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Disclaimer: I own nothing except my OC's :) JKR is a genius!

Ayra gasped in utter shock. He was the last person that she would have thought would be in the library. Other than Black. she said to herself. But Black is here, so I guess this is the night for surprises said Voice.…..How utterly spiffing.. 

 His lanky silhouette was tense, leaning against a bookshelf, as if he’d been there for forever. 

 “What are you doing here?” she asked hesitantly. 

 “Shut up Woods. No questions. Why were you looking at books about unbreakables?” Regulus asked demandingly, stepping out from the shadows, candlelight flickering from the now reappeared candle stub on the once soft features of his face. The candlelight ran from the hard, tense features, trying to escape their cold demeanor. 

Ayra stepped back, hurt. He had never used her last name in that way before. Nor with that evil merciless glint in his eye. “I thought you just said ‘no questions.’” she shot back, burned.

“No time to sass me Woods- you good for nothing whore,” he said scathingly, his eyes roving over her t-shirt, boxer, and knee-high socks clad body, “ Meeting up with this blood traitor in the stacks.” He took another step to her, Ayra struggled not to take one back. “ Now answer my question.” he demanded, grasping her arm tightly. 

 Ayra bit her lip slightly as his fingers wrapped around her wrist tightly. That hurts. “Why is it any of your business?” she snarled, trying to yank her arm out of his grasp. She looked over at Sirius, only to see that he had been frozen, still leaning on the table, face turned toward the book. 

His eyes were the only things moving. They met hers, seething with an odd anger that she had never seen before. He’s under a spell. Great… She tried to block the slight fear and annoyance out of hers as a rough shake from who she thought was her friend yanked her eyes back to an intense glare from icy grey eyes. 

 “Just tell me Woods, don’t make me curse you.” he hissed, his mouth mere inches from hers. 

 Ayra glared back. “Why are you doing this Reg? We’re friends. You know you can ask me anything without having to use force.” Ayra grasped his left arm with her right hand, and registered the pain in his eyes and let go quickly.

 “I’m serious Woods--”

 “Actually, Sirius is over there,” she indicated, whipping her head in the frozen boy's direction, “Now could you please let me go?” she asked, even pleaded.

 “Just answer the question, or I’ll curse you. I’m not going to say it again.” his eyes flashed at hers, a cool merciless grey…

 “Well you’re just gonna have to hex me now aren’t you?” she bit back, wincing as he grasped her arm tighter.

 Then she saw it, a moment of hesitancy in his eyes- the only escape she could pray for. “You’re hurting me Reg.” she said sadly, squeezing as much pain as she could into her voice, her eyes brimming with dramatic tears as she looked right into his eyes, trying to pry into his soul. 

 “I…I…..” he looked at the skin on his hand, white-stretched out from holding her so tightly, his veins popping out in intricate designs. He slacked his grip on her just so.

Ayra let a tear fall down her cheek, and he completely let go of her arm so that it fell to her side. He reached up to brush the solitary tear when it happened. 

 Ayra grabbed her wand as she threw a nonverbal hex at Regulus, stunning him for only moments, crashing him into a library case that started to topple over- distracting him for only a moment. She quickly turned to Sirius and preformed the counter curse for the one that he was under. His hand quickly dashed into his robes, pulling out his wand, to turn to the man he had once called brother.

 But Regulus was gone. The library shelf that was almost toppling over was still. A single book lay on the floor, its pages open to a certain entry. Ayra spelled it over to herself and book marked the page. She then turned to Sirius when a creak came from the door and the raspy voice of the Hogwarts caretaker came from the corridor. 


 Sirius winked at her then proceeded to vanish under the invisibility cloak. The last thing she saw of him were his twirling seductive long fingers. Ayra gave the space in which he was the moment before the classic middle finger and blew out the stub of a candle that was almost finished burning out. She vanished the smoke just as a sound filled the room.

