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 Adam and Amelia Adlerton were very organized people. They never placed a toe outside their plan and always followed their schedule. There was never anything bad to be said about them, there was not much good to say either. They were hardly seen by their neighbors and when they were it was as if they were robots, programmed to be perfect. Amelia Charleston was a rather giraffe-like woman, with a long neck and long, gangly limbs. Mrs. Adlerton was also obsessed with baking. She was proud to say that she had won first place in the county bake sale for the past twenty years. Adam Adlerton was the complete opposite of his wife, short and stumpy with streaked grey hair, he was easily the most devoted worker at his office. Mr. Charleston rarely crossed the threshold of his spotless house, unless he was working from home. They seemed like the perfect couple, anyone would agree. People figured it was just a matter of time until a baby completed the family dynamic of the Charleston’s exemplary life.

 Adam Adlerton worked for a famous law firm, Jackson&Lee Attorneys at law. Adam was not very fond of cars and often walked to work, a good twelve blocks away. He usually saw interesting things on his way to work such as construction sites and school bands playing in the park, but today the things he saw were just plain odd. There were people in long cloaks and pointed caps though it was the middle of summer. Adam walked by a group of the oddly attired people crowded around a newspaper. He stopped to hear what they were saying for he had not read the newspaper that morning. "Yes.....Rachel Potter...... well of course Harry Potter's kid!......she was kidnaped! What?.....No! She can't be dead yet.....can she?" Adam continued walking, imersed in his thoughts. So a little girl was missing? He walked into his office intent on getting his hands on a newspaper.

Amelia Adlerton did not have a job. Her job was to stay home and bake for Adam and to keep the house tidy. It was quite difficult to keep an oaklahoma farmhouse spotless, but she did what she could. She often watched the news as she baked, looking for interesting stories to discuss with Adam over dinner. The leading story tonight was about an outbreak of owl sightings flying threw the skies. Amelia smiled, if the people couldn't handle a couple of owls flying overhead in Oaklahoma then the state had no hope at all. The doorbell rang at the front of the house. Amelia looked out the window, it was pitch black outside. Who would come to call at this hour? Amelia wiped the flour off her hands onto her apron. As she opened the door she saw the tip of a cloak disappered around the corner of the house. A soft giggle reached her ears, Amelia looked down to see a pair of icy blue eyes staring quizzically up at her. The baby the eyes belonged to waved her chubby fists around and her blond hair wiggled lazily in the summer breeze. Amelia smiled and gathered the beautiful girl into her arms, inhaling the flowery scent of her. She stared into those captivating blue eyes and picked up the note attached to her blanket. There was only one line:
                                Take care of Rachel Tonks Potter, The savior of us all.

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