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Chapter 21: Time Stamp

It’s completely aggravating when your best friend doesn’t confide in you. Especially if you already know what she is supposed to confide.

“What is up with you” Amy asked, clearly annoyed. To be fair, I’ve have been staring at her expectantly all day and I can see how that could be annoying. Still, she’s had ample opportunity to tell us about her and Remus.

“Are you going to tell me the truth about last night?”

She didn’t look up from her cereal. “I told you, we talked it over and we’ve decided to be friends”

Liar. I saw them snogging all over the Gryffindor’s precious couch and who knows where that went. Ew, now I’m wondering what that couch has had to endure over the years. Gross, let’s move on.

“Anything else?”

“No, now can you leave me alone?”

Well there’s only one thing to do now. I snatched Lily’s copy of the Daily Prophet out of her and, rolled it up and whacked Amy in the head with it.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with you”

“When I kept snogging Sirius a secret, you got to attack me so now it’s my turn”

“What the-“

“I saw you” I pointed the paper at her accusingly. Guilt immediately crossed her features and lingered long enough for Lily to look interested. And when you have Lily Evans interested in something besides reading then you know you’ve got a story.

Well she’s not actually reading since I stole her paper. But that’s one of them trivial details.

She rested a head on her hand, trying to look cool and collected “You saw what exactly?”

“Insane snogging all over our precious common room sofa” I answered while gesturing my arms dramatically for Lily’s entertainment.

“You two are back together” Lily exclaimed excitedly.

Amy didn’t respond and looked at me with an irritated face. “Here’s what I’d like to know, what in Godric’s name were you doing watching us snog?”

“I wanted to see if you’d made up, I figured it was a yes” I winked. She needs to stop giving me a look that says “Perv”; I had a right to check on them since I organized the whole thing.

“Finally you two make up” Lily sighed happily. Another closet romantic emerges.

Amy’s face fell a little at her comment “Well not exactly, we did agree to be friends though”

“With benefits?” I interjected.

“No, this was after we snogged. We just want to see how it goes but aren’t diving into anything right now”

“That’s very mature” Lily told her, although looking a little disappointed.

I disagreed. “Yeah if mature means thick, what are you going to do when you need a little late night action and no lover but a friend?”

“I suppose I’ll head on down the grimiest bar in town and pick up a feller” Amy joked. At least she didn’t seem completely broken up or anything.

“Maybe after you settle into your jobs and get everything in order you two can date again” Lily suggested. I knew she wanted them together just as much as me.

Amy groaned and thumped her head on the table “That’s all people talk about, jobs careers, and making babies”

Lily looked frazzled “You don’t want that, Merlin I’m excited for all of it” Then she blushed.

“That’s because you were born the dream girl, Aimstar and I are social experiments gone wrong” I informed her.

“So you don’t want a job either?” she asked me.

Amy seemed curious as well. “Hey, I thought you were always telling McGonagall about working at the Ministry” she reminded me.

My eyes got shifty. “Well I’ve haven’t exactly been known as a chronic truth teller”

“Well, what are you planning?” Amy prodded. “Wild lion tamer?”

I blanched a little. I knew this was coming; I could not get away with lying about this to Amy without significant practice. I should have come up with a cool cover ages ago but now it was too late.

“Um, you know England right?” I started off slowly.

Simultaneous eye roll “We may have heard of it, possibly lived there all our lives” Amy said sarcastically.

Probably not a good way to start, let’s see hmm, they are looking at me quite expectantly.

“Well I was thinking about leaving it……to go, well everywhere basically. Around the time when school ends. ”

“WHAT?” they cried in unison. Amy picked up the paper and started swatting me with it repeatedly.

“School ends in a few weeks, you do realize this?” Lily cried.

“When were you planning on, oh I don’t know, TELLING US?” Amy shouted between hits.


“OW, sorry sorry sorry sorry” I apologized repeatedly and shielded myself for a few more minutes until she calmed down.

“You were just going to leave me here and wait to the last minute to tell me” she accused. Correctly I might add.

Then I had a sudden perfect idea. The exact thing my trip had been missing. The thing that suddenly moved away a lot more hesitation I had in leaving. I turned to Amy and looked at her hopefully.

“Come with me”

She paused, giving me opportunity to bombard her with what I had been researching. All throughout she remained silent. When I finished I’m pretty sure I was glowing as I starred at her hoping for a yes answer. Of course my trip would be ten times as amazing with Amy by my side; I can’t believe I’d never thought of it before.

