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But that’s not why I'm here
I came down here to tell you
It rains in heaven all day long
I wanna find you so bad and let you know
I’m miserable up here without you
Miserable up here with out you

The truth about Heaven- Armor for Sleep


What the hell is that?


“Ava, what are you doing? You’re going to wake up Sleepy head over there.”

Oh I guess that’s me, little do they know I’m awake. And I guess that would be Ava’s fault. What is she doing, ugh I don’t want to get up. Ok, well just five more minutes.


Ok…. I guess I don’t even get five more effing seconds.

“AVA ROSE, WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD ARE YOU DOING?!” I couldn’t even see what she way doing, I was tangled in blankets. This is so not a good way to start the morning.

“Oh jeez, sorry Lor, I’m looking for a book.”

“Ok, well couldn’t you do it quietly? This is the last day before classes start, I need some rest. So please could you stop?” I was pleading, she was lucky I wasn’t on my hands and knees.

“No, you don’t need anymore sleep it’s almost 1. Come on, up, up, up” Lily was slowly trying to de-tangle me from the mess of blankets. “Oh Lor, I have a question.”

“Umm, ok then ask.”

“Well last night, you were sort of um screaming. I guess it just was a bad dream. But care to share?” She sat down on the edge of my bed, pulling the last part of my blanket off my face. Her face was emotion-less.

“Hmmm, I don’t’ remember, sorry.” I was such a liar.

Last night I had the dream with my dad in it. Twice in less then twenty four hours and I did know that I was screaming. It woke me up. This dream needed to stop, I was already going crazy. It probably meant nothing, I was just being silly.

“Oh and here’s your iPod, it ended up on the floor.” Ava put it on my nightstand, and went back to rummaging for her book.

“Thanks, that must be great for Merv.” Yeah I named my ipod, actually my mum named it. Got a problem?


I was up and dressed, walking around the grounds. I need some time to think, some privacy, it was drizzling. So I was sure to get my privacy, no one comes out when it’s raining. Besides, I love the rain. Most people want sunny days and cloudless skies. I am the total opposites. I wanted to stop walking, so I spread out my jacket and sat down underneath the big tree next to the lake.

Hmm. I love the smell of the rain, sweet and electric. I brought my knees up and hugged them to my body, slowly rocking back and forth. A burst of lightning lit up the sky. It was absolutely beautiful, the rain blurring my surroundings, like paint running on a canvas. The lightning highlighting everything around it. The wind whipping my hair around my face and the thunder conducting the storm. I could sit here for hours, doing nothing and still be happy. I wasn’t thinking about anything, not my dream, my future, not even Sirius. The “Shhhhh” sound of the rain and the pitter patter on the leaves calmed me. I sat there just sitting. That is until I heard footsteps behind me. I didn’t want to turn but I could feel someone behind me. I looked straight forward, my eyes narrowing. I knew who it was. I just knew.

“Hey Lor, I just wanted to make sure you are ok, no one knows where you are. Well I do obviously….. “He sat down beside me.

I didn’t want to ruin the moment, if I said anything then he would think I wanted to talk. Then he would bring up yesterday and the dream. But I couldn’t just not say anything, so I carefully kept him off any kind of subject that might lead to the dream.

“How did you know I would be out here?” Ok well I really wished I had brought another jacket, I was freezing my arse off. My teeth were gently chattering so I closed my mouth to stop them.

“I don’t know. I just know that you liked the rain. It was just a guess.” Sirius took off his coat and put it around me. The smell was intoxicating, I slid my arms through and leaned against the tree so I could look over at Sirius.

“Thanks, so, why did you want to find me?” I was dancing on a fine line. My question sounded like an entrance to his question. But it wasn’t and he knew that.

“I don’t know. I was sorta bored I guess. James disappeared some where with Lily. Yeah Remus is my best friend, but he is reading. So it’s not the best idea to interrupt.

