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Any character from the Potter books belong to someone else not to me, if they were mine I would have had the bottle to finish them as they started.

The way it would have been.

My (real) Epilogue

A very confused Ron Weasley stood out side the office trying to figure out what exactly had just happened, Hermione said she was having a baby, Harry’s baby, but that was not possible Hermione was his girlfriend she had kissed him. “Harry bloody Potter is not getting away with this, she’s mine,” Ron said as he sat down beside the door to wait, he would wait all night if he had too.

Inside the office Hermione tried but failed to explain why she had kissed Ron, she told Harry that he did not have to have anything to do with the baby if he no longer loved her.

“But you should know that what ever you chose to do I will always love you, I know now that I should never have kissed Ron, no matter how pleased I was that he had found away to save you, I can only say I’m sorry, and I won’t ever need to say it again,” Hermione said as she held Harry tight.

“You have to be pulling my leg, after what you just did, I happen to be rather proud of you at the moment,” Harry answered her wrapping her in his arms, “I have to get you out of here, we should go find your parents if we are going to get married.”

Harry suddenly sat up and chuckled, he had an idea and hopefully it would not only get them away from their thick friend who no doubt was still trying to work it all out, but they might just get a little bit of fun for a change, at Ron’s expense of course.

Remembering the words that mad eye had used on him what now seemed so long ago, Harry tapped Hermione on the head with his wand, then stood back as she all but vanished from sight.
Turning the wand on himself and tapping his own head he too almost totally vanished from sight, then whispering to Hermione to stand with him in one of the darker corners of the room he pointed his wand at the door.
As soon as Hermione was standing next to him he asked her to keep quite still and quiet, then he cast the Alohomora spell at the door, the door very slowly creaked open.

Harry and Hermione suppressed their laughter as Ron slowly, carefully entered the room, and then with a totally confused look on his face he looked around, his eyes got wider as he saw the empty room, they watched as he bent down to look under the desk, he even moved the chair as though they could both be hiding behind it, then scratching his head they heard his whispered words.

“Damn I must have fell asleep or something,” he said as he raced from the room and down the stairs. The disillusionment charm had worked even better than they had expected.

A month later found the two of them in Australia, by the time their search began to show some success and they had finally got a definite lead on where the Grangers were living there was no way to disguise the fact that Hermione was pregnant, Harry wanted to get married as soon as they could but Hermione wanted her mum and dad to be at her wedding so she persuaded Harry to wait.

It had taken them four months to find and restore the Grangers, neither parent was very happy with Hermione, but she was their daughter and they slowly accepted she had acted in their best interest.

Mr Granger wanted to kill Harry for getting his unmarried daughter pregnant until Hermione was finally able to explain she had been the one who had wanted to wait to get married so that she could have him and mum there when she became Mrs Harry Potter, Mr Granger still wasn’t to happy but he did then accept Harry into the family.

Together with the two Grangers Mr and Mrs Harry Potter found a small magical community just outside Sydney and with a little bit of haggling they managed to rent a small house, Hermione went to see a healer to have her baby checked out as she was worried that the cruciatus she had suffered might have harmed the baby, the healer assured her that the curse was aimed at the nervous system would not and indeed had not touched the baby.

Two months later Hermione gave birth to a beautiful little girl, when they were choosing names Mr Granger suggested Harriet, to which he got three voices all saying “you have to be kidding.” He kept quiet after that.

Both Harry and Hermione decided that they would name their daughter Kathleen; she was just two weeks old when Hermione took her home to the house they all shared.

At the age of three months and two days little Kathy Potter and her family boarded a ship and set sail for England, Harry and Hermione were dreading returning to the British magical community, they knew that they would be subject to a vast amount of publicity, publicity that Harry could well do with out as could his little girl and her wonderful mum.

Mr and Mrs Granger offered them a room at their house from where they could get in touch with their friends and slowly ease back into the wizarding society.

Hermione who before Kathy was born had been eager to have a career and to hopefully make it to the top in what ever her chosen profession might be, stood on the ships deck with Harry standing behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist, they watched as the huge ship slowly docked,

“Harry love would it be alright if I didn’t get a job to soon, I want to spend time with Kathy and making us a home?” she asked watching a sailor throw a rope to someone ashore.

“Neither of us has to work love, we have more than enough money to last a lifetime, so if you want to stay at home well it’s ok with me,” he replied planting a gentle kiss on her neck.

“How many children shall we have?” Hermione asked leaning her head forward to allow Harry better access to her neck.

“How about one every year till we get to old,” Harry laughed.

Hermione cringed at the idea but with a hidden smile she said “Yes ok I reckon as witches bodies don’t age like Muggles about fifty little ones is a nice round figure.”

“Er, how about we split that down the middle and have about four over the next few years,” Harry said as he had visions of hordes of kids all wanting to ride on his back.

“Well that does sound more reasonable,” Hermione said as she turned in his arms and kissed him “I love you.” She whispered as she turned back around and leaned into his chest.

“I love you to sweetheart,” Harry said kissing her neck once again.

As the ship finally finished docking Harry and Hermione were joined by Mr and Mrs Granger, Mrs Granger had dressed her granddaughter warmly and stood holding her showing her, her first look at England.

Having rented a car Harry and Hermione and the family had soon arrived at the Granger house, it did not take long for Hermione with Harry’s help, to clean away the dust that had settled while the house had been empty, their room was sorted out and Mr Granger and Harry left to go shopping for all the baby things they would need.

The first person they contacted to let him know they were back was Neville Longbottom, after him they wrote to Minerva McGonagall.
Word slowly spread that they were back but luckily there was no one who knew where Hermione’s parents lived accept Minerva and they were only bothered by the press when in Diagon Alley.

Neville and his fiancée became the god parents of Kathleen, Harry bought a Muggle bookshop for Hermione and found he really enjoyed working there, so while Hermione stayed home with Kathy for the first three years, while Harry worked alone in the book shop.

Hermione had only been working at the book shop for three months when she told Harry he was to become a father once again. To celebrate Harry with George Weasley as a partner bought a magical book shop and Neville’s wife Susan ran it for them.

Together Harry and Hermione chose and bought a Muggle house just out side the village of Godrics Hollow, they treasured their privacy and guarded it carefully, that meant that they never told any of the Weasleys but George where their home was.
They rarely saw anything of Ron as he seemed to avoid them at all cost’s, Ginny was quite happily married to Colin Creevey and had several children already.
Mrs Weasley had seemed disappointed in them and so they had made one and only one visit to the Burrow since the day they had returned.
It did not matter to Harry or Hermione; they were happy and would remain so for the rest of their lives, their third and last child, their first boy was born on their fifth wedding anniversary.

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