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Mornings, Ginny had always hated them.

There was just something about them that made her want to scream. She was always way too tired  to wake up. She wanted to stay in her warm bed forever but, reluctantly, she heaved herself out of bed. The only thing that was keeping her from laying down and sleeping againg was the fact that she would see Harry in a while.

Oh, Harry!

He was the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world! They had been going out since she was in fifth year and he was in sixth, so about 6 years. Every day, she would count down the minutes until she would see him again. You could say, and she would agree with you, that she was truly, madly, deeply in love.

With that thought in her head, she traipsed down the stairs to get some breakfast. Bill, Fleur, Fred, George, her mother, Mrs. Weasley, and her father, Mr. Weasley, were all sitting at the kitchen table. For some reason, they all looked a little uncomfortable.

"Morning Everyone!" Ginny said, making everyone jump and look even more uncomfortable. She was starting to get suspicious.

"Oh, um, hi Ginny" Fred muttered. Now, Ginny knew something something was wrong; Fred never muttered.

Ginny looked at all of them repeatedly. "What's wrong with all of you? And, by the way, where's Harry? Come to think of it, where  are Ron and Hermione?"


Ginny chuckled nervously. "Come on guys, where are they?". She was not sure she wanted to hear the answer.

"Well, um.... well...Ginny" stammered Bill.

"Well? Spit it out!" She exclaimed irritably.

"Ginny he, um...." started George.

"Can someone PLEASE tell me where they are?" she spat.

Her father came over and laid a hand on her shoulder. "Ginny" he said gently, "Harry, Ron, and Hermione left early this morning. They said they had a mission. Harry told me to say goodbye to you for him."

"Goodbye?" she said quietly. It felt like Ginny's brain had gone completely numb. "GOODBYE!?" she screamed.

"Ginny, he said he really didn't want to leave you but-"

"BUT? BUT WHAT! IT DOESN'T TAKE AWAY THE FACT THAT HE LEFT!" She bellowed. And, before anyone could stop her, she thundered up the stairs into her bedroom.

She collapsed onto her bed, sobbing hysterically. Harry, her wonderful boyfriend, left without saying goodbye! She would never believe it; she wanted to wake from this nightmare right now. She pinched herself as hard as she could, but the situation didn't change. She was still lying on her bed, pathetic and lonely. She couldn't take it. She couldn't stay here with this fact hanging over her head.

Suddenly, Ginny sat up straight. She had made her decision. She needed to get out of here. But where would she go? If she could, she would get out of England, perhaps even Europe! She ran over to her desk and wrote down a list of things she needed in her new home.

1. Everyone has their own their business to deal with

2. Full of possibilities

3. you can make it on your own

4. Filled with different people to blend with

The answer smacked into her head. She knew where to go. She scribbled her answer down onto the paper and grabbed one of her purses. She put the undetectable extension charm onto her bag (Hermione had taught her) and stuffed everything into it. She looked around her romm. Everything seemed to be packed. The only problem now was money. Were was she going to get enough money to start a new life in a whole nother country? She needed a friend who had enough money and was generous enough to give it to her. Luna! Her father was the editor of The Quibbler, after all! Luna would definitely give her the money, what were best friends for? She pounded down the stairs into the kitchen again. Everyone was standing in the same place that she had left them at, all with startled looks on their faces.

"Everyone!" she said loudly, "I have decided to leave town! Actually, I have decided to leave England!" Everyone looked at her, apalled at her statement.

'But, where are you going to go? You don't 'ave any money!" said Fleur, speaking for the first time.

"I know Fleur, I will find a way to live" Ginny said calmly. She turned to her parents. "Mum? Dad? What do you say?" Her mother exclaimed "ABSOLUTELY NOT!", but her father stayed silent. He regarded her for a few moments. Finally, he spoke-

"Ginny, do you really need to go?" he asked quietly. She nodded slowly. "Well, alright then. You can go. I know that this is hard for you. You must come back to visit" He hugged her tightly. "It seems like you grew up over night. I know you are ready to make it on your own."

"Oh thank you Daddy!" she hugged him even more tightly. Mrs. Weasley looked back and forth between them a disbelieving look on her face. Somehow, she recognized defeat. She sobbed hard and squeezed Ginny so hard, she couldn't breathe. "Mum! I'll be ok! I promise."

She then turned to the three of her brothers and her sister-in-law. She was going to miss them all, even Fleur. She went to Bill first and hugged him. "Be careful squirt" he said fondly, and ruffled her hair.

As Fleur said goodbye, she whispered in Ginny's ear, "I don't think 'arry meant to 'urt you. I am going to miss you very much Ginny."

Finally, she turned to Fred and George. They handed her a bag of Galleons. "Ginny, we have decided to give you some money to start off with. Don't spend it on something stupid, like a life time's worth of stamps or whatever" said George.

"Yeah, is there a greater thing for a brother to do then help his sister run away?" joked Fred. Ginny chuckled at this and hugged them both.

She turned and looked at all of them for one last time. They were upset at her parting, but they knew she had to do it. She said a final good-bye and left the house. When she got to the gate, she took a quick glance at what her home had been for over 20 years. It was time to move on, time to make a new home. As she Disapperated she sighed; it was going to be a long way to New York City.

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