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this is just kind of a filler chapter but please still review and tell me what you think! thanks!

Remus had to go on prefect duties, leaving James, Peter and Sirius in search of a compartment. They found an empty one and began to sit down and get settled in for the ride. Further down the train, Serena settled into a compartment by herself. She closed her eyes as she settled her belongings comfortably around her. She cracked one eye open when she heard the door slide open.

“Sleeping, as usual?” A cold voice announced its presence.

“Fuck off Regulus.” She said calmly and Regulus smirked. It had mainly been his friends’ influence that caused him to break up with Serena. He regretted it, just as he regretted spreading those rumors about her. But, when one was friends with Lucius Malfoy, they found themselves doing things they normally wouldn’t.

Serena was by far the most gorgeous girl Regulus had ever dated, or done anything with. However, he had what his father deemed “Black characteristics.” Even though they had been going out for almost a year, Regulus regularly cheated on Serena. He couldn’t help it. Regulus and Sirius were alike in their love of the female gender. Regulus couldn’t stand cheating on Serena, and thought it wasn’t right to keep going out with her. His parents didn’t like her that much; he knew he wouldn’t end up with her. There wasn’t any point in furthering the relationship.

So he had ended it. He deserved break-up sex, didn’t he? He thought to himself.

“Serena…” Regulus said in the softest tone he could manage. She glared at him and he softened his eyes as he looked at her.

Serena was gorgeous; her tan, lithe body stretched across the compartment seemed to be begging Regulus to ravage her. At least, that’s what Regulus thought. Serena saw from the expression on her ex-boyfriend’s face where his thoughts were headed.

“No.” She spoke up. Regulus was snapped back to reality and looked into her cold eyes. “No way. When hell freezes over, the answer will still be no.”

Serena shuddered as she remembered the last time that she had been with Regulus. His tan, strong body fit with her’s almost perfectly. Her grandfather was a tennis player, and he had trained Serena to be the best ever since she was a child. Because of all the years of working out, she was incredibly fit – even though she hadn’t worked out for years. Regulus had been playing Quidditch since birth practically, so his muscles flexed in all the right places, his body showing a rejoice of youth.

Now that she thought back to it, being with Regulus had never felt completely right. There was always something missing, the compassion and love that she wanted to feel so badly, she never did. She didn’t need to think about him, she knew he didn’t feel it.

“Serena, didn’t our relationship mean anything to you?” Regulus attempted a wounded look. Serena looked at him with complete hatred.

“Do you want me to leave, because I’ll leave? I hate you Regulus, I never want to speak to you again.” Regulus looked taken aback by Serena’s insult and ultimatum.

“Fine. I’m gone.”


Serena managed to fall into a dreamless nap when she heard the compartment door open again. Seriously? She thought, thinking Regulus was back. To her complete shock, Sirius Black was sneaking into her compartment. It took her a moment to realize that he didn’t realize she was in the compartment. Sirius seemed to be hiding from someone, the smirk on his face spelled out mischief. Serena felt her knees tremble. Really? She thought again, ashamed of herself. She cleared her throat, causing him to quickly turn around.

“Oh!” He exclaimed with delight. “Girl from the car!” Serena rolled her eyes.

“Really…” She questioned. Sirius laughed and sat down next to her.

“How are you doing Serena?” He asked. Serena was shocked; she didn’t realize he knew her name. Well you know his! A little voice shouted in her head. Why shouldn’t he know yours?

“I’ve been better.” She gave a cryptic response. Sirius looked at her curiously.

God, she’s gorgeous. Sirius thought as he gazed at Serena, who was tossing her hair past her shoulders and down her tan back. He was surprised when she got into the car, but he was delighted when she hopped onto his (invisible) lap. The warmth that her body had radiated was unlike anything Sirius had ever felt. He didn’t even try and hide the fact that he was staring at her throughout the drive.

She had wandered off as soon as they reached the station, but not far enough for Sirius to miss the commotion that she caused by talking to Frank Longbottom. While Sirius had interrogated Remus before he had to leave, he hadn’t been able to get very much out of his friend. He found out she was in Gryffindor, in their year, that she was smart but not a prefect and that the house elves always seemed to bring her pink cupcakes at all of her meals.

When he had set off a firecracker in Parker Zabini’s back pocket, Sirius had to dash off to find somewhere to hide. He had ducked into Serena’s compartment for safety and was delighted at his discovery of the attractive blonde who was sleeping soundly. Though it wasn’t hard to pick up that something was wrong. Suddenly the door was slammed open and James Potter appeared breathless and smiling.

“Hello Prongs.” Sirius said calmly to his best friend. James smiled.

“Padfoot.” James replied then turned and nodded to me. “Kissel.” Serena stared at him; she didn’t even know that James knew her name.

“Potter.” Seemed the best response she could muster.

“Padfoot! I just talked to Longbottom,” James continued. Serena blushed. “He was sitting with Alice and Lilly!” He beamed at the mention of the girl. “Anyways, they say there’s a party in the Common Room tonight. It’s a welcome back gathering I believe.”

“Wonderful Prongs, perfect way to ring in the new school year.” Sirius smirked at Serena. James nodded.

”Well I’m off to find Mooney. You know it will take a while to talk him into coming.” James smirked and Sirius nodded understandingly.

The room was silent when he left. Sirius and Serena sat across from each other. She could feel his grey eyes bearing into her. Moments passed in silence until finally Sirius couldn’t handle it anymore. He ushered closer to Serena, who was staring blankly out the window.

“Will you be going tonight, then?” Sirius asked her softly. He hoped to God that she was, he wanted to get to know her, and to see her laugh and while her golden hair glittered in the light of the fireplace in the Common Room. He hadn’t felt like this about a girl before, though there had been plenty. Sirius could tell there was something about Serena, something that was different.

Serena stared back at Sirius, the butterflies in the pit of her stomach. She hadn’t felt so nervous around a guy in ages. Even Reg didn’t make her feel this bubbly. It’s those eyes… She thought to herself. Unreal. It was more then the eyes though, she realized. It was the look behind his eyes that captivated Serena.

“Probably.” She rolled her shoulders, attempting to look bored. “I don’t know.” Her breakup with Reg had made her feel vulnerable.

“I hope I see you then.” Sirius smiled, then stood up and nodding, walked out of the room.

Her breakup with Reg had made her feel vulnerable, and the compliments from Sirius made all those depressed feelings go away.

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