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Harry sighed and laid down on his bed. It had been a long day of training and he was exhausted. He took his glasses off and set them on his bedside table. Running his fingers through his hair he adjusted himself more comfortably and soon fell asleep. 


It wasn’t long after the front door opened and in came the brown bushy haired girl carrying an armful of bags. She grunted under the strain and heaved the bags onto the counter. Sighing she sat on the stool and exhaled – clearly exhausted. 

“Well, the boys won’t feed themselves now will they?” and she got up and started taking groceries out of the bags. 


As she started doing this, in walked one of her best friends, tall and lanky with red hair and a large amount of freckles, Ron took off his coat, threw it on the back of the chair and walked over to Hermione to see what she had bought.


“What’s for supper? Need any help?”


“No that’s ok Ron, I don’t want it burned” smirked Hermione.


“Good point! Call me when it’s ready!” said Ron as he left the kitchen and headed for his room.


Hermione finished getting the groceries out and started making her stew. She had just finished putting in all the ingredients and was going to let it simmer.


Turning away from the kitchen she went over and picked up Ron’s coat and went to hang it up muttering “boys” the whole way. Harry at least picks up after himself, she thought.


She looked around their flat. It was really nice, she thought. With a very large and sunny kitchen, huge family room, a decent sized library for Hermione’s book collection, three separate bedrooms for each of them and their own bathrooms she couldn’t complain. The boys had given her the master bedroom and bath which she absolutely loved. It was off the library and fairly far away from their rooms which gave her complete privacy. Not that she minded, she loved her best friends more than anything and loved living with them.


Ron’s room was typical Ron fashion – very messy. About once a week Hermione would get tired of walking past it to get to the family room where her and Harry watched television, (Ron still didn’t understand why though) and would stop and with a wave of her wand, his room complete transformed. He had posters of the Chudley Cannons gracing the walls and a vast assortment of new products for Fred and George’s shop cluttering the room. With a large bed and desk in the room and everything just thrown in, it looked like a war zone.


Harry’s on the other hand was very simple, with plain walls except for a few Gryfinndor items , pictures of his loved ones, and a very nice comfy bed and a small desk, there was little else to it. Everything was neat and orderly, but Hermione half thought Harry did it only to please her as she was always groaning about Ron’s. She did love to go into Harry’s room and look at the pictures he had on the walls. Most were ones of the three of them, occasionally ones with just Harry and Hermione, some with Ginny and the few precious ones he had of his parents and Sirius. She knew next to his firebolt they were his most prized possessions.

Hermione’s room was quite different from the boys. Her walls were a bright and sunny yellow with a white 4 poster bed, a large desk and bookshelf, which held her favorite books that she couldn’t bare not to have next to her, a comfy white overstuffed sofa that she loved to just lay back on and read her book, and a vanity which held all the makeup Ginny had always tried to get her to wear! She would wear a little makeup here and there, but mostly kept it for special occasions.


Hermione missed Ginny terribly sometimes. Ginny was currently in the United States for advanced Healer Training at CuratioHealers Academy in New York City. She knew it was a good opportunity for Ginny, but it was hard her not being here with everything going on. Since the fall of Voldemort, and the trio’s graduation from Hogwarts, Harry and Hermione were about to be inducted to the Ministry’s Magical Law Enforcement. They were taking endless classes (which Hermione loved), but they were also doing vigorous training that usually left them completely wiped out, and today was no different! They were almost finished, with only their final exams ahead.


Ron was working with Fred and George at the shop in Diagon Alley. Business was booming and the twins needed someone they could trust to stay at the Diagon Alley store while they went off and expanded their business opening up other stores. Ron loved the work, and he found he had quite the flare for sales! 


Hermione and Ron were still in that limbo stage. She knew he thought of them as ‘together’ but really all they did was bicker and she really felt that they would probably be better off as just friends. Ron would always have a special place in her heart, but he was like a brother to her. 


After the fall of Voldemort, Harry and Ginny went back to the way they were, snogging everywhere you looked! Ginny was smitten, and Hermione had never seen her so happy. Harry as well was just beside himself with happiness, but when Ginny announced that she wanted to go abroad to advance her career as a healer, Harry was supportive, but it was obvious he didn’t want her to go. But, Harry, being as noble as he always was, didn’t stop her, but after only being gone for 3 months, Ginny owled Harry and said that while she was there, she needed a break. She didn’t want to have a long-distance relationship, she wanted to be able to concentrate on her studies and have fun, without worrying about Harry.


That was hard for Harry. He knew she was right, and that it was probably the best thing, but he was terrified to lose her. In the end he wrote her back saying he understood, and that he would always be there for her no matter what. 

Since she left, he had been depressed for a while, but threw himself into his training for the Magical Law Enforcement. He was so happy that Hermione was going through it with him and that she agreed to live with him and Ron after graduation. The three of them got even closer, and he couldn’t imagine her not being there with them. 


Hermione finished hanging up Ron’s coat and went to check on dinner again. Figuring it would be done soon she set the table and went to go wake Harry and get Ron.


She knocked lightly on Harry’s door and opened it quietly. She walked in and smiled down at him. He was laying on the bed on his back, his right arm above his head, his left over his stomach, looking so peaceful. She bent down and pushed his fringe off his head and whispered to him.


“Harry, wake up, dinner’s ready.”


Her answer from him was a low snore. She chuckled and started pushing lightly on his arm. “Come on Harry, I know you must be hungry.” 


At that, he opened on eye, looked at her, smiled and with his quick reflexes reached out to tickle her belly. She started laughing and shouted, “OK OK! You’re up, dinner’s on the stove.”


Harry, still laughing, got up, put on his glasses, stretched and wandered out to the kitchen. A few minutes later Ron and Hermione joined him.

All three sat down at the table and dug in.


“This is great Hermione,” Ron said through a mouth-full of food.


“Can’t you wait until you swallow Ron?” Hermione said, slightly angry. “We go through this every night, don’t talk with your mouth full. It’s disgusting!”


“Sorry Hermione,” Ron grumbled.


Harry smiled, he was used to this. His best friends bickered constantly, and although sometimes it was annoying to be around it all the time, he wouldn’t change it for the world. 


They each talked about their respective days and although Harry stayed rather quiet, they had a nice time just chatting and being together. Hermione noticed Harry’s quiet behavior, but figured she’d ask him about it tomorrow on their way to work. It was getting late, and she figured Harry and herself would go to bed early to get a good rest before their exams.


After they cleaned up, she went over to each of the boys, hugged them and said her good nights, and retreated to her room. Harry followed suit, and shortly after, so did Ron.

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