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I was having a wonderful time, now that Poppy was gone. I was doing well in all of my classes, and I had finally made some friends. =`=`=`=`=`=`=`= I was walking on my way to Transfiguration when I heard a low cackle. I looked out the window, and over at the womping willow where I saw Madam pomfrey. She was sitting in a treehouse in her rocking chair. I opened the window. "What in the freakin' world, are you doing over in that treehouse?" I asked. "Well, i was released from St. mungo's, but Dumbledore fired me so i had to go somewhere, and I figured here would be the perfect spot." She said with a guffaw. " "Ok, what the heck why don't you go somewhere else, maybe somewhere where people actually like you." I suggested. "Well, if I went somewhere else I wouldn't be able to get back at you." Poppy said. " Well, why would you want to?" I asked. "Well, because you got me fired, and because your pathetic." She said. "Me pathetic? You're the one living in a treehouse, in a willow that womps things." I said with a grin. "Oh, you are so going down tonight, me and my gang will get you, meet me at 9:00 in the forbidden forest." she said. "Ok, fine I can take you and your whole gang on." I said. "Fine." she said. "Fine." i said . Poppy then stuck her tongue out at me and I walked off. ==`=`=`=`=`=`=`= At 8:30 I decided to make my way down to the forbidden forest. I waited, and then madam Pomfrey, and two other people arrived. 'Well, these are my gang members Floppy, and Doppy." said Poppy. "oh, and now just what will we be competing in?" I asked. "We will be playing the ultimate game of hide and go seek." Poppy said smiling. "Ok then let's go." I said. "Fine, well we're counting first." Poppy said. "ok, I'll hide seeya." I said running away. i ran and then hid next to aragog. Aragog and I had become good friends,after Poppy had shoved me down with him once. "Oh hey." I said. "Evenin'" He said. "I'm hiding from poppy." I said. "Oh, ok." he said. then we sat there and waited. =`=`=`=`=`=`=`= After 3 hours I heard poppy approaching. "Psst, I'll get Poppy, if you bring me food from the feast tomorrow." Aragog said. "Sure." I said, and then we did our secret handshake. He leaped out of his spider hole, and attacked Poppy, Floppy, and Doppy. they screamed. Floppy wet his pants. When I got out of the hole, all I saw was 3 school emblums, Hogwarts for Poppy, Durmstrang for Doppy, and Beauxbatons for Floppy. I happily left and headed up for the castle, but then I decided to have a look up in Poppy's treehouse. When I got up there i saw that Aragog had tied her up inside. I took all her things and threw them out the window. She squealed. I then laughed, and then i left. I went back upto the school, and went to sleep. =`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`= The next day I looked out the window, and saw Poppy, she was untied. She was looking quite upset, and then I saw Dumbledore looking up at her and laughing outside. Then later on I gave food to Aragog, and he thanked me, we then decided to have a club. the members were Aragog, Dumbledore, Hagrid, and I. We had weekly meetings where we practiced our secret handshale and plotted against Poppy. next week we were gonna T.P. her treehouse. =`=`=`=`=`=`=`=`= Write soon, it will be more comical next chapter.

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