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Disclaimer: I am not an idiot ... I'm a dreamer.

Authors Note: Hey guys and gals! my new word is poperee or however you spell it. i'm not too sure why but yeah... so How are you? Everyone hating school if you go ... or work? I'm in year 10 at the moment, worst year ever! GCSE's BLEGH! It's just a big punch in the crotch! Ok I need a wee so read! please! x

The day they were returning to Hogwarts, Kerris got a rather unusual and infuriating wake up call from James and Sirius including a bucket of ice cold water … you get the picture. Kerris jumped up from her bed, drenched, grabbing the howling James and Sirius’ collars and dragging them into her smallest wardrobe. She shoved them in there, quickly grabbed a chair and positioned it against the door, preventing them from escaping. Whilst James and Sirius pounded their fists on her wardrobe door, Kerris decided to take a fairly long shower. She finally got out of the shower and dressed herself in her favourite pair of deep blue skinny jeans, a strappy hot pink, low cut top. 

If the last glimpse of summer is fading away, better make the most of it!
She thought happily to herself. 

She also put over the top, a white cardigan. Kerris strolled into her room to find James and Sirius thumping, even harder if possible, on the wardrobe door. She grinned and sauntered over to the shaking wardrobe. She knocked on the door.

“Kerris let us out now!” warned Sirius

“You’re gonna regret this later!” said James threateningly

“You should have thought about this before you two decided to dump water on me!” Kerris argued. James and Sirius had many comebacks, most of them being sentences of swear words. Kerris, tired of hearing them ramble on, removed the chair from the wardrobe door. She grinned at them as they came tumbling out, before running down stairs for some protection from her mother and also a spot of breakfast.

Kerris held her, rather large, suitcase in one hand and her carry-on bag in the other. She waited for James and Sirius to lob their suitcases in the boot of the car before she carefully place hers on top. They were also giving Tom, David, Michael and Ellie a lift to the train station, who were family friends. Tom was in seventh year and knew James and Sirius well, David was in fifth year, Michael in third and Ellie was in second. It was a bit of a squish in the car, but they somehow managed.

James somehow called dibs on the front seat before Kerris could get a word in. So she got into the back, where Sirius was already sitting. Tom suddenly got in behind her, along with Ellie, David and Michael. Crushing her into Sirius.

Oh for heaven’s sake!She looked up and then realised her face was right in Sirius’.

“Helloooooo.” she said in a bit of a Liverpool accent. He started to laugh loudly, unable to suppress it. His breath tickling her chest. She then swivelled her bum so she was sitting properly in her seat. Ellie suddenly kicked David, causing her to ram into Tom, causing him to squish into Kerris and causing her to be well and truly wedged in between the two boys. Kerris gasped for air seeing as they were practically on top of each other.

“Oxygen becoming a bit of an issue here guys!” she virtually yelled, making all of them laugh, execpt Sirius, who now was able to control his amusement, and James, who rolled their eyes. Mrs. Potter then got into the drivers seat.

“Everybody with us?” she asked.

“Wait, wait,” said Kerris mockingly, as if she was checking if anyone was left behind. She paused for a few seconds and then continued. “No, it’s ok I’m here.” everybody in the back, save Sirius who rolled his eyes, laughed whilst her mother and brother shook their heads at her.

“Is dad not coming then?” asked James.

“Can you see any room?” asked Mrs Potter.

“Ok point taken.” said James.

Mr Potter stood out on the driveway waving to them as they drove off towards King’s Cross Station. Mr. Potter, however didn’t know how much havoc he was causing in the car by that one simple wave.

“Ouch!” yelled Kerris, not that angry though, as Tom waved goodbye to Mr Potter, along with the others. “Tom, your big, fat arm is in my face!”

“Sorry.” he said smirking towards James, in the front seat. The entire journey was, well, cramped. Sirius and Tom teased Kerris the whole way there, causing her to join Ellie in the kicking club.

