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  Hi! Thanks to everyone who has reviewed (as usual!) I love you all! Don't forget you can check out my Meet The Author page too (",) I really enjoyed writing this chapter so I hope you like it! As usual, all characters belong to JK Rowling....                    


For some unknown reason, I carry the scan picture around with me for the rest of the week. I got a copy of it and sent it to Aunt Ginny, but I doubt Mum or Dad will want to see it. After all, it’s the reason they’re fighting, isn’t it? I keep the picture tucked safely away in the pocket of my robes and take it out at every bathroom break or even when I get a moment to myself, just to have a look. I’m not sure who it looks like just yet…I’m thinking it strongly resembles some sort of nut. And let’s face it, there are plenty of nuts in my family. 

Hey, I made a funny! 

It’s a pity I crack such brilliant jokes in my head and not out loud. I suppose the world will never know of my amazing sense of humour and will forever see me as an angry pregnant redhead. 

There’s no Quidditch practice on Wednesday evening because Al booked the pitch for Slytherin to practice. I’m so thankful for that because I have a heap of work to catch up on. So after dinner I head to the library like the little nerd I am. 

The library is completely empty except for that weird seventh year Hufflepuff guy, John Lawson who’s always there. We call him “Library Man” and Dom and I even made up a whole comic strip about him back in first year. He was a superhero who wore a tank top with the initials “LM” on the front. He had special powers to read books extra fast, with the help of his trusted side kicks, Book Girl and Literature Lad. I know we were bigger freaks for actually making the comic strip. 

I nod politely to Library Man on the way past him and his grip tightens on his book as he nods back – it’s as if he’s scared I’m going to steal his book. I’m barely in the library ten minutes when Dom runs in noisily, earning death glares from the librarian and extremely frightened glances from Library Man. He’s quite a sissy for a superhero. 

“Rose! You’ll never guess who’s getting married!” Dom pants having clearly ran the whole way to the library. 

If she says her and Malfoy, I’m going to cry. 


She throws a letter down on the table in front of me. 

“Ted and Victoire!” 

What? Okay, now I seriously wish it were her and Malfoy instead. There’s just no way Teddy’s getting married. He’s supposed to be dumping her for me! This wasn’t in the plans! True, he hasn’t quite worked out his feelings for me yet, but it’s only a matter of time…MARRIED? Is he serious? Why didn’t he tell me? Why did I have to hear it from Dom? Teddy and I tell each other everything! 

I’m going to faint. 

Dom looks so excited at the prospect of her older sister getting married. I try my best to look happy too, but I catch sight of myself in the mirror across the way and the strained smile on my face makes me look constipated. 

“That’s great,” I say quietly, but I make it seem like I’m only being quiet because we’re in the library. 

“I know!” she says loudly, causing Library Man to look over in shock, “Isn’t it? And I’m going to be bridesmaid!” She shoves the letter at me again, forcing me to read it. 

How’s life at Hogwarts these days? I miss you and Lou since you guys went back, but you’ll never guess what’s happened…Teddy proposed to me! Last night, he took me out to a very nice restaurant in Diagon Alley – champagne, oysters and all of that – and then he got down on one knee and everything! You should see the ring, Dom it’s gorgeous!
Of course I’ll want you to be bridesmaid! We haven’t decided on a date yet but we were thinking maybe summer of next year. We want to get married in France somewhere, maybe at Grandmere and Grandpere’s country home. Nana and Grandad Weasley are so happy for us because Teddy will finally be an official member of the family. Teddy wants Uncle Harry to be Best Man, he’s asked him already!
Anyway, I just thought I’d write and tell you before Mum and Dad have the chance to. I’m sure you can expect their letter in the mail any day now!
Take care,

“Isn’t it romantic?” she sighs. 

“Um, yeah,” I say, my voice trembling. Oh Merlin, I’m going to start crying right here in the library. I think it’s time for Library Man to swoop in and save me from this mess. I look over at said Library Man – he’s peeking over the top of his book to see what’s going on with us and when he sees me looking, he disappears behind it again. 

“I’m going to go reply to her,” Dom says, “I’ll see you later!” 

She bounces out of the library, unaware of the devastation she has just left in her wake. I close over my school books, reach into my bag and dig out a piece of parchment and a quill and start writing furiously. 

