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Rosevine returned to her dorm where Malfoy was sleeping in the bed. She grabbed an extra blanket and pillow from the closet and curled up on the couch. She was sure She’d hear about it in the morning but didn’t care at this point.

Sure enough, the next morning Rosevine woke to Malfoy screaming at her. 

“It wouldn’t have made a difference. You were passed out so you wouldn’t have even noticed if I slipped into bed next to you or not. Get over it.” she said grabbing her clothes out of a bureau. She walked into the bathroom to take a shower to cool her head. After she turned the water on, she set her clothes on the sink counter and hung a towel up on the railing next to the shower before she climbed in. I knew he wouldn’t leave me alone. she thought when Malfoy came in to the bathroom behind her. She turned her back to the door, hoping he was just brushing his teeth. Unfortunately her hopes disappeared when the shower door opened seconds later. She refused to turn around, not wanting Malfoy to see anymore of her then he already had. “Get out.” she grumbled, grabbing the towel and wrapping herself in it, not caring that it got soaked. “O my god, Malfoy! Put a towel on!” she shrieked turning around to find him naked. Reluctantly he wrapped a towel around his waist, before closing the gap between them and forcing her to back up against the shower wall. “Malfoy I swear if you lay a hand on me….” she began. 

“You’ll what? Tell your precious Potter?” he spat. 

“Get off me!” she yelled slapping his approaching hand away. 

“Look Rosevine, you’re my fiance and there are certain things that I expect you to give me. Now drop the towel and be a good pureblooded slut.” he smirked until she slapped him, never learning to control her temper. 

“I’m a virgin Malfoy. And if I am to be forced to lose that to you, it’s at least going to wait until our wedding night. So you better get used to waiting.” she said pushing him out of her way before opening the shower door. She put my pajamas back on, using her towel as cover and grabbed a different uniform and robe before going to the girls bathroom not far away to get dressed. After she managed to get dressed she returned to her room, and put her makeup on in the bathroom. 

Malfoy came in and put his hands around her waist while she used a spell to dry her hair. 

“You smell amazing.” he said. 

“That’s nice. Now get the hell off me.” she said shrugging out of his grip. 

“Hold still.” he said planting kisses on her neck. Rosevine turned around, putting her hands around his neck. She smirked before bringing her knee to his groin. 

“What the hell Rosevine?” he asked crumbling to the floor. 

“Don’t ever make the mistake of underestimating a woman’s wrath Malfoy.” she said squatting down to pat his head. She stood and walked out of the bathroom, grabbing her school bag on the way out, her heels clicking against the hard floor. 

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