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Chapter 22: Boys and Waffles

Well it’s finally here, the day we leave this place forever. I feel like I’ve only just gotten into my groove and now I’m leaving. Thankfully I’ll be far away where I can avoid seeing the results of my NEWTS exams. Those did not go over well. Oh well, there’s more to life than NEWTS and thankfully my Dad barely understands the way my school marks our exams.

I don’t know how the boys finished packing before we did but there they were, outside enjoying their last day fooling around on the Hogwarts grounds while we’re still scrambling.

“Paige, will you stop starring out the window and finish packing, the carriages are going to be here in an half an hour” Amy reminded me.

“Yeah sure” I answered her distantly but continued watching the people outside. I heard her give a frustrated sigh but she didn’t ask me again. Despite her and Remus declaring themselves “friends” it seems every other minute they’re snogging in some empty corridor while Sirius and I make with the awkward friendship. She doesn’t brag or anything but she comes back to our dorm with that glow on her face that she can’t hide from her best friend.

James tackled Remus and suddenly he’s chasing him out of my view and the other two follow. I sighed slightly; I don’t know when I’ll get to see such a playful sight again.

Kimberly brushed by me on her way to the bathroom and hissed “Pathetic” in a low voice. She knows if Amy heard her she’d probably be ending her school year with a broken arm.

Besides she’s completely right. I’ve been mooning over my ex for weeks now. It’s like now that he isn’t available, my self control is being sorely tested. It’s hard not to jump that boy in the middle of breakfast. That’s like combing the two best things in life, waffles and man action, how can a girl resist? Well apparently I can, although barely.

He’s been painstakingly nice to me and kept his word about not going off with some slag. Not that they haven’t tried anything. Girls have been vying for a rebound position since the day after we’d broken up. Of course even though I know he wouldn’t hurt me, I’m completely jealous when they hit on him and feel a sick satisfaction when they get no where.

I never said I was the perfect ex girlfriend.

Spitting on Kimmy’s wand as it waited for her return briefly cheered me up. Lily raised an eyebrow but was kind enough to hold back a repulsed face. Amy laughed, walked over to Kimberly’s trunk, opened it up and tossed an unwrapped chocolate frog inside. We grinned wickedly at each other for our own special little method of saying goodbye to the thorn in our side.

“Are you guys leaving right away after you get home?” Lily asked as she neatly folded her remaining clothes inside her trunk.

Amy grunted as she sat on her own trunk to close it. I could see various items poking out. “Not for a few days” she answered her between strains.

I on the other hand had begun shrinking some of my things, fully taking advantage of my learnin’. “Yeah, my Dad and I are going to have some father daughter time, you know ice cream and cheesy musicals” Pops and I love watching people dancing around and singing for no real reason.

Lily looked at me oddly. “I’m not surprised you’re a fan, but your Dad?”

I nodded solemnly. “Don’t tell anyone but he once played Singing in the Rain endlessly when he’d thought I’d gone to Amy’s for the day; I was actually hiding in my room all day”

“Why were you hiding in your room?” she asked curiously.

I went pink, and Amy laughed, “Go on, tell her”

I looked down and mumbled “I was reading a book”

“What sort of book were you reading Paige” Amy pushed me smiling. Lily looked interested.

“One of them books…that..uh…I was too embarrassed he might walk in…see we sort of get awkward about talking about…well girl things about growing up and such”

Amy fell on her bed laughing. I don’t see how her mother sitting her down and telling her everything in a monotone voice while their house elf cleaned the room was any better.

Lily looked at me, suppressing a laugh herself “Awe, I got a book too, every time an awkward subject came up, a book would be on my dresser a few days later”

Amy sat up abruptly and stopped laughing “Hey why did you all get the book and I had to spend an hour wanting to die while my mom went on about feminine hygiene”

“You are all disgusting” Kimberly noted as she returned from the bathroom. We all watched out of the corner of our eyes as she picked up her wand, dropping it again in disgust. We all went back to our business as if nothing was wrong so I don’t know what sort of glare she might have given us.