 “Who’s here my pretty?” Filches rasping voice came from the door way. The cat came first. Ayra didn’t have but a second to compose……

 Filch came into the room, the smell of smoke wafting into his old nostrils, but once again, he had just been smoking a cigar in the 3rd corridor, so it could have just been a relapse from his lungs. Mrs. Norris winded the table legs. His nose twitched. He knew there was a student here.

 That’s when he saw her. A young girl, walking with her hands in front of her-like a zombie- eyes closed, jibber jabbering to herself. He squinted, trying to place the curly black hair, and the ridiculous pajamas. The word ridiculous pointed him the in direction he wanted to go.. Ah. The infamous Ayra Woods. 

He looked closer, to find that she was actually not connected to the world. He realized this when she ran into a bookshelf and didn‘t react. She bounced off and kept on walking, arms outstretched, walking through the aisles. . He walked up to her and poked her twice. “Woods.” he rasped.

 Her only response was , “Kabba joo meeka rimas loonilepin alaka--”
He grasped her shoulder tightly and shook her. “Ms. Woods!” he said loudly in her ear. The girl jerked and opened her eyes in dazed shock.

 “Wh--shwhere am I?” she asked, sleepily, eyes clearly not registering what was going on around her.

 “The question is, what are you doing up after hours, and in the library-not in your dormitory no less.” he asked. “You’re going to get a detention lassie if you don’t tell me what you were up to.” he said, putting his hands on both his hips. 

 Ayra blushed in embarrassment as she yawned. “Sleepwalking.” she said and turned her heel. “ Goodnight sir.” and brushed by him before he could say another word.

 He could have sworn he had heard a snort of disbelief from a bookshelf nearby. He squinted around in the darkness, but saw nothing. He shook his head. Must have been the elf wine. He thought as he picked up his lantern from the table by the burnt out candle stub and left the room.

 Sirius scoffed as he watched Ayra perform a flawless rendition of marauder rule 24; When in doubt, pretend like you’re sleepwalking. 

 Great rule. He smirked to himself as he watched Ayra blush at the caretaker and walk towards the door. He found himself watching the area of bare leg between her knee highs and orange girl boxers  as she flounced out the door, her now curly black hair bouncing behind her. 

He caught a glimpse of a triumphant smile as she walked out the door, wistfully, for a moment, wishing that the smile that lit up the dark and gloomy library was for him. He snorted at himself. Merlin. We’re talking about Woods here. Who care’s how she smiles?

 He almost scoffed out loud when he saw the caretaker glance his direction. Sirius shook his head. These feelings aren’t part of The Plan. So get rid of them! Conscience shouted in his head. Sirius rolled his eyes in a very Ayra-ish manner and grabbed a book out of a library shelf and waited as it slid sideways to reveal a secret passage way. He glanced back to make sure that no one was here anymore. He puzzled over his brother’s problem for a moment, and decided that he would leave it for later. Then he was gone without another thought.

Ayra smiled as she went up the stairs.

 Oh stop smiling Ayra. Ego’s big enough already without you giving it steroids. Voice pronounced ,irritated, in her head.

 You’re just upset that you couldn’t come up with something better. Ego replied cheekily.

 Ayra grinned to herself as she got into bed, the nights episode shelved away till morning.

 Sometimes, egos are good for something.

Ayra stretched her limbs as she got up from bed. She looked around and realized that once, for a change, she was the first one up. Ayra smiled giddily and jumped out of bed, only to wince as her arm screamed in pain.  

The color faded from Ayra’s face as she looked at her wrist, purple and bruised, and a tad bit swollen. Ayra grimaced as she pointed a numbing spell on it, one of the few healing/helping spells that she had learned while helping the staff plant the Whomping Willow. 

The Whomping Willow had taken a while for Ayra to tame. But it had worked, and now they were friends. If it even was possible to be friends with a tree. One with a dominating personality at that. 

