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It was rather obvious that the Potters were rich by just looking at there three story home in which was directly outside of downtown London and rather close to Mabory Falls, where Mrs Weeterbird lives. Walking in my room i had to stop out of shock, it was big and beautiful. At the far end there was a fireplace which had a sitting area infront of it, on the opposit side was my large bed with dark purple silk blankets, the walls were a cream color and the carpet dark purple also, there was a walk in closet filled with clothes, a bathroom i shared with the room beside my own and vanity. Closing the door i danced around the room happily which caused me to notice the two large windor doors which led to the balcony that went all around the third floor.

After getting over the shock of how beautiful the house and room was, i quickly went into the closet to look at the clothes Amelia had picked out for me. Relief filled me when i noticed all the jeans and shirts, everything exactly her style. She found the bathing suits in the back of the closet by the stilettos and converse, yes plural. She had a choice from every color of the rainbow and it was only natual when she picked the light purple, it being her favorite color and all. Slipping on her tank top and shorts, grabbed her ipod and left her room in search of the pool. Like Amelia had said there house was rather difficult to move around in, but finally she had found the main floor which quickly led her to the kitchen where the back doors were situated.

"I see you've decided to go swimming. " She turned to the owner of the voice, by the stove was Amelia cooking. " I'm just starting lunch, i've always liked to do it the muggle way. James and his friend our out by the pool,don't be shy" and with a convincing smile i left the lady to her cooking and went outside. There was no wind in the air and the sun was beeting down hard, a perfect day to go swimming. As she walked along the path she spotted two boys in the pool and froze as she recognized one of them.

"You ?  I though you said your name was Sirius Black. " Fear and anger pulsed through her as she stared down at the gray eyed handsome boy, who happened to be grining at her.

" I am!"

"Then who's James?"

"That'd be me. " Said the second boy with messy dark brown hair and square rimmed glasses which covered his brown eyes. He resembled his father encredibly, accept his eyes which was his mothers. " You must be the girl staying with us. "

"Billie Wilde isn't it" I nodded to Sirius. " Well are you gunna come swimming? "

"No, i'm actually going to go tan" i said motioning to the chairs off to the side of the pool, without another word from the boys i took out my ipod and layed on one of the chairs enjoying the sunshine. Closing my eyes while i listened to the great escape by boys like girls i felt a sharp pain in my shoulder.

"Whaa!!" i called out opening my eyes to reveil Sirius. " What do you want? "  he held out a bottle of sun tan lotion.

"You'll burn like that, with how pale you are and all. "

"Right, thanks" simple and quiet, i took the bottle from him expecting him to leave, no such luck. " Wheres James ? "

"He's gone inside."

"Well run along then - "

" Maybe i can help you with that lotion? " he said cutting me off.

"What about your back" he added smoothly with a smirk that could break a thousand heart, but not a cold one like my own.

" I'm not tanning my back at the moment am i ? "

"But when you do who will be here to help you ? " Sly and cunning, i wonder if he's in Slytherin, most likely being a black and all.

" I was wondering if you were in slytherin, you know being a Black and all ? " His face turned stony, eyes darkened and he glared at me making me ten times more scared of him though i was good at not showing it, without a word he stood up and left me there.  " Emotional or what ? "

After tanning i went inside, my face etched in pain. The boy was right, i had burnt my back badly and it hurt whenever i touched it, growling at my stupidity i walked upstairs to find my way to my room. I had passed by Ace who was walking out of the library, he looked like he was in a foul mood so i decided not to talk to him. Ever since we had come to London Cameron and Ace had been researching, all i know about it is that its about me and i don't know why, each time i ask Ace gets all grumpy and sends me away. Jerk.  Cameron and Ace weren't my parents like i had told Sirius and many others, but they were my guardians and i was to listen and agree to what ever they told me no matter how much i hated it. 

