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A/N:  I originally wrote this to be Hagrid's first year as gamekeeper...and there was this great line where Dumbeldore gets the inadvertant inspiration for it...unfortunately the lexicon says he can't become gamekeeper in 1971...darn it.  This was also originally followed by the Filch section...which I also moved in time.  Just when you think you have it easy, posting already written chapters, you end up rewriting them...roflol.

This probably wasn't beta read either but I'll still thank my loyal two shivy and becca venable...if for nothing else then putting up with me ;)

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fan fiction with a fair amount of original content...the original content is mine the propriatary content belongs to J.K.R. and if I ever try to make money from this her stuff will have to take a different path then many different ways can I find to say this and how many will I have to type it ;)  Lets go read the story :) 


Between Worlds

Chapter 7 - A New Challenge

A Harry Potter Fanfic

By Mischief Managed


“And just how many challenges do you propose to give me this year?” Poppy Pomfrey asked with a bit of pique.

“That remains to be seen" Albus Dumbledore returned with a twinkling smile "how ever many are brave enough to accept my invitation".

“So I have an UNKNOWN number of children with differing physiologies to take care of on a daily basis?

"A daily basis?  Do you really expect to see most of them that often?"  Dumbledore inquired with a raised eyebrow and laughter in those infuriatingly friendly eyes.  “Now, now already know a half-giant, is adapting to any other half-breed really that difficult?"

“And we all know just how well Dippet's experiment turned out, expelled in the third year wasn't it?" fire and remembered fear, flashed in the normally unflappable nurse's eyes. "Honestly Albus, I was a student when the chamber was opened, you have to admit that half-breeds are more easily led to evil.”

“And I maintain it is only because it is expected of them" Dumbledore answered, recognizing fear as the source of Pomfrey's anger. "It will take courage to come here knowing they will be different. Those that end up in Slytherin, perhaps, we must watch.  Those who end up in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, perhaps, for them we will see great things.  And although it is sadly the trend not all those in Slytherin go astray.

“Might I remind you that Hagrid was in Gryffindor”

“And might I remind you...that I will always believe Hagrid is innocent”

"Believe what you will Albus...maybe he didn't do it on purpose but you didn't see the, the THINGS he used to keep as pets."

"What an excellent idea, Poppy.  I should really take our Hagrid along for the experiance, you never know he might be perfect for wizarding orientation.

"That big oaf, introducing muggleborn's to the wizarding world, I 'll believe it when I see it."  Poppy Pomfrey snorted, but the very humor of the image brought a small smile to her face.

And with that the headmaster went off whistling, leaving a very stunned school nurse and a box of prospective student files in his wake.


a/n: Well we have a little bit of free recruitment time, in the story, where do you want to see Albus and/or Hagrid go next?  I'll probably be sending Dumbledore to practice his mermish at some point in the story for instance ;)

What kind of interesting students shall we recruit?  

I already have the main charactors planned but there is plenty of room for interesting students in houses other then Gryffindor.  I will credit you for any concept I don't already have planned and give you an honorable mention if you duplicate my existing ideas.

a/n 3: 
It seems the rules have been changed so that I can't post two stories at the same time :( So the opening chapter of "Blood Will Tell" will go up before you see the next one of "Between Worlds".  

"Blood Will Tell" is a stand alone prequal to "Between Worlds" and shows the story of Grace Remington's'll be meeting Grace and her family in just a few chapters :).

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