Ayra got up out of bed and took a hasty shower, mentally reminding herself that she had to talk to Regulus later as she soaped down her arm, wincing as she cleaned the bruise. She dried herself off and opened the door, to step out to the girls just getting up and Lily trying to wake Kalahan. Ayra smiled. “Good morning, Lily.” 

Lily whirled around at the voice and then her eyes went wide. “Ayra? Awake? Now?! Oh Merlin. It must be the end of the world!” she said dramatically, shouting the last bit. 

Ayra winced as Lily’s dramatic shout reached her ear and Kalahan jumped straight up. “Whas goin ooon?” She asked sleepily. 

Ayra laughed. “Nothing.” she looked at Lily. “I’m going out for a while, I need to take care of some stuff, so don’t worry about me.”

Lily nodded. “Are you sure that you’re ok? Because you haven’t been up this early since….well, never.” 

Ayra smiled. “ I’m ok, really.” she rolled her eyes as she walked to the door. “Later!”

 She ran down the steps of the empty common room and ran through the portrait. Regulus always ate breakfast early, and Ayra knew that if she wanted to catch him, it’d be then. He tended to get evasive during the day, and you’d only catch a glimpse or two of him, and when you’d call his name, he’d already be gone. Ayra walked through the doors of the great hall with determination, seeking out the face of the person she wanted to see. 

And she saw him. Sitting by himself at his usual spot at the Slytherin Table.

Ayra walked over to him and sat down. “Regulus.” 

He barely even acknowledged her presence. If it wasn’t for the tiny halt of his fork on the way down to pierce another piece of sausage, she would have sworn that he hadn’t even heard her. 

“We need to talk Reg. I’m serious. I don’t know what was wrong with you last night, but we’re friends. And you know you can talk to me about anything.”

He kept looking down at his food. “How could I ever be friends with a person like you?” he asked harshly, gripping his fork with such force that Ayra thought that it might actually break. 

She  looked at him, shocked. “You don’t mean that Reg. I know you don’t.” she said, unbelievingly. She grabbed his left arm and he gasped in pain. Ayra’s eyes frowned in puzzlement as she let go, remembering how he had done that in the library. It had seemed so insignificant then. 

“I’m sorry Ayra, but we can’t be friends anymore. If you’re my friend, then trust me. Leave me alone, If you don’t, they’ll figure out that we’re close, and I care for you. Then they’ll use you against me. And I can’t have that.”

Ayra looked at him confused, mentally asking, pleading for him to look her in the eye. “But Reg- I don’t understand.”

He pulled up the arm of his left sleeve. Ayra gasped.

 On it was the Dark Mark. Ayra had only heard about this briefly. She didn't realize that it had infiltrated the school, much less her friends. 

“But Reg, isn’t that the sign of that crazy phsyco that everyone is just starting to worry about?” she asked, in shock. “The one who’s preaching about pure-blood superiority and all that crap?” 

“Yeah- that‘d be the one.. An hour or two before I was in the library, they dragged me to an initiation in the dark forest. He was there. It’s been my parents ambition for the to join him since I was a little kid, telling me that muggles were worthless and deserved to die. That they were worth nothing to me. That there is no such thing as love. Sometimes I wish I had been more like Sirius. Rebelling against all of that, instead of letting them beat their world into mine, and now its become my world, its who I am, and--” 

“No its not who you are.” Ayra interrupted desperately. “You care, you’re different Reg, I know you are.”

 “I know. But its too late now. I’m sworn to the man- and he has no heart. Has no soul. But I cant leave now, he’ll kill me. I’ve seen him do it to someone. It changed my life, watching the life just leave his eyes. Then I remembered you. All the talks we had, all the fun, even the time that you saved my arse when filch slipped on that banana peel. You were always there for me when I needed you. You just didn’t know it. And that’s when I realized, “ 

He finally looked up at her, his grey eyes filled with sorrow, “That I love you, but I know it was never meant to be. I‘ve been bound to him by an unbreakable vow Ayra. And if I defy him, I‘ll die. ” he looked at her sadly then looked at her wrist. “I’m sorry that I hurt you. I thought that you were on to me, and last night, I decided that I’d show you myself, and tell you. I love you Ayra, and I’m not sorry. Just know that you’re the hope that’ll keep me alive.” 

