Chapter the one after the one before.

“And I’m beginning to wonder if you’re worth it.”


Scorpius gaped at Rose, who simply looked at him with a gritted jaw and tears running down her face.


“….you what?” he whispered, when his voice finally decided to cooperate.


Rose turned and fled the room.


Scorpius didn’t attempt to stop her as he was still trying to comprehend what she had just said.


He had been sure that it was good she hadn’t heard his furious muttering when she entered, but know he wasn’t so sure. He had come to the conclusion that he had loved her in that debate with himself, and maybe, just maybe, if she had heard that, the entire encounter would have turned out differently.


Now she was mad at him, and there wasn’t a single thing he could think of to rectify the situation.


He cursed under his breath.


She was never going to talk to him again.


This was a bloody mess.





Jezebel was leaving when she saw Rose fly past her in tears. She called after her obviously distraught friend, but was ignored.


‘What the hell?!!’ she thought, and decided, for her own safety, to leave Rose alone.


“Goddamnit, if Scorpius had anything to do with that I’ll kill him for not thinking of the safety of others,” she muttered to herself.


Scorpius kept up a constant stream of curses as he stormed off to find Rose. He wanted to rectify this situation, even if it was the last thing he did (and given how mad Rose obviously was with him, that wasn’t just some cheesy line. It was a possibility. A rather probable possibility.).


“Scorpius!” called a voice which Scorpius instantly recognised as Jezebel’s.


“What?” he demanded, whirling to face her.


“Fuck, don’t bite my bloody head off,” Jezebel said, startled by his sharp tone. “Look, Rose just stormed past me n-“


“Which way did she go?”


Jezebel raised her eyebrow. “Oh, so you did have something to do with it, then.”


“Just tell me which way she went, Jezebel.”


Jezebel pointed in the direction Rose had fled. And watched Scorpius run in that very direction.


She huffed and folded her arms. “Some friends I have. Don’t even bother to tell me what the hell is going on,” she muttered.


“Marly! Kismet!” She walked off.


“Rose!! ROSE!!” Scorpius shouted, walking through the dungeon corridors. She was around here somewhere, he knew that much.


“Rose!” He rounded a corner and saw her crying against a wall. He dashed over.


“Fuck off, Scorpius,” she muttered, pushing him away.


“Rose, just let me-“


“Scorpius!! Go. Away!! Haven’t you done enough?” Rose yelled.


Scorpius gaped at her. “I haven’t done anything!!” he yelped.


Rose glared at him.


“Seriously, Rose, I haven’t! Nor have I said anything because YOU HAVEN’T GIVEN ME A BLOODY CHANCE!!”


Rose pushed herself away from the wall and walked away.


“Rose! Stop walking away!”


She flipped the middle finger at him over her shoulder, and didn’t turn around.


“Well, geez, that’s nice!”


She ignored him.


“FOR FUCKS SAKES!!! I LOVE YOU!!” he yelled.


She stopped abruptly in her tracks.


“Ha! You noticed that!”



 She turned around, slowly.


He looked at her apprehensively. She was quiet. That was rare. And normally not a good thing.






“You WHAT?!!” she screeched. He winced. It was a loud screech. And very high-pitched. He reckoned she broke a couple windows.


“I love you?” he offered weakly.




He winced again.


“Rose, please stop shrieking, you’re hurting my eardrums,” he begged.


“Scorpius,…..did you say what I think you said?” she demanded.


“If you think I said I love you then yes, I did say what you think I said,” Scorpius confirmed.


Rose gaped. And then started laughing hysterically.


Scorpius looked at her, worried. “Rose, are you alright? Have you been drinking? Taken any drugs really recently? What’s so funny?”


Rose wiped a tear of hilarity from her eyes.


“You know, for a second there, I actually believed you,” she commented.


It was Scorpius’ turn to gape.


“You think I’m joking?? Rose, I’m not!! I’m being serious!! I really do love you!! “


“Pull the other one, Scorpius.”


“Oh my….! Look!! I, Scorpius Malfoy, am in love with you, Rose Weasley, and I AM NOT FUCKING YOU AROUND!!”


“Scorpius, you can’t honestly expect me to bel-“


“IT’S TRUE!” he yelled, frustrated. He folded his arms huffily. “Typical. I confess my love for you, and you don’t fucking believe me.”


Rose fell silent, studying his (grumpy) face. Finally, she whispered, “You…you’re serious.”


“Yes, I am serious!” he snapped.


“You really love me…”


“Yes, I really bloody love you! Finally, you get the picture!!!”


Rose slumped against the wall, in shock. (And Scorpius was starting to piss her off, being all grumpy and snappish like that.)


Scorpius noticed and unfolded his arms. “Rose, are you alright?” he asked, his voice laced with concern.


Rose just looked at him, mouth agape.


He knelt down in front of her, as she had slid down the wall and was now sitting on the floor. “Rose,” he said gently.


She looked up at his (slightly worried) face. A shadow of a smirk (which he didn’t see) crossed her face and, without warning, she kissed him, rather violently. He was rather taken aback, but didn’t complain and quickly reciprocated.


After a while, they heard a soft meow.


They broke apart to see Miss Norris (Mrs Norris’ daughter).


“Shit!” they hissed – it was after hours.


They climbed up and fled the scene, holding hands as if they’d never let go.


A.N AW!!!! I liked this chapter. FINALLY FINISHED IT!!! Ha, Mishu, you must be so proud!! Review?? sorry it's so short

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