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A/N: I really was utterly amazed when I saw all the reviews I’ve received, and I am really happy you all like the story ^.^ I do want to say sorry to Scarlet, because I too used a banner for my story, and, like she pointed out yesterday, she was the first one with the idea of having a banner in the summary. But well, up to the story now, I suppose you all want to know how it continues ;-)
Chapter One – The Marking Hermione flung herself onto her knees, clutched the hem of His long, black robes, and kissed them. “Good evening, my Lord,” she purred. “Stand up, Granger,” the cold voice of the Dark Lord himself said. Hermione stood up and bowed while walking backwards. “Are you ready?” “Of course, my Lord…” she said. Death Eaters were standing in a circle around them. They were all watching eagerly at the scene that was unfolding in front of them. “Give me your arm.” Hermione held out her arm in front of her. She gasped when the Dark Lord’s ice cold, spider like fingers tucked up her sleeve, and touched her soft skin. He looked somewhat doubtfully at her arm. “Are you prepared to give up your own freedom, and obey my orders blindly?” he asked. “Yes, I am,” she said. “Will you obey only my orders, the ones of me, Lord Voldemort, greatest sorcerer in the world?” “I will obey only You, my Lord.” “Are you prepared to kill everyone who doesn’t agree with my laws?” “Yes, I am.” He nodded in approval, and took a short pause before asking his next question. “Are you prepared to die for your Lord?” Hermione looked into the cruel red eyes of her soon-to-be Master, and said, determined, “Of course I am, my Lord.” A buzz burst out in the group of Death Eaters. One of them took a few steps forward, and said, “She, my Lord, is the best friend of Harry Potter.” He took off his hood, and Hermione recognized him immediately as Draco Malfoy. His pale grey eyes and pointy face were full of pure rancour when he looked at her. She smirked. “Isn’t this so-called ‘friendship’ an advantage for our Lord?” Malfoy gave her a puzzled look. “This ‘friendship’, as you call it, is nothing more than a way in which I can spy on Potter -” she spat the name out as if it were dirt “-and that old crackpot of a fool Dumbledore.” Her eyes, too, revealed hatred. There was a profound silence. “And give me one good reason why we should trust you, you filthy little Mudblood,” said the voice of no-one less than Lucius Malfoy, who went to stand next to his son. The Dark Lord looked at them, clearly interested in what they were about to say. “Didn’t you know, my Lord? She is a Muggleborn.” Voldemort’s interested face became menace. “I am fully aware of the fact she’s a Mudblood, Lucius, thank you. But, however, I was not completely aware of her friendship with Potter.” The Lord looked at Hermione, and said, “Please, continue, young mister Malfoy.” Malfoy bowed, and continued. “Ever since first year Granger has been the best friend of that Potter boy, and she’s on really friendly terms with Dumbledore too, sir.” Everybody looked at Hermione now. “Well, Malfoy, as you’ve shown everybody already today, you seem to know quite a lot about my private life. However, if you do, you should have noticed that I haven’t talked to Potter since the twenty-fourth of April, right?” Her voice was calm, but her arm in the Dark Lord’s hand was trembling in rage. Lord Voldemort looked in Hermione’s eyes, and she knew he tried to find anything that could prove the contrary. But, in any case, he couldn’t. She had nothing to hide. “Miss Granger IS going to be marked, my beloved Death Eaters.” Nobody had the guts to contradict. Voldemort took his wand, and placed the tip on her smooth skin. A jolt of excitement rushed through Hermione. Finally… she thought. The Lord whispered the oh-so-welcomed words, and a pain cut through her body like she had never felt before. She didn’t flinch, she didn’t whimper, she didn’t even blink. She just sneered, happy for the first time in months. The pain stopped as abruptly as it had come. The Dark Mark had appeared on her right underarm, and she started to grin more broadly. Finally, she was one of them. Lord Voldemort showed her a place in the circle of Death Eaters. It was a pity she needed to stand next to Malfoy junior, but even so, this would not spoil her pleasure. “You filthy little Mudblood,” he hissed when she took her place. “Go fuck yourself, Malfoy,” she answered. “Now, let us celebrate our new gained member. A toast seems to be on her place…” he did not need to say more. Immediately, some House-Elves came trotting inside, carrying big dinner-trays full of drinks. Hermione flinched when she saw the half-bandaged House-Elves, but quickly pulled herself together, and took a glass of Champagne. “To our new asset: Hermione Granger!” Voldemort called out, his voice less cruel than usual. They all raised their glasses to toast, and said, “To Hermione Granger, our new fellow-Death Eater!” Draco hardly mumbled “Granger” before leaving the circle with his father. She had hardly had time to look around her, when Severus Snape clutched her arm and guided her towards a far corner of the room. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he whispered. His eyes protruded and his face was barely five inch from hers. She smirked. “What do you think I am doing here.... sir?” she purred. “Don’t you try being funny, girl,” he spat. Hermione ignored Snape’s comment. “You can bring the Order in danger by acting like a fool. It is my task to spy on the Dark Lord and give that information to the Order.” Hermione raised an eyebrow. “Who says I want to be a spy for the Order?” It was as though Snape had just swallowed a cauldron of Stinksap. “You… you didn’t… you wanted to become a Death Eater?” he finally asked. She looked him in the eyes, and laughed. “Of course I did,” she said, as if it was an obvious thing to do. Snape just stared at her. “Have you got any idea how serious this is?’ he said, while barely moving his lips. “Haven’t you even thought about what Dumbledore would say if I told him?” “But you won’t,” she said simply. “I beg your pardon,” Snape said, utterly confused. “You won’t tell Dumbledore, because if you do, I’ll tell the Dark Lord about your sneaky purpose.” A loud shout broke off their conversation, and Hermione looked around. Some just-apparated hooded figures seemed to have captured some Muggles. She walked towards them, like the other Death Eaters, and they formed their circle once more. Hermione saw the hungry looks on the non-masked Death Eater’s faces; most of them had got their wands ready. “Be polite, McNair,” the Dark Lord said when McNair had immediately grabbed a Muggle woman by the arm, and she had shuddered. “Where are your manners?” “Lady’s first,” He then said, beckoning some female Death Eaters forward. “And Miss Granger, of course…” Hermione walked towards a man of about twenty. “Come on, sweetie,” she purred, while taking the boy towards the border of the room. Some other Death Eaters where already raping their victims. She could see the terrifying look in the boy’s eyes. “Don’t be afraid; this will be your last time so you better enjoy it,” she said playfully. The boy watched in disbelief while Hermione was unfastening his trousers. “You were a good fuck,” she admitted, about half an hour later. “But, well, there’s nothing I can do with you anymore.” She sneered, and took out her wand. “Good bye,” she whispered. “Avada Kedavra!” And with a rush of green light he was dead.
I hope you all enjoyed the chapter :-), and if you do: PLEASE REVIEW! And I want to say thanks to al my previous reviewers: olivetree1, Isabelle, Riyo, kuroyume78, Vicious Fishish, claire, unknown, Clutchy, slytherinmelter, chicablue18, anonymous_slytherin_666. so people, please read their stories too ;-) Love, Silmarwen Nenmacil Thank you, my beloved beta Sailor C!

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