“Wait, Lily and James went where?” I was laughing and Sirius started too. It was a bark like laugh. Usually obnoxious, but not today, not at all. It was nice.

He leaned over, putting his arms around my shoulders. I leaned back slowly setting my head against his chest and he put his chin atop my head. I was comfortable and happy. We sat there for awhile, watching the rain.

“Um Lor?” I opened my eyes slowly, I wasn’t asleep. I couldn’t sleep.

“Hm?” I looked up at him, he was smiling and looking back

“I think we should go inside, look.” He pointed out from underneath the tree, it was pouring. I could barely see anything around me; I don’t know how I didn’t notice. The sound was loud and slightly deafening.

I sat like I was for one more minute, then I slowly got up and picked my jacket up. Took Sirius’ off and put my own on, handing his back to him.

He slid it on and grabbed my hand, “Ready… 1….2…3… GO!” I was confused, what were we doing? Ok I was confused til he pulled me out into the rain and started running to the castle.

I tripped a couple of times but every time Sirius tightened his grip and let me get my footing again. By the time we were back in the castle, we were soaked. My hair was sticking to my face in separate bunches of light curls and waves. I was shivering still. Sirius’ hair was sticking up in different areas and his eyes were the prettiest color of blue, I have ever seen. He was shaking his head like a wet dog. I was laughing. It seemed like that was the only thing I had been doing while I was with him; laughing.

He lightly took a strand of hair off my face and tucked it behind my ear. He touch made me shiver but he couldn’t tell. The cold was doing the same.

“Come on, let’s go get some warm clothes. Race ya to the common room.” He looked at my with an eye brow cocked, in a challenging way.

“Yeah ok, on the count of three, you count it off” He was on two and I started running. I could hear him pretend to growl at me and I just kept running, as fast as I could. He was right behind me, he grabbed me around me waist and pulled me behind him and took the lead. He won of course, he probably would have anyway.

“Cheater” I said surprised.

“One shouldn’t speak.” He said the password and we walked in.

“Hey loves, um why are you dripping wet?” Ava was sitting in a chair reading Twilight.


Twilight…. Is amazing
Stephanie Meyer is amazing
Me, Lily, and Ava are all obsessed
And in love with Edward Cullen
If you haven’t read it I advise you too
Like it’s just the most amazing thing in the
World. Ok well anyway…


“We were sitting outside when it started pouring, enjoying yourself some Edward?” I walked to the edge of the stairs ready to go up and change.

“Wait, who’s Edward?” Sirius looked so confused, I stifled a giggle at the look on his perfect face

“Go get changed, I’ll tell you in a bit.” With that I left him starring and ran up the stairs.

As I stood there undressing, I started thinking. Today with Sirius was so much fun, it did seem like he liked me, I mean it did right? If not then he bloody well was a great friend. I was over thinking, I did that a lot lately. I grabbed my purple, dark blue and black plaid aerie boxers and my matching black cami. I threw them on and put my hair up into a pony-tail.

I hopped down the stairs with perfect balance, surprisingly. At the end of the stairs on top of the table was my, well ok my brothers, gray hoodie. I put it on and sat down next to Sirius. He was wearing gray sweats and a white tee.


Speaking of Avery, he does go to Hogwarts. But at the moment he is helping our great aunt with something at her house. He will be here soon enough.


“Ok so who is this, Edward you speak of?” Ava glanced up at us, wanting to hear my answer.

“Ok well, he is the most amazing guy on the face of the fictional earth and I want his children…even though he can’t have any. But that is beside the point.” I was rambling and Sirius was just starring between me and Ava.

“Um ok, so why is he so amazing? And what do you mean fictional?”

“Well he is just described as this amazing human, er sort of, and I mean fictional, as in he is in a book.” I stood up and grabbed Ava’s copy, sticking her book mark in place and handed the book to Sirius.