Ayra looked at him aghast, “Reg- you should have said something-”

“No, I didn’t. And now, you have to listen to me very carefully. Someone’s watching us right at this second. You have to look at me and shout “You  fucking bastard, I hate you and I’m never going to talk to you again.” 


“No but's.” he said, cutting of her protest. “After you do that, you have to leave and really never talk to me again.” 

Ayra fought back her tears. “You’re really serious aren’t you?” she asked. 

“Yeah, now promise me you’ll be strong for me.” he asked, sadness and fear that she’d say no in his eyes. And love. The strongest kind of teenage love there was. But Ayra knew she would never feel the same way for him. In a way, it was destiny. In others, it was fate. 

She forced back her tears and grabbed his hand. “I promise.” 

He looked at her. “I won’t hate you. But you have to do what I told you. NOW.” He finished the sentence sharply.  

Ayra shook her head. “I can’t do it Reg.” 

“You  promised.” he said heatedly. 

Ayra stood up and slapped him as hard as she could. “I hate you, you fucking liar!” she said loudly. “I’m never going to speak to you again! I trusted you. And look where that got me. LEAVE ME ALONE BLACK, because I HATE YOU.” She glared at him through tears, her eyes shooting apologies as she stepped through the table. He glared at her, but she saw the sorrow in his eyes.

“Leave me alone you whore. You’re wasting my time, I’d actually like to finish my breakfast but now I lost my appetite. Thanks. You’re dismissed.” 

Ayra blinked back tears that were threatening to fall down her face. She turned from his table and walked stoically down the aisle, ignoring all the eyes that were looking at her.  she got up from the table and left, pushing by the Slytherins who were coming through the doors of the Great Hall, who rushed to congratulate the boy who had just told her he loved her on ‘telling the bitch how it was‘. She pushed past the last of them and ran to the Great Lake to cry.

A week or so passed, but soon Ayra got over the fact that she couldn’t talk to Regulus, she could just trust his judgment. She saw glimpses of him throughout the day, never meeting his eye. Once his eyes met hers and he gave a curt nod, she nodded back. But since then, life had moved on. He was always surrounded by his Slytherin Friends, and she was with hers. And that was that. On the upside, the weather began to become crisp, the trees began to shiver with the cold. 

Autumn was blazing- which means that Quidditch tryouts were coming any day now! a thought that was in most of the minds of most of the students in Hogwarts. 

The trees were turning beautiful shades of red and gold, the trees dancing merrily in the wind. God forbid you fall under a tapping root. Tis no fun. Ayra thought as she sat in the whomping willow, trying to get a start on her charms essay. A branch came over and rubbed against her arm affectionately. Ayra laughed, a sound coming from her mouth in waves. Then the branch cheekily came up and messed up her hair- forming it into an almost birds nest. Ayra blew the hair out of her face dramatically and fixed her tattered orange jumper that had gotten caught onto one of the trouble makers. She pulled out her quill and began to write her essay. 

Anyone walking by most likely wouldn’t have noticed her- not unless they knew that this was her favorite place to be. Right in the center of the whomping willow. It was her refuge and a great place to study. No one came near here and she could hear the water from the great lake just lapping the shore not to far away. Distant voices and laughter filled the air. Ayra smiled as she breathed in the crisp air and grinned when she saw the progress she had made. 

Name. Date. Subject…

And a sentence. Brilliant. 

Ayra opened the book beside her, scanned the paper with her blue eyes, brushed her black hair from her face, and began to form her masterpiece.