Dom tells me you’re getting married. My letter must have gotten lost in the post. Or I must have been mistaken when I thought we were friends who told each other everything before telling anyone else. I let you know possibly the biggest news I’ll ever have in my life first. Obviously I don’t deserve the same treatment as you do, but I’m not quite sure why. You’re no better than me, Ted. You might think you are because I’m some knocked up kid, but you’re not. At least I know who my friends are.
Have a great wedding. I hope you’re happy.

Yes, it’s immature. Yes, he’ll hate me for sending it. But I don’t care anymore. I’m so furious right now that I’m not exactly thinking straight. I rush to the Owlery, grab the first unsuspecting bird, tie the letter to its leg and throw it out the window. I slide down the wall of the Owlery and curl myself up into a little ball and start crying uncontrollably. It’s like every little emotion I’ve been keeping inside for the past few weeks is rushing out in a pool of tears right now. This engagement has pushed me over the edge completely. 

But I can’t even curl up in a ball on the floor of the Owlery and cry my eyes out in peace. The door creaks open and – oh dear Jesus, of all the Owleries in all the schools in all the world, he has to walk into this one… 

Why are you on the floor, Weasley?” Malfoy asks. 

“Go away,” I sob. 

“Jesus, are you crying?” he says, a note of amusement in his voice. 

“Go away!” I shout. 

He doesn’t. He slides down the wall beside me and sits there for a few minutes in silence. I wish he’d leave. I hate crying in front of people. It makes me seem weak. 

“So are you going to tell me what’s up?” he asks after a while. 

“Why would I tell you?” I mumble rudely. 

“Because by the looks of things, I’m the only person who cares that you’re sitting in a smelly Owlery crying your eyes out,” he says simply. 

“I’m not crying my eyes out,” I say indignantly. 

“Sure,” he says sarcastically, “if you say so.” 

“Just shut up,” I snap, “and get down off your high horse. You’re not at brilliant as you think you are.” 

“Moody are we?” he says, laughing slightly. He doesn’t seem offended that I’ve just snapped at him. That annoys me. 

“Why are you here?” I ask impatiently. 

“I was looking for Dom, if you must know. She said she was coming up here to send a letter to her sister.” 

“Oh,” I say. 

I have to admit, I’m kind of disappointed to hear that. I don’t know why but I got it into my head that he came here purposely to see me… 

Not that I care or anything. It’s just it would be nice if someone cared. Even if it was only Malfoy. 

“Would you rather I wasn’t?” 

“Wasn’t what?” 

“Looking for Dom.” 

I let out a burst of fake laughter. 

“Look for who you like, it’s none of my business!” 

“What’s your problem, Weasley?” he shoots, “Why are you so bloody complicated?” 

“I have no idea what you’re on about,” I say. 

“Really? Okay, we sleep together and then you tell me not to tell anyone about it and then ignore me for two months! Then we make out on New Years Eve and again you push me away-” 

“Hmm, you’d think you’d have taken the hint by now!” I exclaim. 

“Don’t give me that,” he says, “I know you like me.” 

“You’re going out with Dom!” I cry, “Why do you want me to like you?” 

“Because I like you!” 

“So then why the hell are you going out with Dom?” I yell. 

“I don’t know!” 

Silence rings around the room except for an odd hoot here and there from the owls. Why do I always find myself in awkward situations with Malfoy? I wish he’d stop looking at me. I have no idea what to say to him. 

“Look, I understand if you don’t want to hurt Dom, but...I’m not happy with her,” he admits, “I…I just can’t get you off my mind, it’s driving me mad! I can’t even stand're just about the most annoying girl in Hogwarts!” 

“Yeah, well I can’t stand you either,” I reply childishly. 

“Why can’t we just-” 

“Don’t say it,” I say, “just leave it, Malfoy. You don’t like me. You don’t even know me. There are things about me…if you found them out, you would not like me. I mean it.” 

“Try me,” he says. 

I pause. 

This is it. I’m going to have to tell him everything. He can do what he likes when he finds out, I don’t care. I just have to tell him. How the hell am I going to do this? I suppose I could do it in a funny way like scream “you the daddy!” in his face to lighten the mood, but I’m not sure he’d appreciate that. I guess I could try building him up for it. Maybe ask him if he likes kids? Or show him the picture of the scan and say “remind you of anyone?” 

Okay, breathe Rose. You can do this. You told your parents! Telling Malfoy should be a doddle! Oh god, I wish he wouldn’t look at me like that. 

“Okay,” I say steadily, “the thing is-” 

“Hi guys!” 