Once the arrived at the train station, they all came tumbling out, like some sort of clown car. Kerris grabbed her suitcase out of the trunk and helped Ellie, the youngest, with hers. The eight of them walked down the platforms, until they came to platforms 9 and 10. She said goodbye to her mother and then got ready to run at the wall. Michael and David ran at the wall first, followed by Ellie, then Tom and then herself. Once she had made her way onto platform 9¾, she walked into the crowds of people saying goodbye to their families to make way for James and Sirius, who would be stumbling into the magical world any second now…

The magical world’s platform was ten times busier than the muggles whole train station. There were crying mothers of first years, parents making sure their children had all of their luggage, owls swooping around the train station, steam puffing out from the train, frightened muggleborns left right and centre and the sight of her best friends running towards her.

“Kerris!” yelled a girl with curly black hair excitedly, pulling Kerris into a backbreaking hug.

“Hey Natalie!” said Kerris, pulling away to look her friend in the eye. “How was your summer?”

“Oh, you know, same old, same old.” Natalie said briefly. In other words, she went to her summer house in Dakota and had a fantastic time.

“Elis!” said Kerris pulling her brunette friend into a hug. Elis had a short bob and brown eyes. Kerris pulled away then pulled her red headed friend into a hug “April!”

“Hey Kerris!” said April with a warm smile “How’ve you been?”

“Great thanks, how about you?”

“I’m good.” she replied. Kerris smiled at all of her friends.

“It’s so good to see you all, I missed you so much!” she said, unable to stop smiling.

“Me too!” said Elis “I missed not having you all over.” Usually for a week in the summer holidays, Kerris, April and Natalie would be invited over to Elis’ and they would do girly things like shopping, watch romantic movies followed by funny movies and talk about boys. It was awesome. But this year Elis went away for the whole summer holiday to Cyprus. Hence the reason for being so brown.

The girls boarded the train and found a free compartment. They all sat down and began to chat.

“So Elis,” said Kerris turning to one of her best friends “You got prefect huh?” nodding towards her badge. Elis’ lips slowly smiled.

“Yeah, Dumbledore must want me to calm you lot down.” Elis said grimly “He must think I’m some sort of super hero.” Natalie suddenly stood up and puffed out her chest in the manner of a super hero.

“Don’t worry madam!” she said in a powerful voice to Kerris, offering her hand “I shall save you from this evil fiend!” indicating Elis, whom was looking at Natalie rather annoyed. Natalie pulled the laughing Kerris off of her seat, as if she were protecting her, she then drew her wand as if it were some sort of sword and pointed it towards Elis. “Avast ye evil sorceress!” she yelled making Elis’ annoyed expression turned into a reluctant look of amusement.

“Ah!” exclaimed Kerris from behind Natalie “Tis’ I that is the evil witch! I was able to fool thee into thinking that t’was I who was in need of rescuing!” and with that she also drew her wand. Natalie narrowed her eyes jokingly on the girl who stood behind her. She suddenly turned around to face her opponent. The two began jabbing their wands at each other in as if they were in combat.

“Yep.” Elis confirmed aloud “I’m going to fail miserably this year.” Natalie and Kerris looked at Elis and laughed.

True, Kerris behaved extremely like her brother, misbehaving in classes, pulling all sorts of little ‘stunts’, her and Natalie acting like complete twats, but somehow managing to pull it off, and not to mention making nearly every person of the opposite sex swoon, or just look at them with complete lust, but she was also extremely different from her brother, unlike her brother she had a very bad temper and was not to be messed with. The only person that has messed with her temper and still lives to tell the tale was Sirius Black. He knew exactly what buttons to push with Kerris to make her fume. However the scores were even seeing as she knew exactly how to get under Sirius’ skin with ease. James had rarely been able to annoy Kerris that much, which soon retaliated on himself, so he soon became annoyed that she would act so cool and collected with him.

The girls finally settled down and began to talk about the classes they were going to take that year. The train journey had at least gone on for about five hours and was rather dark outside. There was at least another three hours to go. The train suddenly jolted furiously, causing Natalie to fall onto the seat opposite her, whilst Kerris tumbled to the floor. The girls looked at each other in shock.