Sirius was pulling his hair out. Well, not literally, cause that’d be stupid, but in all sense of the word, he was stressing himself out. “Prongs, what are we going to do about this?” he said, pacing around the small dormitory. Well, more like, trying not to trip over all the articles flung all over the place. This was also known as, the Room with No Floor. Sirius growled as he almost tripped over a pair of Peters lime green socks.

James shrugged with a worried expression. “I’m sorry mate, but Lily gave me detention, and I can’t skip this time. It’s with Slughorn, and I already talked to McGonagall and with Dumbledore at the Weekly Wizards Meet, I can’t do anything. The horrible old geezer wouldn’t change it for the world.” he finished with a grimace, flopping down on his bed in defeat. “It’s hopeless. I even tried offering him those blasted crystalizegalumed….whatever they‘re called…pineapples. He said he had enough from me to last a life time. I really am sorry.” he added in an afterthought.

Peter looked up from his bed. “I’m sorry too. If James-” he shot a nasty  glare at the boy in glasses, “wouldn’t have been such a prat and let me stop doing what he was doing to get in trouble, I wouldn’t be having detention with him.” he said as he finished putting on his orange socks of the day. 

Sirius glared at the two. “You do  know that I can’t handle this situation all by myself.”

James shrugged. “I’m sorry mate. You’re going to have to. I can’t get out of it, neither can Peter. It’s impossible.” he said with a final note. “You’re just going to have to use all the talents you have. I’m sure you can figure something out.”

 “AAAAAAGH!” Sirius exclaimed, throwing his hands up In the air. “You are all no help. Whatever happened to Marauder Rule Number 2?” he asked desperately to no one in particular.

“We lost the rule book?“ Peter said very matter-of-factly. “Sometime in 4th year I think it was?” he said with a thoughtful look on his face and continued, “ About a week after we made it. I think you were actually the only one who had bothered to memorize the whole thing.”

Sirius grimaced. “That’s because I made up most of the rules.”

Peter shrugged. “Whatever.”

Sirius glared at him. “You’re trying to change the subject. Lets get back on task here.”

“What are we talking about again?” James asked non-chalantly.

Sirius growled and picked up a shoe of the floor and took careful aim at him. “My talent is throwing shoes. Rather accurately. So you better shut up. Or you’re through. Both of you.” he said, picking up another shoe and pointing each to a boy. “And then it’s game over.”

James held his hands up, “I surrender, oh thou who has amazing aim with thy shoes. Please, showiest us thy mercy.” James said, in a pleading melodrama.

 “Oh stop being melodramatic.” Sirius rolled his eyes, ignoring Peters slight snigger and dropped the shoes to put his hands on his hips in a very manly manner.

 I cannot, repeat, cannot, do this on my own. There are no other animaguses in this school!” he finished, slowly making his way over to his bed, passing over a can of open sardines, and dodging a pair of biting boxers. 

James frowned. “We really are sorry mate, but you’re going to have to handle this all on your own.”

Sirius had almost reached his bed and opened his mouth to retort when the door swung open and a tired Remus walked through the door.

“Hi guys. Why all the yelling?” 

Sirius looked over to James who looked over at Peter, who looked back over to Sirius who replied. “Nothing.” in an overly bright voice. “Nothing at all.” he glared at the two. “These two prats are being right jerks is all. No help whatsoever!” He shouted and slammed the door. Time to take time out. 

“What was that all about?” Remus asked, his haggard eyes sweeping over his friends. 

“Just another mood swing.” James said, with a knowing look in his eyes.

 “Ah.” Remus replied dramatically, a hint of suspiciousness in the single syllable. “I see.” 

Peter nodded balefully. “Yeah, he’s been on about it for the past half hour. It was getting bloody annoying.”

Remus just rolled his eyes. “Whatever. So,” he began, sitting on his cot, getting out his wand and darkening the light coming out the windows, the sun beginning to swing the west. “Everything’s ready for tonight yeah?” he asked.

