Chapter 1 Unexpected Magic
Hi everyone!! I’m slightly nervous. This is my first fanfic ever and I surely hope to get a good response. After all, encouragement is all it takes. Thanks to Logicalraven whose stories inspired me to write my own!!! Please read and review Nothing is my own
Harry Potter sat alone at the window, watching out at the evening sky in the small town of little Whinging. The rows of houses in the private drive were as normal as they could have been – portraits of cottages shadowed by proud patches of grass & flower-beds which grew as a remainder of the rain that had soaked the locality after last year’s drought like conditions. This was Harry’s home, no matter how much he hated to call it so. Harry Potter was as different from his surroundings as he possibly could be – He was skinny, shabby and certainly not normal! He could be called abnormal because he was a wizard. A Wizard in his sixth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, as he had hopefully cleared past his OWLs. The results were due to arrive in a few weeks time & Harry was surprised at his lack of enthusiasm towards them. Actually, the end of last year had been too harsh on him. He had learnt the reason behind Lord Voldemort’s attack causing his parents’ death & the memories of Sirius’s death were still tender. Harry forcefully decided to break his chain of thoughts & wandered out of his bedroom. There was still time for dinner and he wasn’t quite sure that it would meet his needs considering the diet that Dudley had been forced to follow for past few years. He found his way down the stairs and greeted his aunt a good evening in the kitchen. Altogether, this year’s stay at private drive had been much more tolerable than Harry’s past experience. Aunt Petunia had unexpectedly grown a soft corner for him after last year’s talk about the return of Lord Voldemort. Uncle Vernon as well had been a little lame at his taunting due to the fact that he had been threatened by a group of trained wizards and was forced to keep himself under control. The only person who seemed to have remained unchanged was Dudley Dursly. He had grown even more indignant towards his cousin as if to account for the lack of loathing shown by his parents this year. As if to confirm Harry’s opinion, he banged into the kitchen at the precise moment and started yelling at him – “YOU!! You broke my new computer game. I knew you had your eyes on it ever since Aunt Marge gifted it to me last week.” “I did not”, Harry replied coolly. He seemed to have perfected the art of controlling his temper since last year, though he wasn’t sure how long would he be able to restrain himself from shouting. “Oh yes you did! I know it. You are a lying scumbag exactly as your parents were.” “Keep your filthy mouth shut.” Harry spat feeling his temper rise sharply. At that moment Uncle Vernon came barging into the kitchen apparently just to ensure that Harry didn’t use magic because he made no effort to stop Dudley’s earsplitting yells. “Aunt Marge was right”, fumed Dudley “ A spoilt bitch always yields a spoilt pup.” Harry couldn’t take it any more. The only thing that Harry could think of as he found himself progressing on Dudley was to strangle him on the spot. As if to his wills command, a knife flew off the rack and zoomed towards Dudley missing him by inches and boring through the kitchen door instead. Harry only saw Dudley faint with a “whoop!” before he found himself pinned to the ground and choking under furiously red-faced Uncle Vernon’s weight. “I’ve had enough of this nonsense!” He cried at the peak of his voice “I don’t bother knocking the air off a few W-people if I have to, but you are getting no more V.I.P. treatment in this house. And I’m allowing no damn owls anymore” Harry was thinking along the same lines. It was a matter of time before the ministry owl notified him of his expulsion from Hogwarts. He was sure even Dumbledore wouldn’t be able to save him this time. Being provoked by a brother was in no way a life-threatening situation. “You are eating nothing! And after you starve, you will be left to rot in your room. You’re going nowhere near that mad-school of yours again . . . .” But Harry wasn’t listening. His mind had gone numb & nothing going on around him made much sense. He didn’t even protest as his uncle dragged him up the stairs inhumanly & dumped him on the bed. He didn’t even notice as his uncle locked the door of the closet in which most of his belongings and his wand were kept, or as he cursed when Hedwig nibbled him sharply for locking her cage. Harry heard the lock ticking and knew that he had been imprisoned in his room. But there were more pressing matters at his hand. The ministry owl had never been so late in delivering a bad news. Though the protection around the Ministry of Magic hade been tightened after the attack of Voldemort on the building, there was no reason for delay in posting official letters. Harry lay awake for what seemed like hours before he realized that there really was no owl on its way. Either the ministry had considered his mistake just because he was ‘the boy who lived’ or his magic had gone undetected. This had never happened before but a wizard’s life was full of surprises and he accepted this as a blessing just before he felt his eyelids drop and with a last prickle of his scar, he dropped into deep slumber.
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