Wow, Dom, thanks for picking the WORST MOMENT IN HISTORY to walk into the Owlery! Even Malfoy can’t mask his disappointment at seeing her. 

“What are you doing sitting on the floor?” she asks. 

“Nothing,” I say quickly, “I was just leaving.” 

I do my best to avoid Malfoy all of Thursday and Friday and by Friday evening, I’m feeling much better about everything. Yes, I’m still upset that Teddy not only didn’t inform me of his decision to marry Victoire, but he has also yet to reply to my very angry letter. But I’ve tried my best not to think about it. I find the less I think about stuff, the less scared and upset I am. Take for example the Quidditch match against Slytherin tomorrow. I only think about it when James is shouting at me to get a good night’s sleep tonight and be in top form for the game tomorrow. Then I feel like throwing up in the corridor. 

I walk with Chastity to Transfiguration on Friday afternoon because I’m pretty sure Dom is off somewhere with Malfoy. The corridors are buzzing with people talking about the Quidditch match and their plans for the weekend. It seems a lot more crowded than usual. I try my best to push my way through the crowd to get to Transfiguration on time. Professor Chang hates it when we’re late. 

“Hey Rose!” 

Oh crap, it’s Laura Phelps. What the hell does she want? 

“You dropped this,” she says. She’s holding a small piece of paper with a really unnerving smirk on her face. I grab it off her, expecting it to be some sort of immature picture of me falling of a broomstick…but it’s not. 

It’s my scan. 

“Th-that’s not mine,” I lie quickly. 

“I saw it fall out of your pocket,” she says smugly, “it’s cute. Looks just like you.” 

I look around me quickly to make sure nobody is listening to us. 

“You can’t tell anyone,” I plead quietly, but I feel this is the only way I can go now, “seriously, I’m not joking Laura.” 

“Of course I won’t tell anyone,” she says, but she says it in a really fake way and she’s still smirking, “Tell me, who’s the dad?” 

I storm away from her angrily and run to Transfiguration. She won’t tell anyone. If I truly believe that, then why the hell am I panicking so much? No, she won’t tell. And even if she did, who’d believe her? People see me as the Gryffindor prefect with good grades. Teachers always say how like Mum I am. (Then again, Mum always goes on about how I’m “so like [your] Dad” when I do something stupid. This is quite often.) And the likes of the great, clever, obedient, nerdy, bushy-haired Hermione Granger Weasley would never have found herself in this situation. She never failed anything, so how could she have failed her daughter? 

Chang scowls at me for being late, so I hurry to my seat beside Dom. Thankfully she hasn’t decided to ditch me for her precious boyfriend in the classes we have with Slytherin – yet. I can barely concentrate on whatever it is we’re supposed to be doing. Laura Phelps comes into class late, but she makes up some stupid excuse about not feeling well so Chang doesn’t even give out to her! Life isn’t fair. Al and Malfoy are sitting across the way from us, so I try my best to keep my eyes fixed to the blackboard until the bell eventually goes. Dom says goodbye to me quickly and then runs over to Malfoy. Thanks cuz. You’re the best. Then again, I can’t really talk, can I? I mean, am I cheating with her boyfriend? Who knows? All I know is that I’m the worst cousin in the world. 

“You coming to dinner, Red?” asks Al, who has also been abandoned by his best friend. 

“Do you really have to call me that?” I say exasperatedly, walking out of the classroom with him. 

“You don’t mind when James calls you Red!” 

“I do mind. But he’s older than me and has been calling me Red since he learned to talk. You just seem to be copying him,” I explain. 

“True. But if it annoys you, it works for me,” he shrugs. 

I punch his arm. 

“Hey, you’re pretty strong for such a short person,” he says, rubbing his arm. 

“I’m not that short!” I protest, because I’m not, “You’re just really tall.” 

James is already at dinner when we get down. Dom is sitting at the Slytherin table with Malfoy, so Al makes a gagging face and sits at the Gryffindor table with us instead. 

“Oi! No Slytherin spies!” James protests at the sight of Al. 

“Like I’d want to spy on you,” Al says coolly, “I don’t need tips from Gryffindor, thank you very much.” 

And so the sibling and house rivalry begins. It must be strange for James and Al to be captains of possibly the two most conflicting houses in Hogwarts. It’s weird how they still manage to remain on friendly terms with each other, even when we kick Slytherins asses in matches. Hugo and I have a hard enough time getting along and we’re in the same house! 