James looked away from his friend. “Yeah- everything’s fine.” I’m such a lair..

Ayra smiled as she climbed out of the whomping willow, leaving a beautiful gold maple leaf where she had been. “Happy Autumn!” she exclaimed, screaming in delight when a branch came up and caught her and flung her in the air. Ayra laughed as the tree took her on a branch roller coaster, screeching.

Sirius stalked out the door into the Hogwarts Courtyard, the clock chiming the hour 7 pm. Only a few more to go. He grimace and ran a hand through his hair, ignoring the girls sitting between the columns instead of winking at them and walked towards the great lake. Past the gates he went, and walked up to the lapping surface. He tried to concentrate on tonight’s plan, knowing it was all up to him to save the situation, but something was distracting him, but he wasn’t sure what it was…

Sirius flicked on his dog senses, listening keen to what was going on around him. He pushed back the sound of the beating of his heart and then proceeded to filter out the sounds around him. E heard the singing of the mermaids, but that he didn’t need either. Sirius closed his eyes and listened closer. 

The lapping of the water was of no use to him. Sirius frowned…then he heard it. It was almost sudden, something that he should have noticed before, heck, he could most likely hear it without using his dog senses. Sirius stiffened upon categorizing the sound. It wasn’t a sound that he heard often.
It was a scream. 

The screaming of a young girl. His senses picked up the waves from where they were coming and ran to that direction, pausing for a moment.  Great, I get to play prince charming once again and go save some maiden in distress…….And if it’s Woods again, I’ll have to swear it was fate or destiny…or something like that. The left corner of his lips lifted deviously. Excellent.

Sirius arrived at the scene of the crime…and stood, gob smacked, as he watched Ayra Woods, how surprising, friggin’ laughing , at least, that’s what it sounded like…while the whomping willow swung her around like a yoyo. Yes, life was odd, but then again, this was Hogwarts. 

“Woods, what the hell are you doing up there?” he shouted with a crazed voice. “You could bloody get killed!”

Ayra’s only response was laughter, as she was chucked up into the air, looking like a ball of orange, black, and jean, as she was thrown around by the crazy insane branches of the craziest tree ever alive.  

Sirius gasped as the tree threw her and let her almost fall to the ground, catching her at the last possible moment. Ayra whooped in excitement and rolled to the ground of the branch. She patted the branch affectionately, like it was a horse, and it nuzzled back happily then withdrew. Ayra waved goodbye, the branches responding in kind. 

Sirius breathed in, only to realize that he’d been holding his breath the whole time. He looked at the girl walking towards him. How the heck did she tame the Willow? We’ve been trying to do it for years!!! he thought, puzzled..

“How the heck did you do tame the Willow? We‘ve been trying to do it for years!!!” Sirius had always prided himself on his creativity.

“Lets just say he’s an old friend.” Ayra said mysteriously and sat down on the ground, facing away from the tree and into the sun that was beginning to set. “You do know about the knot at the bottom right?” she asked, leaving nothing too obvious. Sirius raised a brow.

“Yeah, I know that when you press it, the tree goes still, but that’s all.” he said as he sat down beside her. “ I never actually became friends with it. Every time I’m near it, it bloody tries to kill me!” he said dramatically, throwing his hands in the air.

“Well, we all have our talents. You can turn into a dog, and I’m a tree hugger. Gosh, aren’t we super?” she asked sarcastically, her hands resting casually in the grass. She glanced over at him and watched, amazed, as she watched several thoughts blaze in expression over his face. 

He was thinking. Talents, talents. Something James said.. Something about using my talents…Oh wait. James …What about James? Oh yeah! James had…detention. Detention! Wait…why is this a problem again ..he always had detention…oh yes! Problem.. it was a problem because…oh, got it, Remus’s furry little problem, and ….James has detention with Peter…So, this is a problem because there’s no one to help me! So how does talents fit into this….oh bloody hell! ANIMAGUSES! 