Reaching the third floor i was surprised when a large hand met my back between the shoulders, i let out a scream filled with pain. I turned around to scream the idiot who put me in pain ears off. There leaning against the wall was Sirius grinning maniacally. My face was red with rage and my eyes were glowing.

"What was that for ?" i asked touching my back which caused more pain, i winced.

"Just giving you a friendly pat of the back. I told you you'd burn. "

"You did that on purpose, you knew i was sun burnt. You evil little git. You really are a Black aren't you. " I said angrily before turning around and entering my room. I quickly got changed into jeans and a white tank top. Walking into the washroom i lifted my shirt to inspect my burn, my skin was blotchy and as red as a tomato, Sirius's slap had only made it ten times worse. I moved over to the cupboard and took out a bottle of lotion, i sighed out of happiness as i pulled out a bottle and returned back to the mirror.  I sat on the counter and lifter up my shirt while i tried to spread lotion on myself, which turned out harder then it sounded. I figured out that my shirt was causing me the most trouble so i quickly got ride of it, sitting there in jeans and i bra trying to spread lotion on myself while looking at my back in the mirror, i didn't notice the door opposit mine open until i heard a chuckle.

"Black! You perv. "

"Hey, i needed to go pee. Next time lock the door. " he said closing the door as i staired at him shocked.

"Well leave you stupid git!"

"Like i said i have to pee" and right in front of me he turns to the toilet and pulled it out, thankfully i turned my now red back so i wasn't able to see what he was doing.Once i heard him flush i turned back, just then remembering i wasn't wearing a shirt. Damnit. I quickly rapped my arms around myself looked around for my shirt.

"Looking for this ?" there in his hands was my shirts.

"Yes please, give it here !"

"What after you acted the way you did, i dont think so. " Sigh angrily looking away from him and turning back to the mirror to try what i was doing before i was disrupted but without succeeding. I let out an angry growl and threw the bottle across the room. " What the heck did it do to you ?" Sirius asked picking it up. Pouring cream into his hand he walked up to me and started spreading it all over my back.

"What are you doing? " i asked jumping off the counted, i noticed how tall he was compared to my 5,2.

"  Helping... Just turn around " with hesitation i obeyed and shivered and winced as he spread the cold lotion over my burnt back but once again i jumped away as i felt him unhook my bra. 

"What the hell! "

"Well i need to get under it, don't worry do you actually think i'd try something on you" he said highly amused, glaring i grabbed my shirt and left.  'How rude can he be ?' i asked myself while i pulled my top over my head, i quickly turned hearing the bathroom door open but before i could yell at Sirius he told me supper was ready.  Sighing i quickly made my way to the dinning room were i stopped midstride, everyone was dressed so nice, Amelia in a evening dress, Edward, Sirius and James in dress pants and button up shirt, even Ace had dressed up while i stood there in jeans and a tank top totally embarassed. Without a word i took my seat beside Ace and across from James, Mr and Mrs Potter on each side of the table.Dinner was anything but silent, Edward asked how Aces research was going and with a quick glance at me he said he was fine and explained how much information he was finding in his books, we all praised Amelia for her cooking, James and Sirius talked about ther quidditch game and Amelia asked how my tanning went. Which was when Sirus added that i had burnt, i told her that i'd be alright for i had covered it with lotion in which she said was a rather bad idea only making my burn worse. Glancing at Sirius i instintly knew that he had already known of this fact, as he was chuckling silently into his napkin.

I had eaten half my dinner and quickly excused myself for bed seeing as i was exhausted and didn't think i could stay without falling into my soup bowl. Saying good night to everyone i quickly made my way upstairs to my room, every time i walked into the room it still took my breath away. After my momentary pause i walked over to the closet and pulled out a baggy shirt and shorts to sleep in, turning to the open doors which led to the balcony i noticed the  sunset. Quickly i grabbed the purple silk blanket and went out on the balcony, sitting on a chair i watched the sun set until i felll asleep.