“Hey Albie.” 

Jenny Winters comes over from the Ravenclaw table to the Gryffindor one to sit with Al, who she calls “Albie” apparently. But Al doesn’t seem to mind. Love can do weird things to people. But I still think “Scorpy” is worse. Al wraps his arms around her waist and they just sit there being all cute and sickening. I look over at the Slytherin table and Dom and Malfoy seem to be mirroring their actions. Puke. 

I become extremely unnerved by the arrival of Laura Phelps to the dinner table. She’s still wearing that completely insufferable grin that makes me just want to slap her, but I know I can’t. She has complete power over me and even she knows it. 

“Laura!” James exclaims, “How are you this fine January morning?” 

He ruffles his ebony hair as he always does whenever he’s trying to impress girls and looks at Laura with those huge brown eyes that look so much like Ginny’s its scary. As I watch James flirt shamelessly with Laura Phelps, I notice the group of third year girls sitting way down the table glaring jealously at Laura with stares that could kill. Maybe I could get my cousin’s fan club to kill her and then I won’t have anything to worry about.

As soon as I’m finished dinner, I get up to leave without drawing any attention to myself by saying goodbye to people. But Laura notices my departure, even though she’s completely enthralled by my idiot of a cousin at this stage. 

“Leaving already?” she says sweetly. 

“Um, yeah,” I mumble, “I have a lot of homework.” 

“Oh, well don’t stress yourself out too much. You’d want to take it easy…in your condition.” 

I’m going to wipe the smug grin off her pretty little face! James, how can you like such an insufferable little bitch? Anyway, the joke’s on her because nobody seems to have noticed her snide comment. How do you do an obliviating charm again? I’m going to go look that up and then knock every memory that girl ever had out of her already almost empty head. 

When I arrive in my dormitory, there is an owl tapping on the window with a letter tied to its leg. I rush to open the window and untie the letter from the very grumpy owl’s leg – I guess it hasn’t forgotten about how I threw it out of the window of the Owlery. 

I knew you’d be like this. Victoire was just really excited so she said she had to write to Dom. I was going to tell you first, but I’ve been really busy – I thought you’d understand that. You know I don’t think of you as some “knocked up kid” as you put it. You’re one of my closest friends. Stop acting so childish about this. I didn’t act like that when you told me you were pregnant. And believe me, there were a lot of things that I wanted to say then but I didn’t because I knew you didn’t need to hear them, just like I didn’t need to hear all your bitchy comments in your last letter. I’m engaged, this is supposed to be one of the happiest times in my life. Don’t ruin it for me.
I hope you’re looking after yourself because clearly you don’t need or want me to look after you.

I tear the letter into little pieces and incinerate them with my wand. That’s what I think of that stupid letter. If he doesn’t want to “look after” me, I don’t give a damn. I have plenty of people to confide in, I don’t need him. He thinks he’s so much better than me and if he thinks I’m childish then that’s his tough luck. And too busy? What the hell is that about? We’re never too busy for each other! He’s too busy to tell me he’s engaged? 

I’m not writing back to that. It’s not as if he’d care if I did. I crawl into bed, not really caring what time it is and stare angrily up at the top of my four poster bed. There’s a really old picture up there of Mum, Dad and Uncle Harry from when they were in first or second year. They look so happy, grinning and waving out of the picture without a care in the world. Isn’t it strange how even though Voldemort was still alive back then, life was happier for Mum and Dad than it is now? 

I wake on the morning of the Slytherin versus Gryffindor Quidditch match with that familiar feeling of dread and anxiety in the pit of my stomach. It’s early – I can’t see my alarm clock, but considering it’s still dark out, I’m guessing we’re into the wee hours of the morning. I don’t even try to go back to sleep, because I know it’s just a waste of time and energy – after all I did fall asleep at around seven o’clock yesterday evening. Instead, I get up and wander around the common room for a few hours, trying to get my mind around the forthcoming match. 

I’m about to play a game of Quidditch, even though I’m pregnant. That can’t be good, can it? I mean, I know Ginny said it was okay to fly, but I still don’t think playing Quidditch is good for a girl in my condition. But I can’t back out now – James would kill me (thus killing the kid anyway) if I didn’t show, Slytherin would win and Malfoy and Al would be strutting around Hogwarts like they own the place – I can’t let that happen. No child of mine will bring that kind of suffering upon the world. 

