Author’s Note: ok since someone brought this up last time with the whole third person-first person thing all first person parts are of their thoughts

Chapter 5: Reflection

Three pre-teen girls stood at the base of a tall healthy looking oak tree, on a sunny clear day, though the seen that was happening was all but happy.

‘This isn’t fair Mimi! We were supposed to be friends forever, why do you have to go?” a tall stick figure girl with a short styled bob cut, complained holding back a tear.

‘We planned everything out, since day one; we were gonna be inseparable’ another girl with long straight hair chocked out, already having a few tears

The third girl, that the two were both addressing, just stood there looking down at the ground, silent tears rolling down her cheeks.

‘I know this is bad-‘she finally started only to be cut off by the first girl

‘Bad? Bad! This is horrible… Mimi, its bad enough that you’re leaving us, but you even have to change who you are just so you can go to some mysterious boarding school, that neither of us have heard about, its not worth it!’ with this Mimi looked up at her friend, not even wiping her tears away shamefully; her eyes looked red from crying, and with this site, the second girl went over and hugged her, getting the first girl mad. ‘Kate why are you hugging her, don’t you realize what she’s doing! She’s leaving us, never to return, and she isn’t even gonna be the same girl we know!’

Kate spoke up and shot daggers at the first girl ‘Lea don’t say that, you make it sound like she’ll return a monster or something. She’ll come in the summer time. Can’t you see that she’s having a hard enough time as it is?’ looking over at Mimi, sharing a sad smile.

Lea still appeared furious. Summer was ending and she felt like all her plans had been destroyed. Yes she loved her best friends, Kate and Mimi, but she was clouded with anger once Mimi told both of them she was going to a distant boarding school.

They had been friends their whole lives, causing mayhem and sharing laughs the whole way through. They planned their futures together; taking the same classes in high school together, going to the same collage, sharing a flat, making it big. But all that went to a mental halt once Mimi told them the news. Truth be told, Lea felt betrayed and lost without her, she was the glue to the Trouble Trio, with her brilliant mind, coming up with all their pranks and plans. She was more afraid than any thing; it would be an end to the Trouble Trio, and it just wouldn’t be the same as just a duo.

Looking at her two friends she let out a long aggravated sigh and sat down on the green grass below her, then shared a look with her two greatest friends, then looked shamefully down, picking at the grass. ‘Its just not fare…’ she mumbled. Mimi went down, sitting on her knees in front of her friend ‘I know it isn’t’ she said softly ‘I don’t want to leave you guys, but I want to go, the only thing keeping me back is you two’ looking between her two friends, Kate had already went down to sit beside Lea, sharing a sad lonely smile.

‘we want what’s best for you Mimi, and we still love you, no matter what colour your hair is’ she laughed ‘just promises us that you wont change yourself, I don’t think neither of us could ever take you to be a Barbie when you come back’ Mimi winced, making Kate laugh.

The girls called a group of superficial girls Barbie’s. They were superficial girls that were total bitches. They tried to act ‘perfect as plastic’, it was a suitable name. They were the sworn enemies of the Trouble Trio ever since they made fun of Lea. Kate use to be somewhat of a Barbie, but once the Barbie’s did something unspeakable to Lea, Kate went to console her and became her friend, making the beginning of the Trouble Trio.

‘Where is this ‘Hogwarts’ anyways’ Lea finally spoke up ‘I guess I owe you that much, but be prepared, I don’t want you to freak out on me’ Mimi said jokingly.

For the rest of the day the three girls we’re under the oak tree, their tree, talking. Mimi told them about her finding out that she was a witch. Then she talked all about Hogwarts. Her friends did in fact freak out a bit, and after much talk they came to an understanding; they would not let anything get in their way of their friendship, and seeing that Kate and Lea are hopeless without Mimi’s cunning prank ideas, that she would send them a letter with ideas so that the Barbie’s wont miss the Trouble Trio.