I swear I’m going to miss her. Without Kimmy, Lily wouldn’t have been driven insane by boredom and crossed over to the dark side to chill with Amy and I. Without Kimmy I would never have any detention stories (As Sirius says, anyone who is anyone has probably had detention). Let’s not also forget her broken nose brought my best friend cheer as she recuperated in the infirmary last fall.

Life just wouldn’t be the same without Kimberly Roberts. Maybe I should give her a quick hug. Nah, the court would probably let her off in the murder that would ensue because everyone would believe I had been committing a hostile act. Even Amy probably.

“Ready?” Lily asked, her trunk was levitating behind her. Being a witch truly rocks.

“All set” I chirped.

“Ready like Freddy” Amy chimed in and we followed Lily out the door gradually; seriously though, seven years bunking here was too short.

As we rambled down the staircase and walked through the halls silently, the goodbyes of the school’s portraits managed to fill the void of noise. I had never found them particularly chatty but there they were; shouting out parting words and random snippets of wisdom.

“Now that schools done with, you can spend some time working on that waistline of yours”

“OI” I yelled at a medieval lady grinning at me through her frame. Lily and Amy had to drag me away. “She yells rude things all the time; she’s a very insecure painting” Lily told me.

“Don’t defend me carrot top” she called after us “By the way, you were the worst Head Girl Hogwarts has ever seen”

Lily pursed her lips but continued walking. I may of heard the word “Slag” mumbled angrily though.

“Please, you totally rocked Head Girl status” Amy waved her hand dismissively and charged up to the doors leading outside.

“This is supposed to be an epic moment in our lives, where we leave our comfortable digs and go on to embrace a new world of change and whatnot” she informed somberly us and rested her hands on the right and left door. I rested mine on the right and Lily on the left. Amy counted to three.

The doors burst open the obvious light made us squint.

“The new world hurts my eyes” I whined.

“Let’s catch up with the guys” Amy tried to suggest calmly but we could both detect anxious excitement in her voice.

I held a hand up “Wait” Something important needed to be done. I walked over to the wall of Hogwarts and opened my arms wide. Yes, I was hugging my school; I think it was a very nice gesture.

“Bye School, thanks for feeding, schooling and housing us for seven years” I told Hogwarts affectionately. I heard a thump next to me; it looked like Amy had run into the school with her arms open, also for hugging.

“Thanks for everything” she bellowed out, her eyes were slightly watery, same as mine.

“Come on Lily; show how much you love Hogwarts”

I turned my head in Lily’s direction and she looked very apprehensive. Well I guess this area was pretty dirty, not to mention all the moss growing around here. With a deep breath she walked over and awkwardly patted the wall. “Err..goodbye” she said.

“Are you lot coming or are you going to molest the school all day?” A voice called out from behind us.

“Please don’t even pretend you weren’t thinking about it” I told Sirius. Inwardly I cursed the sun for shining on him so perfectly.

“We’re coming” Lily answered him and hurried away from the wall. Amy and I looked at our clothes; there was a thick layer of dirt on them. I shrugged my shoulders. I doubt my dad will be surprised.

“What are you guys going to do with the map” Amy asked the boys as we joined them.

“Left it somewhere special” James winked at her.

Amy looked shocked “No way! For some lucky little scamp to find? You could have made mad galleons if you sold it.”

“I’m sure the next owners will be very deserving” Remus assured her. Amy just grumbled.

We separated into two groups for carriages; our trunks were practically people themselves. The way to the Hogwarts Express was oddly silent. Everyone seemed lost in thought.

When we got on to the train, we’d lost track of the guys and opted for a compartment to ourselves. Lily and Amy immediately fell into conversation about working at the Ministry while I starred off through the window.

“I don’t like this” I announced suddenly.

They stopped talking and looked over at me. “Don’t like what?” Amy asked.