So at eight o’clock, I leave the common room and head for breakfast. I’m not particularly hungry, but I know I’ll have to eat something to keep my strength up. I nibble on a piece of toast for a few minutes and then abandon the idea completely. I’m starting to feel really queasy (as usual). But this time, it’s from nerves. James looks just as nervous as I do, but he still manages to wolf down his breakfast – he’s just a lot quieter than usual as he does so. 

After breakfast, we head for the Gryffindor changing rooms. The Slytherins yell at us on the way out the door, but I try not to pass any remarks. James sticks up his middle finger at them, provoking even more insults to be thrown our way. 


I turn around and see Laura Phelps running towards me. What the hell does she want? 

“Good look in the match today,” she says and winks at James who’s standing behind me. 

“Oh, um, thanks,” I mutter. 

“It should be…informative.” 

“What are you on about?” I whisper furiously. 

She holds up my picture of the scan. 

“I made a copy,” she grins, “and I’m going to tell everyone.” 

“Why?” I cry, my heart racing in panic. 

“Because you're a bitch,” she says simply, "and I hate you. And I think the students of Hogwarts should see their prefect for who she really is...a rotten little slut."

She winks at me and skips happily out of the Great Hall. I’m panicking more now than I did when I first found out that I was pregnant. Oh my god, she’s going to tell everyone. Laura Phelps is a manipulative bitch and will take great pleasure in spreading the glorious news that Rose Weasley, Gryffindor Prefect is pregnant. I think I should just run away from Hogwarts and never come back. 

“Red! Hurry up!” James calls from outside the Great Hall. 

Okay, I’m going to play this match and then run away from Hogwarts. I’ll be remembered as that Gryffindor Quidditch Keeper who won a match against Slytherin before disappearing off the face of the earth forever. I’ll steal James’ invisibility cloak and live under there forever more. And no, I don’t think I’m being drastic in the slightest! 

James gives his usual pep talk, but I’m not listening as I pull on my Quidditch robes. I wonder where Laura is now – how many people has she told already? I can bet my left leg that she’s told Chastity Finch, who I quite like – she won’t want to know me now. Dom is sitting across from me, her Beater bat in her hand and she smiles encouragingly at me. She is going to absolutely hate my guts once she finds out. 

“It’s time,” says James, picking up his broom. We all do the same and follow him out of the changing room and onto the Quidditch pitch. 

Flying truly is the most wonderful feeling in the world, but right now, as I soar the pitch, I can’t even concentrate on the complete euphoric sensation that only comes from flying a broom. My eyes are scanning the crowd for Laura Phelps – but of course, I can’t see her considering nearly every student in Hogwarts is here to see the match. I take my place by the goalposts. The quaffle is released, the commentator's voice fills the stadium…the game is on. 

“Welcome to what is predicted to be the best match of the Quidditch season – Slytherin versus Gryffindor! The Slytherin team is looking outstanding this year! Captained by Albus Potter, chaser, Slytherin are favoured to win the match with Scorpius Malfoy as seeker, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander as Beaters, Henrietta Flint as Keeper and Jason Bates and Kyle Montague as chasers! Gryffindor, captained by none other than Albus Potter’s own brother, James, have built a strong team this year too! Potter is playing in the position of seeker, Rose Weasley as keeper, Dominique and Fred Weasley as Beaters and Simon Longbottom, Seán Finnegan and Fiona Jordan as chasers! 
“Both Potters are flying exceptionally well today. Gryffindor are in possession of the quaffle – Longbottom passes to Finnegan, back to Longbottom…he shoots…saved by Henrietta Flint! Potter…erm, I mean, Slytherin Potter is in possession now, he passes to Bates…passes to Montague and…ouch! He’s hit by a bludger from Dominique Weasley! Gryffindor have the quaffle! Jordan swerves a bludger hit by one of the Scamander’s…not sure which one…he passes the quaffle to Longbottom who drops it! Caught by Fiona Jordan who shoots and…SCORE FOR GRYFFINOR!

“The score is 10-0 to Gryffindor! Malfoy and Potter…as in Gryffindor Potter…circle the pitch but there has been no sign as of yet of the golden snitch! Slytherin are in possession…Bates passes the quaffle to Montague…passes to Potter…as in Slytherin Potter…he shoots...SCORE FOR SLYTHERIN! What a score! Rose Weasley looks as if she’s off on another planet! The score is level, 10-10!” 
I didn’t even notice Al coming towards me with the quaffle until it was too late. 