Suddenly I feel a rush and open my eyes, I sit up from my bed, waking myself from one of my usual flashbacks, but this time feeling flushed, confused, exhausted, and depressed. I should be use to this; but feeling the wetness on my cheeks as I bring my hand to my face, I can see that I will never get use to it.

That was probably the worst and best day of our friendship; Kate, Lea and I. Ever since I can remember being here at Hogwarts, there hasn’t been one year that I haven’t had that dream.

Even it being one of the most stressful times I can think of ever having, I can’t help but smile. That day started as a living hell with telling them I had to go, but instead of the end, it was just the beginning; we grew stronger with those last few weeks of the summer. There were a lot of tears shed the day I had to leave, and I did hate that I was leaving them behind, but I knew that I would see them again.

That first day of school when Professor Dumbledore gave me that diary I didn’t fill it with thoughts of every boring day, like your typical teenage girl, but at anytime I felt alone, scared, and wanted nothing more than to just run back home. It was more like …my escape, my inspiration at times, just to collect and forget my thoughts; it was just somewhere to let everything out.

I never read what I wrote in there; I would become even worse out as I already was, just dwelling on the scars I had filled it with. I couldn’t exactly tell Ron and Harry; even after all our adventures, I still wasn’t as close with them, not like Kate and Lea; no one could ever get that close with me, I would never allow it.

I knew I could never get like that with a couple of guys; they would never understand, and I knew that especially with Ron.

Yes Ron; he was always getting me upset, and it all started with him back in first year, back on that fateful Halloween day; Ron had managed to catch me off guard that day, and it was the worst day he could have done it too; that morning, at breakfast, I got a letter from them, Kate and Lea, telling me their latest prank [that I came up with by the way], how everything was going, and how much they missed me. But I didn’t read the letter until lunch time, and that’s when I saw them, Harry and Ron, with a group of Gryffindors.

Now I was always one for eavesdropping, and I was just curious on how the guys acted when I wasn’t around you know, so that’s when I heard Ron’s comment; me having no friends and all. Time just felt like it stopped right then, there was nothing more that I wanted to do then tell him off, yelling at the top of my lungs, telling him I did have friends, good friends, ones that cared about me, and were waiting for me, but I couldn’t.

No one knew how I was, no one would ever know, I wouldn’t allow it. I made them think what they wanted to think, and that’s all there was to it. I couldn’t hex him, or like I would liked to have punched him, surely getting me a detention from McGonagall for muggle fighting so I didn’t. It made me so angry that all I could manage was to cry. That’s when I ran off to the bathroom, skipping class, feeling more of myself than anything, but that, as you all know, got me into another problem with a certain troll…

Another reason I couldn’t tell them is because they didn’t know who I really was; because I never let them know. I don’t know why I let them believe that I was just some shy book worm, and I don’t know why I never let them in on my home life, even when they asked me I would just brush it off and say that my parents were dentist and nothing more. All they knew was that I was smart, but before they knew anymore of me I just ran from it.

I could never let them know on how I was, I was probably, if not worse, as Malfoy, and seeing from the whole disbuite from first year, even before the sorting, there was no way I could become anything more than an enemy with Draco Malfoy.

Yes, Draco Malfoy, he was always the one who seemed like in control, even if it was just from his name, and over the years he started becoming more and more, interesting to me. Though around 4th year, he became more and more of a pretty boy, ‘Ken’ if you will [the male Barbie]. If that wasn’t just the thing, he was also showing qualities that took away from his charm; his ever-so-evil and manipulative smirk, his crude comments, his coward ness, his needs body guards, and the fact he didn’t like me off the bat because of my blood. Now if those aren’t enough to ward me off they also intrigued me.

With that last though, I decide to drag myself out of bed and into the bathroom. Looking into the mirror I realize that I actually, at one point last night, got changed into something to sleep in; a long white wife-beater, with a pair of short silk black shorts, like I usually wear, but I also notice I’m still wearing the makeup I was wearing last night, I cursed myself for that, because even though it hides the fact that I was crying in my sleep, it also smeared a bit from my tears.

