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                                             Trip to the Alley
It is getting close to Harry’s seventeenth birthday. He told Miss. Stevens that he is going into town and look around. She ask him to take someone along with him but Harry said no that he had been living on the streets and he can keep himself safe. Once Harry got everything that he needed, like his wand and some gallons, he life for the ally. He quickly walk down the road to a hidden nook and quickly disappartion to a few blocks away from the Leaky Calderon. He walked there and went up to the bar and ask for a Butterbeer. 

“Is it a litter risky for you to be out by yourself, young lad. With a war going on.” said the bar tender. 

“Actually sir, I have been learning magic for a long time, sir. How bad is the war now.” Harry said when Tom handed him a butter beer. 

“It getting bad now do that Harry Potter disappeared a month ago. More attacks on muggles now those poor people don’t know what is happening. Excuse me I have a customer.” 

         Harry turned to see who came in and was shocked to see all the Weasleys except Ginny. Also Hermione and Mad-Eye come in from the ally. Right away Mad-Eye, eye went rolling around looking for people who could cause trouble. Harry could feel it on him and he hope that he wont be discover right away. And he didn’t. They sat down in a corner booth and Tom went to get their orders. Harry relies that they were tired and sad looking he could figure that it was because of him or maybe something else? He will find out.
       There was a newspaper lying a few feet away and he pick it up and found a list of name of people who were killed in the last month by death eater attacks. And he found a name that he hoped that he wont want to find on the list. 

                                     Ginny Weasley

      That stab a hole in his heart like nothing could a young girl that he had fallen in love with, dead. By a death eater. Harry quickly close the paper and set it next to him and called Tom and pay for his drink and when to said that he had paid to much. Harry said to use it to pay some of the red head family bill and walked out the back. He quickly tap the set of bricks and walked into Diagon ally wizard version of a ally mall. And Harry walked to the nearest book store and into Advanced Magic section. He found a few books that he wanted and went up and pay for them. 

“Advanced magic, aren’t you a little young for that boy?” replied the store keeper. 

“No its for my older sister she want to become and auror so I went to get her these book that I saw he looking at.” Charles said. 

“Well,” reply the store keeper handing back the change.” We need more of those in these times wish her luck for me.” 

“I will.” then there was a scream out side. 

“Stay Here!” and the keeper went outside and Harry shrank the books and put them in his pocket and ran outside will drawing out his wand and going the fight. 

‘Expecto Patronum’ he thought in his head and his stag was standing in front of him. “Get help.” and then he picture the Wesley in his head and the stag bow and then took of knocking over a few death eaters. 

“Well lookey here a small boy with out his mommy where is your mommy little boy. Probably dead!” Bellatrix said with her usual evil laughter. 

“Came here alone,” Charlie said out loud but in he said in his head. ‘Bellatrix hoping that you will come so that we finish our fight’. 

“You are a brave boy that your parents gave you that wand.” 

“They thought that Voldemort might try to do something soon with Harry Potter missing.” 

“They were right he is trying to cause so much trouble so that the ministry will fall and so will Potter when he comes back.” 

“ The ministry may fall but not Harry.” 


‘protego!’ the shield block the curse and it rebound back at Bellatrix. And she was shock. 

“HA the little boy knows how to play how sweet.” 

“Just say, I learn from the best.” Harry knew that she probably attack hard and she did.

“Expelliarmus, Crucio, Avada Kedavra.” Harry put a shield up and rolled to escape the killing curse. And then put a stunner and a smoke screen up to escape before he risk exposing himself. And it worked. Bellatrix was lying on the ground stunned. 

      “Good job, young man.” said a gruffly voice behind him as Harry quickly turn around his wand in his hand. It was Mad-Eye Moody. “She is a hard one to capture, I’m sure your godfather will be happy to see that his would be killer be behind bars. Also thanks for the heads up.” Moody said as he put an arm around him his magical eye swiveling around. “I won’t bust you out. Dumbledore had to tight of reigns on you I wasn’t surprise that you have left already. Just contact us if you are in trouble and keep up the good work.” pointing at the stun Bellatrix,” and good luck.” With that Harry started to work his way out of the ally, slightly confused at the way Moody talked to him but ever one had there rights to a soft side. Stunning and shielding his way out of the ally and helping a few others. Harry got his way out of the ally unscratched. 

