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A Kiss Is All It Takes by Grifferin
Chapter 9 : All in Love is Fair
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A/N: Sorry for the long wait but my computer and life were being big jerks! Anyway here's chapter 9, I hope you like it and plz r/r!!!

Chapter 9: All in Love is Fair

The next few weeks went by in a blur and before I knew it, it was December. The weather grew colder than ever, almost as if the castle was made of ice rather than stone. During the weeks after the match the excitement and bliss that resulted had slowly began to dissipate until only boring life was left. Sadly classes continued even though nobody seemed to be learning a thing, besides Hermione, as usual. Even the action-packed classes of Defense Against the Dark Arts seemed to lose it’s allure. The only thing that still held its humor was the few moments a day when Hermione and I visited Lavender in the hospital wing. She’d been forced to stay there for a few weeks to recover from all the jinxes we’d used. However, even Madam Pomfrey had trouble figuring out this one, so it took her longer than usual. You see, she couldn’t get rid of the pimples and boils until her hair fell out. Her hair wouldn’t fall out until the dye faded, and the dye wouldn’t fade until her head deflated. In fact the only part that Madam Pomfrey had under her control was replacing Lavender’s nose with her real one. The one thing that confused everyone though was someone kept reversing any progress made, which made Lavender have to stay longer. Gee, I wonder who would do such a thing. (Wink, Wink)

            After about three weeks of the same routine—breakfast, classes, lunch, classes, dinner, homework, sleep—someone finally came up with the bright idea to have a party. Every 5th year and up was to report to the Room of Requirement this Friday for some much needed fun. Like most of the party people in the school Pavarti and I were completely thrilled to release some stress by showing off some hot dance moves. Hermione on the other hand was a complete basket case. Not only was she worried about how many rules we would be breaking, but according to her she wasn’t a party girl and wouldn’t last 5 minutes on the dance floor. Pavarti and I completely disagreed with every single negative comment she had to say about this party, but of course she refused to listen.

“You guys, we can’t do this. All these people out and in one spot after curfew is bound to attract some attention.” She whined as she plopped back onto her bed.

“Hermione please relax and get dressed, we have a party to go to.” I gritted out for the fiftieth time as I applied my make up.

            Pavarti gave me another exasperated look through the mirror as Hermione began to ramble on once more about every little thing that could go wrong, that she didn’t like about this party, that could go wrong, that she didn’t like, over and over again. In other words she was really pissing us off. Pavarti finally threw her hands up and stormed over to the bathroom door a banged on it so hard that I’m surprised it didn’t blast off its hinges. “Hermione Jane Granger, shut up and finish getting ready before we have to come in there, drag your arse out, and haul you down to the party.” She yelled.

“Nice job, now she’ll probably start complaining that we’re forcing he to do this against her will.” I sniggered as I put on my last touch of eye liner and turned around in my seat to face her.

“I thought we were.” She joked, “After all we both agreed that if she wasn’t going to stop avoiding Ron any time soon than she at least needed to get out and have some fun.” She added as she jumped up and down trying to get into the tight jeans she’d planned on wearing that night. I gotta say, the girl looked good and had STYLE! Along with her dark denim jeans, she wore a blood red tube dress that went down to about mid-thigh and had gold glittery stripes at the bottom and a gold glittery butterfly design on the front and to complete it all she wore a mix of gold and red jewelry and HOTT red pumps. Three words: FAB-U-LOUS! As for me, I was wearing a soft pink, sequenced halter dress that was just as long as Pavarti’s and tied not only around my neck but also at the middle of my back, which was completely exposed. The dress beautifully showed off my lovely rose tattoo that ran down the side of my back from my shoulder blade to just above my hip. I usually hid it with glamour charms when I wore shirts like this, so no one had seen it, including Harry, but tonight I thought it was night to show off as much as possible. I had on a pair of tight black jeans that were cuffed up to about mid-calf, exposing the smooth skin above the pair of pink and black ankle boots and a black belt to match. Lets just say I looked SEXAY!

“I heard that and I don’t appreciate the threats, I’m nervous enough as it is.” Hermione complained, still locked in the bathroom.

“Hermione there’s nothing to be worried about, it’s just a party.” I said soothingly as I walked up to the door.

“For you guys it’s just a party because, Chris, you’re going to be with Harry, as usual, and Pavarti, you’ll be off flirting with that guy from Hufflepuff that you’ve been talking about—not that I’m complaining because I love that you both have guys to be with—but even if we all do hang out together, I’ll end up looking like an idiot because I know you both look amazing, while I’m still just plain, boring Hermione.” She cried from the other side of the door.

            I looked down for a moment, before my eyes found Pavarti’s own mirroring my concern. I softly knocked on the door, “Mione, please come out.” I urged softly. After a moment of silence the door slowly opened and my best friend finally showed her face. “Where’s all this coming from? What happened to the confident girl we know and love?” I pleaded with her.

