"We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

-Joseph Campbell


Draco slowly sipped his coffee hoping its bitter taste would both wake and warm him. He had not slept well the night before, though he never seemed to sleep well. He had learned to adapt to exhaustion being a constant in his life. The nights seemed to last to long and the mornings arriving to soon. This morning however the Daily Prophet was not in its normal spot waiting to be read by him, and since house elves had been freed from serving wizards anymore he had to go in search of it himself.


“Mother have you seen the prophet this morning”, he asked as he entered her drawing room. She jumped in surprise and he seen her slip something into her desk drawer quickly.


“You are horrible at hiding things Mother,” he joked.


“Oh nonsense,” she said with a nervous smile, “I wasn’t hiding anything.” Draco laughed and shook his head at her.


“You are even more horrible at lying about it,” he said with a charming smile.


“Oh it was just rubbish today, nothing you would want to read,” she said more nervously as he approached the small desk. It was then he knew she was really trying to keep something from him.


“Mother, what is it?” he asked with a sterner tone. She hung her head in shame, slowly opened the drawer and pulled out the paper handing it to him in defeat.


“I just didn’t want you to have to see it,” she said guiltily.


“See…” but his voice trailed off because the front page headline was enough to finish the sentence for him.


Wedding of the year has arrived. Granger/Weasly to make it official today!


Draco’s heart sank and before he realized it he was trembling with anger.


“How long have you known about this?” He questioned Narcissa as if he was interrogating her for a crime.


She sighed in defeat,” Unfortunately long enough.”


“And you did not feel compelled to warn me about this at all?” he asked angrily.


“Draco darling, I just didn’t want to see you hurting over that wretched girl all over again.” She said as she slowly stood and walked towards him. He stepped back from her with every step she took.


“She is not a wretched girl. You can hate her all you want but damn’t at least respect that I love her.” He said in a defensive tone.


“Loved,” she corrected him with a wicked smile.


“I will always love her, “he said with a growl of evil in his voice. Narcissa laughed and when she did so it sounded almost as evil as her sister’s.


“The one thing you and father hate the most is that you can’t control my heart,” he said.


“Yes, but we can control the beating of hers now can’t we,” Lucius said with his cold mellow tone as he entered the room. Draco turned and shot his father a look of pure hate and disgust.


“You must be so proud, Father,” he sneered, “You succeeded in ruining the one chance at happiness I will ever have. And you wonder why I hate you so much”


Lucius laughed, “Oh come boy, you speak such words because you are angry.”


“You know nothing on the bounds of my anger,” Draco said.


“I know you wouldn’t do anything stupid, if you wanted her to live.” Lucius said with a smile of satisfaction.


“Then you don’t know me at all, Father.” Draco said as he pushed past him. And before Lucius could add to the argument Draco had apparated.




Hermione stared over the balcony to the courtyard below. It was a beautiful sunny day, good for a wedding but very windy. Her chiffon dress and veil blew enchantingly with the wind. She had begged Ginny to get her a moment’s peace from Mrs. Weasly and her own mother. They had been crying and fussing over her all morning. She had not wanted a big wedding, but being one of the most famous wizards in the wizarding world, that was kind of hard to get away from. She had convinced herself that is why Harry had not got married yet and if he did she was almost sure he would go to some secluded beach somewhere, but even then the media would most likely find him. She closed her eyes and listened to the wind. This was it, from this day forward she would be bound to Ron forever.


It was with that thought that a single tear escaped her delicately mascara water proofed eyes. She loved Ron, but she often question if she was in love with him. He made her very happy and she was comfortable around him, she accepted years ago that was the best it would get for her. No one could ever be Draco and she could never love anyone like she still loved him. But she was convinced he was forever lost from her. She had come to terms that she would never see him again. She had pleaded with every god in every religion to bring him back to her, but her prayers had always gone unanswered. He was lost to the darker side of himself, of his family’s legacy.


“Mi, it’s time” she heard Harry softly say from behind her. He was, out of all her friends, her very dearest and the most understanding about Draco. She turned to him as she wiped the solitary tear from her rosy cheek.


“You sure about this Hermione,” he asked? She knew that he knew who the tear was for.


“I was just saying goodbye,” she said managing a brave smile.


“Ron loves you more then he ever could,” Harry said defending his best friend’s loyalty to her.


“I know,” she said with a beautiful smile. “I love him too.”


Harry knew to drop the subject of Draco at that point. He held is arm out to her and she linked hers around it. He was walking her down the isle since her father had passed away two years earlier from an unsuspected stroke. As they approached the main part of the abbey Hermione heard the orchestra switch from a classic waltz to Pachebel’s Cannon, the song she decided to walk down the isle to.


She glanced nervously at Harry through her veil and smiled. He squeezed her hand in reassurance.


“Are you ready?” he asked?


“I’m ready,” she said with an excited smile.  

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