin carefully almost as if he didn't want me to break under him.

A gasp suddenly hit my ears, breaking free from Draco I noticed a familiar figure rush out of the room. Guilt kicked in instantly as I realized what I had just done.

'Auria!' Draco called leaving the room after her.

Closing my eyes I flopped back onto my bed. I had just kissed my best friend's fiancée.

What was wrong with me?
Had I just ruined everything?

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