I took a deep breath “I don’t want to leave this train without talking to Sirius, alone.”

Amy wiggled her eyebrows “I’m sure you just want to talk to Sirius”

I groaned a slumped into my seat “Of course I don’t want to just talk but what am I supposed to do, run into their compartment and demand he snog me one last time”

“Seduce him” Amy suggested playfully “Walk in there with swinging hips, bat your eyes…..”

I coughed but smiled a little “Yeah, except I don’t the first thing about luring a boy with feminine wiles”

“True” she agreed.

“That’s why you are going to do exactly what I say” Our heads turned suspiciously to Lily, who had been silent up until now.

She leaned forward, her eyes dancing “I read a lot of books” she explained.



The plan was in motion ten minutes later and let me just say this; I need to get my hands on some of the books Lily has been reading. Making friends with her was probably one of the best things that happened this year. Right up there with finding the kitchens.

Amy led me down the corridor, peering into each compartment. Finally we stopped at open one where we could hear the familiar voices of the marauders.

“Ready?” she whispered and turned around.

“I hope so” I whispered back nervously.

Amy cast a disillusionment charm on me. I closed my eyes and shivered; when I opened them she had already entered their compartment. I could hear her perfectly from outside.

“Hey guys, Lils just went to the end of the train to confront some Slytherins who were harassing first years, I thought she might need back up”

It was simple and to the point. All we needed was them out of there.

I heard them all get up. “Isn’t harassing younger students your job” Sirius asked jokingly. The compartment door open and I made myself flat against the wall.

“Ha ha” Amy said, exiting first, and stood in front of me just in case. The boys followed her out and headed in the opposite direction towards the end of the train.

“I was hoping we could fit in some Slytherin fun before we left” James proclaimed while rubbing his hands together. I don’t think Lily will like that but I think I’ll keep it a secret. They may have not earned their comeuppance today but they certainly have in the past.

Amy turned around as they faded out of sight. “Alright, even when they find out Lily isn’t there they’ll probably end up sticking around for some sort of altercation”

“Thanks” I smiled gratefully at her even though she couldn’t see. She felt for me and gave me a tight hug. I love this girl so much.

“Tell me everything later, I’m positive it will work out for you” she whispered and squeezed me once more before hurrying away.

I watched her leave for a few second then hustled into their compartment. I immediately located Sirius’s trunk and found what I needed seconds after opening it.

I bit my lip and smiled, I can’t believe this was Lily’s idea. What a saucy little sexpot she secretly is.

As soon as I was ready I made myself comfortable by lounging on one of the seats. My heart was pounding like mad but I resolved to keep my cool when they came. If that meant a little hyperventilating now so be it.

They weren’t long; I had only been waiting for five minutes when I heard their voices.

“Man I’m glad Lily wasn’t there to see that” James howled with laughter in the hallway.

“I do believe that was a fine ending to our term here” Remus commented, laughing as well. Okay, it’s show time.

James opened the compartment door and was inside before he saw me but when he did he stopped short, Remus bumped into him and I could see part of Peter now held up outside, where Sirius no doubt was.

They both starred in shock at little old me. Remus turned red and twisted around with his back facing me. James politely covered his eyes with hands. Such gentlemen.

“PAIGE!” he shouted. “Where are your trousers?”

“WHAT?” Sirius voice hollered from outside. Peter was pulled back and Remus after him.

Lily’s idea was all kinds of perfect. I didn’t have any sexy lingerie but she informed me although she had yet to try it herself (I’m totally positive she will) that apparently to some men, nothing is more attractive then a girl wearing their shirt over nothing but her undergarments. “Mess up your hair a little and you could be a cross dressing Charlie Chaplin and Sirius will still be tempted” I somehow doubt Charlie could get his motor running but I took her advice anyways.

I moved from my lounging position with shy smile and sat with my legs crossed, arms spread out on the seats next to me. This was quite comfortable, I could go pants-less more often.

