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The power within


Disclaimer: sighs!!!!  nothing belongs to little old me except a deluded fantasy that hogwarts and all the wonderful things in the magical world are real no alas it all belongs to the wonderful  J . K . Rowling

Summary: I love all the characters and will try to write them all in this but my focus will be on Ron and Hermione but it will also include plenty Ginny and Harry. The story starts in the summer following their fourth year where a lot of changes are due to happen to the four friends and Ron realises a secret that could destroy or save humanity depending on his decisions (oh and just wanted to warn I intend for this to be a long one as it's my first but only if you all review).

Rating: I have made this an R for caution however this is for language and sexual references that may not appear until much later chapters if anything Rated is going to happen I will give advanced warning.

so anyway on with the show


The summer was welcome by most young teenagers who expected almost the same as every year with some excitement here and there, however for many Hogwarts students summer had almost bought a feeling of dread as they wearily said goodbye at the station.

However four students two red heads, a bushy haired girl and a lanky boy with a lightening scar on his forehead willingly excepted summer and the change that would come with it. 

For they where changing inside and out, little did they know that these changes would test them all in ways they had never imagined.

Ginny weasley sat nervously tapping her fingernails on the polished wooden table, she knew that her mother wanted to tell her off but she was chewing her own fingernails in anticipation Ginny began to think about how she had gotten herself into this situation

It had started before the summer Professor Dumbledore had asked her to come to his office, at first Ginny had been scared out of her mind what did he want? and was she in trouble? of course it was neither of these as she soon came to realise.

Of course she never got into trouble not any more not since her second year, now she tended to keep her head down and concentrate on her work.

Not that anybody noticed most people avoided her usually even her room mates, it got lonely at times but she buried her self into studies promising that she would enjoy life once she had completed school, which was something that came easily to her it seems that she had the brains in the family.

School work always seemed easy this probably added to the reason she had no friends it was so much easier to study than to talk to others.

She only really spoke to people when she needed to and of course her three brothers and thier friends would speak to her but she knew they thought she was a loser following her brothers around.

Even Hermione who was also a bookworm managed to be popular with a lot of people.

Of course Neville had taken her to the dance but only after he had asked everyone else, they had rarely spoke the entire night.

Ginny had at that point accepted her doom she really was a loser, a loser who had reached the office and was now looking at professor Dumbledore as his eyes bore into her own they held a twinkle in them, he had asked her to sit he then proceeded to tell ginney why she was called to his office.

Some time later Ginny Weasley biggest loser ever had left that office with a lighter heart with her head held high,  people who passed her saw almost as if for the first time a vibrant young women who suddenly had hope that maybe she wasn't too bad after all.

Now she was here again almost a month since she had visited Dumbledore with a sense of foreboding which was quickly erased as professor Dumbledore stepped out of an office which contained many important people.

His smile and laughing eyes caused Ginny to shout in delight and hug her laughing and proud parents as Dumbledore congratulated her on passing her fourth year she was now the youngest fifth year student.

Some time later her mum pulled out of the hug with her daughter and silent tears fell down her face, " oh my little sweet Ginny we are so proud of you. " 

Mrs Weasley whispered at this Arthur chuckled " now Molly Ginny is hardly little anymore now is she." 

Ginny had to smile at this it was true she now stood taller than her mother, plus the fact that this thing called puberty was playing up again, of course puberty had hit years ago but it wasn't as bad as this. 

She had to buy a 32C bra and her clothes now hugged her in all the right places

Her mums words interrupted her train of thought, "yes she really has turned into a beautiful young women".

Ginny felt her cheeks burn at this statement true Ginny didn't have spots a usual curse of puberty and she had thick red hair which framed her face which she was glad was a dark red and not ginger.

Lucky for her, Ron and Bill they had gotten the darker shade of red hair and a tan now covered her body but she doubted that anyone would call her beautiful.

God she hated blushing it showed a sign of weakness and just lately she had been able to keep her blushes under control, but with the three of them staring at her with praising eyes there was no way she could control the blush.

Dumbledore was excusing himself much to Ginny's relief at least they had stopped looking at her, " I must go now I will look forward to meeting you back at school for the next term, I expect you have many people to tell of this exciting news?".

