I turned around as fast as I could, hoping the voice belonged to who I hope it did. Blonde hair, Grey eyes, and a crooked grin smiled at me, I ran straight into his arms burying my head into the crook of his neck. Forgetting everyone around me, my only thought was him. He was here, I was in his arms and he was exactly what I needed.


When I was younger and I tripped or fell and started to cry, my dad would come and hug me then tell me…


“Rosie love, you’re going to run out of tears and have no more tears to cry when you’re happy.”


I would always stop after that, but now I know you could never run out of tears and that memory made me think of how much I had cried today. Here I am again in my boyfriend’s arms crying, but this time it was different, I was crying, but some off them were happy. It was truly an odd sensation, I was so happy he was here, but then I would think of why I was here and who was in the room next to me.


“Rose, I have missed you so much,” he purred in my red hair. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything so I stayed silent.


“Why are you here?” He let go of me just a little so that he could see my face. Wait a minute, my whole family is here! Shit, I gave him a look that told him I would tell him about it later. Someone cleared their throat. I turned around to see my dad glaring at Scorpius. Scorpius, surprisingly didn’t look away, but stared right back at him. I looked around at the rest of the family and only Uncle Harry was the one with a shocked look on his face.


“Right, well were just going to go outside for minute,” I said trying to sound casual.


“No, your not,” Dad said strictly.


“Dad just for a minute, please,” I said.

“Give her a minute mate,” Thank god for Uncle’s.

“Oi, stay out of this Potter, she’s my daughter,” Dad exclaimed.


“Ron, don’t overreact, not know,” Said Aunt Ginny.


Dad was now fuming, “I am not overreacting…” but I didn’t hear the rest, I pulled Scorpius outside the room and into a hidden corridor. As soon as we got there he gently pushed me against the wall and softly kissed me. I responded with more enthusiasm, combing me fingers in his hair while he had his hands around my waist. One thing about about Scorpius, he was a hell of a good kisser. I reluctantly broke of the kiss.


“What are you doing here,” we both said it at the same time.


Scorpius spoke, “you go first”, I looked down at the floor but he caught his finger under my chin and pulled my head up. “Rose, what’s wrong your dad seems like he’s in some state.”


“He’s just really stressed right now.”  


“Why is he stressed?”


“Because,” I said through gritted teeth, “Of what happened.”


“And what happened?”


“My mom has Cancer,” My voice was so quiet I’m surprised he heard it.


“Oh,” I could tell that he didn’t know what to say but he gave his best shot, “I’m really sorry to hear that Rose, is it fatal?”


“Hugo said that it was a small chance, that she could die,” I said.


“How does Hugo know?”


“Because, I ran out of the room because I couldn’t take it anymore and then Albus came…”


“Albus is here?” Scorpius interrupted, and thanks to being pregnant my mood changes like a snap of a finger.


“Don’t interrupt me, Malfoy,” I said, while giving him a death glare


“Whoa,” Scorpius threw his hands in the air mockingly, “When did you get so moody Rose?”


“You want to know why I’m so moody Scorpius?” Here it comes…


“Yea, I do!” Well I might regret this…


“Well here it is, I’m pregnant!”


“You’re pregnant?” He looked like a dear in headlights, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he didn’t have a bloody hard attack right then.


“Bloody hell, Bloody hell, Rose I can’t be a father.”


“What about me! I have to carry it for nine months. I’m sixteen, everything was going fine, but now my mom has cancer, are fathers are probably going to kill each other and I’m pregnant. You’re probably going to leave me and I’ll have to raise my child all by myself,” I said quietly.

“Rose I’m defiantly not going to leave you and there is always abortion…”


“No, I can’t do abortion… I just can’t,” Abortion did come to my mind when I first found out that I was pregnant, although I quickly pushed that thought aside because I could never do that myself or the unborn child. I looked at Scorpius and I could tell he was thinking about someone.


“You’re thinking about your father aren’t you?”


“Well yeah…” He shifted from his right leg to his left, “but we don’t have to worry about that right now, I wonder how your dad will react.”


“Umm… I already told my parents,” I said, while biting my lip nervously.


“Oh,” He had a glance of hurt cross his face, but he covered it up with a half real half fake smile, “its ok.”


“Scorpius if I had it my way you would have been the first to know, it’s just the way things happened and I couldn’t owl you to meet me because of your father,” Scorpius kicked the wall hard with his foot.


“Fucking Father, I’m going to be moving out of that hell hole soon,” He spat in disgust.


“Where would you go?” I asked.


“Anywhere, anywhere but there,” You would think after Voldemort being gone there wouldn’t be so much drama, but that’s a lie. Things just keep getting worse and worse.


I looked at Scorpius and embraced him for a much needed hug, “I’ve missed you so much,” I whispered into Scorpius’s chest.


“Scorpius,” Someone shouted from across the hall, I turn around to see Scorpius’s dad walking straight towards us.


“What the hell do you think your doing?” As soon as his dad said it a shock came from Scorpius’s touch making me jump a little. Scorpius didn’t seem to notice and pushed me behind him so he was blocking me.