         Halfway out of the ally that lead to the Leaky Caldron he ran into the last person that he suspected to see in this part of the town of London, Elizabeth. 

“Charles what are you doing here?” 

“Just looking around at the shops that all.” replied Harry/Charles, “what about you.” 

“Martial arts class.” waving her hands at her cloths 

“Oh, will I better get going before Miss. Stevens starts looking for me.” 

“Yeah see you around.” said Elizabeth kind of withdrawn, “Bye” 

“Bye.” Harry said quickly and left to the deserted ally quickly for any one and apparition to Ottery St. Catchpole Devon to find Ginny resting place. 

Harry soon found it and place a few flowers on it and bend down on his knees and whispered 

          “Gin I am so sorry that I could not be there to help and further more that I was not their to save your life and that my departed from the magical world had mad it harder on your family to move on. 

        Please watch over your family to keep them save and say hello to my parents. Please. I’m sorry that I…couldn’t be there.” A tear fell from Harry face and landed on the grave as the winds pick up lightly and I the winds could speak it would have said. 
                                                      ‘I forgive you Harry.’

        Harry got up and headed home, well to his orphanage home. When he landed a block or so away his brain was swimming with the information that he got today, Ginny dead, Mad-Eye agrees with me, Voldemort is on a rampage. That he almost ran into a Couple that was walking ahead of him if he didn’t hear there familiar voices, Tonks and Lupin. 

“What are we going to do we can’t have children in the first place because of your ’condition’ plus being in the middle of a war.” 

“Will figure something out love.” said Lupin put an arm around Tonks waist. Luckily for Harry the side walk that lead to the orphanage came up so that he didn’t screw up the privet moment between the couple. But there information just added to his swarming head that was filed with to munch info. But when he got to the door he look around to see them looking at him scared that they just talk about something that they should have not said. But he gave them a wave that would have said. ’don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.’ and went though the door. Latter that night when Harry fell asleep his dreams where filled with that days information that he learned and also with a pretty Brunette whose name is Elizabeth. 

          ******* I was going to end the chapter there but I decided to put this here
                     So that there will be less confusion in the latter chapters******* 

                               LATER THAT NIGHT AT GRIMMAULD PLACE.

             The majority of the orders members where came downstairs in the kitchen talking about the attack that happen earlier that day at the ally.

“Does anyone know who stunned Bellatrix today.” stated Kingsley Shacklebolt. 

       “Actually I do,“ stated Mad-Eye, “Harry was in the ally today and probably paid most of the bill for are food today, well getting back to the point, he was probably in the bookshop get a few books when the attack started and ran outside sent his patroness and started his duel with Bellatrix and won, and from what I saw he pretty munch did a couple shields charms and a two stunners,” mad-eye continued thinking, “and a smoke screen stimulants with one last stunner. And when the smoke was going she was lying on the ground stun. Also he did it all without speaking.” mad-eye finish to a stun and quiet crowd. Of course Sirius was the first one to speak. 

            “Yeah! That is my godson he finally got his revenge for my almost death! Watch out Voldemort Harry is one hell of a wizard!” Sirius exclaimed encoring the shake that went through the crowd when he said Voldemort’s name. The only one that laugh was Mad-Eye. 

“I knew that who will be happy.” said Mad-eye “I even said that to him.” 

“How come that we did not see him.” said Hermione in a quiet voice. 

“He had a vary complexes and I mean a complex physical charm that probably last a good ten years but will lighten his natural hair color though.” 

“Are you talking about the Dissimulo Vulticulus charm.” said Dumbledore. 

“I think so Albus do that I have never seen it before, well until today.” Mad-Eye replied. 

“Isn’t that charm level eight magic sir.” Sirius replied. 

“Yes.” Dumbledore said. And the only reply that they got was a few wissles and silance.” well do that it is growing late anyone have any other annocments.” And two hand slowly rose. 

“Yes miss. Tonks and Granger.” 

“Were pregnant.” and the only noise heard was Mrs. Weasley feather quill drop.

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