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It was early in the morning, i could feel the sun shining threw the window as i lay on my soft bed, the blanket covering the top of me and a nice soft pillow at my side. Scrunching up my face it hit me that it wasn't a pillow beside me, it was a hard muscular chest, i gasped and jumped back falling off the bed and hitting my head on the side table. With my legs still on the bed i let out a moan of pain, i had fallen on my burnt back and had hit my head rather hard. Looking up my face met the grinning one of a Sirius Black, if it was possible my face whitened and my eyes opened in shock.

"What are you doing here ? " i practically shreiked at the half naked boy in my bed who simply wiggled his eyebrows. As my face grew red i stood up and reached for Sirius to pull him off my bed, but obviously it wasn't the smartest for the boy was ten times stronger and faster then i was. He grabbed my elbows and pulled me on the bed moving like a snake, i found myself underneath him.

"Get off me you pevert! " i screamed hitting him.

"Pervert! Your the one having dirty dreams about me !" I stopped fighting and looked at him oddly.

"Excuse me ? "

" ' Black, oh Black ' and then you through yourself on me so that i can't leave! And really i was only being nice by bringing you back inside. " He was now holding my arms down so i couldn't continuously beat his chest. I was about to starts yelling at him once more when my bedroom door opened to reviel an angry looking Ace. This so doesn't look good. Sirius quickly got off from ontop of me and stood awkwardly by the bed, red in the face i walked up to Ace who quickly grabbed me by the arm and pulled out into the hall. He didn't say a word until we had arrived in the library where he turned on me angry as ever.

"What the hell do you think you were doing ? " he shouted.

" I didn't do anything !"

"It sure didn't look like much. You met this kid one day and your acting like a whore " My jaw fell and i looked at him thinking that i was still dreaming. " He's a Black, Billie, a Black! Don't you get it , you were the one who told us that it was a Black. You were the only witness!"

"I know - "

" But you still go and do - do this! "

" I didn't do anything! I fell asleep out on the balcony and Siri - Black brought me inside. It isn't my fault he's a complete perve! " Glaring at him with teary eyes i turned around and left the library but quickly stopped as the door shut behind me, there standing flushed was Black himself. I couldn't get words to leave my mouth so i simply glared at the boy and ran back upstairs to my room and locked all the doors. I stood in the middle of the room still in my pajamas, i couldn't move, i couldn't breath, i just felt numb as clips of my life since that day passed by me.

" I love you dad... '

"Black"  "Mom!"  "Billie get away - "  "Like mother, like daughter. "

"Ace where are you taking me ? "  "Somewhere safe.... somewhere safe. "

" Why am i different ! "   "This is who you are, this is who you've always been , your going to have to deal with it.  "

" I'm a monster. "

I heard a knock at the door, it must have been hours that i've been standing there going over everything. They knocked again.

" Billie! Please open the door.... It's me James !" Silently i opened the door to reveil the boy that i've only known a day, his unruly hair seemed ten times worse, with a crooked smiled he walked into my room.

"What do you want ? "

"My mom told me to come check up on you.... You haven't left your room all morning...." He turned to me his smile gone, " Are you alright.. I know we've only recently met and all but i can still be worried. "

"I'm fine!"

"Mhmm.... and do you usually block people out, man its hard to imagine you with friends. " he continued talking as he approched me and the door. "  You know were just trying to be friendly  - "

"Who? You and Black? Are you as perverted as he is ?" he let out a chuckle and left the room, i locked the door behind him.

"Whats happening to me  ?"   " Your sick thats all "

" Who are these people? "  " There the Bensens, Weeterbird says they can help us... "   "Are you sure.."  " Don't worry."

"Deatheaters. BILLIE RUN! "

"There dead.... its all my fault "   " none of this is your fault. "   " I'm a monster."

" I'm a monster...."  monster .... monster.... monster.... monster....

" I'm a monster...." tear fell from my eyes and leaked down my cheek leaving a mark of black makeup. I probably look like 10cent whore.

"He's a black.... "  " your acting like a whore.. "

"What's happened to me.. why do i look like this ? "    " It was the spelll "

"Somethings wrong? "   " Billie what is it... "     " There here.. "  "Who?"  "Death eaters. "

"The Bensens have died "  " This is all my fault.. " No it wasn- "   " They were after me.. "

There was a knock at the door as i lay in the bathtub. How long have i been there ? It didn't matter, i turned my music up higher and closed my eyes blocking everything out.


We were all sitting at the dinner table silently waiting for Billie to come and join us.  Neither me nor James wanted to point out the obvious, we all knew she wasn't coming down, i sighed loudly as my stomach groaned hungrily.

"Would you like me to go get her? " James asked his mother politely. She didn't respond, instead looked to Edward Potter then back to Ace who was clearly angry with the girl.

"Do you mind if i bring her some food ? " He asked Amelia Potter, with a small smile she simply shook her head.  I watched as Ace, who mysteriously had no last name grabbed a silver tray and put a plate pilled with food on it, a cup of water and as everyone started eating there supper i watched as he went into his pocket and removed a blue pill and placed it on the tray. Why would Billie be taking pills? I knew there was something wrong, i should say something but i knew it wasn't my place to ask so i stayed quiet and filled my hungry stomach with Mrs. Potters delicious food.