“What are you doing with that filthy Weasley, Scorpius?” Draco spat as if it was filth coming out of his mouth.


“Don’t call her that,” Scorpius growled. It looked as though Scorpius was a good two inches taller then his dad. Scorpius looked very similar to his father except his dad was balding very badly and had an evil look about it. 


“I have every right to call her that, boy. She’s the daughter of a mudblood,” My father told me the story about when he tried to jinx Draco for calling my mother a Mudblood, but his wand backfired and it shot at him. He tried to make it a funny story but now I know at the time it wasn’t funny at all.


“Shut up, you have no idea what you’re talking about,” Scorpius had a look on his face that was ready to kill. I knew he wouldn’t do anything like that but I backed away a little just in case he tried anything.


“Why were you hugging her anyway?” Mr.Malfoy raised his eyebrows skeptically.


“Because Father, She’s my girlfriend.”


Draco looked like he was hit square in the face with a bludger, “She’s your what?”


“My girlfriend, and I don’t care what you have to say about it I am not breaking up with her just because of you. I love her more then I ever loved you!”


“Do you think I care if you love me or not? You were a mistake boy! Your mother and I never planned on having you,” I couldn’t see Scorpius’s face but I could tell he was hurt by what his father said.


“What’s going on here,” I looked toward to door where my family was sitting and out comes my father, great! This is going to be interesting, “What are you doing here Malfoy?”


“Nice of you to join us, Weasley.”


“Watch it Malfoy,” Dad shot daggers at Mr.Malfoy.


“It’s time for us to leave, the hall is beginning to smell of bad blood.” Draco raised his hand, “Come Scorpius.”


“No,” Scorpius said firmly.


“I said come Scorpius.”




“You will come when I say your name boy,” Draco came over to grab his arm.

“No,” He pushed his away, “I’m sick of you pushing me around all the time. I’m not a little boy anymore, I’m not a pet that gets pulled around all day. I am sickened to have the last name of Malfoy.”


“How dare you,” Draco pulled out his wand and shot a spell so quick even my father who was an auror didn’t have enough time to stop him, “Defodio!” All I could see was a curse aimed straight at me but someone pushed me back making me fall to the floor and jumped in the way.



 “No! Scorpius, Scorpius!” He fell to the floor and was instantly unconscious. Blood was spilling everywhere and there were deep gouges on his face and body.


Dad picked up Scorpius, “Rose get Harry!” I nodded hastily, got up and rushed into the waiting room.


“Uncle Harry! Help, we need help! Scorpius has been hit with some curse and now he has cuts everywhere and blood is spilling and…” I had hardly ran anywhere but I was panting hard.


“Rose slow down, what’s wrong?” Said Uncle Harry.


“We have to find dad!” I shout.


Albus jumped up from his chair, “I’m coming!”


“No you’re not Albus,” Uncle Harry said firmly.


“He’s my best friend!” Albus retorted.


“Albus, Rose you stay here I will find Ron. Everything will be fine were in a hospital,” And with that Uncle Harry left the room.


“What happened?” Albus said.


“Well Scorpius and I were talking then his father came,”


“Draco?” Asked Aunt Ginny.


“Yea,” Why does everyone have to bloody interrupt me all the time, “Anyway Scorpius and Draco had an argument and then Dad came out and all of a sudden Draco aimed a curse at me but Scorpius jumped in the way and now he has gouges all over his body…” Lily put her hand over her mouth and Albus looked angry. Everyone was pondering their own thoughts so I decided to sit down.


 Lily looked scared and worried, it was a known fact that she had a crush on Scorpius every since she first saw him at the platform when it was mine and Al’s first year. James looked gloomy, his black hair falling onto his face. Al just looked pissed and depressed. Al and Scorpius have been best friends since first year; they were both sorted into Slytherin and every since then they have been inseparable. I on the other hand was sorted into Ravenclaw, while Hugo was in Gryffindor along with James and Lily.


I started to bit my lip again! Aunt Ginny seemed to see my distressed state and stood up and walked over to sit beside me, “How are you feeling love?”


I took a deep sigh, “I’m ok, just a little… I don’t know really.” Aunt Ginny always new how to make me feel better. She was probably my favorite Aunt; one because she is pretty cool for being 42 and I was the closest to her out of any of my other aunt’s.


“Hun, Scorpius is going to be fine and while you were out with in the hall the Healers came out and told us your mom could leave from the hospital tomorrow.” She pushed a piece of hair behind my ear.


“That’s good,” I tried as hard as I could to sound some what happy but I just couldn’t do it.


Aunt Ginny read the look on my face and tried to change the topic, “So how long have you and Scorpius been going out for?”


“About a year and a half,” I said. “You knew didn’t you?”


“Well I didn’t know if it was serious but I guess you could say I knew.”


“Professor Neville?” I asked.


“Yea, it was just me and your mom who he told though…” All of sudden I had a pain in my stomach I had never felt before. I grabbed my stomach and leaned forward.


“Rose are you alright?” Aunt Ginny asked worriedly. I could hardly hear her because the pain was so agonizing I let out a curdling scream and fell to the floor.

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