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“REG!” Serena yelled, tears forming in her eyes. “I HATE YOU!”

Regulus Black stood with a shocked look on his face. Parker Zabini and Lucius Malfoy were on either side of him. Lucius sneered at the girl who stood outside 12 Grimrauld Place in a lightweight purple minidress and brown boots. Her blonde bangs had grown out and fell into her purplish eyes, which were filling with tears.

Regulus’ eyes were welling with sympathy and his heart felt like it was being ripped in half. He heard Lucius snicker behind him.

“SHUT UP LUCIUS.” Serena snapped.

“Why?” Lucius sniped. “Upset that everyone is going to find out what a whore you are?” Regulus glared at his friend.

“Shut up Lucius.” Reg said sternly. He looked back at Serena whose cheeks were bright pink. “Serena…”

“Get away from me!!” She screeched, pushing her arms out against him.

It was the day they were all going back to school and Regulus Black had just broken up with Serena Kissel. At his house. Before they had even left for the train station. Serena was screaming outside, she had just spent the last month there. She had slept with Regulus, and she had a feeling that he had told his friends that.

If there was one person who Serena didn’t want knowing her personal affairs, it was Lucius Malfoy. Zabini was an idiot but Malfoy went out with Reg’s cousin, Narcissa and was good friends with Bellatrix Black. While Serena had trusted Regulus with all of her heart, she was beginning to get very nervous about what she had confided in him.

Suddenly she felt a gust of wind behind her and watched Regulus, Parker and Lucius’s faces turn to grimaces. A boy with sandy blonde hair, tan skin and pretty blue eyes was standing next to her. He was wearing khaki colored pants, flip-flops and a faded blue tee shirt. He looked at Serena; giving her a kind nod then turned his face to Regulus.

“Regulus.” He said in a smooth, calm voice.

“What do you want Remus?” Regulus’ face was a frown.

“I’m here for what I’m always here for.” Remus responded calmly. Regulus rolled his eyes.

“I’ll go get his things.” He responded. Suddenly, his face turned serious and cold. “I’ll bring your things too, Serena.”

Serena’s face fell and she felt tears welling in her eyes. While she had originally been attracted to Reg’s cold personality, over the year she had grown attracted to the caring person who he really was. Or at least, she thought he was?

Serena sat in silence next to the mysterious blonde boy outside of the Black Mansion. She gave him a quick side-glance. He was Remus Lupin; they were in the same house. They were in the same year too.

“Hello Serena” Remus said in a warm, friendly tone. Serena looked up at him. She could sense that her eyes were smeared with makeup and her face was all red and blotchy like it was when she cried.

“H…hi, Remus.”

“Are you okay?” He asked, eyes full of concern. She smiled.

“Fine! I’m fine.” She waved her hand around to show that she was “fine.” “Um, if you don’t mind me asking… Why are you here?” Remus blushed.

“IalwayspickupSirius’sstuff.” He mumbled.

“Sorry, what?” Serena cocked her head and looked at Remus with big, blue and purple eyes. Remus blushed. Serena was a very pretty girl, he thought. What was she doing with Regulus and those creeps?

“I always pick up Sirius’s stuff.” Remus repeated. “He doesn’t like to be home much.”

Ah, she should have guessed it. Regulus had shown Serena where Mrs. Black had burned Sirius, the rebellious “blood traitor” off the family tree. Serena never agreed with the Blacks’ creepy pureblood loyalty, but she was also very scared of Mrs. Black, so she just kept her mouth shut. She had seen Sirius at school and in the Common Room, but she had never bumped into him at the Black Mansion. And that was fine by her.

While Remus Lupin was nice enough, and Peter Pettigrew was just pathetic, James Potter and Sirius Black – Serena steered clear of them. Her roommates, Lilly Evans and Alice Franklin were obsessed with them. Every little detail of Marauder life they knew. They were like a private fan club. Serena had to gag every time Alice and Lilly would gossip about how attractive, witty and charming they were. Though, now that she thought about it, it was more Alice’s ramblings. Lilly had more of a love/hate relationship with James Potter, which was quite unhealthy in Serena’s opinion.