Ginny knew she was frowning Dumbledore's words hurt more than she cared, the truth was not many people would be excited about the news as she didn't have any friends. 

She knew her brothers would be pleased all except Ron, who would probably bitch and moan about her hanging around him.

She wouldn't have to listen though because the first day back from Hogwart's and Ron had gone over to spend the summer with Charlie tending to dragons.

Dumbledore had seemed to read her mind as he said in a whisper so her parents couldn't hear, " it is surprising Ginny who our true friends are supposed to be just because certain things have stopped these friendships so far don't let it continue you belong with them they just don't realise it yet." 

Before Ginny could even begin to understand what he had said he was gone.

She knew what he had meant and now would be a perfect opportunity to be a part of there friendship, but she was scared they all shared a friendship that made their bonds strong.

She doubted they wanted her to be a part of it, however she would write and tell them all maybe she would be surprised, "well you never know" she sighed.

Two days later Ginny was back at work, she had gotten a job at the ministry of magic working with magical creatures it was fun and meant she could be outside in the sun, plus she got to do magic.

It had only been two weeks since school had finished and she had started working there, oh and of course passed her fourth year.

Part of her started to feel a change in her attitude, she was walking with her head held high instead of looking at her feet and was refusing to be pushed around by idiots. 

She had actually told one lad who did no work to get off hiss lazy ass before she swiftly kicked it.

It wasn't long after this incident that an owl landed on her shoulder, she petted Hedwig and showed her to some water and treats she then opened up a letter from Harry 

                           Hi Ginny ,

                                            hope your well it's brilliant that you are now a fifth year although I would  watch out for hermione if I was you she may feel slightly threatened but I can't wait to see you to really congratulate you I have to say I feel sorry for Ron now you and Hermione are going to be best friends he doesn't stand a chance write back soon lots of love 


Ginny felt slightly confused why would he think that she would be best friends with Hermione she doubted that Hermione would want to be more than just friends with her, Hedwig hooted at her and handed another letter

               Hello Ginny 

                                 I cannot believe you are in the same year as me this will be the best thing ever because now we can study together and I will have someone to talk to besides Harry and Ron because sometimes I am unable to speak to them and I would like to have a close girl-friend but you were always so busy (now I know why) but I know you have your other friends but I really hope we can become great friends and I was wondering if you would like to visit sometime? well congratulations again send your letter back with Hedwig she will bring it here before going back to Harry hope I hear from you soon 

                                            lots of love          Hermione

Ginny was now staring open mouthed Hermione really wanted to be her friend and she had invited her to stay a small twittering noise bought her out of her stupor Errol, Ron's owl was fluttering about like a maniac.

He then remembered  what he was supposed to do, Errol dropped the letter on Ginny's lap upon seeing the letter Ginny gasped it looked like a howler "who would send me one of these? " she murmured absently.

The boy she had shouted at earlier was now sneering ,"better open it Weasley and give us a good laugh." 

Ginny didn't notice but there were a few people around who were now watching and waiting, Ginny opened it, the letter sprang to life and Ginny heard Ron's shouting only it wasn't a bad shouting, it sounded more like cheering

                       "Ginny Weasley I am so bloody proud to have you for a sister who would have thought that you are brainier than Hermione (long laugh follows) your gonna have a brilliant time this year with us lot can't wait to see you Ginny bean love you loads well done" 

The voice now changed and her brother Charlie proceeded to tell her how proud he is of her, then Ron and Charlie broke into song of congratulations, when it ended the mouth that the letter had formed placed a kiss to her rosy cheeks.

For a long time after Ginny was giggling, "oh well maybe this year will be different, maybe people will really see me " she smiled as she hurried to write to everyone.

They were offering hands of friendship and although cautious Ginny was too lonely for too long she would gladly accept their friendship.



Hey well that's the first part hope you liked it I intend to do this with the others so that it can set the scene so you know what changes have happened to each character.

Plus I want to develop each character so its going to be a slow process but if you liked review because that's the only reason I will keep writing this story oh and it's my first fic so go easy  thanks for reading  

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