“Oi Woods.” he said. I’m so bloody brilliant it amazes me sometimes.

Ayra rolled her eyes. “Right here. No need to use the ‘Oi.’”

“You can turn into any animal you want, right?” 

Ayra looked at him, seeing the slight desperation in his eyes before answering hesitantly, “Yes?”

He looked at her. “Could I ask you a favor?” he clenched the grass below his hands in victory.  I found the perfect solution to my problem! 

Ayra leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest. “What will you give me in return?” she asked, coyly. 

“Right about now, anything you ask of me. This is really important.” he said. 

Her brow furrowed the slightest bit. “What am I supposed to be helping you with?” 

Sirius looked at her, grimfaced. “A serious situation. A Plan.” he added in a stage whisper.

 Ayra nodded her head in understanding. “Oh, one of those.” she said sarcastically. “But of course, I know everything about them.”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “You know a condition of a certain friend of mine?” he asked, hesitantly. 

“That Remus is a werewolf, and that’s his furry-little-problem? And everybody seems to think its his rabbit at home? Then yes, I do know about that.” she answered.

“Well, I’m the only one who’s free to keep him off Hogwarts grounds tonight, and I need your help. I can’t handle him in his transformations on my own. Usually, James and Peter help out, but they aren’t here tonight. And with your ability, you could help me…a lot.” he finished.

Ayra smiled just a bit. “You need my help?” she asked incredulously, tilting to him, looking him straight into his eyes, trying not to fall into their inky grey depths, the sunlight glinting out of them just so. 

Sirius huffed. “Don’t make this any harder, because this is very hard for me, asking you for help.” He said with mock venom, wanting to brush the piece of hair that was hanging in her eye. Who is this girl, he thought , that is friends with demented trees, can turn into anything that she wants, and is totally utterly getting under my skin?!?!? For Merlin’s sake!  

Thankfully for him, Ayra pushed the piece of accused hair out from her eyes and brushed it behind her ear. letting Sirius let go of the temptation. “Fine. I’ll help you. But under one condition.” 

“What’s that?” he asked. 

“Never roll your eyes like me again.” 

Sirius began to roll his eyes, then caught on to her point. “Oh fine, so can I roll my eyes in a serious way?”

“You are Sirius.”

“Oh haha and a curse to my mother.” he said darkly, then grinned when he saw her lip twitch in amusement. Not that I was looking at her lips or anything. “This doesn’t change anything, you know.” he said. “I still hate you. I just need your help.”

Ayra nodded. “I know. I hate you too. And you‘re welcome.”

 He looked over at her, the sunlight glinting in her curly black hair, turquoise eyes glinting mysteriously with orange sun. “So, we’re on?”

 Ayra smirked. “It’s a date then.”

Sirius had to grin at her after that. He looked over at the sun that was dipping below the landscape, waving a cheery good-bye to the grounds in its own magical shade of orange. His grin faded darkly as the first star twinkled out at him, dancing in its utmost glory- the picture of perfection.  “Shit.” 

Ayra ,startled from watching the sunset, sat bolt upright at his voice. “What is it?”

Sirius quickly stood up and grasped her hand, pulling her up by her arm harshly. Ayra winced, but he didn’t notice. “We need to leave. NOW.” he finished forcefully.

Ayra rubbed her wrist. “Because of--”

But she never finished her question,  for Sirius had intertwined her fingers with his, dragging her behind him, running towards the castle. He glanced back at her once to see her curls tumbling whilst they broke the wind. “Because of the plan.” he said dramatically, “ And we’re late.” he said dramatically. “Very late.”

Ayra rolled her eyes as she ran faster, to avoid being literally dragged by him. Not punctual. Another thing to add to my list.

And with that thought, the sun disappeared over the horizon.

Night was coming, with all of its adventures and as they say, With night comes all adventures, and with most nighttime escapades, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

One can only hope that whoever “they” were, were wrong…

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