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Snow started to melt unusually fast over the next few days. Well my blissful mood was certainly short lived. A bit like the snow. There is never enough time to enjoy the snow, it falls for a few days once a year only for it melt away just as you start to get rather fond of it being around.

Auria went from being my best friend to the most annoying person on the face of the planet. I grew bored of her constant need to talk of weddings all the time. Colours, floral designs and china plates, the occasion made me want to stick my fingers into my own eyes. If I felt like this when she nattered on about the marriage goodness knows what Draco was doomed for once he was in it.
Part of me was just purely irritated about how infuriatingly obsessive my friend had become over this subject and part of me was bitter that I simply wasn't in her place. Like the saying goes, you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Well it's true!

Not only did I have this constant circle of wedding talk hitting my ears 24/7, I also had a constant stream of letters sent to me by my father threatening me into joining the deatheaters. These letter at first came once every two or three weeks but it had now become a daily habit and if I didn't receive one it shocked me.

'Miss Van Luton!' came a call from down the corridor behind me.

I recognised the voice straight away as I spun around on my feet.

'Yes Professor Carrow?' I replied rolling my eyes slightly.

The tall wizard came striding over towards me with that stone cold look he had constantly plastered upon his face.

'What are those on your feet?' he demanded.

Looking down I smirked slightly as I suddenly realised what he was gesturing at.

'Leather boots sir' I replied holding the smirk to my face.

'Yes I know what they are, I'm sure you are aware of the proper school attire that must be warn during class times?' he frowned obviously not impressed by my remark.

'Well if you knew what they were then why did you ask?' I sniggered slightly shaking my head.

Professor Carrow fell silent for a moment with a look of pure disbelieve upon his face, I knew that I was now pushing the right buttons and that a detention was lined up for me but at this point I really didn't care.

'Now I don't know what has gotten into you Miss Van Luton but if you are not careful you'd be up for a detention and I know how much you love them' Carrow replied looking flustered.

I shook my head slightly.

'Whatever Professor' I sighed before walking away from him.

Suddenly I felt a tug as someone caught my elbow, spinning round I found Draco standing in front of me.

'What was all that about?' he asked giving me the same stern stare that Carrow had just graced me with.

'Nothing that concerns you,' I answered pulling away from him freeing my elbow.

'You could have been seriously hurt, you don't want to be talking back to anyone right now.' he replied his stern look turning into concern.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, suddenly Draco Malfoy was giving me advice about staying out of trouble at school. What made him so high and mighty all of a sudden?

'That's rich coming from you!' I sneered, 'just leave me alone, don't you have some wedding plans to go sort out with your little wife?'

There was a slight pained look in his eyes as I stood before him in an angry silence.

'I don't understand, Anna what's wrong?' he whispered edging towards me.

'Oh nothing, don't get to close you have a reputation to with hold remember?' I whispered back turning away from him and walking away.

'Hey Anna Banana!' came a cheery voice as I entered the common room.

This time I just carried on walking pretending as if I just hadn't heard Auria greeting me. I just wanted to be alone, I was getting tired of people, I was getting tired of myself.

As I entered the empty dorm room I noticed a small note sitting upon my bed. Slowly opening it I hoped to myself that it wasn't my father. Yet my hopes were very much diminished.


You stupid girl this time it is serious, You've got to make it known where your loyalties lie.
If you do not choose the Dark Lord then you are no daughter of mine and you are good as dead to me.
I know you will make the right decision.

Reuben Van Luton

I felt hot tears sting my eyes as a surge of fiery anger started to grow rapidly inside of me. Taking the letter I held it in my hands letting the tears roll down my face. With out any other thought the letter was torn into pieces as I pulled it apart with all the energy that I had left. It was then that I began to sob.

This was a major identity crisis, everything that I thought or knew was completely turned upside down and this left me defeated and warn out. If I made up my own mind it would be the wrong decision in everyone else's eyes, If I went with what everyone expected of me then it would be wrong in my eyes.

'I miss you brother' I sobbed as I suddenly realized what he must have suffered going through something very similar to myself.
What sort of father throws his own children out onto the streets?

Stepping out into the corridor I knew straight away that I needed to get my head clear. I headed towards the grounds where I intended on getting some fresh air.

As I strolled slowly near the lake I watched as the sunset across the water, it was almost like looking over two skies. My mind was a whirl as I took in a deep breath letting the scent of the trees and freshly cut grass flow through my nose.

'What are you doing here?' I heard

Why won't anyone just leave me alone? I thought to myself in frustration.

'I'm walking Longbottom, what does it look like to you? I snapped bitterly as the tall boy came walking towards me.

'Well I just thought....' he stumbled over his words.

'What did you think I was doing? Sneaking off to do the dirty work for Lord Voldemort? Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm just walking' I blurted out, tears stung my eyes as my voice broke under the stress.

Longbottom stood silent for a second clearly unable to find the words to say to me. Taking in his shocked expression I felt a pang of guilt hit me, I really wish it would stop doing that, I never used to feel so guilty whenever I snapped at a Gryffindor. Stupid concious.

'Neville listen I'm sorry, I'm just having a bad day, well more like a bad life' I apologised quickly.

This caused the look on Neville's face to intensify as the realization that a Slytherin had just apologised to him had kicked in. This must have been even more baffling to him. If I was Neville I would be extremely suspicious of my actions.

'Why are you being so nice?' he asked suddenly.

I laughed to myself as I felt the irony of life take a good kick at me.

'I honestly don't know, maybe call it a change of heart' I replied taking a seat upon a nearby rock.

Neville stood over me one eyebrow cocked up obviously trying to work out what was going on.

'I mean can a person like me who for the last 7 years would bully others just change drastically over the space of a few months? Cause that's what's happened and I don't want to fight on the dark side but I feel like I have no choice, I'm really struck' I began to sob as I rested my chin under my hands.

Neville's eyes softened slightly as he took a place next to me.

'I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't, just like my brother, he was killed 17 years ago for changing his mind for becoming a better person, there is not a day that goes by where I don't think of him' I cried.

'I'm sorry' replied Neville

'So am I' I whispered back.

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