“That’s really nice of you, Remus.” Serena said after a moment. Suddenly, the door to the Mansion opened and two trunks were thrown out. The door slammed closed again and Serena felt her eyes watering up again.

“How am I supposed to get to the train station?” She heard herself thinking aloud.

“Come with us!” Remus said then wolf whistled. “Coast’s clear, mates.”

Serena gasped as James and Peter appeared out of thin air. James was smirking and Peter looked increasingly more nervous by the moment. Remus looked confused.

“I said coast is clear.” Remus repeated. James smiled and shrugged.

“Let’s get a move on, Mooney.” James said, pointing to a ministry car.

Serena looked James Potter up and down. She knew his parents were very successful members of the Ministry, and she assumed that’s where they got the car. Supposedly, everyone said when you looked past the pranks James Potter was quite a nice boy. Serena looked at his messy brown hair and the glasses that seemed to make his eyes sparkle. She still thought he was a git.

“Need a ride?” James smirked. Remus rolled his eyes and grabbed her trunk.

“Shut up Prongs.”

As she crawled into the car, she squealed when she sat on something. She looked back at where she was going to sit and didn’t see anything there. Remus looked surprised, James smirked, and Peter giggled. That’s right, Peter giggled like a little girl.

“What the?”

“Hello, love.” She heard a voice mummer into her ear. She felt hot breath on the back of her neck and jumped.

Out of nowhere, Sirius Black appeared sitting in the car. He lifted a hand to touch the small of her back and she gasped. She swirled around to see him face to face. Her stomach tightened at the sight of his expressive grey eyes and tan skin. Wherever he was living they hadn’t made him cut his hair, for it hung care freely into his eyes. Serena felt the color rising to her cheeks and knew there was nothing she could do to stop it and prayed Sirius wouldn’t notice.

“No need to blush, love.” Sirius said, cheerily. He had, of course he had noticed.

She rode the rest of the drive in silence. It was fine; the Marauders were busy catching up. From what she caught of the conversation, Sirius had stayed at James’ house; Remus had done a study abroad program in France studying the aspects of Parisian life, which involved a girl named Antoinette and Peter… Peter had stayed at home brewing potions in his basement while his mother complained to him about the company he kept at school.

Occasionally, Serena felt eyes glance upon her. She looked up once to catch Peter looking away, clearly frightened. At one point in the ride, she noticed James looking at her with confusion. That made sense, she thought, he was probably wondering where she came from. Closer to the station, she caught Remus giving her a half-hearted look, he looked worried that she would start crying again. However, throughout the whole ride, she felt the steady gaze of Sirius Black on her.

She was relieved when she reached the train. She saw Alice Franklin stop making out with Frank Longbottom for about, two seconds, to give her a glare when she stepped out of the car. Alice quickly ran over to Lilly, who at the sound of James Potter’s voice rolled her eyes.

Serena had gone all these years at Hogwarts avoiding the presence of the Marauders. She had learned early on from her brother’s friends to stay away from attractive groups of boys because mischief and trouble usually followed them. She had made the mistake of trusting Regulus, Lucius and Zabini and now looks where that had gotten her? She traipsed up to Frank Longbottom, who was her neighbor at home and smiled.

“Hello Frank!” She said cheerfully. “Good summer?” Frank looked nervous.

“Uh… Serena, yeah. Fabulous summer.” He went silent.

“Aren’t you going to ask me how mine was?” She smirked at him, tossing her blonde hair across her shoulders.

“Serena… listen, you’re my friend but…” Serena’s face fell as Frank tried to explain.


“Alice said I’m not allowed to talk to you anymore.”

“WHAT?” Serena screamed. Alice turned her head at the noise and groaned when she saw Serena and Frank talking.

“See, Regulus Black got here just a few minutes ago and… well he had some things to say about you.” Frank was suddenly grabbed away by Alice.

I’m sorry! He mouthed to her. Serena stomped her foot, raising her middle finger to Alice.

Remus, James and Sirius watched the situation take place.

“That’s no good.” Remus said.

“What are the rumors?” James asked, curiously.

“Who is she?” Sirius asked, staring at Serena as she stormed onto the train.

------ thanks for reading! feedback is really appreciated, because this is my first time with one of these!

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