Sirius was walking upstairs to his room with James who was talking animately, but Sirius hadn't heard a word. He was thinking of Billie Wilde. ' What a weird name. Who names the daughter Billie, seriously. ' Ever since Sirius had met the girl he instantly hated her, there was something inside the girl, maybe the things she said, the way she looked at him or just plainly her that made him want to through her off a balcony. He walked into his room without much of a 'night to james and quickly got dressed in pajama shorts and walked out to the balcony. It was already dark, he usually loved watching the sun go dark but as he looked at the stars appearing in the sky it was obvious that he missed it. He turned around looking for the chair he liked to sit in, finding it not far off occupied by another body. He glared angrily at the sleeping form of Billie Wilde, her black wavy hair messy, pale skin glowing in the moonlight, she looked rather peacefull which pissed Sirius off even more.

"my damn chair.... " he muttered, thinking quickly he picked up the small, girl who wasn't heavy at all as he expected of her skinny figure and walked into her dark room. After bumping into several things he finally found her bed.

"Black .. " he heard her sleepy voice but when he looked down at her he noticed her eyes closed shut, with a disgusted look he put her down but unexpectedly the sleeping girl wrapped her arms around his neck. He growled, he was getting tiered and just wanted to go to bed at the moment, wishing he had left her out on the balcony to freeze.

" Wilde... Wilde? Wilde!!!" He called her name, but tried not to call to loud he truly didn't know why. Growling for what seemed like the millionth time that day he layed down on the bed, the girl still wrapped around him and the covers pulled over them. His face stone and eyes dark he glared down at the girl that he found himself hating more and more each passing minute but finally he unwillingly fell asleep in her bed.


We were simply having dinner as a family, the first in the month because dad had been working almost everyday all day. Why was this happening to us, to my family, we haven't done anything to anyone. We had never gone and gotten ourselves mixed up in the war which was happening right outside our door.  But still on that spring night, i had been home for spring break, our door was blown off its hinges. I can still remember the screams, curses and the spells being  shot at one another. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before, i didn't know what to do. I was a 16 year old girl, confused and scared and there was deatheaters in my living room batteling my parents. Finally coming to my senses i took out my wand and fired curses at two death eaters who unexpected of my presence froze in place.

I looked around me for my parents, freezing another death eater, i walked over to the kitchen and fell over a heap on the floor. Looking at what i had tripped over i froze in place but not because a freezing curse which had been thrown my way. No, because the heap i had tripped over was a body, the body of my father. I let out a terrible cry as i flung to my father holding on to him as tears pour from my eyes, i must have caught someones attention with how loud i was being for a curse was shot at me missing my by an inch and shattering a vase behind me.  With one last teary eyed look at my father i ran into the kitchen and down the hall away from the death eaters who were hot on my tail. Turning into a room i stopped noticing my mother, wand raised and pointed at a woman with long curly black hair and dark gray eyes.

"Black" my mother said, the woman  sneered and as quick as lightening shot a curse that neither me nor my mother knew.

"Mom!" i screamed and ran toward her, the blue curse passed by me cuting deep into my shoulder and hitting my mom straight in the chest. I was flung to the floor, my shoulder bleeding and my faced scrunched up in pain. I didn't even hear the Aurors arrived or the death eaters leave, all i seen was my mother. But it wasn't her, my blonde haired, brown eyed, tanned mother who i looked so much a like had changed dramatically. Her hair was limp and black, she was pale and her eyes were so blue they were almost white. The woman who i resembled completly, the woman who looked like an angel had transformed into death itself. I cried as i watched the aurors take away the limp form of my mother, and i continued to cry as Ace and Cameron my parents best friends came and took me away.

It was when i passed by a mirror that i noticed my reflection. My bouncy blond hair, glowing brown eyes that usually sparkled and my lovely tanned skin i had all year round was gone and was replaced by a black haired, pale, blue eyed girl. A complete stranger.

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