“I love studying, and the possibility of being Head Girl fascinates me, but I’m tired of only being known as a prissy bookworm. Even I can’t brush off the snide comments that follow me everywhere forever.” She admitted spitefully. I sighed at her confession not knowing what to say or do for a moment and only a moment. A devious smile found its way onto my lips.

“So, are you saying that you want to change your look, no longer be the innocent good girl of our little trio?” I asked sincerely as I placed my arm around her shoulders and gave her a sideways hug.

“I’d love that, but it’s almost impossible.” She muttered allowing her gaze to now fall to her whit flip-flops while pulling away from my grasp only for me to pull her back.

“Oh no it’s not.” I replied cheerfully as I guided her back to the same mirror I’d occupied mere moments before, “Just sit down and let me work my magic.”

“What are you doing?” she asked skeptically staring at me through the mirror.

“Well, first things first, this bushy hairstyle went out before we were even boring and it has to go.” I smirked as I pulled out every single hair product I owned. “Secondly, I love the long sleeve shirt, jeans and flip-flops, but we’re going to a party, not just walking around the castle, so like the hair, they got to go.” I added as I straightened her hair with my wand to make things easier. “Varti, you just going to stand there or are you going to help out?” Pavarti had been stand in the same place since she got her jeans on with the same baffled expression Hermione wore when I first suggested changing Mione’s style. She quickly withdrew from her reverie and joined us at the mirror.

“I’ll start on the make-up.” She said as he pulled out her rather large make-up bag. I quickly finished with her hair, giving her a simple, yet elegant style before moving onto her clothes.

“You guys this is pointless, no matter what you do I—” Hermione began to whine again but Pavarti quickly cut her off.

“Hermione say one more negative word and you’ll be scrubbing lipstick off your nose and teeth for a week.” She threatened, quickly shutting her up with a huff. I stood for a moment wondering what outfit I could create when a brilliant idea popped into my head.

“Mione, my loving best friend in the entire world,” I dramatized, prompting a suspicious gaze from her, “you trust me don’t you?” I asked sweetly.

“Yes, but I’m beginning to re-think that decision.” She replied skeptically.

“That works for me, Pavarti do you mind if she stands?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m done and Mione you look hot.” She grinned with a small wink as she moved away from us and over to her bed where she admired her handy work. Hermione leaped up toward the mirror to get a better look at herself but I quickly stepped in her way.

“Oh no, you have to be patient m’dear and wait ‘til I’m done.” I warned as I moved her to stand facing me. She rolled her eyes at my comment and crossed her arms over her chest just for me to move them back to her sides with another sigh, “Stand still and think, you Cinderella and we, Fairy-Godmothers.” I winked at her as I picked up my wand once more. With a small swish of my wand the long sleeved white shirt she was wearing vanished and was replaced with a tight, short-sleeved, mid-drift, white t-shirt that said Hermione in big, bold, black and blue graffiti print.

“Chris, where’s the rest of my shirt?” Hermione asked through tight lips. As her arms jumped to cover the exposed skin. I just rolled my eyes and went back to decided what to do with the loose fitting jeans she was wearing.

“I don’t know Chris, it’s really cute, but I don’t think its something Hermione should be wearing.” Pavarti commented apologetically. I grudgingly looked behind me towards Pavarti before turning back to Hermione and moving out the way so that Pavarti could see the shirt better. “Never mind, I take that back, you are the Master of Fabulosity.”

“Thank you but it’s not that serious.” I joked in return, “Now, help me out, I don’t know what to do with the pants. Should it be a skirt, Bermudas, or skinnys?”

“Well seeing as I have on skinny jeans, and you’re wearing Bermuda’s, why don’t you give her some hip-huggers or something.” She suggested.

“Ok, now, if I’m the so-called Master of Fabulosity you’re not supposed to outdo me.” I mocked laughingly. With another flick of my wand the pants he’d been wearing disappeared and were replaced with tight, low cut, dark denim jeans with Granger in the same graffiti print as her shirt.

“I’m loving the name part, I think it’s the only way anyone would recognize her, including Ron and—” Pavarti began before Hermione interjected.

“No, don’t say the H-word unless you want to hear about their latest rendezvous in the Astronomy Tower, or at the Quidditch pitch, or in the Room of Requirement, or—” This time I cut in.

“Ok that’s enough, no need to keep putting my business out there, so can we please switch focus back to Hermione so that we can go party. And FYI you definitely said his name a few minutes ago and I did not swoon.” I said defensively.

“You’re lucky I want to see myself anyway.” Hermione retorted as she turned around to face the mirror and immediately stopped in her tracks to catch her breath. “Wait a minute, what spell is on the mirror this time, because that can’t possibly be me.” She squealed in delight.

“Not this time babe, that’s all you.” Pavarti chimed in as she joined us in front of the mirror. Suddenly the door opened and in popped Ginny Weasley.

“What’s taking you guys so long, Ron and H—”she began but was once again cut off by my two best friends.

“NO! Don’t say his name!” they both shouted before looking at each other and cracking up hysterically. Ginny looked confused for a moment as she turned around to leave, mouthing the word ‘OK’. She quickly stopped herself from leaving, however, and slowly turned back to face us with a now skeptical look place upon her features.