“What on Earth was that?” asked April looking out of the window at the train tracks as the train itself began to slow down.

Kerris picked herself off of the floor and opened the compartment door. Apparently other people had felt the jerk of the train as well, due to heads poking out of compartments all down the train. Kerris stepped out into the corridor to get a proper look down the hallway. The train suddenly jerked powerfully again, causing Kerris once again to fall to the floor. The lights had suddenly turned off making the moonlight glint eerily off of her face. Kerris stood up and looked around. She knew exactly who was to blame for this, and with that she set of down the train looking for her dear brother.

Kerris stumbled down the corridor in darkness for at least twenty minutes until she finally found her brother. He however was not in a compartment, he was in the door way of some sort of closet, with Sirius next to him, fiddling with something inside. Kerris snuck up behind them, to get a closer look at what they were doing. There were dozens of buttons, levers and wheels on some sort of gigantic machine.


“I knew I’d find you in the middle of this!” she said to the two boys, shocking them immensely.

“Jesus, Kezza!” said James, clutching a hand to his heart “You scared me half to death!” Kerris smirked.

“What are you two doing anyway?” she asked, her arms folded. James and Sirius smirked at each other.

“We’re planning a little ‘last year welcome gift’ for the Slytherins” said Sirius unable to stop grinning.

“Is this something I’m going to want to hear?” Kerris asked, worriedly. James and Sirius both shook their heads menacingly. “Well, what ever you do, don’t come near me, my friends or my compartment.” she warned. Kerris then turned on her heel and began to walk down the corridor.

James and Sirius were now out of sight and the lights still hadn’t come on. She looked behind her to see if anybody else was down the corridor. She looked back forward just in time to see her nose walking right into a very solid person. Kerris toppled over and fell flat on her back.

“Sorry!” came a male voice, it was deep and had a certain … quality that made Kerris blush, luckily this mysterious person couldn’t see her redness due to the lights remaining out.

He stuck out a hand and helped her up. Kerris gladly accepted his hand and pulled herself up. She was able to see his face slightly clearer in the moonlight once she had gotten closer. He was definitely handsome, he had curly black hair and gorgeous grey eyes, his arms were strong as he held her up and obviously had a well built chest, yet there was something oddly familiar about him. He was too examining the girl that had crashed into him, she blushed a brighter shade of red as he stared into her true hazel eyes. She noticed him smirking.

“I’m Reglus by the way.” he said, now smiling

“I’m Kerris.” she said smiling back warmly. Reglus’ brows furrowed as if he were trying to figure something out.

“Aren’t you James Potter’s little sister?” he asked

“No.” she said matter-of-factly “He’s my older brother.” Reglus laughed

“Oh, see I was under the impression it was the same thing.” he said, making her giggle.

“I’m sorry, just get sick of the fact that people know me because of my brother.” she said rolling her eyes.

“No, I actually heard of you before your brother.” he chuckled, which made Kerris frown in confusion.

“Really?” she asked incredulously “How come?”

“Well I heard people talking about you in my first year at the feast.”

“Oh really?” she asked interested “What year are you in now?”

“Sixth.” he replied, she smiled at him.

“You seem a lot older, you look as if you should be in seventh.” she told him flatly. He chuckled.

“Yeah I have been told that before, but you don’t look that young yourself you know.” he responded, which made her blush even more. “Well Kerris, it was lovely bumping into you, but I should get back to my compartment now.” he said politely.

“Likewise.” replied Kerris. They both smiled at each other sheepishly before saying bye.

Kerris walked into her compartment with a smile on her face. A few minutes after leaving Reglus, the lights had come back on and the train began to move again. Her three friends had apparently had a visit from the trolley lady, due to the Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans all over the compartment, about six Chocolate Frogs, four Liquorish Wands and three Pumpkin Pasties. Kerris sat down beside April, whom apparently was the leader of the Chocolate Frogs. Kerris smiled sweetly at April before taking a one of her army members and unwrapping it.

