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A/N :  Hey you guys! sorry for the long wait, and the short chapter. I promise that theres a really long one coming up soon !!! so stay tuned for that, and if anyone knows an amazing banner maker- i really need a stunning one for my other story (Pirates) its really good.You should go and read that. But yes- please R&R....and oh yeah- enjoy!

Ayra bit her lip as she tried to concentrate on the 3 foot parchment on her desk. She had been working really hard, anyone could just tell by looking at her paper.

 Well, she conceded, I do have my name, date, and subject on there… 

She absent mindedly traced her lips with the feather of her quill as she flipped through yet another book that she had pulled of the library shelf about an hour ago.

The library was deserted, as it was after curfew. Really, the library hadn’t had very many visitors in the past few days with all the ruckus about the ball going on. Ayra rolled her eyes dramatically as she glanced back down at her almost untouched parchment and flipped the pages in the book. She stood up with a little huff and slammed the book shut, which moaned in protest. 

Oh shove it.” Ayra whispered fiercely as she tucked it back into its spot on the shelf, causing some of the other books to complain and protest that their shelf was crowded as it was. Ayra rolled her eyes yet again. “It was here earlier, so it should be fi--”

A door creaked. The candle stub that she had been using for light blew out- smoke eerily rising up from the blackened wick. Ayra whirled around and hid behind a bookcase. The creak was followed by the most horrifying dreadful sound that one could ever heard after hours. It was the omen of a thousand detentions- of a hell that would never freeze over. Ayra cringed in anticipation…


Ayra broke out in a cold sweat.

 It was these jolly and brilliant times that the fabulous voice in her head made its enthusiastic and sarcastic appearances.  Great Job Woods, now you’ve really outdone yourself. It  said accusingly. 

Then you have ego, who also loves to talk and infuriate voice-in-the-head. Shut up voice, you don’t know what you’re talking about. How was she to know that Filch was gonna be here?

Well maybe She should have thought about that before she chose to stay after hours.

Well maybe if you would just shut up for once,  she might  could actually find a way out of this mess.  Ego was always a great friend.

OI TWERPS IN MY HEAD!! SHUT UP!!!! Ayra yelled at the voices in her head, mentally of course. She then proceeded to do what her darling ego had told her to do. 

Find a way out.

Ayra held her breath as she peaked around the bookcase that she was hiding behind- only to duck behind its cover again.

“Who’s here my sweet?” rasped Filch. “Students out of bed? Why they ever let the old punishments die I’ll never know.” Ayra closed her eyes shut. There was no way out. She could hear his footsteps coming closer, and closer, and closer…..

THUD. THUD. THUD.  “I know you’re in here….”

Might as well turn myself in. Or…..Or I could pretend I was sleepwalking! Ayra though enthusiastically. Excellent.

Oh. That’s a brilliant idea Woods, maybe the humiliation will make ego a little less willing to talk.

Shut up Voice.

Great comeback ego. Made you feel a little bigger, didn’t it?

Um…You guys? Could you please maybe, oh well. I don’t know…SHUT UP? 

Ayra cringed. Great. Now you’ve given yourself a headache. Ayra rolled her eyes at voice as she peeked around the corner once more, eyes opening a little bit wider in shock.

She didn’t move. His back was right in front of her- and he was turning around. 

 A hand flew over Ayra’s mouth as she was covered with some sort of slithery material. Ayra knew she should bite, kick or something, but the prospect of getting caught by Filch made her limbs freeze. He was looking right at her. Ayra stood completely still. 

Something’s off here. Something is not right…she thought desperately.

Then she realized. Filch wasn’t looking at her,  he was looking right through her. “Guess not my sweet. We better go.” he said to the cat that was weaving in and out of his legs. He limped back to the front of the library and looked backed at the spot where she was standing. “I could have sworn….” and his voice faded off. He shook his head slightly, picking up the lantern a bit higher as he walked out the door of the library. It swung shut. 

Ayra waited another moment until she struggled from the slippery grasp that had held her. She whirled around. No one was there. “Lily, time to stop the charade, don’t you think?” 

Now you see, she had reasoned this out. 

Black obviously wouldn’t be here, cause. Well, Black and Library? In the same sentence? Obviously not. Potter could be in here, but most likely, no. Remus would never break rules like that…and Lily was in Potters good graces, and Potter had an invisibility cloak, and since he had an invisibility cloak, and the person who had grabbed me had obviously made me invisible, because I was standing right in front of Filch, and he hadn’t ripped my ears off….It was obviously Lily. Therefore her question. 

“I don’t know why you thought I was Lily Flower, but you’re obviously mistaken.” a very familiar voice said.

Too familiar.

Ayra’s eyes narrowed.  

The cloak whipped of to reveal, the one, the only….

Sirius Black.

He has really got to stop with these dramatic entrances.

“Oh sure, you’re welcome.“ He said with an obnoxious look, his arrogance seeping through his smirk. “I mean, I only saved you from one hell of a detention, and probably from azkaban on Hogwarts, or anything else that you deem worthy.”

Ayra crossed her arms and looked at the figure illuminated by the moonlight. “Care to tell me what you’re doing in the library? Last time I checked, you couldn’t read, cause you’re an idiot.” she threw at him.

 The left corner of his lip quirked into a little smile, as if he was indulging himself in a joke that only he was privy to. “Care to tell me why the hell you thought I was Evans?”

Ayra’s eyes narrowed a little more as he leaned against a bookshelf and aimlessly pulled out a book and flipped it open in his hand. He pulled out his wand with the other and flicked it to the candle stub on the table, and it once again began to flicker. She glared at his relaxed silhouette. “Well I sure as hell didn’t think It was you.” she retorted, fast on her feet.

“Whatever Woods.”

 Ayra grimaced. She knew she had to say thank you…but well, she didn’t.

 “Why don’t you just leave me alone Black? Or is stalking one of your many endearing qualities that I need to add to my list?”

 He looked at her blankly. “What list?”

 Ayra rolled her eyes. “Never mind. Now, I would appreciate it if you would just leave me alone.” she picked up her paper that she had been working on and scrolled it up. 

 “Now, now Woods. I think you’re forgetting something.” he said from behind her.

“Oh wait! You’re right!” she said sarcastically, throwing her hands up in the air. “That you’re an obnoxious brat who doesn’t know how to read?” she asked sweetly.

Sirius smirked at her. “Getting a little rusty there woods.”

Ayra glared at him. “Go back to first year your prat. Maybe they’ll teach you how to read!” she finished, smirking at him. She tossed her bag over her shoulder and vanished the candle stub. She bit back her retort when she found him looking at the book she had left on the table- frowning, his eyes clearly scanning the pages.  He leaned heavily on the table then stood up almost rigidly.  the His eyes shot at her with suspicion. “Woods. Why are you looking at books about unbreakable vows?” 

Ayra opened her mouth to speak.

A voice came from the shadows.

“That’s what I was wondering as well.”



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