“Hermione, is that you?” she asked fretfully.

“Yes, my love.” Hermione answered brightly and positively beaming at Ginny’s reaction. Ginny was speechless; she could barely even think let alone move. She was completely frozen in shock.

“OK Hermione, now remember that reaction, because Ron’s will be ten times better.” I laughed. Ginny came out of her shocked phase and her face quickly transformed into a sour scowl as she rolled her eyes and left the room; Although I swear I heard her mumbled something along the lines of, “I swear I don’t know why he’s with her.” before she left, but apparently that was my own overactive imagination working against me.

“Come on you guys. We better get going before the boys try to levitate themselves up here or something.” Hermione laughed as she unwillingly pulled herself away from the mirror, where she’d been checking herself out for the past ten minutes. Pavarti and I looked incredulously at each other at her words. We’ been standing by the door for an eternity trying to usher her out and now because she was ready it was time to leave. There was no way we’d let her out the door without a few jokes and laughs jibes sent her way.

“Oh come on, she knows she would love nothing more than to be alone in her bedroom with Ronald” Pavarti jeered in a mockingly snooty tone as she faced Mione before rolling them back my way and crossing her arms over her chest.

“Oh no she wants to leave alright. She wants to hurry on downstairs an show off the new look…and then come back up here with Ron.” I mocked as Hermione pushed us out the door and on down the spiral staircase. We teased her the entire way down until her cheeks practically matched Varti’s shirt; yeah, she really was a Weasley in the making. We walked out the door leading to the common room cackling like crazy and drawing all eyes to us.

“Hermione…is that you.” Neville questioned in awe, speaking the thoughts of just about everyone in the room at the time.

“Of course who else would it be.” She replied as she walked, no, strutted towards the portrait hole. Pavarti and I promptly followed closely behind her walking with the same attitude and swagger that had a few females look on disapprovingly as their guys stared with lust. From behind the dark shades I was wearing I could see out of the corner of my eye a very red—faced Ron staring after Hermione with his mouth agape and his eyes intently watching her hips sway, while Harry looked at me with a small smirk of approval. I tipped down my glasses down as I passed by him, winking suggestively and indicating my head towards the door I was about to walk through as if to tell him to follow; or at least try to once Ron came out of his daze and could function once more.

            When we reached the corridor Pavarti and I couldn’t hold it in any longer and finally fell to the floor laughing hysterically, gasping for air, and wiping the tears of joy from our eyes. “Hermione, that was brilliant, I thought everyone was going to die from shock.” Pavarti chortled.

“Honestly, you guys it’s not that funny.” She said shyly as a small blush crept up her neck and back into her cheeks. We quickly pulled ourselves together and hopped to our feet, however, when the portrait hole once again opened to reveal my favorite guy and his favorite friend. Harry seemed to really be pushing Ron out the entrance which became even harder when Ron noticed that we were still there, he seemed to be mumbling something incoherently under his breath. I broke away from the girls and waltzed over to Harry, pulling him away from Ron, who somehow (Pavarti and I pushed him) ended up right next to Hermione. Now I could hear what he’d been repeating over and over again, “I have a Girlfriend. I have a Girlfriend. I have a Girlfriend.” He eventually cut of his chant when he realized exactly how close he was standing to Hermione. Both of them stared at the other breathlessly.

“Well I can see you guys are putting in overtime in trying to get those two together.” Harry remarked as the he, Pavarti, and I began to sneak away. Leaving those two standing practically toe to toe with shy smiles gracing their faces as they talked in hushed tones.

“Yes we did, which reminds me. Varti, what do think Lavender will say when she gets out of the infirmary?”

“Umm, I think we’re about to find out.” She answered, “Look.” She pointed up ahead at the small figure of a girl approaching us with a huge smile on her face.

“Hey guys, what’s up. I heard about the party tonight and can’t wait. Where’s Ron, did he already leave? I know he’ll be happy to see me after the last couple of weeks. Oh well I’ll talk to you guys later I have to go get ready.” Lavender said quickly as she rushed past our shocked demeanors only to stop dead in her tracks. We all turned around to see that Ron and Hermione had gone well beyond to bounds of friendship, unless friends were allowed to snog each other senseless. Wow Hermione moves fast.

“Chris, feel like watching a fight?” Pavarti whispered as her ex-best friend approached her cheating boyfriend and his true love. (get over the diction I’m in a dramatic mood)

“Nope, and before you ask, I don’t feel like breaking one up either.” I retorted softly.

“What about you Harry, feel like helping you best mate fend off two girls?” she questioned as we began to back away slowly.

“Not if one of them is Hermione. In fact, I feel sorry for Lavender because if she breaks them up Hermione will kill her.” He replied.

“Which is why we should get out of here as quick as possible. That would be a horrible thing for anyone to witness.” I added as we all turned around and quickly made our way to the Room of Requirement. The moment we opened the door the music quickly drowned out any sounds of the yelling we could hear all the way from Gryffindor Tower. Oh well, all’s fair in love… screw war.

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