I start to run the tap, adjusting the hot and cold to make sure it would be the perfect temperature. Once I finally got it, I put my hands under the tap and splash my face, ridding myself of the black from my eyes. The water calms my eyes, and in a way relaxes me; like I was washing away my problems, along with my tears of anguish. Turning off the tap I dry my face and reach for my tooth brush, going through my morning routines, when I heard a noise from the other side of Draco’s door, most likely him waking up.

~ Draco *

Waking up with a weird feeling overpowering his body, he gets up from the feeling of silk sheets that are spread over his bare chest, pushes them off lazily, then brings his legs over the bed’s edge. Still feeling the same feeling over his body, unable to shake it off, he decides to go and splash some water in his face before he gets ready to go to breakfast.

As he walked in his noticed that they was somebody else in there as well, and when he adjusted his eye sight to the bright lights of the bathroom he saw her. All the events from the previous day came as a flash to him as time stopped –the train, the kiss, her flying away…the bet- yesterday just seemed like a dream, a very strange and bazaar dream, she could almost pass as somebody else with her short auburn hair, and fitting clothes, but looking into her soft chocolate-brown eyes… he knew it wasn’t.

She just looked so different and that kiss… it haunted his dreams that night, he almost didn’t want to wake up. As he looked at her, his hormones were going into an uncontrollable wave, forgetting who the person in front of him was, maybe just wanting to forget. He couldn’t take it, he wanted to just think of her as some random girl and drop a line on her, or just stare at her for what would seem forever, but knew he would curse himself later so he forced himself not to.

He kept trying to remind himself that this was Granger. No amount of physical change could change how she really was; a stuck up, know-it-all Mudblood. As long as he reminded himself of that he wouldn’t have to worry about anything. He could help but just look her up and down, letting his hormones come over him for that split second; despite the fact he knew who she was, and being just reminded of it.

Ok, did she always have that hour-glass shape? He couldn’t help but think. She was wearing a pair of short black shorts that landed just a bit higher from halfway to her knee, as if hugging her hips then falling out. She wore a long tight white wife-beater that showed off her curves.

That uniform of ours defiantly doesn't do anything for her.

Wait what the hell am I thinking! Ew, I shouldn’t be looking at the Mudblood, especially like that.

Oh please you know you like it, you just want her to pin you against the wall like she did on the train…

Ok I do NOT need to be reminded of that little ‘incident’ it was bad enough that I thought all night of it, I don’t need to be thinking of it. I was merely in a sexual block, and she just happened to be there.

Ah, huh, sure it was a ‘sexual block’
his mind mocked back. Before he could mentally kick himself for arguing with, well…with himself a voice broke him of his thoughts. 

“Ah, Malfoy?” 

Looking up to the source of the soothing voice that had interrupted himself, he saw Hermione. She held a toothbrush in her hand, and her other hand on her hip as she had an eyebrow raised, giving him a questioning look.

Trying to collect his thoughts of, not only her just catching him checking her out, but the fact that she had the nerve to act the least bit superior than him, trying to make him look, and feel like he was not a Malfoy; who had always had power over all. With this thought at mind he looked her up and down, but this time with disgust, and went off to the sink like she wasn’t there.

As Draco was trying to get his thoughts in order and concentrate on his hair, Hermione was putting away her stuff and then left the bathroom. When she did he looked back at her retreating form with the corner of his eye, as her hips swayed when she walked, then she was out the door. After a couple of seconds went by, he let out a sigh 

Now this is defiantly going to be interesting... 

Author's Note: ok, ok for one I am sooooo sorry for the wait this was just a fill in story so I was pretty much clueless on how to do it or end it (that was the part that stumped me for a wile) and this is DEFFINATLY not my best chapter...probably one of my worse but things are going to turn up soon.

So this was somewhat on the background on how Hermione use to be, you'll get some of these in the coming chapters -- and it shows a bit on Draco...fairly boring if you ask me so ForgiveMe**

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