“Uh, any reason you’re in our compartment uhh.. lacking clothes, is that my shirt?” Sirius stammered. Okay bonus points to Lily, he actually stammered I don’t think I’ve ever done that to a dude amidst trying to be alluring.

“I lost my pants” I answered him innocently “So I figured I’d get into yours”

I enjoyed the stunned silence that followed. With one last action I smiled daringly at Sirius.

It happened rather quickly. He shoved James out of the way, pulled me up and kissed me so hard we stumbled backwards and hit the wall.

Sirius parted his lips but kept his head close “Good line” he breathed.

“This is OUR compartment” James complained but we were barely listening, or caring.

“You’re welcome to stay” I offered as I started undoing the buttons on Sirius’s shirt “But I’m doing this whether you’re here or not”

The door slammed shut seconds later. We continued vigorous clothing removal.

“Seat or floor” Sirius asked as he started tugging at his shirt that I was wearing while kissing my neck lightly.

I snaked an arm behind his neck and grinned “More space on the floor.” Then I pulled his head back to mine.


“Chocolate?” Sirius offered me from Remus’s stash as we rested on the floor of the compartment, both sharing his robe as a make shift blanket.

“Mmm, chocolate and one on one time with Sirius Black, what more could a girl ask?” I said happily as I adjusted myself under his arm.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a better combination” He agreed.


I nibbled on a Honeyduke’s bar, everyone once in awhile looking at him and smiling. Our eyes met eventually and his kissed my forehead.

“So I heard about this invention called a postcard” he started.

“Oh really?” I gave him an interested look.

He nodded “Yeah I might think about starting up a collection”

“Everybody needs a hobby”

“Of course it would be ludicrous if I went out and purchased them myself, someone would have to send them to me.”

“Sounds exciting” I pondered with a finger on my chin. He laughed lightly and closed his eyes. His finger stroked my arm almost casually.

I don’t know why a few weeks ago I thought everything would be so final. I’ve got years, hell I’ve got decades to sort myself out. And everybody will be here when I get back. They won’t be exactly the same but they’ll still be the people I fell in with at school. Who knows, maybe I would come back quicker then I thought. Maybe I’ll actually get over myself and go see my mother. Maybe I’ll get trapped in an underground tunnel. At least I’ve made a pretty good time of it so far.

One thing’s for sure, next time I shag someone it’ll be in a proper bed. train floors, while they give off exciting vibrations, aren’t exactly soft.

I envisioned the rest of my day, we’ll pull in. Each girl will probably bawl their eyes out (me included) as we hug each other goodbye, the boys will pretend they have something in their eye and we'll pretend they're still manly.

Amy and I will wait for everyone to be gone and count to three before apparating. I’ll be happy to be home but still sad at the same time. Dad and I will head to the video store. I’ll ask him about Mum. He’ll tell me a story from my younger years like always. He can ever say anything bad about anyone, which I love.

I was pulled out of thought by movement next to me. Sirius stretched bit and sat up “Ow my back” he complained. Awe, him too I guess I should show my sympathy.

“What are you, eighty?”

Or not

“Funny.” He did a strange motion with his torso and I heard soft crack. Stretching his arms again he laid back down next to me.

“Just don’t snore” he warned, slipping an arm around my shoulders while closing his eyes, already somehow nodding off.

I suppressed a grin and closed my own eyes. Maybe it wasn’t that uncomfortable down here. I could spend hours sleeping somewhere worse. The steady vibrations were nice and at least it wasn’t bumpy. It seemed perfectly nap worthy.

As long as those bloody naked leprechauns stay out of my dreams this time.



I know some people thought that chapter 21 was the last chapter, so I hope it was a relief that there was still this one before the epilogue (Which should take only a week maximum to get out, go ahead and hold me to that)

I have one of those Meet the Author pages now, drop a question or two, it certainly took me awhile to sort out

Not to mention I’m a bit of a moron and I’ve already accidentally double posted in the forums :S Just waiting to get the heat from that.

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