“You’ve been gone a long time.” stated Elis just as Kerris was a bout to take a bite of her Chocolate Frog. Kerris paused and looked at Elis oddly.

“Well done.” said Kerris, like Elis was a spastic. Her frog then leaped out of her grip and flew right out the window as Elis gave her a look of annoyance and the carried on.

“Did you find out what all the commotion was about?”

“Oh, yeah --um-- my brother and Sirius are planning some sort of last year welcome back ‘gift’” at the word ‘gift’, Kerris made little speech marks with her fingers, “For the Slytherins.” Natalie began to chuckle slightly.

Awesome.” she sighed, Elis gave her a stern look. Natalie sobered up rather quickly “That is appalling!” she tried to cover up, sounding disgusted. Kerris smiled, whilst silently laughing to herself.

I love Natalie

Natalie was definitely one of the funniest girls she had ever met.

Elis was a lovely girl, she was bright, beautiful, kind-hearted and sweet in her own little adorable way, but one thing that was completely opposite to all of them things was that she was bloody scary! She would just give you a glare that made you want to gouge your own eyes out so you cant see her and she had that kind of psychopathic calm voice when she’s angry that makes you want to run for your frigging life! But other then that she was really quite sweet. Elis was definitely the responsible and sensible one of the group. Her hair was a dark shade of brown and it was styled in a bob and she had chocolate brown eyes

April was the oldest of the clique she was like the big sister that taught you how to put on make-up, sneak out of the house and how to get drunk…properly. She was considerate, stylish, gorgeous, sexy and funny, however she did have a rather weird phobia of gloves.

I know right?


I still don’t understand it.

Natalie and Kerris went out to Hogsmeade one day to by two pairs of gloves each just to freak out April. Kerris began to smile.

The look on her face was priceless.

April had red hair that reached the bottom of her shoulder blades, she had added some different shaded red streaks in her hair that were gelled in a spiky fashion, it gave her that sexy hardcore look and her eyes were a dazzling ocean green colour.

Natalie was probably Kerris’ best friend in the group. She was kind, helpful, bubbly, loud, fun, very attractive, charming, mischievous and hilarious. A rather upsetting thing about Natalie though, was that she suffered from depression, and Kerris, not liking to see a friend in pain or sad about anything, got upset herself, evening out her friends depression, so it wasn’t so heavy on Natalie’s shoulders. They would usually spend the depressing days in their dorm, in their pyjamas, sitting on their beds with a big bowel of ice cream or cookie dough … or even both. Natalie had long, curly black hair, that went down to her waist when it was straight. When it was curly it went down until it reached just underneath her shoulder blade. Her eyes were a brilliant sapphire blue, that stood out, due to her dark hair and brown complexion.

“Did they tell you what their little ‘gift’ was?” asked Elis

“Nope” replied Kerris during a mouthful of chocolate “They said I wouldn’t want to know,” she told Elis “So it probably wasn’t fit for untainted ears, such as my own.” Kerris added an innocent smile. April snorted at the word ‘untainted’, making Kerris glare daggers at her.

During the train journey, according to April, about fourteen boys in their year had come to ‘see them’, or had come to hit on them rather, several of their other girlfriends and a few girls stopped outside their compartment and glared at them, for reasons Kerris couldn’t understand, but…no marauders. I mean, sure, she may have told them not to come near her, her friends, or her compartment, but she told them that every year and they would always come. So why hadn’t they come this year?

When the train finally arrived at the station, Kerris, Natalie and April waited to get off, whilst Elis, being prefect, got off to round up the first years. Once all of the first years had disembarked the train, pouting, Kerris got up off of her seat, grabbed her luggage, followed by her two friends and pushed past all of the other years to get to the carriages.

“Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy, Hoggy, Hogwarts!” sang Natalie in a sing-song voice, as their carriage began to move. Kerris and April laughed at Natalie’s optimism.

Natalie hates ladybirds and claims one bit her when she was little.

Elis used to have a habit of eating paper when she was eleven.

April went through a punk stage when she was fourteen. She managed to obtain at least 97 detentions that year.

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