“WAKE UP RED!” James shouts from above me. Scorpius looks at me as if to say, what the hell are you doing? 

Suddenly, the commentators voice changes. It had been a sixth year Hufflepuff, Gregory McPhilips who was commentating, as he does for all the matches, but now a girl’s voice fills the stadium. 

“Sorry folks, Gregory has taken a short bathroom break,” the voice says sweetly…it’s a familiar voice too. 

I look over to the commentators stand – Gregory is there, tapping his wand off his neck and moving his mouth, but no words are coming. He looks terribly confused as to why someone has just taken over his job. 

“Albus Potter passes the quaffle to…someone…and they pass it to…one of those guys in green…who get hit by one of those black balls…that looks really sore…one of the guys in red have the quaffle…or maybe that’s a girl…I don’t know…oh, the green guys have it again! They pass it…pass it again…green people still have it…they go to shoot…go easy on Rose, guys, she’s PREGNANT! Oops, did I say that out loud? Sorry Rosie.” 

And all of a sudden I realise whose voice has been filling the entire Quidditch stadium…Laura Phelps. The entire stadium has gone quiet. The game has been suspended in mid air. People are still trying to work out what has been said and I feel so faint that I think I’m going to fall off my broom. To prevent that happening, I speed towards the ground, jump off my broom and run into the Gryffindor changing rooms and into a bathroom cubicle to cry my eyes out. I’m pretty sure people outside are still trying to figure out what the hell is going on. 

Laura’s voice can no longer be heard and Gregory is back commentating. 

“Sorry about that,” he says uncomfortably, “Slytherin are in possession of the quaffle. Albus Potter drops the quaffle, speeds to the ground and runs off the pitch followed closely by James Potter! Fred and Dominique Weasley follow and…Slytherin seeker, Malfoy has also abandoned the game!” 

I hear them bursting into the changing rooms. It’s Al and James first and they’re shouting at each other, both out of breath from the match. 

“Of course it’s not true!” Al pants, “It’s just that Phelps bitch making up stuff!” 

“Red!” James calls, “Red, are you in here?” 

I don’t say anything, but my uncontrollable sniffing gives me away. Al knocks gently on the door. 

“Rose,” he says, knowing that this is a time for using my actual name, “come on out. Nobody believes her.” 

“Yeah,” says James indignantly, “she’s a gossiping cow!” 

It’s nice that James chooses me over girls he fancies. But I’m still not coming out...ever.

I hear the door fly open again. 

“Where is she?” I hear Dom cry. 

“D’you want me to go hex that Phelps idiot?” asks Fred. 

“Rose!” Dom calls. 

I can’t face her. I can’t face any of them right now. I wish they’d all just go away so I can deal with this myself. But it doesn’t seem like any of them are going anywhere. It’s like they’re waiting for conformation from me that Laura Phelps is lying. I wish with all of my heart that I could just walk out of this bathroom cubicle with a big smile on my face saying, yes Fred, you may hex that Phelps idiot. But I can’t to it anymore. I can’t lie to the family that I have spent almost every day of my life with anymore. The last few weeks have been so hard and it’s time to let them know. 

I open the door slowly and their whispering ceases as I come into view. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror across the way. My hair looks a fright from the flying, my face is red and blotchy and my eyes are swollen and puffy. I look absolutely awful. They’re all looking at me expectantly. 

“Rose, nobody believes her,” says Dom softly, “we know you’re not pregnant. I mean, that’s ridiculous!” 

The others nod in agreement. This is even harder than having to tell my parents about it. The door of the changing room opens again and Malfoy runs in, out of breath. He’s looking around at everyone, but his stare fixes on me in the end, just like everyone else’s. 

“What’s going on?” Malfoy asks. 

“It’s nothing,” says Dom, “come on, Rose. Come back out and finish the game.” 

“I can’t,” I sob. 

“Of course you can,” she says, “like I said, nobody believes Laura!” 

“Well they should!” I cry. 

There’s a stunned silence filling the changing room now. Everyone looks terribly confused except for Malfoy who has a look of utter shock on his face. 

“What are you on about, Rose?” asks Fred gently. 

“She’s not lying,” I say quietly. 

I know what you're thinking...I'm pure evil for leaving you hangin'! But hey, at least she's come clean! Please don't kill me....(",)

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