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A/N Hi everyone - the decision has been made, I guess I can always go back and change it...but right after this we jump to 1971.  You will learn about the missing years as various people flashback or tell you about them.  

For now here is a short transitional soon as this clears the que its time to get 1971 rolling.

Disclaimer: I'm still not J.K. Rowling, and I can't even pretend I am with polyjuice potion ;)  In the unlikely event that this story is able to make me money her stuff will no longer be in it...but all my original content will and I'm gonna keep ownership of my own creativity and hard work.

Thanks again to Shivvy and Becca...I'm not sure if anyone ever beta read this little section but if you didn't you have read pretty much everything else so I'll credit you anyway ;)

Between Worlds

a Harry Potter Fanfiction


Mischief Managed 

Chapter 6 - 

An Interlude in Time


The office of Headmaster Dippet - 1967

The old caretaker of Hogwarts, was getting on in years, and in need of an assistant.... but there was a  problem.  The very magic which protected the school from Muggle intrusion was traditionally based upon a squib of impeccable blood.  It was a spell closely related to the Fidellis Charm, that made the school visible (as anything other then a ruin) to only those with magic in thier blood.  Headmaster Dippet decided, he did not feel like going out in the weather.  His ancient eyes were also far to weary to pour over endless, dusty scrolls...finding the perfect squib would be Albus Dumbledore's test and task.  Dippett so informed the Deputy Headmaster and wished him good day. Some hours late, Dippett wondered if the board of directors would accept a half-blood as headmaster, he fancied retirement in just a few years and he really didn't feel like training anyone else. 

And so Albus Dumbledore, went looking for a squib...not realizing how much of his future rested on finding the right one.

------------------------------------scene break------------------------------------

In the ancient home of Filch, another dreer day came to pass. Young Argus had no future, this he knew far too well. He was an embarassment to the family, a bitter disapointment, a mark of shame. All these words and more he heard on a regular basis.   When his sister Gwen went out on dates, Argus's job was to disapear.

"Best not to let potential suiters see a squib, could hurt her chances, you understand , don't you dear?" His mother always said, patting him on the head as if Argus were simple-minded as well as lacking in magic.

"Damn Squib, at least the house-elf is useful," His father would mutter under his breath any time Argus annoyed him in the slightest.

Both parents favored Gwen, how could they do anything else, for the magically gifted girl, when thier only son was such a bitter, tragic disapointment. And so gifted Gwen went to parties, and revels, and was shown around town while awful Argus stayed home. Gifted Gwen went to Hogwarts, Argus cried, and screamed and broke things he would never have the Reparo to mend...and then he bitterly accepted his lot, a nothing in the world of magic.

Today something most unusual happened, Argus Filch had a vistor.

"It has come to my attention" The bearded, bespeckled visitor began, "That you have a young-man wasting away here...tending chickens"

"As you well know that, young man," Mortimer Filch sneered "was utterly rejected by every magical school as having insufficient power to teach. The boy is worthless, good for nothing but tending chickens, and sweeping out thier coops"

"Then surely you will not object if I offer your worthless son a future?"

"Take him, transfigure him into a house-elf, for all I care"

And so the under-age squib, Argus Filch became the legal ward of one Albus Dumbledore, former transfiguration teacher and deputy headmaster of the most famous Wizarding school in all the British Isles.  Someday worthless Argus, would hold the one position, within that illustrious and unattainable school, forever vouch-safed to a squib of pure and noble blood. Argus Filch, pure-blood grand-nephew of the illustrious crouch family would be caretaker. Take that Gwendolyn the gifted, he was going to Hogwarts.


I originally wrote this section to take place in 1971 and then realized that Filch just couldn't be 17 at that time...I suppose I could have posted this as an AU one shot.  I decided to modify it instead and let it lead the way into Dumbledore's preperations for the incoming class of 1971.

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