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Once again Melissa, Jenny and Sarah walked down Jenny’s street and passed the apartment building where he lived.

They had first noticed him on their way home from school when they had been discussing the latest important news; two boys from their year had accepted an invitation to go swimming at Sarah’s house a bit later on in the afternoon.

There was much to discuss, what bathing suits should they where and whether or not they should risk going underwater and getting their hair wet. Melissa felt this shouldn’t be a problem but Sarah felt her own hair looked absolutely disgusting when wet and was trying to convince the girls that theirs would as well.

The girls, recently turned thirteen, passed an apartment building on Jenny’s street and couldn’t help but notice him.


Sirius Black had decided to make his motorbike fly. Muggles had the right idea and all inventing such a vehicle but it could still be improved in greatly.

Firstly it had to be in working order before any sort of spell was performed. So on the concrete drive way of the complex, he had decided it was a nice enough day to do some mechanical work and after about thirty minutes found it a warm enough day to do mechanical work without a shirt.


The girls had been stunned. The only kinds of people who rented flats from this building had been the kinds of people who were much too old and (in their opinion) strange to take notice of.

They were in fact so awed, that they later walked the same route back down Jenny’s street instead of their usual short cut through Jenny’s neighbour’s yard to get to Sarah’s street.


Sirius Black wiped his forehead and once again glanced at the manual beside him, cursing muggles while at the same time admiring them for doing this sort of thing everyday. Really, manuals were such a nuisance, he couldn’t fathom how they used it all the time without giving in to complete frustration.


After a let down at Sarah’s (The boys had eaten all their snacks in minutes and rough housed all afternoon, ignoring the girls except to make fun of them for keeping their hair dry), the girls were once again excited as they passed the mysterious black haired boy again.

Each scowled as a glowing middle aged Mrs. Patterson in a tiny sundress handed him a glass off water and cooed at his work before going inside with a flirtatious “If you need anything, let me know” before she went.

They hadn’t even learned to leave a boy with a flirtatious goodbye yet! They ignored the fact that he didn’t really notice the women's efforts by calling the older lady by the same names they had heard their mothers call her without really knowing what it all meant.


As he began to finish, he started to slow down. Most of the hard stuff seemed to be done. He relaxed a bit, deciding to take a break and pulled an envelope from his back pocket. He had already read it quickly early on but couldn’t help glancing at the letter again.

Dear Stud

Still rocking the world like I rocked yours (insert wink)

A flying motorbike eh? The most dangerous vehicle on land is going to be in the sky too, how very like you.

So we’re not welcome back in the great city of Paris (There are limits to what you can do while visiting the Eiffel tower it seems). I’m not too broken up about it, I speak terrible French anyways.

Quinn can only deliver so many letters in one trip so I’m counting on you to give Lily and James our congratulations on their engagement. Amy has also requested that credit is given to her for her part in hooking them up but feel free to leave that out and cite true love and fate as their reason for getting together. Give us a date and we’ll drop in for the wedding.

You may have detected this already but I included a picture in this letter. You’ll observe how mature and grown up I’ve become.

We’re going to Egypt tomorrow; there may be a job opportunity there for me and Amy is getting homesick. Hope I don’t bugger it up.

Give Remus and Peter manly hugs for us and cheers to R rated humour

Love Paige

He smiled after finishing the latter. As the days were getting darker from Voldemort’s growing influence, things could seem pretty bleak at times. Luckily he could always count on some random word from Paige to find him and make things seem better. He and the rest of his friends didn’t have the heart to write to them about the happenings here. The girls had to be back soon anyways. They might even consider joining the order; each had their own valuable talents despite what they claimed.

A moment later he looked up and waved at the girls, who were still standing across the street. They panicked at being actually seen by him and walked rather quickly home without waving back. He shook his head in amusement and again glanced at the picture Paige included.

Slightly pondering who had taken the picture in such a remote location he gazed at the two girls fondly. One of them was leaning against a large stone that was shaped like a head. She had a picture perfect smile on her face, squinting slightly from what he could only assume was from the sunlight. Her hair was blowing in her face from a breeze and her hands were moving to keep it out of her eyes. He noticed she had removed the piercing in her right eyebrow.

The other girl had her hand placed in its nose and looked as if she was about to wet herself laughing. She seemed to be having the time of her life in the picture. He felt a slight pang, he missed feeling childish and silly.

At one point she blew a kiss and winked at the camera and he smiled again.


A/N: I know I know, it's super short, I had originally planned for more but I decided to create a one shot to bridge this story to the next instead. Plus things will obviously get a little dark and I wanted to end this one on a lighter note.

Look for the one shot soon, plus another story. This writing things getting fun : )

Thank you all for sticking with this; hope to see you reviewing my other darlings when they get out! One already is, go check it out

Update: One shot to follow and sort of sequel are both up now, Transistion and With Pleasure

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