I walked out of the washroom, a white towel drapped around my soaked body. I walked to the closet and pulled out a clean pair of jeans, tanktop and bra and underwear. I was about to get changed when the door opened, wasn't it locked ? Ace barged in with a tray of food and placed it on the vanity, he looked even more angry then this afternoon. I stood there still in my towel, too afraid to speak first but Ace just growled and left the room.  I quickly got changed into the clothes and walked up to the door and looked out into the hall. No one was there, they were probably all eating supper.  A small smile appeared on my lips as i imagined the sort of embarassment he had to go through, well he deserved it.  I grabbed the stray and walk out to the balcony to eat my dinner, i loved eating dinner as i watched the sunset it always reminded me of my parent.

A little girl at the age of eight was laying outside on the wet grass looking up at the pink,red and purple sky. Her blonde hair was spread out around her, he brown eyes sparkled as she turned her head to the man beside her. Her fingers were playing with the material of the pink summer dress her mother had pick out for her, her mother was working late and her father said he had something to show her which is how they arrived outside late at night watching the sunset.

"Its beautiful ain't it daddy?"  she asked the fair haired man with dark green eyes, a large smile appeared on his aging face as he turned to his only daughter.

"It is baby.... Almost as beautiful as you " The girl smiled and looked back up at the sky " Did you know i asked your mother to marry me during a sunset. "

"Really, was it romantic!" she beamed. Both her and her father hadn't noticed the blond haird woman with caring brown eyes standing behind them.

"It was...We were in her parents backyard and i was pushing her on the swing her father had made for her and then i stopped her and i said 'Britney will you marry me ' and guess what she said. "

"What did she say ?" his daughter asked excited.

"She said 'Danny Wilde why would i marry you when i'm only 8 years old' " The little girl giggled as her father laughed and the woman behind them smile while tears escaped her eyes.

I let a giggle escape my lips as i finished my dinner, standing up i walk over to the door and left the tray in the hall for whoever to pick it up and bring it to the kitchen, i was in no mood to talk to people. I closed the door not bothering to lock it, what should i do? A sad smile appeared on my lips as i reached under my bed and pulled out a box, i sat on my bed for more then a half an hour before opening it but just as i was about to the door opened.

" I knew i should have locked it." i muttered as Sirius walked it, his face rid of emotion which scared me a bit. "Hello Black is there anything i could do for you" I removed the lid from the box, gently placing it at my side as i looked at what it contained not sparing Sirius one more look. I pulled out several letters that i didn't bother reading,  i knew they'd only bring me to tears and i didn't want to show any signs of weakness infront of the boy. Looking in to the box i took out several other things, two of  which was a small crown and a necklace.

"Just checking up on you.." he took a seat infront of me.

"Are you sure you didn't want to choke me in my sleep" i said without thinking.

"Excuse me ? " i looked up at him, my mouth hanging open and my eyes wide.

"Eugh.... never mind. "  I pulled out a picture from the box and grimace, i put it down on the side as i put the rest of the things back in the box and then replaced the box under my bed. When i was about to grab the photo i noticed that it wasn't there but instead in Sirius's hands.

"Excuse me Black but thats personal. " i took it back before he could see it and with one last glare walked out to the balcony. The sun had set and the sky was growing darker, soon the stars would be out and so would the moon, i hoped on to the ledge of the balcony and sat down allowing my legs to dangle over the ledge. I looked down at the photo in my hands and sniffed back my tears, the picture was of a woman with long curly blond hair and brown eyes her smiled seemed to go on forever, the man had light brown hair and green eyes which seemed to be looking at his wife in admiration, there was a  sixteen year old girl who looked identical to her mother and beside her was a boy the same age as the girl, twins and he was looking at his sister with a large smile on his face.

"Did you know them ? " I jumped and almost fell off the ledge but Sirius caught me around the middle " Be careful there, a little jumpy are we"  He helped me down from the ledge and i soon as he let me go i backed away fearfully, i thanked merlin i could hide my emotions. I didn't want Sirius to see that i was afraid of him.

"I didn't mean to startle you, i was just curious. Were they your friends?  " he asked walking closer, i didn't move.

"Eugh... i used to know them.. from back home."

"Back home.. .and where is that ? I noticed you weren't british."  he said grinning slyly at me.


"Hmmm, and these were your friends. That girl is like the complete opposit of you." he said pointing to the teenage girl. " She looks all nice and carring and stuff, like an angel and your kinda like... well not her " he left out a chuckle and i just glared at him.

"You insufferable git!" i said i pushed him into the wall and walked into my room throwing the picture to the floor and jumping onto my bed. The lights soon turned off and i turned around not really caring if he could see my fear. " What the hell ? "

"Are you seriously going to sleep -"

"Black just leave, i'm not in the mood for your perverted mind. " even though it was dark i knew he was grinning and it freaked me out. " Just please Black. " I watched at he left through the window doors in which he left open and walked out onto the balcony where i watched him from the light of the full moon.

"Its a full moon " i said, Black turned around confused.

"What? "

"Nothing" i quickly replied turning around in the bed and going to sleep.

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