He looked at the apple on the cover for a moment and turned it around and read the back. After a minute or so he started thumbing through the pages and reading random parts. Every so often when I knew where he was, I would give my critique on the page. He stopped in one area and started reading:

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb….”

I glanced up at him and he looked at me. Before I even though about it I said that next line in the book.

“What a stupid lamb”

Sirius smiled at me and continued

“What a masochistic lion.”

He closed the book smiling at me with this look in his yes, I couldn’t think of a word for it.

That was one of my favorite parts of the book.

“Loren, what does that mean?” He said it slowly and handed the book back to Ava. She took it slowly and looked at me oddly.

“Well, I suppose it means that Edward being the superior creature and Bella would be inferior at least she thinks. He is the stronger of the two and then she would be weaker, a pairing you normally wouldn’t see. Two totally different um creatures falling in love against all odds, they made it possible for each other. The greatest of loves.” I looked up through my lashes.

Sirius looked down at me and placed his hand on my arm, “Well what’s wrong with two totally different people falling in love?”

“Ughhh----“I didn’t know what to say, I was just out spoken, my heartbeat increased and I let out a breath.

Lily ran into the common room and up the stairs. I was saved by the emotional red head. Me and Ava got up and ran after her, leaving Sirius sitting alone on the couch.

We ran up the stairs into the common room, Lily was on the bed with the covers over her head and we could hear shaky sobs. I sat down on the floor next to the bed.

“Lily, where have you been and what’s wrong?” Ava sat down next to her and rubbed her back.

“Lily, why are you crying, please tell us what happened!” I was on my knees at the end of the bed looking up at her.

“I – I- I like James. “ She was sobbing

“Well of course you do silly, we all knew it, well at least me and Lor did.” Lily pushed her head out and Ava reached over to smooth her hair out.

“What do you mean you knew?” She looked slightly upset that we knew her news.

“Well it was obvious sweetie, but why are you crying? Did he do something? He better not have or I’ll kick his ass.” Ava’s has a bit of a temper when needed.

”No, he didn’t do anything. We were just talking to the professor about our duties this year and he seemed so mature and different.”

“Well maybe he is Lily; he wouldn’t be the only one who has changed.” Lily looked at me with a questioning glance and I just turned my head toward the window and stared out into the rain. I didn’t know what I would have said to Sirius if Lily hadn’t intervened.

Ava and I sat there with Lily for the rest of the night, a bit confused and amused. She cried about liking James. At one point I could feel hot tears prickling my eye lids. There wasn’t any real reason for me to cry, but I was just frustrated with myself. Ava just sat there and looked gone. I wanted to kick her and make her cry with us. I wish she would admit to liking Remus, sure they were total opposites. But don’t opposites attract? We sat there, the three musketeers. We ended up eating chocolate and calming down enough to just talk. We were there for each other. We knew it. Being able to cry together bonded us forever.

We had school in the morning, so we talked and felt sorry for ourselves til 11:30 and then we showered, got out our clothes out for the morning and lay down in my bed. Sometimes one of us would sniffle. After a while we mellowed out and blew out the candle. I put my iPod in the speaker thingy so we all could listen.

The last song I heard made me think what it might be like to be with Sirius. More then friends, I knew that we could be together. We knew everything about each other. We fit together like puzzle pieces, but I just wished he knew that.

Him and her
Life is turned
The day I knew you would leave
I can barely breath
Can you hear me scream?

Thrown in all directions
You epitome of perfection
She's lost her will
(She's lost her will)
Time is standing still

A/N- Ok so this is chapter four. The last song is Time stands still by The All American Rejects. Hope you liked it and I figured since I had it written to give you a bit from the next chappie.
If you like it review and if you don't review. Just review if you would.

I reached across the table and gave him a smack over the head. I was laughing at James’ immaturity when Sirius pushed his plate forward with so much strength, food went flying everywhere. He got up and marched out of the Great Hall.

“What the bloody hell is his problem” I asked wiping mashed potatoes off my face.

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