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Disclaimer: i don't own anything that J.K. Rowling the fabulous wrote... *sigh* so wish i did though............. *imagines*!!!!!! lol. But the storyline and new oc characters that i created are mine mine mine!!!!! Btw just making sure you realize this chapter is set about 4 or so months after the first. Hugs pls r&r!

* * *
Dear Ginny,
We would like to invite you and a partner/friend to join us at Potter manner for a dancing and games night on the 7th of August.
Please rsvp quickly as we have limited tables for dinner.
Yours, Harry and Cho Potter.

Ginnervera Weasley’s glanced up from her short an extremely impersonal letter feeling the usual catch in her throat that she always felt when she read or heard those names repeated. But it was over in a second, replaced by a wave of anger.

‘We have limited tables for dinner’ She read aloud her voice now shaking with anger. Limited tables!!!!

Of course Ginny had seen Luna and Hermione’s letters. The had come weeks before her own, and had obviously been sent out in the round of friends/family invitations, with a much more ‘personal’ feel to them. They had mentioned nothing of limited room! But of course Ginny Weasley did not deserve a nice invitation. Oh no, her years of friendship with Harry meant nothing other than she should be allowed to come if there ended up being enough room to fit her of course.

She felt like tearing up the letter and chucking it in the bin, but of course she didn’t. Ginny was still trying to calm herself down so she didn’t do anything she’d regret. She put the letter on the wooden bench Luna and her (Hermione was in a flat next to her work as she had such long hours) had been using as a table and moved on to the next piece of mail as the doorbell rang.

Ginny smiled, ‘finally’ she though. Quickly she got up from her seat at the kitchen table and walked out into the hallway. Giving herself a once over in the mirror she sighed, picked up her keys and moved off to greet the visitor.
* * *
“But Ginnnnnnnny!!!” Luna whined from outside Ginny’s bedroom door. “Please just give me a clue. I mean come on! I’m your best friend for goodness sakes, don’t I deserve to know” Luna smiled to herself knowing she was using just the right tone of voice that she knew would get anything out of her friend.

“Look, Luna you’ll see him in a second when he comes to pick us up. Plus It’s not like a date, I just needed to take someone the Potters” Ginny spat the word out with as much dislike, Luna knew, as she could muster “Because you and Hermione will be far to busy with your dates to talk to me!” She stated coming out of her room.

“Uhuh. You’re not going on a date. Of course not, but then… why is it that you’ve taken the trouble to put on your favorite dress, done your hair just right, put on makeup which might I add you never do any more and…”

“Alright, alright.” Ginny cut her off mid sentence. “I like the guy okay. I just want to make a good impression. And no…” She made sure Luna didn’t interrupt “You can wait till he gets here because I’m not going to tell you who it is.” Ginny finished and stalked off.

“Humph.” Luna said as she walked up the hall and entered Hermione’s room.

“No luck for you either ay?” asked Hermione from her vanity table.

“No.” Luna told her curtly. “Honestly sometimes I wish daddy hadn’t had his garden destroyed by the Death Eaters. Pickled gurdy root was so good at getting information out of people.” She huffed. But all Luna got for her theory was a determined silence.
* * *
Hermione was just sitting in the lounge room of Ginny and Luna’s flat, about to open her most recent book (A fascinating muggle Medical textbook) hoping to get in a page or two before they had to leave, when a series of knocks on the front door disturbed her. Lifting the hefty book from her lap she jogged to the front door hoping to get the first glimpse of the mystery man that Ginny had been keeping so secret.

She brushed her fringe out of her eyes and turned the door handle. Looking out past the fly wire she saw a young man with light brown hair, tanned skin and the handsome face of Oliver Wood staring back at her.

“Oh you’re here” Said Ginny from right behind her. Hermione had been busy looking at Oliver that she hadn’t even heard Ginny come up behind her.

“I’ve got your cloak.” Luna told Hermione. Turning towards Oliver she then said “It’s very good to see you Oliver. I’ve missed our conversation.” Luna smiled at him.

“I’ve missed them a bit myself actually Luna. I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy recently” Oliver said honestly, moving forward to hug her. He gave Ginny a light kiss on the cheek and a bright smile before turning on Hermione.

“It’s nice to meet you properly Hermione.” Oliver smiled at her and they shook hands.

Hermione turned to Ginny as they made their way across the lawn. “Like your quidich players ay Gin. Must say though, I was a bit surprised when I opened the door. But he seems to have good taste if he likes you, not to mention his excellent pick up car.” She teased pointing at his bright blue combi van with amusement.

“Well. We’ll definitely make an entrance I guess.” Luna commented going in their conversation.

Ginny didn’t grace them with an answer though. She simply walked to the van thanked Oliver for opening the door and hopped in the front seat, forcing Luna and Hermione to maneuver the three broomsticks lying across the back seats, with a smirk (A.N. ummm Ginny’s the one smirking btw…lol).
* * *
So what you reckon…? 2nd chap done. I’m now in the process of celebrating. Ha!
So next chap will be some more tears shed… lol I’m sorry I know your getting bored of angsty behavior but you’ll be happy to know they won’t be Ginny’s and this will be the start of the REAL story!!! So please reply if you can,
Cheers laura (aka lozzi_babe_heart)!!!!!!!!!! Bye xoxo
Btw don’t mean any offence to combi van’s I love em!!!

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