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Chapter 9: Dark magic Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. Summary: Is Ariel using Dark Magic? And if she is what will happen? Dedication: To my loyal reviewers…oh wait. I don’t have any. They all disappeared! (Except Anora, I thank you! And my beta, Signeus.) ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Harry entered the common room and there he met Ron and Hermione. “Hey there mate,” Ron started, but upon seeing the look on Harry’s face added. “What’s wrong?” “Something strange is going on with Ariel,” Harry replied. “Is she hurt?” Hermione questioned, looking slightly scared. “No…it’s just, well, things are strange with her. It’s like she’s well…” “Mysterious?” Hermione supplied helpfully. “Yeah, and today. Malfoy came up to us and he was…nice to her. He wasn’t even angry about the insults or anything,” Harry said, very suspiciously. “Something has to be going on.” “Well,” said Ron. “I think we should ask her about it.” “But I doubt it’s anything bad. I mean, she can definitely hold her own. Look what she did to Pansy. It’s just…she’s different. Kind of too perfect, if you know what I mean,” said Hermione, contemplating their decision. “We don’t want her to think we don’t trust her.” “Yeah,” said Harry. “But just ask her if anything is wrong…to be sure.” “That’s a good idea,” said Ron. “Malfoy can be pretty tricky. Who knows what he’ll try to do?” “Yeah Ron, but he was civil to her today. Like he was, well, afraid of her or something. Remember how Pucey acted towards her earlier? That was odd,” Harry said. “Maybe – well, just maybe she’s using er…dark magic?” Ron said, voicing what everyone was thinking. “Ron!” Harry and Hermione shouted in unison. “Sorry, it’s just like you said, Hermione. She’s too perfect,” said Ron, trying to justify himself. “I know what you can do, Harry. Talk to Dumbledore. He’ll know what to do.” “Yeah, maybe I will. I always run into her having these whispered conversations with teachers.” After they decided that Harry would see Professor Dumbledore, they went to the Great Hall to have some lunch and then went to the library to research dark magic. “Just in case” as Ron put it. ~ * ~ They couldn’t find anything in the library that described a dark spell well enough. Probably so no one would try to teach themselves. And when they actually found a book Madame Pince, the librarian, stood behind them making sure they weren’t “up to something”. “Nothing,” Ron said while slamming another book shut. “Maybe she is perfect.” “She can’t be. No one is that good at magic. And she didn’t even get in trouble for such an advanced state of Transfiguration! Something is going on,” Hermione said, getting more and more determined by the second. “I think I found something…Oh my God, I used Dark Magic?!” Harry said shocked, with a slightly sick feeling in his stomach. “What?!” Hermione practically yelled. “What is it?” “Shimmering. It’s a form of apparition that is used by dark wizards to get from one place to another without breaking anti-apparition spells and charms. The first day she was here she showed me how to shimmer. And I did it. I can’t believe I used dark magic!” Harry said, very angrily. “Maybe she didn’t know?” suggested Ron. “And it’s not like you did anything wrong. It’s her fault.” “Yeah, but now I’m definitely going to Dumbledore,” Harry said. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ A/N: Hope that it wasn’t too short. And what happened to my loyal reviewers? Should I put this on “hiatus”?

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