She crossed her arms thinking, and I could see a slight smile of anticipation.

I grinned at her and her smile grew wider.

Then Lily burst in to tears. Oh shit, I should have invited Lily.

“I’m going to miss you guys so much” she sobbed “You had better write, and be careful, and pack for anything”

Amy hugged her tightly and I reached across the table and took her hands “Of course write and all that”

Amy met my eyes, I’m pretty sure we could only honestly make the promise to write.


Of course there were still other things to consider. I had told my closest friends and now they were insisting I tell my boyfriend. This was going to be considerably a lot harder since I went from telling Amy to her joining me and I don’t think that’s what’s going happen with Sirius.

So I turned into a coward. At least that’s what Amy says, since I’ve decided to write him a heartfelt letter instead.

Dear Sirius

You are too hot for me to handle so I’m releasing you into the wild to be ravaged by beautiful women while I search the Earth to find out where I went wrong



“See” I showed Amy “This one not only compliments him but it also puts the idea of being ravaged by sexy ladies into his head and therefore he won’t be angry”

“I can’t figure out if you joking or not and I think that’s a bad thing” Am deadpanned.

I crumpled up the parchment up and threw it on my bed.

This writing Sirius a letter thing was hard. Maybe I should shag him then tell him. I voiced my thoughts to my friend.

“You can’t use having sex as a tool”

“Whhhhyyyy, other chicks do it all the time”

“Well for one thing, you have to be ready”

I was about to agree with her when a weird realization came to me “I am ready” I said out loud, feeling a bit surprised. I hadn’t really thought about “home base” when it came to Sirius but I was oddly comfortable with the idea with a mix of I think is slight anticipation.

Amy was looking a bit surprised “Well this conversation just went in a whole new direction, are you really?”

I nodded “Yeah, weird huh? But you’re right I should tell him first and maybe a letter isn’t the best way.” I’ll have to deal with my realization later.

“Finally some sense”

I turned and gave my excited little pet a sad face “Sorry Quinn, I guess I don’t need you right now”

She hooted happily and flew over to my bed.

And things got bad

She randomly picked a letter up with her small talons and flew out the open window, leaving Amy and I with out jaws on the floor.

“She’s just joking right” Amy asked me horrified. “I mean she wouldn’t actually deliver one of those idiotic things you wrote”

“I don’t think owls joke” I replied quietly.

We faced each other with slight panic on our faces and looked back at the open window.

“But who knows, haha, maybe she’s making a nest”

Amy gave an uneasy laugh “Yeah, maybe”

“But just in case I should hire an eagle to go and eat her”

“I think I’ll go to the boys’ room and you know, make sure anything that gets there is intercepted” Amy suggested

“I think that is a great idea, and I’ll wait at this window for Quinn, then jump out if she I find out she delivered the “beautiful ladies” letter”

We nodded at each other and Amy left. We were being surprisingly calm about this.



What I need now is a lucky red shirt. The one that got me free ice cream once at Diagon Alley.

I tore open my trunk and searched through but had no luck so I spent the next five minutes scrounging under my bed. Somehow my clothes always ended up there.

I sighed in relief when I heard footsteps. Good all was well. But seriously, where was that shirt?

“Hey Amy, do you have any clue where I put my red T shirt, the one with the tiny hole in it?” I called out.

A voice cleared. It was much manlier than Aimes so I assumed it was someone else. Or maybe she had a cold. Please Merlin let her have a cold.

I rolled out from under the bed and saw that it was in fact, Sirius. However before any happy greetings I obviously realized his face was not one of happiness.

“Hullo” I welcomed him carefully. Maybe I can convince him this is all a wacky misunderstanding.

“Mind telling me what this is?” he asked, holding up the letter. Oh shite, worst nightmare had come true, the bloody owl wasn’t playing a joke on me and had delivered the thing. Pretty quickly too so she gets points for that at least.

“Oh, uh that wasn’t supposed to actually be delivered” I stammered.

Dear Sirius” he read “Well it’s been fun but I’m off to discover the mysteries of the world after school ends. I hope there is no hard feelings. Got this while studying in the common room, right after Amy ran up to what I’m guessing was my dorm in a panic and I thought I might check it out”

I winced. “Err yeah, I wrote it much more kindly in these” I gestured to the pile of papers on my bed.

