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My heart hammered in my chest, like a caged animal trying to escape, as I tread slowly down to the dungeons. After the feast, I had seen the Slytherins heading in the general direction I was now going.

I just hoped it was the right way.

Actually I hoped it was the wrong way.

The corridors seemed to get darker, and more ominous as I neared the dungeons. It was a rather unforgiving place, not a place I would enjoy spending a extended period of time. Perhaps being in Gryffindor wasn’t such a bad thing if this would have been my… home had I been in Slytherin. I shivered involuntarily, and then stopped, realising I had no idea which way to turn now. I was standing in the middle of a long corridor, doors dotted along the edges, and a fork at the end of it. I frowned, suddenly uncomfortable at the predicament I’d placed myself in.

Well, perhaps uncomfortable was too feeble a word.

Terrified. Alarmed. Scared. Insane. 

I’m sure there were a few more choice words that I could have come up with if I had to time, or the patience to do so. However, I needed to concentrate on not being murdered by my brother, or any of his Slytherin cronies.

I frowned and turned to head back down the corridor. But it was already too late.

“Isabella.” His voice sent shivers down my spine.

I froze, closed my eyes tightly, and then slowly turned around, ready to face Quentin’s fury head on.

“Quentin.” I said, formally, unmoving.

He looked calm. However, looks can be deceiving. Very deceiving. His face showed no emotion, but the anger he felt was shown in his tight jaw, and clenched fists.

“Have you got anything to say for yourself before I send a letter to father?”

I bit the inside of my cheek, but kept my face as even as I could. 
“I… You can’t really blame me for what a stupid hat thinks.” I said, “It’s a hat for Merlin’s sake.”

“That stupid hat,” He began, stepping forward, “can read your mind, see into your soul, look into your deepest, darkest secrets. It must have seen something that would have made it put you in Gryffindor.”

It sounded like it burnt his tongue to say ‘Gryffindor’. 

“You see, it shocked me slightly when the hat was on your head for so long, but still I expected it to place you in the right house. Imagine my surprise when it shouted out Gryffindor.” The anger in his voice was growing.

He was right in front of me now.

“I…” I began.

Shut up,” He spat, grabbing hold of my wrist, and holding it tightly, “You have embarrassed our family Isabella. Mother will be extremely disappointed, and Father… well… we’ll see how he feels about the matter when we return home for Christmas holidays. You’ll receive the punishment you are due.”

“I… you can’t blame me… I didn’t want to be placed in Gryffindor.”

Coward. “Please… Quentin… just… let me tell them myself… let me write the letter… please. You‘re hurting me.” As my little spiel had gone on he had proceeded to tighten his iron-clad grip on my wrist.

“You are a coward"  Sirius' voice reverberated through my mind. 

It was mocking me.
Daring me to prove him wrong.

“Don’t beg Isabella,” He sneered, “Its not becoming,” He then smirked, “Anyway, it is my duty to inform father of this… revelation.”

“Please… there must be something… anything…”

I regretted those words the second they had left my mouth. What was I doing? I didn’t want this. I didn’t want to be who they wanted me to be.

I wanted to be a Gryffindor. I wanted to be… me.

But my fear, my cowardice…

“Anything,” He mused, the word forming slowly on his lips, and released as a word of great importance. He let go of my wrist, and I snatched it away, cradling it with my other hand. It was red, and sore, and I knew it would bruise. I took a cautious step back, as he said, “Go back to your common room Isabella.” 

"But what about the letter..." 

"I will write to them." He said, his voice final, "You'll have your chance to show where your loyalties really lie, and show them that you are a Slytherin at heart. Now, go back to your dormitory, i'll be in touch." And with that cold dismissal, he turned around and walked back down the corridor, and into darkness.

I wanted to scream.

I wanted to cry.

I wanted to break something.

I wanted to rip up that damned hat and feed it to rampant Chihuahuas.

I walked back to Gryffindor common room, cradling my injured wrist, and trying to hold back the sobs threatening to overcome me. I’m not one to cry. I think the last time I cried was when I was 11 years old. Since then I’ve learnt that emotional outbursts of that manner are frowned upon, so I held it all in. 

But now, with everything breaking down around me, with the walls I had so carefully built tumbling before me, the tears were ready to spill out of my usually cold eyes. I rubbed angrily at the tears lining my eyes as I reached the portrait of the fat lady.

“Are you quite alright dear?” She asked.

I ignored the question, and just gave her the password. She grudgingly swung open for me and I entered the common room, with any sign of emotion removed from my face hopefully.

The common room was nearly empty when I entered, with just Sirius and his friends by the fireplace, and a couple of stragglers dotted about. I purposely kept my head down, and my bruising wrist hidden as I rushed through the common room. I intentionally refused to look at him, but I felt him looking at me as I approached the stairs up to the girls dormitory. 

The 6th year girls dormitory was quite noisy unfortunately. 3 of my roommates were currently sitting on one of the beds speaking in hushed whispers and giggling. A 4th was sleeping soundly in her bed, unaware of the gaggle around her.

Lily Evans sat on the bed next to mine, snugly under the covers, reading. She looked up at me as I entered and smiled kindly. I let a small smile grace my lips, before I headed over to my bed. I felt the eyes of my 3 other roommates on me.

“You're Isabella Bennet right?” One asked. I slowly turned round, keeping my hands behind my back. The one who had spoke, a tall blonde, with blue eyes stood up, “I’m Jessica Gregory. This is Marla McKitton, and Georgia Huckle.”

“I think Isabella might be tired.” Lily said, “Maybe you should let her go to sleep.”

“I think she can decide on that, don’t you?” Jessica snapped back at Lily.

“Lily’s right actually, I am quite tired. So, if you excuse me, I’m going to go get changed, and then go to sleep. It is quite a busy day tomorrow.” I said coldly, my eyes boring into Jessica Gregory. I grabbed my pyjamas and left the room, but not before I caught Lily’s grateful smile. 


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