“Well its good to know you basically broke up with me in a much kinder way” he sounded quite sarcastic.

“I wasn’t breaking up with you” I exclaimed. Which was wrong, I guess I hadn’t really thought of it that way. Quinn rejoined us a moment later and hooted happily, at what she must have thought, at a job well done.

“Oh gee, how could I have been so mistaken” He responded with loads of angry sarcasm in his voice.

He made a disgruntled noise and began to pace angrily. “I don’t even know how to deal with this!”

Crap, this is getting a bit intense. Well at least I know how to make it better. The next time I was in view he stopped pacing abruptly and smacked his head, looking away.

“Paige you can’t just take your shirt off every time we have a problem”

“I can’t?”


“Okay fine” I picked the shirt off the floor and fit my arms through the sleeves.

“No wait…” he ran over and stopped me, I let the shirt fall to the floor.

“What?” I asked him, confused. Was he going to ravage me in a manly angry passion? That sounded better that arguing.

“… well you better keep it off in case the argument ends well”

Boys are so mind bogglingly simple yet complicated sometimes.

The door opened and Amy ran into the room “He’s not in his room and I haven’t seen Quinn.” When she saw us and my owl perched in the window ledge she stopped short, rolled her eyes and walked back out of the room with the words “Please solve this like an adult Paige”

Says the girl who makes friendships through tonguing. Still, she had somewhat of a point. I picked my shirt up again and pulled it over my head.

“Look you aren’t just some bloke I entertained myself with” I told him honestly. “I fancy the damn pants off you, figuratively and hopefully one day literally” Also an honest statement, as well as serving for some nice imagery.

“It’s been so weird but awesome at the same time to have you in my life, someone to be close to besides Amy and I will probably miss you more than anyone”

I paused; he seemed to be calming down so I continued.

“But, I’m not meant to be here, to grow up and get it all sorted out right after graduating”

“You need to go” he repeated softly as if trying to understand. I felt my eyes stinging.

“I need to go be immature on every continent and offend every local” I tried to joke to keep my tears in but my eyes were not cooperating. I rubbed at them and turned my head away.

“I’m not crying” I announced. So much for breaking away clean. I felt an arm around me. Stupid Sirius being so decent and making me sad for leaving.

“I fancy the pants off you too, hopefully literally one day as well”

I did a sort of choke laugh. “Perv” I giggled and wiped my eyes.

“You dames and your tears, get me every time”

I stood up “Please understand though, don’t feel bad because I’m all weepy”

He sighed and put his head in his hands “Fuck, this is hard, everything’s been going well and all of a sudden it’s going to end”

I was trapped between feeling guilty about what I was doing and flattered at how much I meant to him.

Then he said something I didn’t really like. “I guess we have to end it now, I don’t think its best if we were in a relationship with an expiry date”

WHAT? What about my late night action needs? This was truly sucking. He was totally dumping me.

“Fine, well don’t expect a goodbye shag from me, try the sixth year Hufflepuff’s, they’ll be great for getting over me” I crossed my arms and turned away snootily.

He put his hands on my shoulders. “I’m not going to go out immediately and get a new girlfriend” he comforted “I think we should stay friends for the rest of the year, I just don’t want to get even closer if there is going to be no “us” anymore after school ends”

He had a point but this still really sucks. We both stood up awkwardly.

“Well we better be getting down to dinner” I suggested. He nodded but had a sudden wild look in his eyes

He took my face in his hands and leaned down quickly, giving me one of those smoldering kissed I always hear about. Just as quickly, he let go and left the room.

Then I made an immediate decision that jeopardized our break up.

If he meant that to be one last kiss than he shouldn’t have made it so good, I plan on scoring me another one of those before I’m gone.


A/N: ahhhhhh don’t hate me. This had to be written, but don’t worry, there is still some Paige/Sirius stuff in the next chapter that may get you happy again.

And it looks like the next chapter will be the last one, not including the epilogue. I’ve already got a short story following Paige in the works as well as an OC Hogwarts Era story involving Paige, Amy, Oliver Wood, and an OC male character that I just can’t seem to name yet.

Also I love my banners, they have served me well, but I’m thinking of getting new ones for all three stories. I’m hopelessly graphic challenged so you’ll bet I’ll be looking for assistance.

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